Summer Move For Tiote?

Should we prepare ourselves for Cheick's summer departure?
December and January has been jammed packed with speculation surrounding Newcastle United. Thankfully for the most part it has been about players coming in rather than heading for the exit.

There has been one name however that has been linked with every top club in the country since the end of last season and continues to be throughout this transfer window too. That name, the one and only Cheick Tiote.

Fortunately nothing came of it in January and we know that we have our Ivory Coast international until at least the end of the season. I do like the fact that Tiote has come out on numerous occasions stating his commitment to Newcastle and focus on progressing this season but there is no lasting smoke without fire and something tells me we could see him head to a title contending side sooner rather than later.

I would like to think with the singing of Papiss Cissè and a clutch of potential stars in the summer gone that it would convince our biggest stars we are going places, but money talks, and the likes of Man City and Chelsea have more than they know what to do with.

Prolonged interest in any player, no matter how big the club, can wear both club and player down. More often than not it is better to sell and move on than have the constant speculation unsettling all involved.

As we have seen with Cesc Fabregas and Cristiano Ronaldo, the playing field is far from fair these days and if a big club wants a player, they will go to extreme lengths to make a deal happen with everyone holding a press conference including the tea lady.

In fairness, this isn’t something that has happened to date with Tiote. Despite constant speculation there has not been any club to do a Barca or Harry on it and publicly stir the pot.

That said, there are many big clubs, as good as they are, who are missing a midfield destructive type player to protect their defence and, and in my opinion, at this moment in time there is nobody who does it better than Cheik Tiote.

I sincerely hope we can finish strong this season and maybe even secure a European spot, because I think that will be the only thing aside from Big Mike seriously splashing some cash that will keep the likes of Tiote here long term. Main priority for now, is building on what we have.

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75 thoughts on “Summer Move For Tiote?

  1. One way of keeping our best performing players is to reward them with better contracts, we cant compete with the wages Citeh and them pay but we can make an effort and show willing.


  2. I don’t believe it will be a case of convincing players that we’re going places – there are a very limited number of clubs that would have a significant enough pull for Tiote, Krul etc IMO.

    The problem appears earlier in the negotiation process, I think. Hypothetically speaking… MA receives an offer of £25m for Tiote and asks if he wants to go, I reckon there’s a good chance he says no. More realistically, Mike ACCEPTS an offer of £25m and tells Chieck to go and have a chat with the bidding club, I reckon he goes.

    Think it’s Mike Ashley that needs convincing (to keep our best players) rather than the players (to stay).


  3. Foooook!! Lawro’s predicted a win for us against Villa…………………….. certain defeat now the bastad


  4. Do Manu and Chelsea ACTUALLY have money to throw at Tiote? FIFA fair play and the total waste that was Torres and Carroll means that the January window for me was indicative of how the big spenders are thinking – prudent loan deals with a view to checking their player does actually fit their play and justifies a decent deal. Man City cannot keep spending to succeed, no matter how well their lawyers try to bend the fair play rules. Think about it – they are in the champions league semis next year for example, then FIFA announces an investigation into how they have hidden their financial debt and they get kicked out of the competition, it’s far too much of a risk.


  5. Plus, It will depend on if Tiote wants to go somewhere else and be a squad player or play every week, but i agree, if he wants out we wont be able to keep hold of him. His call.


  6. top 6 finish and give new contracts to colo , demba and krul and i will be over the moon!! as for sunday we need to beat teams like villa if we are wanting to get into europe , 6 more wins and a few draws for us will get us close to 60 pts which will defo be enough for europe …. hopefully 😆


  7. Someone as good as Tiote really deserves to be playing Champions League football during a big chunk of his career, so I don’t think we can really blame him if he wants to move on. Having said that, I wouldn’t take less than £30m.


  8. Seriously. After the January window, I believe it’s now pointless speculating.

    The facts are, all our players are for sale but quite rightly, they won’t be leaving unless its for a huge profit.

    That doesn’t bother me, it’s whether the cash is reinvested in the squad that matters. That hasn’t happened to a sufficient level yet IMO .


  9. Nobby – I agree with, can we have a ban on player move speculation articles please? The window has been shut for 3 days…


  10. It will all come down to how well he performs in the final part of the season. If he is god like but we fail to qualify for eurole, then I do think he will be gone.
    But if we do better, he may just choose to stay with us a while longer, and have a crack at eu football with us.
    Of course he could be Crocked and have a bad end to the season in which case he probe stay.
    Hmmmm! Maybe it’s just too early for this kind of speculation. Lets just enjoy the next 15 games and see what happens eh.
    Howay the Lads.


