Patience the key to NUFC progression

As the end of January draws closer, football fans across the nation are gearing themselves for what is certain to be yet another action-packed end to the transfer window.

However, in this ‘blog I would like to give my views on why us Toon fans must remain patient in our search for the right players if we are to ever truly re-establish ourselves as one the Premier League’s top dogs.

In recent history this transfer window has proven to provide somewhat of a tortuous time for us Geordies, with the departures of legendary goalkeeper Shay Given in 2009 and local lad Andy Carroll just last year still fresh in the mind of many fans. January hasn’t only proven to be a bad omen for Newcastle United in our outgoings, though. We have also seen a number high profile names joining the club, only to then fail miserably while wearing our famous Black and White. Jean-Alain Boumsong, Celestine Babayaro, Oguchi Onyewu and Amdy Faye spring to mind!

Under the guidance of Alan Pardew, we have now implemented a clear blueprint when dipping our toes into the murky waters of the transfer market, something that I believe has been crucial in taking us beyond the realms of possibility in the first half of the season. What is this blueprint? Simple, NUFC will no longer pay over the odds for older players based solely upon the reputation they have earned elsewhere. Instead, we now scout the globe thoroughly and look to sign players under the age of 26 that are still set on creating their reputation within the beautiful game.

It is this criteria that has seen the club making great headway in recent windows, with players such as Yohan Cabaye, Cheick Tiote, Demba Ba, Davide Santon and more recently Papiss Demba Cisse signing on the dotted line. Therefore I believe that it is only right we stick to this method, after all, how does the famous saying go? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

Despite all of this, I do understand that some fans feel we need to strengthen in order to compete with the so called ‘big clubs’ up at the top of the table, and to a certain extent I agree. However, I do not agree with the club rushing through last minute deals for overpriced players that have not been assessed properly. For me, this only spells trouble. The clear need for defensive reinforcements is there for all to see, yet I believe that we may need to wait if we are to sign a player of real ability that can immediately come in and improve our starting XI.

After all, surely the last thing we need is another Cláudio Caçapa pulling on the jersey!

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207 thoughts on “Patience the key to NUFC progression

  1. Oh ye of little faith. Stay with the program people, the negative feelings we have may actually still stem from the hurt perceived at the time of the Carroll sale and the Nolan/Barton flap. Up to this point in time we are 6th, have some quality bargain signings and are starting to get the squirts after a reshuffled team has had a couple of mares. Tiote (if not sold), Ba (ditto) and Cisse will soon be with us and I for one am optimistic. if MA sells, I have a gut feeling that it will work out. It has so far. FA Cup? maybe next year – to the top of the Prem – and Beyond! 😆


  2. williamson does the basics well but is not comfortable on the ball .
    perch is not good enough end of , how many games have we won with him starting !!!!!
    s taylor is a good defender and good footballer.
    Colo is top drawer one of the best players to have worn the black and white top imo . 😉


  3. Rorycn thanks to Brighton being woeful he didn’t have too much to do, and being the best of yesterdays bunch isn’t exactly that good as we were even worse than Brighton 😕


  4. @tsunki, yeh wuh great jump up and down and enjoy , i prefer to wait til we actually do something a good cup run finishing 7th etc but at the minute the best MA has managed is relagation and 12th so ill save the woop woops for now and concentrate on reality !! and you can dream about the top of the prem and beyond !!!!!!!


  5. Keith – not saying you have to skip about mate just that at the moment it seems a bit pessimistic since we aren’t Blackburn or Bolton but up in the giddy heights. Cheer up mate – it aint happened yet! 😆


  6. @tsunki , no thanks ill be very grounded and carefull whilst MA is here and like i said lets wait till 1st feb because trust and respect are earned not given ! or at least thats what i can remember from the last 5 years 😉


  7. @tsunki

    I believe Dave explained it. It’s no compliment to say he was our best player yesterday as nobody came out with real credit.

    Perch has been exposed far too many times in previous games to identify he is not a premiership CBor RB.

    Can’t believe you can’t see it. 😯


  8. Troy – answered my question then. Personally I don’t think he’s fantastic, he just is what he is. Not a disaster though, especially considering he just plays where he’s told and never gets a start. Must be tough to be on the fringe.


