Mbiwa Medical?

Is Mapou soon to be a Toon player?
The rumour mill was abuzz with speculation yesterday evening about a deal being struck for a defender, said to Montpellier’s captain, Mapou Tanga-Mbiwa.

The source of the rumour was said to be Sky Sports rumours page, which is way more hit than miss lets be honest, but based on the long standing interest in the talented French defender I decided to investigate rather than dismiss it off hand.

First indication that there may be some truth to it is the fact that all has gone quiet over the last month regarding this particular link, and as we know, Newcastle are quickly becoming masters in the art of media diversion.

Secondly, Mbiwa did not feature in Montpellier’s fixture this weekend, and I could find no reports about him being injured. Strange that their captain would be left out completely no?

Next, his rumoured valuation. It was said a month or so ago that an offer in the region of Β£6 million would be sufficient to take him out of France.

Fairly cheap considering they wanted inordinate sums of money for forward Olivier Giroud but that was reported so we’ll go off that for now.

Finally, there are whispers among corners of the rumour mill that Hatem Ben Arfa may well have had a hand in convincing the versatile Mbiwa to come to Tyneside.

Alan Pardew said Hatem was sick, so was released to part-take in the French Cup draw, which he did, but some say that was not his only port of call.

Obviously all speculation and nothing to back it up but hearsay, but I genuinely think this is one to keep an eye on until the window slams shut later on today.

He has been a long term target of Alan Pardew. He is under 26, French, versatile and has captained a Ligue 1 side, which obviously means he is a talented lad with the character to be a leader.

His rumoured value, if anywhere even close to what Montpellier want for him, also falls into our allowed spending with a bit of change left over.

Hopefully there is some substance to it and we can all put the transfer speculation to bed and look forward to a good finish to the season.

With a medical being rumoured, we’ll soon find out on this one.

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211 thoughts on “Mbiwa Medical?

  1. Would he want to go to Wigan anyway? He might be first choice, but they’ll be back in the championship at the end of the season anyway πŸ˜‰


  2. Wonder where Wolfie is today ? Maybe he is helping the medical staff out as they will be flat out with 3 players getting medicals, or maybe he’s with Jabba helping him carry the Β£15-17 mill from the cash point πŸ˜† or he could be helping prepare his helicopter πŸ˜€


  3. ….sorry Blip, you’re right, yeah I just rewinded it. I’m corned beef.

    So they turn down 3m from us last week and accept 2.5 today from Wigan.



  4. sweeet. I can go for a jog now.. nothing to see around here.

    remember.. tickets for fenwicks window are going fast! πŸ˜€


  5. Gary I think that fee’s probably about right, given all the hype surrounding him and the views of Watford fans, however I’ve never seen him play so am totally unaware of his potential.


  6. Troy, but according to fit bird on SSN they bid half a million LESS than our 3m.

    …crazy shit. I don’t understand football maths, it’s weird.


  7. Troy there is a slight difference in my eyes, you had put faith in a source that you thought was honest and trustworthy.
    But poor Wolfie had put his faith in a proven liar that can’t be trusted πŸ˜† .
    But as I said maybe wolfie is helping out at the club to get the 3 new players over the line


  8. @Troyore

    nice one m8, apparently Gazza’s going to be there selling nuggets and beer to the crowd, Ant and Deck are presenting!!, The Geordie Dancer has already pitched his lilo for the light entertainment.

    What time r u meeting up with he Reality Crew, BDave Keith an all?

    should be a cracking night!


  9. ooh Big Dave licking Troys butt again…lol “you had put faith in a source that you thought was honest and trustworthy” lol ive just shat myself with laughter!

    “But poor Wolfie had put his faith in a proven liar that can’t be trusted” …trusted to sell our best players wasnt it?

    but we’re the highest spenders so far.. hmm strange that πŸ˜‰


  10. @big Dave

    I put my hands up and did believe him. It’s someone I know and he is normally reliable. But even he is saying he was convinced it was happening due to his source. C’est la vie. 😯


  11. like I asked y’day Bdave. will you lower your hatred for mike if we dont sell anyone or do u forever hold a grudge?