  11. See Lawro has a new plan to get bindippers into europe by predicting that we win every game from now on thus ensuring we lose


  12. I do think every player at the club ( like 99.9% of clubs ) has a price where we will do a deal at, Andy Carrol is the example. We refused a bid of £30 mil and it was only when they came back with £35mil that we considered it. For as far as I remember that is the way football has always been. But Troy has a good point @ 12 about re-investing what we re-coup in player sales. I am not bothered how much much we spend on a certain player as long as they are of equal or better quality than who was there before.


  13. I accept that the players we are bringing in are good investments and have proved to be good players.

    If we remarkably get into the Europa league, heaven forbid the CL, we will struggle immediately and could affect our league form.

    Despite what the dreamers believe, I consider the lack of activity in the January window to be poor.

    We had months to identify a CB and never got one.

    We need decent cover in all positions and to be honest, we haven’t got real quality in the starting 11 in certain positions, nevermind quality.

    It’s ok for the dreamers to say we are building slowly but by the time we buy one or two players per season, those already here will be nearing the end of their contracts and will need replacing.

    To step up a notch, players need identifying and bought more quickly than we are doing.

    Don’t tell me the money isn’t there.

    It has to be. They were searching for a centre back on the final day of the window. It’s lack of effort and ambition that failed us.


  14. People tend to forget Tiote gave up Champions League football with FC Twente to join us. He wants to play for us.

    I think all this ‘fatty will accept the right offer’ talk is just stating the obvious too. Of course he will, anyone else would, not just chubby-knuckles. I think every club in the world would’ve accepted £35m for Andy Carroll, it would be sheer lunacy to turn that down.

    All that said though, I do find it intriguing as to what level the ‘acceptable offers’ would have to be at, to prize our best players from Ashley’s mits.
    Would he accept 15m, 20?, 30??? The answer to this is of course “fark knows”; at least we’ve come out publicly and pretty much said “if you want any of our best players, they’re gona bloody well cost you!”.

    The other ‘bigger’ clubs will all have seen Carroll go for a king’s ransom and seen him flop. I personally think other clubs now view transfer dealings with us (especially outgoing) with much trepidation. As much as I didn’t like seeing Carroll go, we have to give credit to the board for turning down up to 30m before we let him go! And by those standards I’d say no offer under 25m would see Tiote out.

    On a final note, and just to be picky, the ‘no smoke without fire’ expression gets on my tits. It’s blatantly untrue. If I tell 20 people I’m Bobby Davro’s 2nd cousin and the rumour spreads, that doesn’t mean there’s any truth in it whatsoever. ‘No smoke without someone saying they saw a fire’ would be more fitting – admittedly it doesn’t have the same ring to it though.


  15. @Nobby

    Lambias has been in the press stating that a player may have to be sold every season to pay for future squad investment.

    That is their policy. Buy cheap, sell high.

    Where you been hiding. 😆


  16. Spurs have set the benchmark when it comes to handling bids from other clubs for their best players.

    Hasn’t done them any harm has it – or Modric for that matter.

    Look at Enrique, Carroll, Given, Nolan and Barton just to mention a few who thought the grass was greener.


  17. 😈 Toon have done it on a regular basis in the past.
    Supermac,Gazza,Waddle,Beardsly,etc,I cant see Tiote,Krull
    or any of our top stars being any different.As long as Ashley keeps
    getting 50,000+ through the gates at St James he dose not give
    a toss who he sells e.g Andy Carrol


  18. Troy, on the Llambias thing, I can recall Llambias saying “I would hope to generate between £8m-10m a year, that will give us another player,” regarding our naming rights.

    And also…
    “To compete we need to go further, we’ve had a fantastic start.”
    “The fans want us to buy more players, we need a new striker in January, we’ll need replacements in the summer.”

    …yeah we will. We’re finally getting rid of Smith, and most likely other under-performers. I don’t read ‘we’ll be selling our best players in the summer’ into this.

    As much as I’ve been against the board in the past, I honestly believe we’ve now hit the level we’ve been aiming for, and we’ve accumulated a solid position. Solid enough to now ‘build upon’.

    The only way is up now, for me. 😎


  19. @stu

    Depends what contract the spuds players are on.

    Carroll was on £28k per week and offered £80k.

    Modric will be on £80k now or if not somewhere between £60-£80k.

