Will Gabby stand the test of time?

Gabby grabs a goal, and some confidence?
Newcastle winger Gabriel Obertan has been criticised for his performances on the field previously, but could his goal against Blackburn the other night be the turning point for the former Bordeaux man?

Obertan is a player who had a torrid time at Manchester United and Alan Pardew bought him in the summer to offer him a chance to resurrect the career. Unfortunately a slow start led to Gabby becoming a scapegat amongst a section of fans.

Many players thrive on the confidence that the fans give them throughout the game but Obertan hasn’t been on the receiving end of it. He is still young at the age of 22, he has a long career ahead of him and he has shown glimpses of what he can provide for us.

Let me take you back to when Fabricio Coloccini first arrived as a Newcastle player, the Argentine International made many mistakes when playing in defence and was a liability whenever he was defending. Many expected Coloccini to leave the club when we were relegated in 2009 but he decided to stay on under the leadership of Chris Hughton. His season in the Championship saw him go from strength to strength and he began to become an accomplished player for the side.

On our return to the Premier League Coloccini became a standout performer for Newcastle and he seemed to have improved vastly from the player that we had seen when he first arrived at the Toon. The Argentinan has made further strides this season by being handed the captaincy by Alan Pardew and he has been a figurehead for the club and a leader for the team. This is testament that with a little bit of time a player can improve hugely.

You have to remember that whilst Obertan was at Manchester United he only made fourteen appearances during the period of 2009-2011, this is not enough time for Obertan to adjust to the Premier League and he has since made eighteen appearances for the Magpies.

He has shown glimpses of what he can offer the team and with a little bit of time and patience from the Newcastle fans then I’m sure we will begin to see more and more from this promising Frenchman. His goal against Blackburn was coolness personified and belied his what is supposed be a fragile confidence.

Perhaps that goal was the catalyst Gabby needed?

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75 thoughts on “Will Gabby stand the test of time?

  1. He scares teams with his pace. Pace scares teams. I know he needs 3 or 4 chances to make 1 good cross but that one good cross could be the difference between winning and losing a game. Think back to stoke away. He had a brilliant game. The lad just needs a bit more confidence and a bit more time spent in training on his crossing! I think he could be a big player for us in the next few seasons.


  2. @zoe , Its difficult to see similarities between him and colo at the start of his time with nufc , colo struggled physically and still does with the pace of the prem but has always shown he is a worldclass footballer .
    The same can’t be said for gabby at the moment , he is young and fast and can improve and I hope he does , but right now his final ball and ball control are poor and he often drifts out of games and that is why the fans are on his back and he is often substituted .
    At 22 he still has a chance but imo slim , howay gabby prove the fans wrong πŸ˜‰


  3. Well his goal was taken well and hopefully he’ll get confidence from it.

    Whether he’ll start playing differently, beating his last man, better crosses into the box, looking up at the right times..only time will tell i suppose.

    Barfa might play better there as some have suggested, with a deadlier pairing and Marv is due back end of Feb I think.

    One thing we dont want is two supersubs in Barfa and Ober who can only affect the game in short bursts.


  4. Just cannot compare Obertan to Colo. Colo was coming into a new country, culture and game. Obertan has lived and played here for a few years and should have got to grips with the country and game by now.

    Maybe it’s just confidence but I find it hard to believe that he’s been short of confidence for the last three years.


  5. Agree with Keith, I wouldn’t really compare with Colo as he had been established as a regular player elsewhere, Obatoon hasn’t and the same with Benny to a certain extent. They both need to learn when to take players on and when not too, when to pass and cross etc then hopefully they’ll be good players here for a long time. At the moment they’re both maybe trying a little too hard to impress, hopefully with more game time they’ll both relax a little and we’ll see the best of them.
    Welcome back to the article writing Zoe πŸ˜‰


  6. i like obertan, when he went to manure and we would never see him then all of a sudden this baldy bloke would come on and run like the wind and be full of tricks. i thought back then that i really liked him, i still rate him now. And you are right Zoe, Colo was pants in the first year, no-one much had a good word to say about him. I am not sure i agree with Keith on this one as i dont think we all thought colo was looking like a world class footy player for that whole first season. He is no of course and has been for a while but for sure, its a big learning curve. I think obertan will come good next season.