  9. @troy
    Its old ground bud but sadly its true i cant and probably never will buy into al this “MA has saved us” “even if he sells it wil work out” ” hes a genious” its misguided based on half a season doing well and we all know the next kick in the face is just around the corner !
    anyway only a few days to see wolfies 25 mill 4 qaulity players in and none leaving !
    but what do we know troy 😛 😛


  10. @tsunki , could you tell me how many prem and cup games perch has started and how many of those we have lost please !!!


  11. Have to say some people are deluded, going on about having geordie messiahs running the club, freddy sheps was as geordie as they come, and that was the problem, he crumpled to the fans will every time. It wouldn’t surprise me if we had one of the most successful periods in modern times under Ashley!


  12. Keith – there is a middle ground you know. I don’t personally like MA and probably would still look at him sideways if we were in Champs league next year with Iniesta in midfield – Sports Direct Arena alone was enough for that never mind the championship cockup era. But it’s a results-based business and at the mo it SEEMS to be progressing, and above all, whoever the lads are in the black n white, I support them not the fat man and his owl, goes without saying (but i said it…). Just saying that sometimes doom-mongering has a habit of fulfilling itself. You don’t really want that on your hands do you 😆


  13. Gary – good article and a really good debate, differing views but no blog fights.. good to see.

    Just been working my way through the comments and agree with both sides of the argument to be honest. I don’t agree with panic buying or paying over the odds but then it shouldn’t be an issue coz we have had ample time.
    Part of the problem is we started a week late with Lambastard being on his jollies, then we’ve f’ed about with the Morrison deal when really, that’s not a priority at the mo.
    To be fair, Tomkins was a prem league player last season, and Pardew knows of him thru West Ham connections. Wouldn’t be taking the Watford lad, but I think Boro provide today that there are some good defenders in that league, and would certainly take Ridgewell for £2m!!

    That said, with 2 days to go, I’d loan defenders and get who they really want in the summer, unless they can work a minor miracle in the next 49 hrs.

    Oh, and Shamrock, Marcelino wasn’t shite… you have to actually play to be classed as shite. Wonder if that finger ever got better?! 🙄


  14. Keith – about the Perch thing, I was just chucking the bait in – I’m no fan really. Just think he’s an adequate utility man who does what he is able to do. I personally look forward to the day when he and the likes become ‘surplus to requirements’ because that will mean we have raised our bar on backup players. Smudge was a forerunner of this type who got us through a patch, but now he’s gone, so…


  15. @instructatoon ,
    under sheperd 3 fa cup finals a fa cup semi final 2nd in the league champions league football and a semi final in the eufa cup 😉
    under MA 12th and relagation !
    instructatoon wow we must be mugs i cant believe i cant see the light 😛
    Having and dreaming about “having one of the most successfull periods in modern times under MA ” are verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyy different things 😛 😛


  16. To be fair, Tomkins was a prem league player last season, and Pardew knows of him thru West Ham connections.’

    Playing in the premier league and being a premier league player are two different things though. Isn’t this the guy that Leon Best scored a hat-trick against. 😕


  17. @tsunki , I deal it fact and reality if we do well this season then it will be the first in 5 years under MA that we have done well and go some way to me thinking that he wants to see success at the club ! at the moment i think he wants only profit and longterm that will damage the club .
    I support the toon home and away and always will but that does not mean i have to live in cloud cookoo land 😉
    Do you really think the toon will do better if i channel all my positive vibes into supporting MA ? 🙄


  18. Was going through that scouts profile thing on when I found one on santon from a couple of years ago:Shooting: 7 out of 10

    Passing: 8 out of 10

    Tackling: 9 out of 10

    Heading: 7 out of 10

    Pace: 8 out of 10

    Vision: 7 out of 10

    Current ability: 9 out of 10

    Potential ability: 10 out of 10


    Current value: £20million

    Potential value: £60million

    I like the last bit the best, haha, bargain we got him for then hehe :mrgreen:


  19. Batty at 169 is it one with the three speed gear lever on the crossbar and the little front wheel i bought my sister one when i was 17 am 57 now .luxury sheer luxury : 😆


  20. Keith – Wash your mouth out! Support Ashley? Not cloud cuckoo land mate like you say Reality is where we are at – I’m just saying accept things for what they are, not for how they might be or were in the past. I will cut the letters out of newspapers for your hate mail if Ashley screws this one up but for now, he may, just may, be getting the hang of this football business thingy. Run with it – he has to make money, and if he does while making a profit form a successfully built squad I don’t care how much he makes he’s welcome to it. But if he knacks it up royally I’ll make the effigy, you get the petrol 😈


  21. tommy – mine was orange with the round gear shift – wanted the T-bar one. knacked me face in when i skidded off it, bent me handlebars and landed right on me bcg blister. Happy days 😥


  22. Keith

    Your logic is naive and that’s me putting it kindly. You can’t just say, “how many games have we won with Perch” and use that as a stick to beat Perch with as it completely dismisses a number of different variables. It’s nonsense.