    It wouldn’t have mattered a jot to Carroll if Ashley wanted him out if Carroll was sitting on £60k per week at the Toon.

    You aren’t giving a full overview of the situation IMO .


  20. Stu, hahaha, yeah that’s a bit like saying:

    I have an M&S Cod, Salmon and Prawn Bake, and a Waitrose Chicken Tikka Masala in the fridge; there’s also a dog turd on my front lawn that looks edible, and a dead pigeon in my back yard that I’m sure would be OK with a bit of HP.
    What should I have for tea?


  21. Troy – Spurs pay relitively avrage wages and Modric is on about £50-60k a week but Chelsea were offering £150k if the media re accurate. So it’s all relative and the % wage rises on offer for both players were similar.

    The fact is that it came down to Spurs not wanting to sell.. Modric wanting to move – he had meeting after meetoing with Levy and ‘Arry stressing he wanted to go. A bit like Carroll.

    Same situation, just Spurs were stronger than us and it’s shown to be the right decision for them and him.

    Carroll’s transfer ahas shown to be the best decision for us, not him. That was always going to be the case for that kind of money for a player so inexperienced.

    Offers for more established players like Krul, Tiote, Colo or Ba wouldn’t turn out like the Carroll sale imo. We’d be the ones to lose out.


  22. [email protected], but we haven’t sold any of them, yet, and even if we did I’m sure we’d be looking for equally extortionate prices. The board would have to be pretty stupid to sell any of those 4 without having appropriate replacements lined up, and I seriously doubt we’d sell 2 or more of them.

    I’m not boarding the dreambus, by any counts, as obviously anything is possible, but our accumuations over last 2 transfer windows have showed enough promise to me to instill a bit of confidence in our future.


  23. It’s ok Lawro predicting us to win…. Paul Merson predicts us to lose so that evens everything thing out – Yin Yang and all that.

    Apparently he reckons Demba Ba is distraught after being knocked out the ACON and so won’t perform well.

    He obviously doesn’t know demba ba very well. he just loves proving his doubters wrong 😈


  24. Nobby, Paul Merson is a child of Satan and possibly the most irritating being on the planet. He boils my piss to such an extent I’ve considered getting a whistle-cap fitted to my prince albert.


  25. Rod – I’m not criticising the club, I’m just saying that the easiest way to keep a good side is by not selling the better players. Spurs proved that.


  26. Fair enough Stu, they’re a good model to look at on those grounds.
    I’d be gutted if we sold Tiote, probably more than any other player, and I hope it doesn’t happen any time soon, as players of his calibre in his position I think are very hard to come by.

    On Modric though, personally I’d have sold him. I don’t think he’s anywhere near as good as all his hype suggests, and he’s particularly lightweight on the ‘breakability’ front.


  27. Nice one Blip, I was just about to post a comment on Lawrenson, he’s such a dick, bless him.

    I think I might email him that link, just to piss all over his latest quote from the ‘predictions’ section, which reads…..

    “I thought Newcastle’s form would drop off in the New Year but they have proved me wrong and done marvellously by winning four of their last six league games. I have to back them here.”

    He thought OUR FORM WOULD DROP IN THE NEW YEAR! 😆 😳 😮 😀

    ….bit of a back-pedal there, oh wisened soothsayer. According to your crystal fkin ball we never had any form to start with!



  28. Sorry my phoned died before halfway thru our spuds discussion.


    Spuds sold Berby when they thought the price was right.


  29. Troy – That put them in a position to build a squad capable of getting into Europe and that in turn meant they didn’t have to sell Modric.

    We’ve done our Berbatov (Carroll), now lets see if we can do a Modric?


  30. Troy, not at all mate, my opinions on the board have been slowly drifting towards good over the last year. I stick to my guns on my beliefs. I’ve slagged them off in the past for their wrongdoings, but there have been a lot of good-doings lately.

    That’s not to say they (fatty’s crew) can’t become wankers again, if they make a fuck-up I’ll criticise them. I’m not a bitter person and don’t hold grudges over people for their mistakes.

    I don’t ‘flutter’ between differences of opinion, but I’m entitled to change my mind. If someone chucks a glass of piss in my face, naturally I’ll dislike them, but if they later come to me, apologise profusely, explain their mistakes, buy me a pint (of cider) and say nice things to me I may start to like them.

    It’s not ‘fluttering’ as you put it, it’s just not holding a grudge for past errors of judgement.