  12. @the bouncing butterfly

    Woo hoo hoo hoo. πŸ˜†

    Where’s your source Wolfie? πŸ˜†

    Β£25m! πŸ˜† you agreed with him. πŸ˜†


  13. @Troyore

    wooo hooo hooo

    your source= paper speculation and BigDave backed you up Woo hoo hooo

    I never once said 25mil, I only said I’ll be happy if we didnt sell

    Boin boin boing!


  14. anyway, windows not shut we might all end up being proved wrong 😳 . i’m gonna zip it but would still like to know BDaves opinion of MA if we don’t sell?


  15. That’s what I’m thinking Troy. It’s not making too much sense so far.
    He’ll end up back in the Championship next season with Wigan!


  16. @the bouncing butterfly

    You were bouncing about with Woolfie on your back shouting about Ashley spending Β£25m! πŸ˜†

    Wooooooo hooo hoooo hoo πŸ˜†

    Twenty boing five boing million πŸ˜†

    You coming to fenwicks zebbity ? πŸ˜†


  17. Surely if this lad is wanted and has been assessed properly then Β£2.5m is a reasonable price. If he isn’t worth that then I don’t understand why we are bothering to show an interest at all. Surely we want players to help improve our current team? Hence my first ‘blog on the site which was about us being patient in order to get the right players in.


  18. 1424: BBC Sport understands there has been no new offer today from Newcastle for Watford’s Adrian Mariappa and they have not yet accepted a bid from Wigan, although multiple bids have been made.


  19. What the f’ing bloody flip is going on mad, just awoke from me nightshift kip, put SSN on expecting us to have signed at least 1 and in the latter stages of a second. Instead I read bloody Wigan have agreed a fee with the only defender we have put a bid in for all month!!!!!!!


  20. If it ends as it is though I think we have to agree its been a successful transfer window surely? We didn’t get the defender, but 9mil outlay on what is a highly rated european striker, not too bad?


  21. Well, according to Wor Jimmy, our 3rd (and final) offer for Mariappa was only 1.8 million, not the 3 million quoted by Sky Sports:

    jimmymagpie // Jan 31, 2012 at 2:14 PM

    Now you muppets, get yourselves out for some fresh air. Mariappa going to Wigan for Β£2.5m, and he was the only target, confirmed by Pardew himself, Watford even denying that they have received a 4th bid from us. Does the right hand know what the left hand is doing at this club? I told you at the weekend that the 3rd bid was Β£1.8m, Sky Sports are talking bol-ocks, Β£3m bid my ar-e! I also told you that there would be no business today in or out. The 2 Demba’s not back until Thursday. So, another window when we fail to bring in the primary target, in August it was a striker and this time it’s a defender. Big club? Now, for God’s sake, window closed for us, so no more bulls-it, there’s enough of that on TV


  22. I agree Newkie, I’ll be a bit pissed off we ain’t got a defender in, seeing as we’ve needed one for so long. But Cisse definitely helps paper over the cracks.


  23. Oi oi radgies!

    Sitting wi Dekka and Big Mick noo at wor hoose in Benwell.
    Pure class watching this sky sports like. Big Micks off his box on tack and is phoning up Watford taking the piss! πŸ˜†
    He keeps putting in spoof bids for this crap defender! He’s off his napper and howling when Pardew hand on the tele. πŸ˜†

    Dekka is proper smashed and knocking oot some rave tunes on me new decks a got for crippa. πŸ˜†


    You’ve got to respect Big Mick for being honest like! Thats canny shweeet a think cos he could just say nowt y’kna. Pure doylem like Pardew like. Big Mick telt him to gan on telly and pretend wu ganna try and buy someone. Everytime he comes on the box, Big Mick rubs his hairy arse on the screen!

    Pure utter respect .

    Here, the bizzies are knockin on the door so am ganna nash cos a reckon they’ve foond me stash of lead a nicked from the school roof last neet.

    Just tek some whizz afore a nash cos a kna the doylems winnit catch is like when am fully chalked up like!

    Laters Gaters!

    Toon! Toon! πŸ˜›


  24. Pardew on sky sports, said the final bid was in for Mariappa but if its not excepted he wont be coming to the club and in the summer he would rather look elsewhere. Doesn.t sound like he,s that keen to me.


