Spurs v Newcastle – Stat Attack!

Battle number 25 for Newcastle United this weekend – a late Saturday encounter away to Tottenham Hotspur. Spurs are flying this season; the recently unscathed Harry Redknapp has produced magical happenings at the London club since his arrival and now see themselves as genuine title and Champions League competitors. This one WILL NOT be easy!

Historically, the clubs have met 35 times in England’s elite league and NUFC have had the upper hand for best part. Only 13 wins for Tottenham in that time, yet 16 for Newcastle and 6 draws. At White Hart Lane, 17 clashes have produced just 6 NUFC wins, 10 for Spurs and 1 draw, a 1-1 back in October 1995.

How Spurs are doing…

• Tottenham currently produce the most shots per game in the entire league (18.4) and they get the most on target too (6.5). At home, they manage a monstrous 21.5 shots per game, again the best in the division.

• Only 5 teams concede less shots per game than Spurs.

• They have the 4th best pass success rate (84.8%) which is slightly better than their North London rivals.

• Only Man Utd and Arsenal produce more dribbles per game than Spurs presently in the Premier League.

• Only Norwich play more long balls per game – 74.

• Just 3 teams make less tackles per game (18.1). For Newcastle, it’s 19.9.

• Only Swansea commit less fouls per game.

• Spurs attack predominantly down their left hand side; 40% of their attacks initiate there with only Wolves instigating more.

Watch out for…

Gareth Bale – The Welshman has created more chances than anyone else at the club (62), and at 2.7 per game, only Juan Mata & David Silva create more often in the league. He has also produced the most crosses at Spurs (177) as well as most assists. Further to that, alongside Emmanuel Adebayor, he is Spurs’ top scorer in the Premier League with 9 goals.

Younes Kaboul – The French centre back sits 3rd in the Premier League at present for aerial wins. It’s fair to say, this was reflected in the game between these two at SJP back in October where Kaboul dominated the game aerially (7/9 aerials won).

Scott Parker – Only Alejandro Faurlin makes more tackles per game than the Englishman presently. But, at 3.9, he actually has the same value as one Yohan Cabaye!

Luka Modric – The Croatian magician produces the third most passes per game in the whole division (68.8). With those passes, he manufactures the 4th most successful long balls per game (8.1) and the 3rd most through balls per game (0.5).

Benoit Assou-Ekottu – Only Swansea’s Ashley Williams has had more touches in the Premier League than the French born Cameroonian (2037).

How to win this one

Newcastle need first to nullify Tottenham’s main threats – Gareth Bale and Luka Modric. Assuming Danny Simpson and James Perch start the game, their intuition and work ethic are going to be integral in Newcastle’s’ performance. Danny Simpson must play a concentrated game – Bale will look to turn him around at every opportunity and Simpson has got to read the game and ensure he marks him correctly depending on the pressure on the ball and the ball holder.

Perch had a very impressive game against Aston Villa and didn’t really allow any of their central midfield men to have a big bearing on the game. In a deep role, he, or his alternative, must deny Modric space in which to work, stopping him pick the ball up between our two units of four, weaving with the ball and ‘sliding’ his team mates in.

Gareth Bale & Luka Modric - Premier League 2011/12 Attacking Stats

Offensively, NUFC are going to need guile and pace for this one. The long ball against Kaboul and Co. will not suffice – Newcastle will need to hit Spurs on the break and catch them out either with the space in behind their backline, due to their high line, or by catching the attacking-minded Walker & Ekotto out when disjointed on the flanks.

If NUFC have real ambitions for a high finish and consider themselves able to ‘mix it’ with the big boys again, these are the places where good performances need to take place. Whether it’s with a hard earned point or the narrowest of defeats, if Newcastle come away from WHL having made Spurs fight all the way and proved their credentials as a top Premier League side, most fans could probably make peace with that.

What Newcastle can ill-afford for, is a whitewash by Tottenham and dented morale for the two forthcoming home games – the second of which is a mouth-watering derby against the unwashed!

NUFC_Stats prediction: 2-1 Spurs

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47 thoughts on “Spurs v Newcastle – Stat Attack!

  1. If I was Pardew and the players, I’d refuse to do any interviews for ESPN after that odious turd Ray Stubbs performance at Brighton!