    I still hate the amount of Sports Direct shit he has plastered about, but results on the pitch matter more to me. Commercialisation is rife in all industries, and it was only ever a matter of time before it happened to NUFC. As much as I hate it, I accept it and move on.


  31. hahahahahaah whos a dreamer now? the supporters who had the forsight to predict that MA would be a success and have been buzzing buzzzzzing since he took over OR those that stated with utmost certainty that Tiote would be sold last transfer window ..ahahaahahaahah aaahhahahahaah


  32. …and to continue from 43, yeah I’m a bit pissed off we never brought a centre back in, as it is a big gamble, but we brought a quality forward in and nobody of any worth left. That’s evened it out for me.

    Toonpipes, just a question, but were you not mightily pissed off the season we went down? I was. I couldn’t get many positives out of Fatty in those dark days.


  33. @Rodz

    I’ve got the same outlook as you to be fair.

    It’s about Ashley changing his ways and listening to the criticism he’s been rightly receiving.

    I believe we are at a crossroads and it’s his next few moves that are crucial to get the trust back.

    I just never understand the likes of TInpoops who backed Ashley through the worst times.
    I believe we are a long way off the dreams that Poopsy thinks we will reach because of the answer I give Stu below ;

    I accept thats true about the Berby money ensuring they didn’t have to sell players from that point. The huge difference is that Spuds reinvested the cash where Ashley sat on the Carroll windfall.

    Big mistake.

    Our squad should have been strengthened with that cash to ensure we kicked on when other clubs are feeling the pinch.

    Shepherd made the same mistake when SBR was sacked as we had slumped out of the CL.
    That was because the previous 18 months, the only incoming player was Lee Bowyer.


  34. Pardew stating he has a selection dilema with his strikers …..WTF.
    Two are crap and two are good, easy 😯


  35. I agree with you Troy 😆
    (thank fk, as much as it’s sometimes required, I hate arguing) :mrgreen: 😎

    ….reet, I’m off, later ladeeeeeeeees 😎


  36. Rod,
    Sorry mate didn’t see your class comment at 30 😆 😆

    Are you on the lash tonight ❓


  37. So Pards is spoilt for choice with his strikers is he ,hope that don’t mean he’s contemplating playing Shola on sunday . On the subject of Shola ,has anyone heard if they have got anyone for all that racist stuff that was reported yet .Can’t believe the lads got to suffer that kind of b*****ks .


  38. @Rod43 & [email protected]

    wooo hooo hooo

    2 more butterflies to join my Pollon Army 😆

    Rod, good on you m8, nowt wrong with changing your mind. Only stubborn, bitter ppl hang onto bad decisions, it will only distort your opinion when things are rosey..

    [email protected] Troy, not at all mate, my opinions on the board have been slowly drifting towards good over the last year. but there have been a lot of good-doings lately

    [email protected] “I’ve got the same outlook as you to be fair.”


    would you adam and eve it, Troy’s transformed into a bumbling moth

    flutter flutter flutter wooo hooo hooo 😆


  39. cant believe we’re speculating on players out after 3 days..

    2moro, will Cisse and Ba leave in the summer?..
    Sunday.. Krul on borrowed time? 😯 🙄


  40. @the bouncing butterfly

    You’ve been fluttering on here by yourself whilst the reality train with me Rodz has been toot tooting along on the udder Fred .

    The butterfly and his mates. Woo hoo hoo hoo 😆


  41. Why would anyone want to leave Newcastle?
    James Perch said the same thing, he said ” why would anyone want to leave here, it’s going places, it’s geared up for success.

    He’s right of course, we are gearing up for success and we have a quality team and soon enough we will have a full on quality squad, so why would Tiote e.t.c want to leave a club that they can see is bristling with quality and they can fulfill their ambitions with us.

    There aren’t many club out there that can afford our top stars and those that can, like Man City can also look anywhere they want and get their own stars at any cost but their team consists of big players with big ego’s that can upset the applecart.

    We don’t have that at Newcastle, we have a group of players that toe the line and are happy and that’s why the dressing room is tight knit.

    Tiote is a humble man just like Demba Ba is and their goal isn’t about greed but they will have ambitions to win silverware and they will know by looking around them that they can achieve it with Newcastle and if they do, they also know that they will become idolised like they have never known before. 😀


  42. The Press should give it a rest, some will not be happy until they have unsettled the player and he moves on. Transfer window has closed, go out and find something positive to write about, instead of stirring it up.


