Top target is UK-based!

Jordan Rhodes - A Toon target?
I’m sure we are all aware who Mark Douglas is and how reliable he tends tp be regarding NUFC has said that our top target is UK-based.

Whether that means it’s a defender or a striker remains to be seen but for arguments sake I’ll say its the striker. So the question is; who could it be?

Well Alan Pardew has already said any player arriving this month will be under 26 so that rules out the likes of Jermaine Defoe and Roman Pavlyuchenko who always seem to get linked. Remember, we have a policy in place which won’t be broken so it’s worth being realistic when looking at who the possibilities could be.

Steven Fletcher – He’s the right age (24) and scores goals for fun in a poor Wolves team that don’t create a lot of chances. The chances of us signing him probably aren’t great with Wolves being very reluctant to lose their most important player mid-way through the season when they’re in a relegation fight and us not being prepared to offer big money to prize him away.

Jordan Rhodes – Again, another player who scores for fun albeit in League 1 but having done it for a few seasons now and still only 21 surely someone will take the gamble on him, why not us? Well Huddlesfield are looking for £5 million+ for him and for a League 1 player most Premier League teams will look else where for that sort of fee.

Matt Phillips – The 20-year old winger come striker has been pulling up trees this season. Started his career on the wing but since moving in a more forward role a long side our former striker Lomana Lualua has scored two hat-tricks in his last few games. Can take people on for fun and has a finish or a cross to match. Wouldn’t command a huge fee and maybe we could chuck in a youngster on loan as a sweetener?

Out of these three Steven Fletcher would obviously be the best signing but I would be very surprised if we could pull it off, maybe in the summer? But make no mistake Matt Phillips would be a brilliant young signing and we would have a player not only for the future but the present too.

Other players that could fall into the category are the likes of Wilfred Zaha, Hugo Rodaellga, Gabriel Agbonlahor, Shane Long, Nicky Maynard and even a certain Andrew Carroll.

But for one reason or another though I can’t see anyone in that list being a viable option except for maybe Maynard but he seems to have gone off the boil in recent weeks.

It seems Pardew’s statement when he said we wouldn’t be bringing in a striker this month was an attempt to dampen expectations which had worked well, but as we near the half way point of this window it seems we do in fact want to bring a striker in as well as a defender!

Who do you think it could be?

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63 thoughts on “Top target is UK-based!

  1. Our top target is a Centre Half!!!! if we bring a striker in it will be because someone has become available that we can’t passover i.e. an “off chance” (not a top target)!!!


  2. Ye, I would have thought it was fairly obvious our top target it James Tompkins.
    We’ll probably end up signing him for around 4.5mil…


  3. Also, I’ve been following Mark Douglas for a while now… And he is no more reliable than the other journalists
    I’d compare his predictions to Nostradamus, in that he is so criptic in his comments anything could be construed as being predicted correctly.


  4. Here’s an example:
    Newcastle are looking to bring in a UK based player as their top priority. The player will fit into Newcastle transfer strategy of being under 26 years old, at will come at a fairly inexpensive price.
    He is believed to have much potential.
    If the deal falls through, Newcastle may look to another cheaper option player plying his trade in Europe. However this deal will only happen if the orginal target falls through…

    I’ll keep you posted! 😆


  5. I don’t think out top target is a UK based striker because the reports about Erding are getting more & more constant, something is happening there… so our top target will be a CB & I think it’ll be someone who we’ve not been linked too yet… so forget Tomkins or Samba…

    As for the others you listed, I doubt Shane Long would come to us as he’s only just signed for Brom & getting regular games, Roddy isn’t that good tbh, the Vile won’t sell Agbonlahor in this window & neither will the other clubs….


  6. I love it when people say ‘guys’…. cracks me up, not sure why!

    These blogs are for a debate… they are not really news so it’s daft to take them as gospel.

    especially if toonsy writes them 😉


  7. dembabafoot Demba Ba
    You know what guys I can’t wait to be on sat and see nufc taking on qpr for a win! I hope they win every game until I come back! Bonne nuit

    See Nobby, even Demba says guys 😉


  8. Nobby – great news to see Ba is coming out and saying that, nice of his management company to confirm to the world that there is a clause in the contract though (thanks for that.. bastards!!)
    Of the players mentioned Rhodes would be my preferred choice. However, I’m a big fan of Hugo Rodellaga from Wigan who would cost about the same, knows the league and can score goals in it and, I think, would link up well with Ba.
    However, Pardew has already said his priority is a defender. UK based, my preference would be Samba, but I think Pardew is clearly a fan of Tomkins and I think that’s who they are referring to as our “top target”.
    Personally, with £8m, I’d get Ridgewell or Pieters and Onuaha, ideally Pieters and Onuaha which would give us 2 players who could cover either full back posistion and both can play CB as well.


  9. JJ;

    dannysimpson12 Danny Simpson
    I can confirm that @dembabafoot is the real account for Demba! Get followin him now tweeps! Big boy striker


  10. Nah Batts,

    I am a little bit out the loop nowadays 😕

    Was happy my Steve Bruce bet came in though 😛


  11. QPR bid for Alex….they also bid for Samba…..

    Why we not bringing in an established centre half ffs. This board boils my piss like


  12. NUFCOfficial Newcastle United FC
    @Sammy_Ameobi could be out for a number of months after being injured yesterday. More on #nufc

    Shame for Sammy but gives Ferguson a chance!


  13. Cheers Batty. He seems decent like. Someone asked him to tell Demba not leave and he said ‘I will don’t worry’ and then he tweeted saying f*ck Stoke 😆


  14. I like Rodellega (or however you spell his name) as well.

    People might say his goals to games ratio is poo but remember its a team effort and if your service isn’t good then you can’t get the goals. He scored a cracker for Wigan to keep them up on the last day of the season last year.

    Fast, Physical and if he gets decent service – can hit the target. Could link up with Ba quite well but i don’t see him as a target man to give Ba service so tactics may have to be different – He’d prob fit in in a 4-3-3 formation.

    Not sure if Pards likes 4-3-3 though… oh well!


  15. Not getting this Twitter thing 🙁 need some help me thinks…

    Do I type my message before or after the @dembabafoot etc etc ??? and do I need to delete that part also or leave it in my message ???



  16. Been using quite awhile in twitter,but there is just this 1 question i not sure..

    if you follow a certain user and tweet some msg to that person,but that person didn’t follow u back,will the person be able to see what tweet u send?


  17. AoD – that would suggest that the person you’re tweeting either does know what theyre doing either or worse still, the sodz are ignoring you!

    T69 – what did you tweet Ba?, you’ll have to let us know how you get on with it

    I’m an old fucker, this tweet and facey b shit is too advance for me… god I miss my carrier pigeon. 🙁


  18. Don’t know if I’m reinventing the wheel again but Steve Wraith reckons Andy Carroll isn’t returning. (twitter)


  19. Toon69, it doesn’t matter where in the message you put ‘@dembabafoot’, beginning, middle or end. As long as it’s in there…


  20. Lee ryder has just tweeted:

    ‘Newcastle United have just put in a bid for an English League 1 striker said to be worth in the region of 4.5 million’

    Does anyone know who that could be? ❓ ❓


  21. So in truth, you can write any shyte you wanton Twitter & people either follow you or not…. but I’m guessing if you’re not ITK then you’re a nobody 😆

    Well I’m a ‘nobody’ then as no one is following me yet 😳 😆


  22. Just sign a bloody stiker soon!!!!! I can’t take a month and a half watching best and shola….

    (sorry, no coffee yet)


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