High transfer fees do not always guarantee quality

It is now becoming very apparent to me that a section of our fans do not actually care who we sign, but more so how much is spent in the process.

Like myself, most NUFC supporters will never forgive the ‘Fat Controller’ and his sidekick Derek Llambias for the mass amount of errors and false promises they have made at the club.

Yet it would seem that the promise made to reinvest every penny from the £35m sale of Andy Carroll to Liverpool is the one that bothers people most. In fact, I would even go as far as to say that some fans are now more concerned about seeing that money spent than they are about seeing the club progress.

Since the sale of Andy Carroll we have went on to sign some very talented individuals. These include the likes of Yohan Cabaye, Demba Ba, Davide Santon, Papiss Demba Cissé and many more. However, that is not enough for many fans simply because the fees spent in bringing these player in have not touched the sides when in comparison to the money we received from the sale of our former no.9. Quite the contrary actually, as we have almost certainly made a profit when taking into consideration the money made from the sales of Kevin Nolan, José Enrique, Wayne Routledge and Joey Barton. Not to mention the extra revenue generated from our new shirt sponsorship Virgin Money.

My main worry here is that I do not believe money should be an issue. In my opinion, the squad has improved greatly over the last two seasons and the fact that the club has made money in the process surely just makes that an even better achievement. Or at least it does in my mind anyway.

There are of course some decisions that have been made by Ashley and Llambias which I shall never agree with. The re-branding of St James’ Park being a prime example. However, when it comes to our new transfer policy I am very much in agreement with the hated pair.

In the last decade NUFC have made some disastrous decisions that have burdened the club hugely from a financial point of view. Signings such as Michael Owen, Albert Luque and the now MK Dons bound Alan Smith, to name a few. That doesn’t mean to say that all big money transfers will be unsuccessful, though. It is of course possible to get a world class player through the door in return for a large transfer fee. But then again why should we take that risk when chief scout Graham Carr is doing such a wonderful job working to our current blueprint?

Believe it or not, writing a blog like this is actually quite daunting! As I’m sure I won’t be making many fans as a result. Yet I can’t help but look beyond whether my own popularity comes under scrutiny and discuss this issue, which I believe is now getting slightly out of hand.

Mike Ashley and Derek Llambias may not have the backing of many Geordies, but when looking at things from a financial aspect, it doesn’t take a genius to see that they are actually doing one hell of a job!

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571 thoughts on “High transfer fees do not always guarantee quality

  1. Oh. By the way, despite what you’ve seen on the Jeremy Kyle (PhD C.Psychology) show, shouting at alcoholics and drug addicts rarely causes them to give up the drink.


  2. Pootle, that’s an obscenely brutal, yet elegant beautifully response. You are of course, full of shit, however.


  3. I’m just leaving the fellowshoip noo actually, bad sentence structure on my part 😳

    neeeeeeet neeeeeet Jim Bob and Jim-Bobesses 😎


  4. LOL. See rodz, that I can accept.
    It’s when these Cracker/The Mentalist wannabes come on trying to wave their massive intellects around, trying to ‘analyze’ people with their pseudo-scientific shite. Boils my piss. LOL.
    You wanna call someone a tosser do it, but don’t pretend you are better than them cos you watch Jeremy Kyle.


  5. Sorry Bris. I just use English the way I was taught it, by and large. My vocabulary is what it is. If it offends your sense of inverse snobbery I could try to stick to words of six letters or less, cobber.


  6. See that’s better isn’t it?
    Isn’t that more cathartic than pretending you have some clever analysis that you really don’t?.


  7. 😛 hahaha, Pootle, you’re a right cunt aren’t you! 😆

    …reet, bed noo.

    Until next time, take care of yourselves, and fuck the mackems 😉


  8. How man!
    Only me ma’s allowed to call me a cunt, like.
    Oh no. Bet someone will go on about Oedipus now
    🙁 😳 :mrgreen:

    Night Rodz.


