The Impressive Italian

Our new Enrique? Or even better?
Davide Santon was someone whose reputation preceeded him despite his young age. Arriving on Tyneside full of promise, he has come into the Newcastle side with a lot of pressure on his young shoulders.

Being touted as the next Maldini is about as big a compliment as can be paid but also comes with an air of expectancy to live up to that claim, and as we have seen time and time again in football “the next” generally proves to be nowhere near.

Now not for a second do I expect Santon to be as good as Maldini, probably not even half the player, but that is no disrespect to the lad, more so said in knowing that Maldini may well be the best defender of all time, certainly up there.

Davide’s Newcastle career got off to a rocky start with a knee injury which kept him out for around four weeks. Luckily it required no more than some fluid to be drained which is a common after-effect of having knee surgery and aside from it cropping up a couple of weeks ago he was back to full fitness in no time.

Initially though, that concern, along with Alan Pardew’s desire to ease him in to life in England, learn the game and the language etc before giving him his chance, proved frustrating for Toon supporters looking for someone, and seeing Santon as the signing to fill the void left by the departure of Enrique.

Credit where it is due, Ryan Taylor, somewhat helped by Jonas Gutierrez, filled in at left back and by all accounts has done a job there for us which we should be grateful for, but I think in the long run we all knew, and certainly hoped, that Santon or someone new would be assigned to the role.

As it turns out it is Davide who has taken over at left back in recent games and by all accounts looks every bit the hugely promising talent we had all heard about. Strong in the air with a good positional sense he seems sounder in defence than Ryan Taylor but that is not where his real strength lies.

As we have seen lately, his comfort in possession, energy and ability to get up and down the line as if he grew up loving Cafu is something to be really excited about. In fact I would say most excited of all is Gutierrez who can now push forward more and also be supported by a full back ever-willing to bomb up the line too.

Pardew praised Santon for his performance against Manchester United in which he kept last years Player of the Year at Old Trafford quiet for the most part, and only yesterday Pardew once again praised the impressive display he showed against Blackburn in the FA Cup win.

Unfortunately I, like everyone else who was not at the game, did not get to witness how he or the team performed but from what Pardew said, Santon and Jonas were absolutely outstanding, especially 2nd half along with Hatem Ben Arfa.

The left sided pairing seem to be striking up an immediate trust and understanding which can only benefit Newcastle in an attacking sense. Defensively, Santon is a better defender than Ryan, simple as. I think that was never going to be in question, but there is something that is.

He is all right foot and would probably be more comfortable playing on the opposite wing in place of Danny Simpson. Lately however, Danny has been like a man possessed and all signs indicate that the men with the pens see fit to get his contract situation tied up very soon.

So, for all the talk of still needing a left back, have we in fact has one laying in wait who could be just the ticket or do supporters still feel like Simpson should be replaced with Santon going to a more natural position for a right-footed player?

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143 thoughts on “The Impressive Italian

  1. Keith, I honestly believe there will players in and none leaving – first teamers I mean, not like smith or ranger or Forster or fringe players like that.
    I also think that they will be working on players coming in the summer on a free transfer and I think it will be our turn this summer, we will be well active, moving fringe players out and getting new players in. I may not believe that we are going to spend fortunes again but I DO believe we are moving in the right direction and Mike Ashley IS doing a very good job at Newcastle.


  2. EL T I don’t really know that much about their league but I just don’t think there league is as cut throat as ours and as I said they are a top top side.
    From what I can gather even the players don’t seem to be as far up their own ass’s as our league, I think its still more about footie over there ?


  3. El Toro, from which ether didst thou just materialise!?

    I had feared your grisly demise at the hands of Swakon the Grooge.

    All manner of divination tomes have been reaped and destroyed in the vain attempt to find you. It appears now, however, you live!

    You must report to Saint Alfonso, and head speed, for time is against us. 😉


  4. (apologies to Chieck for the lower case ‘t’ thing, it was accidental, honestly, and should obviously have been a capital letter, what wi yee being BA Barracus in an alternative Toonular dimension anarl that)


  5. Tune parps, al get your fkn wheels in motion in a minute, then yil nar who’s wheels av gorin mershin 😎


  6. [email protected], did ye see the story aboot Haris Vuckic?!?!?!?! 😯 😯 😯

    ….parintli he used te play with old shopping trolleys as a kid, parintli he used te push them roond the lerkil car park fo hooas on end in the snow in the winter, in fucking MASSIVE figure of 8s. His mutha was quite worried at forst, but it all turned oot nice. 😎


  7. Big Dave

    You’re right, the Bundesliga isn’t as cut-throat. However, the same footballing approach applies regardless. Our player/personnel turn-over will just be that little bit higher. In fact, it could be argued that this will only result in the quicker turn-around of our club. As we continue to buy cheap and sell high, we gradually put ourselves in a stronger bargaining position and it will take more and more cash to get our best players away from us(Just as Pardew said). This will then enable us to start spending £10-£15million+ on the RIGHT player, whilst still looking for cheap diamonds. Once this happens, very few sides will be in a position to take our best players as they simply won’t be able to afford them.

    That pain we all felt when we had our best player(According to some) taken from us last January, it WILL happen again, and very soon too. We just have to learn to trust our scouting team to replace the said player with quality that ultimately makes us a better side. There is proof all around us that the money you spend does not reflect the quality of the player.


  8. TP, nee shit like, but ad tek Carroll back in an instant.

    …for special price, obviously. I think he’d jump at the chance, porsnli. Despite all the Judas stuff, he’s still far more of an NUFC fan than most of us; for the simple fact he has a ‘family’ history within the club.