  7. @indecisive Gordon

    I’m going to watch your opinions change throughout this thread ( by the way Zoe, well written and good to see you back, also indecisive Gordon is Mark for your info).

    Can I just say, I believe Oba brings as much to the team as Jonas. Good work rate, width and balance to the team when they play together, good defensive qualities but pretty ineffective as an attacking force.

    I prefer him to Barfa for the wing position.


  8. i am not sure stu, like zoe says, he only played 14 games for manure before coming to us. you think that is enough prem experience. Time served in the UK is irrelevant to time served on the pitch. If he had stayed at manure for his entire contract and not played anymore games, so after five years had only played 14.. would we all be saying he is a seasoned prem player? he may well have had two years time served but that means precious little. If a lad joins the Royal navy and never gets to sea is he an experienced sailor?


  9. @Troyore the Moth. No m8 that’s my Opinion on Ober. His goal would of done him the world of good but whether he’ll continue to frustrate is another matter. Time will tell. πŸ˜†


  10. Obertan has lots of pace and draws defenders and midfield players allowing more space for other players, it is no coincedence that he was in the team during our fantastic start to the season,this lad has the potential to become a big player for us,fans should only get on a players case if he is not trying.


  11. People only get frustrated with players when they know they are capable of better.

    Obertan needs time, and against Stoke and Blackburn he has shown glimpses of what he can do. Playing out wide is a difficult position sometimes as play can go through the middle but I think once Obertan realises we all want him to do well, things will come good.
    I think we may well see a different player in him next season.


  12. @Craig

    Troyore got his moobs out at Cullercoats once but is one of the most experienced sailors in Town, oh matron πŸ˜†


  13. Dunno whether Blackburn will be a turning point, but it has potential to be. We’ll see in his next game I guess.

    I’ve always been on the side of giving him time and can’t believe the stick he got when Jonas got away scot free despite a similar contribution.

    Hope he carries on from where he left off. Fergie doesn’t get it wrong often, but I hope Obertan proves to be one of those occasions.


  14. i would say that obertan has given us more than HBA has so far this season and look how everyone was raving about HBA ffs…. everyone on here wanted to give him a blow job, it was like he was the answer to all our prayers. I am sure that obertan will be a great player for us.


  15. I actually believe Obertan is a certainty in our strongest starting XI. Not so much because of individual talent, I just feel that when he plays the team as a whole seems to play with a much more balanced structure.

    I do think there is room for massive improvement with him and I think that’s why a lot of fans have had a go at him in recent months.

    It’s not so much that he’s a poor player, it’s more to do with the fact that he has all of the attributes required to be world class and yet he fails to use them often enough.

    Frustrating would be the word I’d use to describe Gabby, but hopefully over time he’ll mature and find a way to use his ability on a regular basis. The work that Alan Pardew and our coaching staff do on the training ground could be crucial if we are to ever see him reach his full potential.


  16. @craig , I hope he makes it but as I say I can understand why the fans sigh πŸ˜‰
    As for colo I’m not speaking for everyone just me he has always looked classy on the ball to me the same as vianna emre etc but some make it in the prem and some don’t 😐


  17. @craig

    You’re right. They were all jumping round like Tigger on whizz! πŸ˜›

    I kept telling them to keep their feet on the ground or they would come down with a bump.

    I find alot of of Tiggers do it with almost every player that arrives at the Toon these days and if they turn out to a good player they claim they can spot talent. When they turn out to be duds, they sneak away hoping they can get their zebbity springs removed from their shoes without anyone seeing them. πŸ˜†

    It’s hilarious to watch them. Almost predictable nowadays. πŸ˜†

    Boing boing boing. πŸ˜›


  18. I remember a great judge of player (me πŸ˜† ) explaining in Colo’s first season it was obvious he was class and that at that time it was Sayloys shocking positioning that had Colo all over the place.

    Saylor at that time thought he was number 1 defender. As soon as Saylor got injured Colo went on to be the great I new him to be. The change in the pairing this year is that Pardew has them playing a better line and Saylor accepted he wasn’t even near Colo’s class.

    Colo is the one player I’d be devastated to see go. He is our best player imo and the one that makes me laugh when I watch him play – as he can be audaciously good.