  9. My goodness….one thing every blogger on this site seems to have in common is the ability to never be wrong. To prove this point, they will slag down another bloggers view and when the original point of difference has long been forgotten, they will get into pissing contests to see who is smarter and who has a firmer grasp on the human psyche. I am no psychologist but it screams of low self esteem when someone feels desperate need continually tell everyone how brilliant they are.

    Take Troy for example, he has a desperate need to be noticed and if you read his posts carefully, you will see that he secretly desires to be Rodzilla. 😆

    I’ve really stopped posting nowadays because of this… No matter what the subject matter, the same self important agenda’s rise to the surface and they end up polluting this site.


  10. Agree, Oz. Don’t post much myself these days. Too many people more interested in themselves than in the Toon.


  11. LOL. I agree you are both right. Pat yourselves on the back for being brighter than everybody else, it’ll help build yourself self-esteem too. Do you even see the irony?

    Then actually review the conversation and see that Wolfie and I were having a perfectly civil conversation before Prem decided to go all ‘Sherlock’ on analysing peoples lifestyles from blog postings.


  12. Pootle….It was a simple statement, not a small thought piece on how smart/dumb I am. However, what you actually have done is confirm my point about certain bloggers having to be right all the time… Oh the irony of it all!!! 😆


  13. The irony is you posted only to do what you criticise.

    Check the conversation again

    You’ll see that wolfie and i were having a civil conversation. It was Prem who subverted it. It was Prem who started the Psychobabble.


  14. then why not say to Prem ” I disagree mate, lets leave it at that” or something similar… ❓

    In fairness I wasn’t just referring to you Pootle… Have a look at a lot of the comments associated with this here topic.. There is a large amount of posturing going on.
    These are my observations and I am not trying to make myself out to be holier than thou. Like I said, I don’t get involved much any more, but I do pop in for a read every now and again.


  15. I did say that Aussie.
    I just took a few more words to say it.

    He interupted a conversation not aimed at him and then aimed a broadside at people who disagree with him essentially.
    He dressed it up in pseudo-psychology to make himself sound authoratative.
    And his comment if you read it, could be considered highly offensive.
    My responses were, I felt, reasonable if a little bit – to use his word –
    Bris and yourself could have ignored it but chose to wade in basically doing the thing you were criticising others for.
    That is hypocritical. Unlike you I am not casting aspersions on your character (I can’t claim to know anything about your self esteem, for example) for this but it is hypocritical, nevertheless.


  16. As a further point.
    My original conversation with Wolfie was actually intended as a bit of friendly commiseration on the fact his predictions didn’t work out, as I am sure over the next few days he is going to get some merciless rubbing about them.

    I was also saying that while hopefulness is a useful quality in many situations it is fairly useless on its own as a tool for prediction.
    I was actually enjoying an innocuous conversation with wolfie about it.
    What raised my ire wasn’t Prem’s weak insult, it was that it railroaded a conversation I was enjoying for no reason at all.


  17. Aussie Mag Fan @539
    You are wrong mate, now let me use my superior intellect to explain why. 😉 ..

    Haha, over 500 comments on this thread maybe 20% of which are actually about the thread. The rest all is all people defending their egos or attention seeking.

    Anyway. I think we’ve had a decent granted window. Even if we brought in a big name or Mariappa which would have apeased most critics there is no garauntee they would perform any better than Willo or Perch or even Kadar.

    Rather save the money and go for a target in the summer which gives them the preseason to bed themselves in…

    First time I’m going to say this… But good job Ashley in the transfer window.

    We now look solid everywhere but centreback cover. 😯

    7th or eighth for me this season. Have to watch out for Stoke, Everton and the scum.