  43. @Troy

    wooo hooo hoooo

    “I’ve got the same outlook as you to be fair” mike is doing good atm, yes, thats the ‘reality’ of it m8, and unlike tinpoops, I’ve never backed MA during his troubled times, I just enjoy our team atm, under his stewardship 😀

    wooo hooo hooo everything i said and got called for 😆

    5 lovely, flutterly butterflies embracing in the breeze 😯


  44. hahaha, you guys 🙂

    ([email protected], divnt nah mate, gona get plastered on Sunday, and a divnt like doing mi weekly booze allowance in 1 night more than twice a week – I’m not 25 any more) 😐


  45. Not a chance hes going,nobodys got any money to buy bar man city and the windows been shut for 3 days and here we are back to the neggars blogs already


  46. WOLFIE
    my moneys on ba and shola starting sunday let cisse get used to the attmosphere til half time,then bring him on start of 2nd half last time shola ba started 3 v 0 man utd


  47. The big difference between the Toon and Spuds is that when we sold Carroll we had just lost another £30 million in the Championship season and were just starting to break even in our first year back in the Premiership – we were also still £150 million in debt..

    Spurs on the other hand were not losing money when they rebuffed the bid for Modric – they were making a profit and had a turnover of £160 million (almost twice that of the Toon).

    Now that we should be making a profit (but still have £100million of debt) we are not in the same position we were when we sold Carroll so it is easier to hang on to players. If a stupidly high bid comes in though (or a bigger club turns a players head) we are still vulnerable as are most clubs outside the top 4 or 5.

    This is the financial reality – Ashley has said he wants the club to be self sustaining and he is right to expect this. Hopefully the fact that he invested last summer (albeit a small amount) and has brought in a £9 million striker this January is a sign that things are looking up.

    As for the centre back, I’m sure the targets have been identified but for various reasons – fees too high, greedy agents, clubs not wanting to sell , Ashley not willing to pay more than he thinks they are worth etc it hasn’t happened. He wouldn’t pay £15 million for Cisse in the summer and got him 6 months later for £9 million – I expect the same is happening with the Centre Back. Getting the club on a sound financial footing is his first priority and once this is achieved we will have to see what happens. I expect we will continue to identify talented players that we can get on good deals and yes we may sell some of them the same as Spurs did if it benefits the club.

    If all Ashley was interested in was making money and settling for mid table mediocrity as some people, think he would never have sanctioned spending £9 million in January. We would more than likely have achieved this without Cisse coming in and he could have taken back another £9 million of his loan much quicker…oh and that is why it has “come out of his pocket” – if the club is only now breaking even and even if he had trousered all of the Carroll £35 million he would still be owed at least £55 million -so bringing in Cisse was effectively him spending his own money.It’s simple maths 😀


  48. Lets not forget hes ganna invest 15 mil in to the youth system another feather in his cap in my book


  49. Agree with Nobby and Troy, the window has only just closed, let the kid come back to the toon from the ACoNs before we sell him!!

    Troy is right, every player could be sold if the offer is high enough but that should be chat for when a transfer window is open.

    However, how much of this is simply speculation?!
    I mean, as you said, clubs have been buying Tiote for the last 2 transfer windows now but how many bids have we actually received and turned down?
    Tiote is one of our best players and as a result will always be linked with other “bigger” clubs, but until a club actually comes in with a bid, for me it’s just all speculation
    As it is with Krul and Ba and any other player the papers write about.


  50. Have to say that I’m not even going to bother reading this article. The window is closed, teams have no money and it’s just the same crap from the same people who want to give their insignificant lives meaning by pretending to have friends in the know.


  51. Well yeah he might. In fact I am sure he was pretty serious about doing so. But whaddya know – we are staying ahead of his ex compatriots carroll and enrique who left for european footy. What to do now Cheick? Place yer bets! 😀


  52. The only place I’m repeatedly hearing about it is on this website to be fair, I think you need some new material instead of regurgitating the same boring story again and again.


  53. Whoever wrote this obviously has never spoken to Cheik Tiote.

    You should, believe me he will tell whoever will listen that his is a Geordie, loves his life in Newcastle, want to marry a local girl and settle in the area.

    One other thing Tiote is a strong charachter who will not be pushed around by a fat bully with an owl on his shoulder.

    Ask him?


  54. Awesome site!The Press should give it a rest, some will not be happy until they have unsettled the player and he moves on. Transfer window has closed, go out and find something positive to write about, instead of stirring it up…………


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