    What about the fact that he only plays when there are injuries, so the team’s consistency is affected and unsettled?

    What about the opposition?

    What about the errors made by others in the team whilst he is on the pitch?

    The above are just some examples as to why you cannot oversimplify things. It’s the equivalent of footy fans judging midfielders on the amount of assists they rack up. It’s stupid.

    It’s a human nature thing, I suppose. We don’t like what we don’t understand so we oversimplify things to make ourselves feel better.

    As for Freddy Shepherd, yes, great times under him…Until we realised that he almost destroyed the club. Again, the fact that you are dismissive of the financial peril he left us in stands testimony to your youth. I can go and take I out a credit card for 5k if I want, can spend the next few days blowing it if I want. Yes, it will be fun, but I can’t stick my head in the sand forever and eventually I will need to pay that money back…


  23. The Kid – Dammit – are you sure you aren’t me?????? I was going to say all that about crappy stats but I just ran out of will to live. That decides it – you aren’t me because I couldn’t muster the intelligence or the zest to put those thoughts into words. Cheers 😀


  24. “No, he is not going to Newcastle. He is not leaving for England. He will stay here.” Werner Baader; Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa agent


  25. Not really sure about the massive progress we are making.

    Out of the players in Cabaye and Ba had truly hit the ground running and have been the stand-out bargains.

    Santon has looked fairly good mostly but with some patchy displays too.
    Ben Arfa has been inconsistent.

    Marveaux is perma-crocked so nobody can really be sure how good he is until he actually plays a bit,

    Obertan looks poor but maybe, with a lot more time, he may develop. Although the problems he has been showing have been known about and reported since his time in France.

    We have done better than anyone could seriously have expected in the first half of the season but now our weak and depth free squad is beginning to look perilously short. These were problems that have been known about for ages and should have been addressed.

    If Ashley sanctions moves for a quality defender and maybe a quality winger who can provide assists and create then that might be enough for us to at least consolidate the good start we have had and maybe challenge for a European place.

    If we get no-one or even worse sell a key player then unless we are very lucky we are heading a few places back down the table based on recent performances.

    The next few days will be interesting . . .


  26. @the kid , wow you are patronising aren’t you I have made my decition on perch based on watching him play many games and seeing with my own eyes he is not very good and that when he plays we regularly lose , as for the wonderfull MA I am not stupid enough to judge him yet let’s just wait .. Tick tick
    Naïve ha 🙁


  27. And I am aware of the damage sheperd did financially being nearly 40 but not naïve enough to think what MA is doing is just as danderous to the club but without the relevent success you choose to support what you think is going to happen I will stick to what actually happens !


  28. Cheers Mark.

    SHARPY17 @178 – Really liked your comment. It pretty much sums up my thoughts and I do agree that getting in Ridgewell or Tompkins now may help us this season. The problem for me is not this season though, bringing in Ridgewell now at the expense of then not buying a quality player like Vertonghen in the summer would be foolish in my eyes. Yes, a lot of fans want us to strengthen from 6th in the Prem and really make a push, but we have to remember what our objectives were at the start of the season and not get carried away.

    S.Taylor was out for quite some time last season too, which seen Williamson play regularly and he didn’t really disappoint. For me, bringing in a Liam Ridgewell or James Tompkins wouldn’t really do much in helping us clinch a European spot. Then if we get to the end of the season and haven’t qualified, we are stuck with one of those lads for another 4 years or so. Whereas we could have remained patient and brought in real quality that could have really helped us to improve and not just launch a bid for Europe this season, but for many seasons to come.


  29. SHAMROCK @100 – I agree mate, looking back through the article I should have mentioned that I am much more open to a loan deal which would take us to the summer. That seems the much more viable option to me.


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