Exclusive: Bradden Inman speaks to NUFC blog!

Brad celebrating with Phil Airey and James Tavernier
An interview with Bradden Inman is my latest instalment to the youth player interviews that I’ve been trying to gather over the past few months.

I’ve previously interviewed Ben Sayer , Stevie Folan, Adam Campbell, Mehdi Abeid and Freddie Woodman, Brad makes it six. That shows how good our youth players are, they happily take time out for fans and they’re generally good lads.

I noticed that Brad was very friendly with Newcastle fans and happily replied to them on Twitter and Facebook so I got in touch with him over Facebook and he was happy to take part, within the space of an hour he’d completed the questions which was very good of him.

Inman made his reserve team debut against Sheffield United in September 2008 after impressing with the U18’s. He scored his 1st goal for the reserves in a win over Middlesbrough on the 22nd of November 2008.

The other day Brad showed what he could do by scoring the 2nd goal in a 3-1 win against Wigan, even at his young age he seems to have an eye for goal with that being his 3rd goal this season. A couple of years ago Brad managed to reach 15 goals for the reserves, which is very good going for a midfielder.

Brad is a Scotland under 21 international despite being born in Australia, he qualifies for to play for Scotland because of his mother. He’s been likened to Brazilian midfielder Kaka by some of his team mates, because of his skills and looks, hopefully he turns out to be as good as him.

Here is what he had to say:

What Team do you support?

Newcastle United

Who’s your best mate at NUFC?

I’ve got a lot, but I’d say Stevie Folan or Nile Ranger

Who is the funniest player at NUFC?

Nile Ranger or Conor Newton

Who’s always last off the training pitch?

Can I include myself? But me, Ryan Donaldson and Greg McDermott

Who’s your favourite player in the first team to watch?

Yohan Cabaye. He’s a very good footballer and he plays in the same position to me, so I look up to him.

Most memorable game you’ve played in?

It has to be in pre-season against Carlisle for the first team.

Most memorable game you’ve watched?

No doubt about it, Newcastle 5-1 Sunderland.

What kind of player do you model yourself on?

Well, I watch Barcelona a lot so I try to model myself on their midfielders, the likes of Xavi, Andres Iniesta and Cesc Fabregas, as well as Real Madrid’s Kaka.

What’s been your favourite goal in your career so far?

A goal I scored against Sunderland a couple of years ago now.

What do you want to achieve in your career?

I want to play for NUFC and push on to be a full international as quickly as I can.

Who is your favourite ever NUFC player?

Alan Shearer. The man was a goal scoring machine and he played every game for Newcastle with passion!!

What are your aims for this season and next season?

I need to keep working hard and push forward and try and get into the first team.

Were you nervous moving over from Australia at the age of 14?

Yeah, I was very nervous moving over but thankfully my family moved over with me, which helped me a lot!

What player in current world football would you say you were similar too?

Probably, Cesc Fabregas, not being big headed or anything…

How did it feel to win the Wor Jackie award in 2010?

It was a real honour to win such a good award.

Something which stood out to me from that was his admiration for ball playing midfielders, he mentions Kaka, Cabaye, Fabregas, Xavi and Iniesta and my god, if he is going to be even half as good as any of them we have a real player on our hands.

He seems a very motivated lad and for someone who’s made the bench a couple of times at his age he should be very proud. His aim to get into the first team would be something that I’d like to see, I’ve followed Brad’s progress closely since he came over from Australia as I’d heard very good things about him and he’s starting to really show his potential.

Numerous Australian fan sites are gutted that he’s chosen to play for the Scotland under 21’s because they believe they lost the next Harry Kewell or Tim Cahill – they rate him that highly.

Brad made a brave decision at the age of 14 to move half way across the world to pursue his dream of playing football, and it seems to be paying off. He obviously has a very supportive family and he’s starting to break through the ranks, so it looks like this move has paid off.

I’d like to say thanks to Brad for taking part in this interview, he’s a really top lad and was very happy to take part. To thank Brad yourself you can follow his Twitter here, @brad_inman8, and leave him a message.

Good luck in the future Brad!

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32 thoughts on “Exclusive: Bradden Inman speaks to NUFC blog!

  1. The kid’s been at the Toon a long time now. Not sure how old he is but if he’s going to make it with us he’d better get a move on!


  2. Jobey another good job well done lad and well done to Brad for having the decency and taking the time to do the interview.
    Well done to Georgio for giving the lad some fine words of encouragement.


  3. Georgio ;

    I think he is 20 years old and plays midfield attack.

    He needs to dislodge Ben Arfa and Vuckic to get a chance in the first team.

    I hope he will get some minutes of first team game time next season before we are tempted to flog Benny.


  4. Big Dave – I’ve never even seen him play and stand by what I said. There’s a lot more to being a fan than just sycophantic praise. I guess you’ll be wanting me to get behind Obertan and Best too. After all they try very hard.


  5. His family are first rate and he is a top lad as a result. Still very young but to me he is so close to breaking into the first team squad. Quick, powerful and great to watch. IMO he is a better prospect than Gosling, Vuckic put together.

    Georgio had some nice words there about one of our young stars! Give him a chance, he has made GIANT strides over the past 18 months and is a free scoring midfielder that will certainly do a job for us when asked. Bradden has all the tools.


