Match Stats: Blackburn 0-2 Newcastle

Blackburn 0-2 Newcastle

Wednesday 1st February, 2012






273/377 PASSES 201/274


58.6% POSSESSION 41.1%

50.2% TERRITORY 49.8%


8/33 CROSSES 2/10

7/17 TAKE-ONS 8/11

4/14 CORNERS 0/1


8/14 TACKLES 10/15



10/20 CLEARANCES 18/37


15/35 AERIAL DUELS 20/35

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49 thoughts on “Match Stats: Blackburn 0-2 Newcastle

  1. Has anyone given some thought as to why Gosling and Abheid have slipped so far down the pecking order? Tiote and Cabaye out yet they still have Raylor and Perch in front of them to play alongside Guthrie. Now…. I would say that the midfield should always have contrasting styles. Cabaye as more attacking and tiote as more defensive. In that light you can line up Perch and Raylor behind Tiote and then Gosling would come behind Cabaye and Guthrie. Does make you wonder how he is going to get a game. then again Gosling has played a lot of games a right back in his formative years.

    Just a thought.


  2. Villa looking like a very strong team now. Play anything like last night & NUFC will be boo’ed off the pitch.


  3. Bkemp, agree that Gosling has slipped way down the pecking order but with Abeid, he’s only 19, his first year in England, he’ll be slowly introduced and will no doubt have a much bigger input next season.

    Beeguy, having Ba on the pitch ahead of Shola or Best is not to be underestimated, also the fact we’ll have our new number 9 in the squad at least. Also the confidence Obertan will have got from his goal should he start will help. Add to the fact we’re at home and the game should be more suited to Ben Arfas game and last but not least we’ll more than likely be playing 4-4-2 which we’re much more suited too.


  4. @bkemp247

    Both players are still relatively young, especially Mehdi. Perch was brought in so Guthrie could support the attack when he can as he isn’t so adept defensively. Gosling is a similar player to Cabaye but I for one have never thought the Cabaye/Guthrie combination in the middle was ever going to work – worse still when Jonas is not playing on the wing.


  5. I’m delighted we won last night, but I’m really starting to feel sorry for Steve Kean now like.
    I’d hate to be a Blackburn fan coz those Verkys are destroying that club. Was thinking last night, we think we’ve got it bad, but they are screwed!!

    That said, strike while the iron is hot in my opinion, get Mr Hiollett on a free contract. He can come play for us once he’s finished with the Olymic diving team coz he was certainly getting the practice in last night!!!


  6. The modus operandi has shifted now to all out assault on the league. I would love it if we could go toe-to-toe with Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea.


  7. looking at those stats at the top of the page, for all the big hulabaloo about how we were bashed from pillar to post, they only had two more shots on target than us.


  8. @Craig, shots on target doesn’t reflect the 1 on 1s they had – shots that were off target but really should have been better. A better team would have buried those chances.


  9. Blip.. i was taking the p155 mate. but there is also some truth in it, you godda get the ball on target to win havent you. besides, i aint over keen on kean so its a great win.


  10. Took the survey.

    On Topic: Since I didn’t see most of the game, I didn’t realize how much Blackburn controlled the game. Nearly 60% possession. They completed 1 pass fewer than we even attempted.

    Now I can see why so many of you were calling it an ugly win last night. Thank goodness for professionalism and hard work.


  11. Got to say that we are an honest team compared to most others, apart from maybe Jonas who can be excused for falling over easily as he is constructed from pipe cleaners, and we give the ball up easily when the likes of Blackburn hoy themselves to the ground and buy cheap free kicks.
    Watching the game last night, they had to be instructed to go for free kicks in the wide areas as they had so many, would our stats look better if we did the same, probably, but i hate the current trend of ” seeking an advantage” (cheating).


  12. Alex, if we win on Saturday it’ll be a phenomenal achievement.
    (the Villa game is Sunday 😉 )
    ….congratulations anyway!


  13. It was ugly but we won. If they had a real striker they could have easily had 2 goals in the first half alone. Feeling a bit sorry for Ben Arfa but he doesn’t work hard enough when he loses the ball. Definitely looks out of sorts now and not comfortable on the wing. Where will he play with Cisse and Ba in the lineup unless we try 4-3-1-2? It’s fantastic to have the points but Aston Villa will be much more difficult. Perch is doing a good job for us but I’ll be happier when we don’t need him. Krul was fantastic and Simpson cleared another sure goal away. That must be 3 or 4 this season. He has a great instinct for doing that. Shola was mostly hopeless and Best nearly scored on his own goal (the best header I’ve seen him have with us but aimed at the wrong goal!).


  14. done toonkid, apparently theyre using goal-line technology in this Summer Olympics. sure it was mentioned on TalkSpt 2day..


  15. Done toonkid and well done alex the king. I hope my week finishes as well as your’s has started! 😆


  16. Does anybody else hate little fat referees? They can’t keep up with the play and get so many decisions wrong. How can you referee at the top level with a physique like Phil Dowd’s? What are his vital statistics?
    Shola was absolutely shocking and embarrassing once again. With any luck we have seen the last of him. Thank you Shola and goodbye.
    Colo was as good as Shola was bad. The best centre back we have had in my memory by a mile, and I’m 47.


  17. some interesting comments regarding the Toon on TalkSpt at the mo.

    The presenters are praising MA after getting rid of Barton/Nolan and replacing them with quality.

    The debate is regarding the 4th spot, a lot believe we could make it 🙂


  18. @kimtoon 😯

    I hope mine dont ever grow up, thats why they sleep in a micheal jackson style oxygen tank thingy-ma-jiggy 😆


  19. B&B 😆 @Phil Dowd.

    I just did a quick Google image search on him to remind me of his physique. The 2nd image of him links to 😀

    …sadly the link doesn’t work.


  20. JJ – Aye, I’m ancient and Phil Dowd is older than me!
    Rodz – I’ve just Googled Dowd for a picture. It looks like he’s smuggling a match ball under his shirt.
    Shola and little fat referees infuriate me in equal measure. Shola and Dowd had me apoplectic last night.


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