  18. Toonsy,
    Gonna have to ask you what’s in the thread store from now on.
    My Ben Arfa story is very similar to Gary’s so next time I’ll send you.an.email to check 😀


  19. One last political thing,
    I find it funny that all those attacking Troy fail to see that he clearly does and says things in jest. If anything, he gets abused more than any ither poster simply for giving his OWN views.
    Just because you don’t agree with him, doesn’t mean his isnt allowed to air them. It’s a blog, which means everyone is entitled to share opinion and disagree or argue their case with the other.

    It’d be a pretty boring world let alone blog if we were all the same with the same views.

    There’d be one post and everyone would just say, agree @1

    Embrace the various opinions ance personalities. Its what makes this blog great.

    If anyone has actually allowed that to stop them posting, i suggest you look at yourself ❗ There are far greater issues on this earth to get downbeat about… Think about it…


  20. Pooey knicks…. no centre back!!!…. oh well – still an ‘ok’ window. Just like the last one- ‘Good – could of done better.’ 😐


  21. Good window, no-one sold. Should have brought in someone on loan at CB, let’s hope no-one gets injured 🙄

    Tavernier being fast tracked as future right back. Will save us quids in the future, Simmo can see him in his rear view mirror….

    Time will show who we buy in the summer at centre half. Probably has a lot to do with Collo whether he resigns or not. Summer is always the best time to sign players anyway. I’m sure we have our targets lined up…

    Howay the lads, avoid defeat tomorrow, get the Demba’s back then we can really push on


  22. JJ

    That’s not very nice. 😉

    This ‘Gary Watson’ has an eye for raising controvertial issues…. good journalism imo. Reading the comments – a few tempers gone up but it just shows our passion!

    Happy Birthday to Angelofdeath!! :mrgreen: Aaaaaahhhh 20… 19 and 20 were my two fave ages so far. A brilliant age of booze and sex but with no real responsibilities yet. (unless you didn’t ‘bag up’ on the sex part)

    Enjoy it Angel – It’s all down hill from there-on-in 😆


  23. Agree Gary is doing well, his HBA article was very much along the same lines as what I was saying in mine.
    Although he focuses on him not fitting in the formation, I focused on him not fitting in the squad mentality.
    Both agree, that we don’t think he’ll still be here next season.

    If you write an article and half the people say good article, the other half say bollocks, they disagree, then you know you’ve done well… 😆

    I do think we need to find Gary a nickname though, I don’t like calling people by their real names on here… Its takes away from the mystery of the blogger… 😎

    We need to find a nickname for you too Nobby! 😉


  24. Quality striker in and Smith out (sort of) 2 of the top priorities done, Another centre back would have been nice (Nelson to spuds is a canny stop gap for nowt) but hopefully not terminal we managed to scrape through 15 games with an unbroken pairing of colo and saylor and heres hoping we can get away with willo and colo for a similar ammount of time with no cup distractions… 😉


  25. On a positive note it was good to see there was somebody with sense at NUFC who was prepared to let Leon Best go. I hope I don’t have to watch him make a fool of himself again tonight.


  26. Not arsed about getting some 2nd rate defender in, Ashley and co obviously think they can save a few bob by waiting till summer so let’s just hope Collo/will don’t get injured – think we can still do a loan deal or is that just championship clubs?

    Would begreat to get a win tonight but I think we might have to take a defeat, we looked piss poor against Brighton


  27. @Premandup

    who’s the miserable people you talk about? I supported the toon at the age of 7 before I new ‘miserable’..

    It would be a boring blog if everyone had the same views, there are some that like to moan alot about nothing but given MA’s history, they have a point imo


  28. To sum this debate up, it is plain and simply one that will never be won. Each contributor will always be inclined to stick with their own beliefs and it is highly unlikely that anyone could ever say something to change them.

    When writing this ‘blog I knew that it would stoke up one hell of a debate, as it is a topic that almost every Toon fan has an opinion on in one way or another. However, what I will say is that if tempers ever flared and people were offended then for that I apologise.

    Hopefully everyone has had fun having their say and will continue to do so on future ‘blogs. After all, what would be the point in a ‘blog if we all simply agreed with one another?


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