  9. Reet lads thats me outta here my eyes are sore and I need them for tomorrow 😆

    EL T I just think that we need to stop selling our best players and start building and adding to them 😉


  10. El Toro, ….”There is proof all around us that the money you spend does not reflect the quality of the player.”

    …yeah that’s obvious mate, but it doesn’t stop me from thinking we’re STILL at minimum 2 defenders and a striker short. It’s been this way for 3 fucking years. What should have been an easy fix is being dragged on and on and on and on and on. One-in, two-out; or one-in, one-out, meks nee diffrinse.

    We’re 3 class players short of a European contending squad.

    In my eyes that’s SPEND 20M, and fuck off the ‘monthly-wage’ wallers.

    Obviously January ain’t over yet, but I’ll eat my own bollocks (in fact I’ll lower my own bollocks into a garlic press, squeeze them onto a Co-op mini pizza and feed them to the vicar) if we fulfill my ‘realistic as an NUFC fan’ expectations.

    It’s fucking obvious to me, and the marmoguins.


  11. Rodzilla

    I will go one worse and say that we are two defenders, a striker AND a winger short of consistent European qualification.

    I am confident we will strengthen one of those areas in January(CB) and perhaps another via promoting through our academy(Sammy is clearly being fast-tracked into the first team as a goal-scoring winger) I then believe a striker will be signed in the summer. I expect this to be done whilst replacing what we lose. It is a slow process, but it is steps in the right direction.


  12. I have said it time and time again. Aside from the odd emotional outburst, my thoughts on the regime have been pretty consistent.

    I don’t mind their football ethos, it’s their unethical, sleazy behaviour that I hate. That is the reason I want rid of them. They can’t be trusted.


  13. Hell torso, yeah the winger thing is a bone of contention.

    Jonas is WORLD CLASS, no question. Ben Arfa for me is also a winger (I see a bit of Solano in him), then we have Marveaux and, ahem, Obertan; not to mention the reserve players we have. Let’s face it, midfield is and should never be a primary concern – it’s at the business end – the business ends.

    ….(shit, that’s pretty good)

    The business ends at the business end.

    ….what I’m trying to say is teams need 1 finisher, and 1 defensive distributor. One main man at he back, and one at the front.

    …a captain at both stern and bow.

    …as they say in Atlantis.


  14. Rodz

    I see your point. Maybe a winger as key a position to fill as the others.

    Also, thinking about it, Tavernier seems to be getting games and impressing on loan. He may even turn out to be Simpson’s replacement if he leaves.

    Begs the question, where the hell is Ferguson?!?!


  15. Also, I just realised, for all the stick Obertan is getting, he is actually our joint leading assister, with 5(Same as Cabaye)

    He is also one of our top three chances creators, having created 20 goalscoring opportunities.


  16. El Toro, El Toro, El Toro 🙄

    …as much as your wizard cloak may bedazzle others, I ain’t gona just lay back and accept your recommendation of James Tavernier, Danny Simpson and Shane Ferguson at once.

    I may however indulge in a packet of Shackled Fergonion walkers crisps.

    😛 😛 😛


  17. We dig repetition
    We’ve repetition in the music and we’re never going to lose it.

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    FUNN = you


  18. ….nobody should ever listen to the Fall. So much so, that Mark E Smith actually paid me a grand, upfront, to convince people never ti listen ti Rausch Rumble, unless they’re called John Lydon and they’re hosting a dolphin-armour-protection party on the sun.


  19. …soz Eltoz, a felt we head a real football-love affinity going there. I guess, like shits that piss in the night, we can both now float victoriously up the tastiest piss canal in football. The piss canal of shit, but one that is also good on more levels, so that makes it more entertaining, but more importantly, better.


  20. …or sumik, and whoever wants to argue can just reconsider their ideal situation considering their circumstances

    …the cunts.


  21. …and for fuck’s sake Toonsy, will ye get Barry Took te lay off is man. Av only got 7 toes left.

    A nar nowt. 😮


  22. I’ve got a new pair of headphones anyway, so fuck the lot of yers.

    (in the best possible taste) 😎

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  23. Anyway, Ba’s off to Lucozade, Cabaye’s just signed a 12 year contract at Carpet World, Tiote has just invested 10m in Tynemooth marina, in anticipation of the 2012 Miss Spring Dolphin parade.

    …book yer tickets now. There’s a limited supply….


  24. (U owe me £17.28 Toonsipooh)

    …as you’re probably aware, I harbour a keen interest in ani-modding, but those pigeons ye gave is were shit.

    The wildfowl was a good call, but haway man. 😕



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    …howman Toons, av got te be above Troy noo like. If ye paying that cunt 20p a want at least 23p.

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    ….ye can sprinkle ye twat knackers as much as ye want. A nar ye name ana kna where ye live.


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  28. …av put a good word in for ye wi uncle Toons anyway 😉 ….a was his ‘beast man’ at his last ‘Animal of Various Proportion Auction’.

    Melbourne, Australia 198potnoodle


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  31. Hey, and as if by magic, Shamrock and Moreno appeared! 😯

    …keeping the budgies working the neet like


  32. haha, yeah, ahh, ahaha, yeah that was fun wasn’t it El Toro, if only they knew eh 😉 😯 😯 😯 😯


  33. …am gana hefti bail noo like.

    Shams, me ind yee are deen a quality clandestine pregram. Adivnt want te tahk boot the duck prergram just yet. Just divnt purit on the bill.


  34. Woo hoo! I’m a gonna write a book on football tactics and coaching. 😆

    But I have to leave Brisvegas to do it. 😥


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