  25. Rodz – actually I quite like him, but it might just be because he’s one of the few people on Ed’s blog who seems capable of writing in proper English πŸ˜€

    Anyway, it’s 2am in my neck of the woods and time for bed

    nighty night all

    oops, sorry Troy/Rotary 😳


  26. Pardew saying it’s now or never for Mariappa is just like saying we want him now because we are desperate, but when summer comes we wouldn’t be interested because we know there are better players our there. Bizarre really!


  27. Oi Big Dave!
    Stop hating our big fat man-slug.
    He hasn’t bought a defender we so obviously need, but you should rejoice because he hasn’t sold anyone to make our situation worse (yet).
    Although admittedly that last bit might just be because no ones actually put in an offer (yet).
    Can’t you see you should be celebrating????


  28. @Big Dave

    wooo hoo hooo

    I didnt ask that m8, dodger πŸ˜‰ I asked if we dont sell anyone, like you predicted, will you lower your hatred for MA or do u hold grudges. its like talking to a PM πŸ˜‰

    lol a mug out of us? I’ve maintained all along that anything can happen but I would settle for us not selling anyone. show me a comment to prove otherwise, never once did I mention 25mil πŸ˜† you and the reality train crew on the other hand had already decided Jabber the [email protected] would sell Krul and Tiote..

    The fence I’ll be mainly sitting on is the ‘i’m chuffed with that’ fence and will support MA if the window closes as is.. which will u decide.. ❓ πŸ˜‰


  29. Pete Graves @PeteGravesSky Reply Retweet Favorite Β· Open
    RT “@sammatterface My money would be on Adrian Marriappa joining #NUFC today – I have been told thats what he wants”


  30. David craig just said on ssn that Mariappa would prefer a move to toon !, my god how must Wigan feel knowing they are second choice .If i was a Wigan fan i would be fuming.


  31. Watford don’t want to sell to us coz they think we took the piss with our first offer.

    Why am I starting to feel like I have wasted yet another day. Another day where David Craig is camped outside Sunderland, wasn’t that where he spent deadline day in the summer.

    Kinda feeling lied to again people. We were told, or it was suggested a CB would come in and they did not want to leave it as late as the closing hours of the window.
    We pissed about with Mariappa – looking like he’s going to Wigan.
    They have pissed about with Morrison – looks like he’s going to West Ham.
    They pissed about with Ridgewell in the Summer – he’s gone to WBA for a very fair fee.

    All for having a transfer policy but this isn’t good enough man. We are loosing out it other clubs by either going in too low and pissing clubs off.

    I’m sure some of you will come back with “there’s still 5.45hrs to go” but the players we have been linked with are going elsewhere are the boys from abroad won’t have time to get a deal sorted. FUCKIN SHITE!!!!


  32. @sharpy

    We pissed about with Mariappa – looking like he’s going to Wigan.
    They have pissed about with Morrison – looks like he’s going to West Ham.
    They pissed about with Ridgewell in the Summer – he’s gone to WBA for a very fair fee.

    to be fair m8, none of those player would of improved our first team. so lets wait until the summer, we’re not sure who was available this window


  33. Mark – they would have improved the squad and meant we wouldn’t have had players playing out of position. You can have every player you sign only being a first teamer, it’s about strength in depth to see you through the season, as the bigger clubs do.
    But ok then, where plan B, wait til the summer – where’s the loan deals to see us through til then?!
    The mackems seem to be able to be getting the cover in on loan, what if Colo and Willo pick up knocks – were fucked at CB!

    Still at least Jan wasn’t a total waste, Lambastard got his well deserved holiday!!


  34. Also, if that’s the case, why waste a month on negotiating for these players, only for other clubs to come in and sign them for Β£1m or LESS than what we were prepared to offer.

    Why not just negotiate with players you absolutely want in?!


  35. What you have to remember with some players is, when clubs come in for them, the players agent obviously will try and get the best deal but equally he will know that a so called smaller club i.e, someone like Wigan aren’t gonna pay top dollar so if that was the only club that had bid for a said player.
    If the likes of Newcastle come in then agent look at the pound signs and try for bigger cash helpings.
    Unfortunately for them, Newcastle are not easily mugged NOW and I can see why some deals hit snags.


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