Has our transfer budget increased due to Virgin?

Do we have a bit more of this?
About a week has passed since I wrote an article asking how you would spend the £8 million budget it seems that Alan Pardew has been given for transfers.

But as the last few days have passed by it’s starting to look like we’ve now got a striker on the agenda, as well as the rumoured defender.

It’s been reported that the deal from Virgin money could be worth up to £20 million over the two years of the contract, so with my expert maths skills I make that £10 million per year depending on what strings are attached.

Before the announcement of the Virgin deal Pardew quashed any talk of a move for a striker. That may have been a clever move to make us not seem desperate and willing to pay huge fees, but something has changed.

As well as us looking for a defender and now a striker, the other day we had a £4.5 million bid for Benjamin Corgnet of Dijon rejected. A £4 million bid for James Tomkins was also tabled and that amounts to £8-9 million pounds, without the signing of a striker.

We have also been linked with a deal for ex-target Mevlut Erdinc who would be rumoured to cost around £6 million and according to some “in the knows” we’ve had a representation in France trying to thrash a deal out for the out of favour PSG man.

It comes as no coincidence that we’ve started to put bids in for more than just the promised defender just after a cash injection from Virgin. An extra £10 million per year in the coffers may mean we have an extra few million to spend this January.

I know we should have plenty of money to spend, and Ashley has said that there is money to spend if the right player becomes available, but giving us a little bit extra money for no reason isn’t his style.

I’m sure the cynics out there will say we’re looking for a new striker because of the rumoured departure of Demba Ba, and Corgnet is a target because we’re losing Cheik Tiote, but I’m not so sure about that.

I’d be surprised if Demba Ba left this window, as he’s away with Senegal and clubs will still be waiting to see how his knees hold up before considering offers. There is a lot of confusion regarding his buyout clause, and the club haven’t said anything, so nobody really knows the ins and outs.

If we manage to keep Demba Ba and Cheik Tiote and spend around £14-15 million on a defender, a midfielder and a striker, we would have a very good chance of seventh or maybe even sixth place going into the business end of the season.

I’m not confident of that happening, but it would certainly be Ashley turning the corner, with very little expense when compared to our recent income.

Come on Mike, give us a good’un?

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175 thoughts on “Has our transfer budget increased due to Virgin?

  1. @BD

    I’m wi ye on Carroll. We’ve seen enough of him when he was rearing sides apart to know better.

    It’s the easiest time to slag him off when he’s not playing well. Providing he keeps working and showing a good attitude he will do well again.

    I defo can’t see him returning and I believe one of the reasons will be the words spoken by both parties following his transfer.

    Dastardly Derek saw to that when he slagged him off to the fans in Shark bar. What a genius that man is . 😯


  2. @Dave

    No. I wasn’t on the drink. I don’t know how I’ve ended up here but Ive closed the lid and I’m staying put. 😛 😉


  3. Dave – Booby text me from inside of it last night wanting help – he reckons he went to put his wig in there after being on the drink and getting sick in it- Boobys only 5 foot 3 he leaned into the bin, fell into it and his fat gut wedged him in. I know Troy tells tall tales but this ones true!


  4. Stardy did you not offer to go round to get him out, and sit with him, like what if he was sick while in the darkness of the basket and choked on his own sick ? I thought you were his friend.


  5. Dave – stop cheering me up with pleasant thought.

    The only thing thatd make me happier is if righted himself, wobbled down his street to the Pink Triangle and got bummed by a tramp for a few weeks 😆


  6. @Stardy

    Aaaaaaaaaaargh! I’ve just realised I’ve been snuggled up to Dustys thong that he threw in last time he stayed here. Can you remember Dusty. ? Jermaines fecking thong is here as wheel. You still seeing Jermaine? Woo hoo hoo hoo 😆


  7. Troy maybe thats why him and wanky were such good friends 😆
    Yeah Batty does like to tweet, wait till you see some of the abuse he hands out, poor Joey has had a fair amount of dogs abuse 😀 along with a few others.


  8. Very rarely mate, I got 2 replies from him before. I liked it when I 1st started on there, but it gets boring after a while. 99% of the ‘stars’ don’t reply to normal people, they just have twitter for their ego’s.
    But there is a few decent ones on it Danny simmo is a good lad and young Adam Campbell is a good kid and made my wee lads day by adding him on the xbox then playing call of duty with him regular.


  9. Class by Campbell. Your youngin will be telling all his mates. Great.

    Did you ever get my Facebook message about your job? I was just curious or have I got the wrong end of the stick?


  10. Where is my £20 and home made picallily going? Virgin Money is old news – Zaha is current news… get on it! 🙄


  11. Oh aye. I remember you mentioning it in the past now.

    Where’s Toonsy at these days? It’s getting quieter on here of late.


  12. “It’s getting quieter on here of late.”

    Fecking kidding ain’t you? The numbers say it’s busier than it’s ever been at the moment 😯

    Cheers for missing me though 😉 Just been working long hours and trying to decorate the house before the bairn arrives 🙂


  13. Troy 🙄 😆

    Still reading, but not had the time to comment much. Any spare time I spend behind the scenes at the moment, hiding, writing etc etc 😉


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