  19. i never got the whole vianna thing, he was voted euro under 21 best player or some shit, we get him, never use him long enough to let the lad get into a rythem and then we say he is shit and dump him. ithink we paid about 8 million for him and that was a long while ago too. Whats he doing now, anyone know?


  20. Anyone else think both OBA and Benny will benefit from having 2 strikers on the pitch who can read and anticipate good balls into the box?
    If you have the ball in midfield and the choices are to take your man on to get further up the pitch or play a defence splitting pass which neither of your strikers will run for, what would you do?
    Im not having a go at either Shola or Besty as they are what they are, but both of the Dembas read the game well and anticipate the good balls, and make space for them to be played.
    I think if OBA sees strikers getting into the box quickly he may well take his man on with his pace, and get a ball into the box straight away, instead of having to wait till they get there and end up being swamped and losing the ball.
    Benny is the same, if he knows the strikers are expecting a ball into the box and are creating space, he will play the pass and utilise the space.
    I think Pardew has been waiting for this team to be back (once Tiote is back) so he can start with the intelligent football and intelligent footballers.
    Just my opinion though. πŸ˜‰


  21. @stardust

    You’re one of the Tiggers . πŸ˜›

    You forgot to tell us the othe player you were saying were top drawer as well;

    Ranger!!! πŸ˜›
    Kadar πŸ˜›
    Lovenkraands πŸ˜›
    Lua Lua πŸ˜›

    Your credibility is zilch. πŸ˜†


  22. @keith

    Vianna was another player who Stardust adored.
    He could see things that 50k fans couldn’t.
    He read reports prior to his arrival and used the same quotes as previous managers and players.

    Hilarious to watch and listen to.

    Vianna left to return to Sporting Lisbon and never fulfilled his potential.

    You’ve got to admire pugnose Stardust cos he never gives in. He now reels off Morinho quotes about Santon and has him to be the next Maldini.

    He doesn’t have a clue as he never goes to the match but relies on Morinhos quote as his sole evidence. πŸ˜›

    Mind, there’s plenty of Tiggers on here who shouted and screamed the same thing about Santon, so you aren’t alone Dusty.

    Santon looks good but to class him as the next Maldini makes the Tiggers look as daft as Dusty.

    You all know who you are, I don’t need to male you’s .


  23. It looks like the Tigger brigade are hiding hoping we haven’t seen them sneaking their springs off their shoes. πŸ˜†

    Boing boing boing πŸ˜›


  24. @craig

    3 cups of tea.

    I just enjoy laughing at the Tiggers.
    They are so predictable. πŸ˜›

    I am expecting a warning from Toonsy shortly for picking on the vulnerable in a minute. πŸ˜›


  25. Can’t get the comments to load on the iPhone. :(. Not good when I have a 3 hour sit in the car to get through…

    Aaahhhnyway. Mornin’ smegs!

    Here’s a theory for you: which other player has had nowt but stick from the fans since arriving yet Pards and the press seem to have no problem with?

    Simpson. Who came to us from….?

    I think there’s a weird psychology where some fans are such closet Sir Alex fans that they can’t deal with the idea of a good player ever leaving his plum-nosed greatness. So they persistently block out anything good about those players’ performances and jump all over every flaw.

    Obertan is going to be huge for us. Pards clearly sees his value and our results when he plays speak for themselves. People should get off his back and go back to rogering their life-sized Fergie dolls.


  26. Now OBA has his 1st, his confidence will be sky high, put him up against Warnock tomorrow and watch him fly.
    Just hope Shay doesn’t have a blinder like he normally does!!!! πŸ˜•


  27. Booby you troll!!! .. you have the least cred on here of all the posters as you only post to wind people up!! .. well i’ll correct that, when you have actually given an opinion from the heart you get it BADLY wrong .. a short list – which is not exhaustive and selected as my favourite recent booby boobys: not spotting the CLASS of Cabaye, not predicting this seasons success – quite the opposite, arguing with TOON fans that SPURTS are a bigger club than us – dreary me that was bad, predicting that TIOTE would leave last transfer window – hahaha the worst case of ‘i have a contact that said xxxx’ .. Stardust on the other hand has an opinion which is always substantiated with sensible rationale .. be gone troll of the blog .. infact your new name is trog


  28. @Gary

    If you read about him on wiki, he has struggled since he left the toon.
    Hes been loaned out on numerous occasions as he couldn’t secure a starting 11 place.

