Should Cisse be made to wait?

Will Cissè have to wait for his chance to shine?
Newcastle supporters around the world jumped around their living rooms with joy last night at the sight of Kily’s last minute 98km per hour strike to put Senegal out of the African Cup of Nations.

As much as we may feel for Demba Ba and Cissè, our hearts want what’s best for Newcastle United, and most will admit they will be delighted to see them back in the black and white sooner than expected.

This is the thing though, will we? Senegal still have one game to play in their group, on Sunday the 29th of January. That certainly counts them out of our FA Cup fixture at the weekend but what about our next Premier League fixture?

Newcastle are due to play Blackburn away on Wednesday the 1st February, three days after Senegal’s last match. Chances are Cissè and Ba will be on a plane home on the Monday and home that night, if not then, certainly by Tuesday morning.

Good news in it’s most basic as we would expect them both to be available for Blackburn but I would expect all the travelling will have a significant bearing on their availability for Wednesday.

It is far more likely that they will be available for selection for the following game, Sunday the 5th of February against Aston Villa, and with it being in St. James’ Park it should be a nice welcome home for our Senegalese strike force.

That said, the more I thought about it the more I questioned. Demba Ba will almost certainly feature and hopefully he picks up where he left off and continues on his rich vain of scoring form, but as for Cissè, I am not so sure.

Having experienced how Alan Pardew handles new signings, Davide Santon being the prime example, I think we may be made to wait for the introduction of Papiss Demba Cissè to the Premier League.

With Leon Best fit and playing well, Hatem Ben Arfa looking better each game, and options available even beyond those two and Ba, I think Pardew may well take the same route as he did with Santon and ease Cissè into life in England.

Obviously in an ideal world I would love to see him come into the side straight away and hit the ground running, bang in a debut hat-trick and in-turn giving us a new number nine to worship but that’s the stuff of dreams to be honest, can’t see it happening.

Realistically, I think the best we can hope for is for him to be integrated immediately but via a cameo role from the bench for a month or so. The sooner he impresses, the sooner he will push his way into the starting line-up, but until then I think Pardew’s approach, and team, will remain relatively the same as it has been thus far. Remember Cisse also has to move from a different country, which is something his compatriot Demba Ba said he struggled with at the start of the season which is worth considering.

Having watched Senegal in their two games to date, the first of which he only made an appearance as a sub, I think it is clear to see the lad has genuine talent, great movement, technique and energy to burn. Given time could be a real top player for Newcastle but it may take time, despite many supporters desire to see him starting games straight away.

What do others think? Should he be given a chance to shine straight away or should we follow the line of ‘In Pardew We Trust’ and expect Cissè to be gradually integrated into the side?

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189 thoughts on “Should Cisse be made to wait?

  1. Toonsy how long has she to go now ?
    Troy I think they might have been blanks, as they would produce the same noise etc but they normally generate a bit of smoke from the barrel ?


  2. What’s the crack with Samba?

    He was on sky sports news this morning begging – practically praying for somebody, anybody to come and buy him.

    If he wants to go then surely that’ll decrease the asking price.

    Howay Ashley! Show us how deep your pockets actually go. Let’s push for 5th!


  3. “Toonsy how long has she to go now ?”….it’s only a 10 minute drive Dave 🙄 😆

    Hope all goes well Toonsy…and nae porving at the midwife 😉


  4. Troy – arent you a bit sceptical considering the acon wont let anyone go now for transfers?


  5. @BD

    What about the chimp theory? Do you think it’s a kid in a suit? If you look closely you can see the stitching . :-0


  6. @Nobby

    Where have you read that? Do they not just fly out to them with the paperwork? Bit lost with that one .


  7. On another note i dont want mariappa…..

    Lads got a bit of an exclusive but wary of revealing as its second hand info.
    However a friend of my mine ‘reckons’ he saw convoy of cars go into SJP and he ‘thought’ it looked like young zaha with his rep.

    Take it with a pinch of salt he wouldnt lie but easy to get a bit carried away 🙄


  8. Troy I beg to differ mate I don’t think its a kid in a suit, I think it’s that dwarf guy Warwick, as an AK is a bit heavy for a kid to throw about like that, unless he is a real strong kid?


  9. Yeah I think Troy is right sure the player doesn’t need to do owt except sign his name, the agent will do all the work and when its settled the player just signs his autograph.


  10. Troy – i didnt think they were allowed during tournaments. You cant do it in euros or world cup so assumed was same for ACON


  11. @Liam

    Check out Battys video earlier in this thread and tell me whether the chimp is a kid in a chimp suit.

    It’s obvious to me. Look for the stitching.


  12. Richie – really 😳
    Im going to check haha thought id read that somewhere 😀

    Batty 😆 – however I am with troy looks like a kid ….but it also looks like very good editing if you watch the gun it doesnt look slightly real ❓


  13. @Batty

    It’s the same kidda in the same chimp suit!

    If you zoom in you can see the air vent on the back of the head. :-0


  14. Those aren’t real chimps on the PG Tips adverts either. How can a chimp say, ” CUP O TEA LOVE?”

    Impossible man! 😯


  15. Troy wouldn’t Tiote have to come over for a medical and if this deal has been agreed for as long as you say it has surely it would have been done by now. I wouldn’t put anything past Ashley mind and wouldn’t be suprised that we flog him on the last day of the window so he has £25 million getting interest for him in his bank.
    Also Liam there is a rumour going round this morning that we have had a £5.5m bid accepted for Hoilett so could have been him. But there is so meany rumours going around its probably a load of rubbish.


  16. Liam…..I think so, sure it’s happened in the past, though I can’t think of any of the top of my head so apologies if wrong but don’t think there’s owt in the rules, as long as the transfer window is open….or a player has let his contract run down or been released. Obviously he’d probably need permission from his counties FA to bugga of for medicals etc.


  17. @toon22

    I would imagine the regime want to leave it til the last minute so they don’t have the pressure of fans expectations to spend the cash.


  18. What anyone think of that though about zaha?
    Even if it wasnt him it couldnt have been a player coming in?


  19. Oh troy after ice mentioned about went on there and someone used your expression of ‘if that player comes in ill show my arse in fenwicks window’ …… 😯

    He was called max on there ….. alter ego 😆

    And for the record ice was right bunch of school kids. 🙄


  20. Liam
    I beg to differ, not a bunch of school kids. Kids are intellegent.

    More a bunch of uneducated juvenile delinquents. I actually can’t make sense of 90% of the posts on Ed’s blog. Its like English is there fourth language and they started suporting the Toon last week.

    Seriously shocked at how the standard has dropped.


  21. @Troy
    Anyone sensible wouldn’t do that but our owners aren’t sensible and wouldn’t care if there was a massive back lash for selling Tiote. Has your source been correct in the past?


  22. Troy’s source is his crystal ball which is obviously in need of a major service.

    No way Tiote will leave this transfer window. Maybe in the summer.


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