Ba and Cisse: To start or not to start? That is the question

Would you start them?
With the Blackburn Rovers game upcoming, the question I think that all Newcastle fans are asking themselves is; what involvement, if any, will our two Senegalese forwards have this evening?

After speaking to many fans since it became clear that both Demba Ba and Papiss Cisse would be back in England on the 31st of January at the latest, there were a lot of different opinions as to what their involvement should be at Ewood Park.

Some are of the opinion that neither should be involved at all, whilst others are of the thinking that Demba Ba should be involved and Cisse should not be, with him being new to both the club and also to the Premier League as well. There are also quite a few with the thoughts that both should be on the bench and used if the circumstances are such that we need their presence on the field at a certain time of the game.

My own thoughts are completely different to all the above, for me, if both report back in time to travel to Blackburn with the rest of the squad and both declared fit, then I would start with both of them; and I will now explain why.

– Since Demba Ba departed for Africa we have not really ever looked a threat going forward, in the QPR game we got the three points with our only effort on target in the game, against Fulham we went in at half-time only one goal up despite near total domination, and on Saturday at Brighton the few chances that were created ended in weak efforts at goal.

– The quicker Papiss Cisse plays in the Premier League the quicker he will adapt to the game in England.

– The more that both Ba and Cisse play together the better their understanding will become.

– Both players should be sharp after playing and training in the tournament environment for the last couple of weeks.

Now I stress these are my own thoughts and many won’t agree with them, but I think they make a valid point as to why I would throw them both in at the deep end at Blackburn, and I would like to know how many other fans would be tempted to do the same?

Obviously it is affected somewhat by Alan Pardew’s admission that they won’t be back until Thursday so they will therefore miss out tonight, but in lieu of the way the league is at the moment and knowing that a win at Blackburn this evening would take us up to 5th in the Premier League table, I’d have personally pulled out all the stops to get them both back on Tyneside as soon as Senegal’s participation at the ACoN was over and ready to start tonight.

So what would you do if the decision was yours?

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180 thoughts on “Ba and Cisse: To start or not to start? That is the question

  1. So wolfie.

    If a bloke walks past your house every single day, takes his pants down and curls out a massive shit on your step, what do you think next time you see him walking towards the house undoing his belt?

    Because you’re always positive and optimistic you would presume he is going to walk right by?

    Nope, he’s got form. Form is the reason that bookies can place odds on pretty much anything and win, become huge businesses…where does form come from? The past.


  2. MORENO, your analogy is a million miles away to what you are using to rip Ashley a new arsehole and you know it.
    Try a better scenario.



  3. To be honest every single owner of every single club is in it for the money, Ashley’s stance is nothing new.

    Someone said we bought Cisse for 9mill so we could sell him for 19mill – That’s one hell of a gamble on a player who is unproven in th premier league!

    A lot of people have the opinion that we only buy players to sell them on for more money… who has that happened with??? Carroll? Only him… that’s one example – The rest of the players weren’t happy with the terms that were put in front of them and that’s why they left.

    That one example of Carroll – That’s the best bit of business i’ve seen ever in my life and if it happened again I hope they would of came to the same conclusion. In my opinion πŸ˜‰


  4. Wolfie,

    My analogy was in response to ‘the past means nothing’ and me trying to point out that my theory that he doesn’t care has been proven time and time again. If someone has form in something then it is likely to happen, you not agree with that?


  5. MORENO –

    ‘They will continue to buy cheap and sell high until they clear the debt. They will whore out the name of the club and the stadium until they clear debt. They will give false promises and guarantees to the fans until they clear the debt. They will then sell the club.’

    Wouldn’t you think if he was making enough money via doing those things to clear out what was once a huge debt then he’d be a pretty poor businessman to simply sell up?


  6. @Moreno 139

    Ive got to admit, this is my general feeling about Mike and the toon. Although to sell he will makes us more attractive, which he has, he’ll do it on the cheap, which he has.. so if he sells up, whats the problem ❓


  7. MORENO, what form does Ashley have in ruining this club?

    You are going on the major mistakes over Keegan which spiralled into relegation.
    His form after that has been fantastic and gets better each window, so how can you go on the past as a yardstick for the future.


  8. I thought he was a pretty poor businessman to buy the club without looking into the finances properly first.

    He has been a good businessman in a lot of respects, don’t get me wrong and you make a valid point Gary which is fair enough. I just think that the amount of times he has already tried to sell us with no potential buyers shows he was happy to take a lump sum off an investment he must have regretted at the time


  9. @toonsy, I thought it was a canny debate 😯

    i enjoyed reading the comments, nobody knows the real truth what mike will do with us so everyones guess could be true, or close 😯


  10. Toonsy,

    It’s just banter man πŸ˜› There is always bickering when neither party is willing to see the others point of view πŸ˜†


  11. MORENO he was happy to sell at the time because he was absolutely crucified to the point of frenzy.
    If I was him I’d have fucked off and pissed all over the seats on the way out if that shit was aimed at me.


  12. Wolfie,

    “what form does Ashley have in ruining this club”

    Show me where I said that, don’t take me out of context to suit your argument please πŸ˜‰


  13. Wolfie,

    If I was him I would think, right they have pissed me off, what two things do they hold dearest? Hmmmm….the atmosphere in their beloved ground.

    Let’s destroy the singing section and plaster my companies name on it…whey!!


  14. MORENO, so he;s just a cock but you know he’s doing a great job of running the club right?

    I can accept that.


  15. Yes wolfie, whatever you say. Matches are kicking off so I’ll let you carry this one on alone mate…till next time! 😎


  16. Death threats and so on are good enough reason to cut your losses, wouldn’t you agree?

    Anyway, match time and I’m done discussing MA. Like I said in my final comment on my last blog, this is one debate that will never end. Very few opinions will be changed and that’s just how it is. It’s always a good debate piece, but after so long it becomes boring.


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