    He on made 14 starts in 2009/10 season and in 2010/11 season never set the world alight.

    He’s playing in the Portuguese league which is second rate. He’s certainly never lived up to his potential and his transfer fee following leaving the toon was Β£1.5m.

    He looked poor at the Toon and because we were a decent side he could not retain his place. SBR knows how to nurture players but he couldn’t with Viana. Says it all really. 😯


  29. Na toonpies, we all talk a load of crap most the time, each thinking our opinion MUST be right. I was one of the doom and gloom at the end of pre season (although i have laways said cabaye is great). i thought Ba would be a crock ffs.. look at him now.


  30. Morning Craig .. well done for admitting your mistakes .. many of us saw the potential and have been buzzing for a long time so welcome to the buzzzzzzzzz


  31. @tinpoops

    Au contraire. Au contraire. πŸ˜†

    Never have I dismissed the class of Cabaye. Whilst everyone was jumping round like Tiggers, as per usual with any new player, I remained level headed. The first 3 games I called it correctly. Every post I wrote, I stated he looked tidy, picks out a good pass but looked off the pace. After 3-6 games I justifiably gave him the credit he deserved at the right time.

    If you can kindly show me any different I will don your Tigger springs and bounce round like you. πŸ˜†

    Regarding Spurs being a bigger club at this moment in time, I won that argument IMO .
    If you check the threads at that time I had the support of the majority. πŸ˜›

    Regarding the selling of Tiote, I was informed from someone within the club, a youth team scout/ ex coacj who assured me it was a done deal. He was as shocked as me when nothing came of it.
    I did not however bounce up and down when Cisse arrived like you and the Tigger brigade as that money was always going to be the CB pot.

    As for the performances this season, not one person on this blog predicted it. Sorry bar, Wolfie the dreamer.
    Not Pardew, Lambias, Ashley or you predicted it.

    Points cleared up. Boing boing boing. πŸ˜† πŸ˜†


  32. @poopsy

    I must be your worst nightmare. πŸ˜›

    I show you up everytime. 😳

    The bouncing Tigger. Boing boing boing. πŸ˜›


  33. hungry boy this morning trog .. i have said since MA first took over that we would be successful and that he was the best thing that could happen to this club. Ask Hitman / Stardust or any of the others who have been on these blogs since the start .. you were a bit late to the party so you wont remember .. πŸ˜‰


  34. @poopsy

    I’m still not at the party. Long way from it.

    I’m level headed. I keep telling you. Unlike the Tigger brigade the reality crew base our views on history and dreams.

    He has to go a lot further to get my trust.

    I posted this the other day about my views;

    The problem with Ashley is he has built up a reputation of being untrustworthy.

    He’s certainly turned the club around for the better in terms of the team and financials.
    I don’t believe anyone can truly say its by fluke or design.

    However, at this moment in time, I believe we find ourselves at a crossroads. Due to the tarnished reputation, a long list of misdemeanours,too many to mention, I continue to distrust him.

    Until I see him take the next step, which is to strengthen the squad sufficiently, not sell our assets and demonstrate real ambition, I will never change my view of him.

    I base my views on events that have occurred and not hopes and blind faith.

    There’s a long way to go this season and things can come crashing down around you in a short space of time. Ashley needs to go a lot further to win my trust.

    No matter though, I go to every home game and support the team.

    BTW Poopsy, I’m waiting for you to retort to my Cabaye and other points. πŸ˜†


  35. Obertan has his flaws. But the team is a better unit with him in it.

    He offers another outlet so that not everything has to go down the left, Jonas’ side.

    His pace prevents opposition sides from pushing up too far.

    His ball control and passing is very good, his off the ball movement is superb especially when he roams to the centre. He looks for the ball and confuses the opposition defense.

    Yes sometimes he can confuse himself. But the lad is only 22 and he has far more good games than bad games.

    If we’ve put up with Shola for 12 years, to get one good game in 20 surely we can give Obertan a season or so. He is already decent and has potential to be much better.

    His workrate is also usually very good.


