What defines a big club?

A status symbol of a big club?
It has come to my attention in recent months, due mainly to our players constantly being linked to moves to other clubs during transfer window, that Newcastle United are no longer deemed to be a big club to most people outside of the North East region and by many people they may never have been deemed to be a ‘big’ club; so I ask the question, what defines a big club?

There must be several boxes you would have to tick to class your team as a ‘big’ club, but what are the things that define a club as being a big club? Chelsea are now classed as a big club since Roman Abramovich bought the club In 2003 and since that time has spent hundreds of millions of pounds buying players; and with that money success has followed, but they were not classed as ‘big’ club during their years of yo-yoing between the old first division (Premier League now) and the old second division (Championship now), so can you spend your way to having big club status?

‘Trophies are what defines a big club’; is the most common line that you will hear when a lot of people try to explain what a big club is, but does that mean that Arsenal were a big club until six years ago but now they are no longer a big club because of lack of silverware? And did Manchester United lose their big club status during their own barren years during the seventies and eighties?

History is another great barometer that is used by people when trying to describe a ‘big’ club, but surely if that was the case then, Nottingham Forest, Ipswich Town, Derby County, Preston North End and Blackpool would all have to be classed in the ‘big’ club category in England?

In this day and age of the foreign owners in English football it seems spending power can define whether or not you are classed as big club or not, and if that is the case then surely Manchester City are the biggest club in the history of the game?

Fan base and the average attendance will always come into the debate, especially from the average supporter on the street, and surely if you have an average attendance of over 50,000 and a worldwide fan base, then you would have to be classed as a bigger club than a club getting just over 30,000 and a much smaller fan base around the world; wouldn’t you?

And the final thing which should probably be included when trying to define a ‘big’ club is income and how much money the club generates on a yearly basis. This can often be misleading though especially when some London teams can charge £2,000 for a season ticket and clubs in the north of England simply cannot charge anywhere near that level or they would be playing in empty stadiums every week.

All of the above suggestions as to what produces a ‘big’ club have valid points, but most of them also contradict themselves, and if these suggestions were stuck too clubs would often change status every few year which in turn would surely contradict being a ‘big’ club in itself?

– FA cup winners 6 times (finalists 13 times)
– League winners 4 times
– 1 major European trophy
– 12 seasons playing in European competitions
– An average attendance of 50,000 plus

The above facts are all facts on NEWCASTLE UNITED and no matter how you like to judge what makes a big club there is absolutely no getting away from the fact that Newcastle United is and always will be a big club, but as the guidelines to what makes a ‘big’ club is often a matter of opinion then confusion and arguments will always rage and not just in the North East and at Newcastle United; but with both fans and clubs from all over England.

So, just how do you define a big club?

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187 thoughts on “What defines a big club?

  1. Mark it would surprise you sometimes how easy it is to get a bite on here, you normally only have to say something bad about Jabba the [email protected] and all his bum bandits are out in force.

    Nobby thats right I remember you sai before about the RN I suppose we all have our crosses to bare 😀


  2. @BD too right m8, I got a bit the other day when I translated somethinK in French, saying its for the ppl that dont speak spanish, took all of 1 minute for a chomp 😆

    im easily pleased


  3. mate i miss it like fuck… brazil, ibiza, dubai, singapore, whores.

    why the fuck am i getting married? 😆

    tired now… byeeeee x x x x 😉


  4. Batty you know me lad I never pick on anyone ?? but I would make an exception for wanky tissue.
    I see that Troy one still hasn’t bothered following me yet on twatter


  5. @Nobby

    aye its all doon hill after marriage m8

    wor lass gave me £50 2day to go to town and buy something to make her look sexy, she wasnt impressed when I came back pissed 😆

    bad joke 🙄


  6. Mark he has answered me twice 😀 but that was in the early days, but generally your right most of the ‘Stars’ are the same, in that they don’t really bother with normal people, actually most of them do me fuking loaf in, almost as much as dragons 👿


  7. @BD i doubt he’d bother replying to me I just send him taunts 😆

    got a reply off that Maria_fowler from the only way is Essex once when I asked if she was a pro (was in the papers)

    she sent me a pic of herself giving me the ‘one finger’ i was very happy she replied even tho it was abusive. 😆

    I bailed out a while ago, don’t get social sites like facebook, twitter etc


  8. So Pards admitted to not signing Morrison from ManU but said Del & ashley may be up2 something with Morrison..hmm does Pards have any say in our signings??


  9. @BD i just use facebook to look at wor lasses mates pics 👿

    until I realised they could see i was logged on and I was told ppl have an app now to see who has been viewing their pages!! perv alert! 😆


  10. Mark I don’t know about that but I seen someone mention it earlier, and the only thing I could think of was that he thought if he said that then he wont get asked anymore about it, or maybe he just deals with the 1st team and Revels is coming in as a youngun ? but can’t see that really ❓


  11. Axel

    January 13, 2012 at 14:45

    Its simple we are a big club because we have a big stadium that is more often than not full 50,000 +’

    Wrong, in the last 3 years it has been more often than not, well under 50,000.

    Looking at this though, we have without doubt been the biggest club in the North East of England.

    Best ever season
    Newcastle 56,299 47/48
    mackems 47,785 49/50
    smoggies 36,123 50/51

    Newcastle 16,835 90/91
    mackems 13,600 86/87
    smoggies 5,135 84/85

    Post war average
    Newcastle 33,133
    mackems 28,357
    smoggies 19,672

    Top flight average
    Newcastle 35,574
    mackems 32,891
    smoggies 25,165

    Second flight average
    Newcastle 28,252
    mackems 23,701
    smoggies 16,555


  12. The top flight figures will be higher because it’s out of date, 48866 is the most recent average and I would have thought the two seasons before that would be lower as well.


  13. In my view Newcastle is a popular club and a ‘big club’ in terms of the potential it has. But it is also a spectacularly underachieving club with a generation of supporters that have never won anything. There will be a generation of young supporters now that have never had the chance to go to wembley or watch us play a big european fixture at SJP. That is a shame IMO, myself included I would love to see us play a FA cup final or something like that.


  14. “myself included I would love to see us play a FA cup final “….Unless you win,it’s fecking horrible mate, feck that great day out sh!t, if you lose it is not in anyway shape or form, a great day out…..not for me it wasn’t anyway 🙁


  15. Toonsy…aye, hated it, semi-final was worse like….apart from a lad doing the “Ameobi” with a blow-up doll outside the boozer in Cardiff 😆


  16. Team to play QPR Krul Simmo Willo Colo Santon HBA Cabaye Gos Jonas Best Vuckic could have guthrie for gosling if fit to start .


  17. It’s still a great day out going to the final. It’s the build up drinking and singing in the bars that are fantastic.
    You just drown your sorrows afterwards by drinking more and go clubbing til the hours and stuffing your face witha pizza. 😛


  18. Richie…that’s why I got into the habit of enjoying the build up etc to the match, cos invariably things went a bit off after that !! 😆


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