  6. Highly rated by all accounts but seems to have tailed off recently. Notice he is scoring goals again though. Must be hard for him as he has a lot of players ahead of him before he gets in the first team.

    Nice one Jobey aswell for pestering the players to give something back. Shame we can’t get current first team players but I have asked the question and the club said no 🙄


  7. Joe – if he’s better than Vuckic then I can’t wait to see him play. Fair play to Jobey for the interviews and the lad seems like a good guy. I’m not knocking him just wary of the praise and expectations heaped on a lot of kids. Donaldson for example. When young Richardson appeared on the scene it sounded like he was going to walk into the first team. What good young talent we have force their way in pretty early. I guess that’s all I meant in comment 1.


  8. Well done jobey good stuff.
    Inman will be a good player for sure might be good to get some loan action but he always looks good when ive seen the reserve games.
    Another potentially v.good player in the reserves.


  9. Nice one Jobey, always good to see people from the club on here.

    …hey, his bezzy mate is Nile Ranger! You should ask young Mr Inman to see if Nile’s free for an interview. Now that would be interesting. It’d certainly in Mr Ranger’s favour to talk to the fans, due to the bucketloads of bad press he has.

    Although, having said that, the club probably wouldn’t allow him to speak.


  10. Great attitude, and it seems you’ll never hear a bad word about him. We need more of that at the club, and I think we’ll get it over the next couple of years. It’s another reason why I honestly don’t want to see us splurging huge cash on transfers; far better to spend £20m on dozens of promising young players and decent facilities than blow it on one player who, at best, may justify the price tag.


  11. A good young potential talent, but agree with Liam, he needs some championship or lower experience now.
    Half a season on loan somewhere will help him no end.
    We are good at getting these young guns, but we rarely seem to develop them further. ie Ferguson. Wots going on there.
    Clearly they cant just come into a premiership team and be of the same standard, but just playing the odd ressies game now and then is no way near good enough.
    Good luck to the lad tho.


  12. Great article. I like hearing the youngins on.

    Just a quick change of subject. If anyone watches Deal or No Deal which is on now, take a look at Adam . He is the double of Stardust.
    Woo hoo ho hoo 😆 😆


  13. Georgio no im not Gabby’s or Bests biggest fan, and no I wouldn’t say they try that hard, but I will get behind them.
    But then they’re nit younguns only making their way into the team, and I know a few of the other young lads that Jobey has interviewed have read the article, so I personally would praise them and encourage them to make it, not basically tell them if they don’t hurry up and get in the team , or their time will be up 😕


  14. Cheers Toonsy. I may see if anyone’s up for beers on the Sat night – it’s important to show my mate Tony what the Toon is best at :mrgreen:

    So – where’s the best place these days to find banter and slappers? 😀


  15. BB nah mate I sort of get what he’s getting at a few comments further up.
    I just thought the 1st comment sounded harsh if the youngun was on to have a read 😉


  16. Dave, I understand your sentiments, but I wouldn’t imagine any of wor younguns put anything less that 100% into it anyway – although Nile Ranger seems a bit of an enigma 😕 ❓

    Brad seems bright enough to realise he needs to get into the 1st team sooner rather than later, and I’m sure Georgio’s words won’t have dampened his spirits.

    Good luck to the lad, I’ve been hearing his name for a long time now. Hope he gets a 1st team call-up soon!

    Troy 😛 😯 😀
    …as much as I’d like to put a face to Stardy’s moniker, I can’t help but think ‘Adam’ is a derogatory caricature 😆


  17. We should really be loaning these sorts of players to league 1/2 teams, like i believe brad would do well for hartlepool, fair dues loaning them to gateshead but if we want to see them really progress they need proper leagues experience, let the academy players coming through like campbell or street play for gateshead at first for experience.


  18. Cheers for the kind words.

    Toonsy – I asked Elliot, he said he would but I’d have to go through the club and they said no.

    Rod – I asked about Ranger, I said would he be the type of guy who’d do an interview for me, and Brad said he didn’t think so 😛


  19. I think Inman had a serious injury a couple of years ago which really set him back. It takes quite a while to recover form. He has been a bit like Vuckic, lots of promise but then injuries slow him down. I hope he is not learning any bad habits from Ranger. Stay away Brad! Nothing but trouble that fella. By next season Inman should go out on loan with a decent club to see what he can do. It takes many promising youngsters to produce one or two Prem quality players so don’t be surprised if he doesn’t make it all the way. Nothing wrong with a career in the Championship if you love football. No offense to Inman I hope he makes it all the way with us but it doesn’t always happen that way.


  20. Jobey, ahh, I think that probably backs up what most Toon fans seem to think about him then. I just thought it could’ve been a good little bit of PR for him. You could just pretend you’re a representative from Death Row Records or something(?)….that’d get his attention, fo shizzle. 😎

    ….at least you tried anyway mate. I’ll look forward to the next interview!


  21. Johno…is the Mackems on tv?, they all seemed to think it was a nailed on tv game, something to do with MoN walking on water or summat 🙄


  22. Johno, it’s about feckin time ESPN pulled their fingers oot their arses. I subscribed to it at the start of the season for our first game against Arsenal, and we’ve had bugger all since!

    Nice one anyway!


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