  36. BTW Poopsy

    I don’t deliberately embarrass you in front of the other bloggers but when a fish is in a bowl they are an easy target and it was talking about Tiggers that brought out my feline traits. πŸ˜›


  37. Woolfing it down trogerrz .. dont try and pretend you genuinely care or have opions (xcept for those that you got badly wrong) … we know you a troll and thats cool πŸ˜‰


  38. troy,

    thats about where i am really tbh. we are doing well on the pitch but that is in spite of ashley, not becuase of him. The summer window will be the real test, lets see who stays and who goes. will he have the ambition to keep colo and show some loyality? Will Ba finish as top scorer and be auctioned off for 25 million? Will he knock back Tiote bids.
    Was AP simply putting our top players in the window in the hope that they might be able to sell one when he kept on repeating himself over and over saying if a big club come in we will listen to offers for any player?
    Ashley is very very untrustworthy and although we are all thrilled with the season thus far, there is something that stops me backing ashley… he does need to go further to win the toon over. This window will decide it.


  39. JJ – i agree .. we have better balance when he plays .. it could be 1-2 seasons before he starts to be consistent and has to be given that time as the fundamentals are there … we shud all support him and encourage him instead of being negative .. the negativity could put an end to our hopes of seeing him emerge as he is clearly lacking confidence ..


  40. Craig, that is terribly short sighted + ill judged .. as with all organisations, the people at the top have the most influence over the success of an organisation .. it was MA who appointed AP and he who ultimately decides the transfer / marketing / investment policy so it is preposterous to say that we are successful inspite of him .. i suspect you are just being a bit of a wum as such as statement just does not make any sense!


  41. @Craig

    There are loads of us on here who agree with each other but the dream crew try and distort our views to stop them looking foolish. πŸ˜†

    Still waiting for Poopsy to answer me properly. He looks a bit daft doesn’t he. ? πŸ˜†

    I’m just waiting for Toon Headless Chicken to come on using foul and abusive language to get his point across which invariably involves the word Neggar at least a dozen times. πŸ˜›


  42. base your views on dreams …. hahaa forgot yourself for a moment troggerz .. got you all confused and in a spin havent i troggerz .. hahahahahahhhahaah – dreary me – its a bit much that troggerz, clearly desperate to join me – come on over troggerz .. hahahahahahahaah


  43. The bouncing butterfly daresnt come on cos he’s in total flutter confusion not knowing where to land.

    He knows the reality crew are right but he’s unsure if he’s welcome back as hes fluttered from us once to often. πŸ˜†

    Boing boing boing πŸ˜›


  44. You got it right there Poopsy when you said , dreary me. πŸ˜›

    Deary me I’m howking you this morning. You on the drink last night? πŸ˜›

    Woo hoo hoo hoo πŸ˜›


  45. toonpie… it was MA who also went through 7 managers in less than two years and was forced to admit in court that he routinely lies to the fans to shut hem up. there is no point in saying too much good about him as for every pro we could give a con. this is the enigma that is ashley. controversial footballing nufc saviour or fat lard ass clueless bloke that has went through a huge amount of wastage in managers and backroom staff to hit upon a manger who can work at nufc and has now by sheer luck (not investment) dragged together a decent team. Take your pick. its as simple as that. He has spent near on 20 million on pay offs to managers that he has sacked, that is not the actions of a man with a plan.
    He went through over 40 approachs in mangers before ending up with joke kinnaer… maybe but just maybe, his name is so tarnished that he had limited options when he appointed AP. You and i certainly do not know the answer to that, any talk is nothing other than your thoughts against the next guys. are you right or wrong?? who knows. its just chit chat and banter.


  46. @craig

    You are wasting your time. You are referring to history. Poopsy and the Tiggers only deal with the future. πŸ˜›


  47. Poopsys absolutely livid. He’s seething. πŸ˜›

    Woo hoo hoo hoo πŸ˜†

    He has to comeback with something surely he can’t just leave it like that? Woo hoo hoo hoo πŸ˜†

    You must hate me Poopsy eh? Always showing you up? πŸ˜†


  48. lol Troyore “They are so predictable.” wow kettle calling..

    whatever gave Toonsy the idea that on here youre a dick? 😯 πŸ™„

    I just cant see it myself, I think your constant childlike wind-ups give you loads of credit πŸ˜†


  49. By all means I am not saying Vianna has lived up to the potential that he had when first joining us, as it’s pretty clear he hasnt.

    I will say that he has quality, though. Braga aren’t a poor team by any stretch of the imagination and he is now a key player.

    I’d also say that the Portuguese league isn’t as bad as people think. Granted, it’s a lot like the SPL in the sense that there are only ever two or three teams really considered as contenders.

    However, Porto, Benfica, Lisbon and Braga are all good teams and have proven it in Europe. I seem to remember Benfica beating Man Utd just this season. Braga also comfortably progressed from the Europa League group stages despite being in a relatively tricky group a long with Birmingham, who in my opinion could win the SPL with a great deal of ease.

    Anyway, what I’m trying to get at is that Vianna may of only been a bit part player for most of career, yet the fact that he is now playing very well for Braga surely proves that there was indeed always potential there with him.


  50. @troy, I don’t come on, just been to work m8.. πŸ˜† u missed me that quick..

    @troyore…lol now you say it was a youth/coach.. ❓ .telling porkies now to save your bacon..lol

    Troy Stavers says:
    December 22, 2011 at 13:07

    Just spoke to the 3 Legends at the metro centre.
    Supermac says that Spurs have tabled a Β£14m bid for Krul.
    Chelsea have tabled a Β£22m bid for Tiote.
    He says they are both in advanced stages and he has it on good authority they will be sold.

    and read futher πŸ˜†


    boing boin boing



  51. since when did Supermac work as a youth team scout/ ex coacj (which was was it) deary me, pretending to have inside contacts at Newcastle.. does it get any sadder? πŸ˜†

    wooo hooo hooo
    boing boing boing


  52. Toonpipes is spot on in what he’s saying in my opinion about Ashley as I have had the very same thoughts on him wanting success for this club.
    For anyone to say everything that’s happened is inspite of him, that’s laughable as far as I’m concerned and stinks of simple bile and hatred for him for basically hating sake.

    On Obertan, I think he can offer us a lot and the more the coaching staff and manager work on him, drilling into him what they require, I think he could turn out amazing for us but time will tell as not every single player realises their full potential at some clubs but might realise it at another.

    John Dahl Tomasson was a classic example of not hitting it off here due to various reasons, one of which he was playing out of position and couldn’t adjust and also losing his place and off he went to turn out to be very good indeed.

    The jury is still out on whether Obertan realises his potential but that goal will have done him the world of good and getting behind him when he does play is a major key issue in bringing out his own self confidence and him producing the goods.


  53. troy?? you there m8. I’ll give you 5 mins to wiggle out of this one πŸ˜†

    wooo hooo hoooo

    ppl are waiting

    tick tock tick tock πŸ˜†


  54. tick tock tick tock

    oh dont tell me, you were on the other thread ad didnt see the panel on the right


    Supermac had just confirmed what the coach had already told you?

    wooo hooo hooo πŸ˜†


  55. [email protected] , agree 100% you can’t really argue with fact and history but boy do they try πŸ˜‰
    Troy I get the impression a lot don’t go to the match ! ( Before you go mad I’m not knocking anyones support ) iv never seen so many MA lovers in one place , and there seems to be a lot of abuse towards the fans at times “so called fans ” “booing rang around the stadium for obertan ” iv never heard a thing !
    I’m just glad wolfie admitted he was wrong and I was right so we can move on now πŸ˜‰


  56. Troy @45 – People talk about Mike Ashley selling our assets, but no one mentions that he’s replaced them with better players. For me, he has also showed ambition when he rejected a Β£30m offer for Andy Carroll. Now how many chairmen would have done that? It’s easy to say he sold Carroll, but the offers he rejected beforehand were astonishing. Other than that he has sold Nolan, who was getting to the stage of being past his best and wanted a 5 year deal. A loud mouth, Joey Barton, who had turned down a chance to sign a contract 6 month earlier and was disrupting the harmony at the club. And Jose Enrique, who made it clear he wanted out.

    He’s then not sold any of our assets in the window just gone too. People may say there were no bids but had he of wanted to sell any of them he could so easily of listed them as available and the offers would have came in quickly. On top of that he invested Β£9m on Cisse who the club obviously believe is capable of helping us push on for Europe.

    That IS ambition.


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