  2. yeh its a fair comment Dave …. ive very much gone off stubbs the tit …….. i think we will give them a good game hoping papiss gets a couple and ba 1 and we can buzz our way up the table .. yaaaahoooo


  3. good job Statman Ski bi di bi di do bap do
    Do bam do

    Bada bwi ba ba bada bo
    Baba ba da bo
    Bwi ba ba ba do Yo, I’m the stat-man 😯

    Looking forward to the game but I’m not hopeful of a good result. Simpson needs to be well protected by Obertan as Bale will look to turn Simpson a lot.

    21.5 shots per game 😯 I think we need to get at them instead of playing defensively, I’m not too comfortable when we sit back, lets go for broke and try and win.. hopefully both Dembas will be playing.

    3 – 1 to spurs 🙁


  4. Lets hope that chelsea, arsenal and liverpool fail in the earlier kick offs and we can attack the game with no pressure, This is our hardest remaining fixture for me.

    Get this weekend out of the way Tiote and Cabaye back and probably Raylor during the international break then back to back home matches against wolves and the monkeys… 😉


  5. Statto good job, and spurs stats look pretty good.
    I think we’ll be in for a tough old game. I have a funny feeling that Spurs will be well up for it now they have sloppy chops back.
    I would say 1 pt would be a real good outcome for us 😉


  6. @Poopsy

    You still think the Toon are bigger at this moment in time bearing in mind their income is double ours, €90 more! 😯

    Uh oh Poopsy 😳


  7. These write ups really add to this blog statto, keeping us all up to speed with all things NUFC. I think we need to try & restrict their full backs influence on the game, so big task for our wingers. Lennon seems to come to mind as always playing well against us, is he fit? Anyway HWTL, a draw will be a great result, at our best we can win. Will be supporting Manusa in early kick off.


  8. 3-1 today I’m afraid.

    Might not be too damaging though as I think both Arsenal and Chelsea will draw and Liverpool will get beat.


  9. Booby .. i support the toon + i dont spend my time arguing that any team is bigger than us .. it doesnt come into my mind – im a positive person whereas you are negative so it does come into your thoughts .. for you to come on here arguing that spurts are a bigger club is blasphemous .. but you wudnt get that as you aint really a fan rather a trogladite wum … now remember, you caused all sorts of problems last week when you got excited and hadnt had your ritalin so stay cool today and dont upset everyone ..and by the way 90 euros is not really much of a difference 😉 good troggerz


  10. Oi oi radgies!! 😛

    Buzzin here man! Proper ‘E’d up still ! Me eyes are like dinner plates! 😯

    Just walked in to me mothers bedroom and found Big Mick riding a. 😕 Didn’t like that like. 😕

    Anyways, a gans back doon stairs and finds Dekka with his pants roond his ankles, thrapping at some granny porn video! 😯

    Next a gans to the kitchen to get oot the way and a finds Pards tripping off his nut, deing proper muckle rave moves to me Ibiza 99 disc! Fast as F @?? like!


    He just stopped and looked at is as if a was daft and says, ” EH!? ROTARY, SHUT THE [email protected]@K UP MAN, IT’S UP HERE MAN, HALF PAST FIVE KICK OFF”

    A telt him again like but he just wouldn’t listen and started dein some weird feet shuffle as if he was Mohammad Ali . Pure mental Pards like. Not many managers stay oot aal neet peeved up the eyeballs and knocking oot muckle tunes when they’ve got a game that day!

    Proper respect for Pards for that like! Prooooper respect!

    Lads, a Divvent kna if Pards is ganna make it doon to London the neet but aal try me best like.
    Av just rolled a spliff and dropped a few blueys so al peel him off the ceiling shortly like.

    Anyways, see yi’s aal later lads. As soon Pards tells is the team news al give yi’s a shoot!

    Laters Gaters

    Toon toon! 😛


  11. @11

    Cheers B1GSTEVE,

    Appreciate the comment – as always, let me know if there’s anything you’d liked to see ‘stat-wise’ or anything you’d like to see added to the match previews or match stat articles



  12. Its the all new serious Poopsy. 😛

    He’s trying to be all grown up in front of his friends. 😛

    Woo hoo hoo hoo 😆

    I’m almost tempted to throw a politics question in to see if Poopsy answers as if he’s the Prime Minister. 😆

    Poooooooooooopsy! Hates being reminded of his Spuds gaff. Woo hoo hoo hoo 😆


  13. Rotary vests 😆 that sounds like a hell of a house party reet there like, try your best to get pards down for later, if not im sure you’ll jump in to help him out with the team selection.


  14. Statto

    Have you got any figures on how many times Poopsy has been wrong.

    A graph maybe the best and most compact way of showing it. 😆


  15. That Vests kidda seems like he kna’s the craic like. I should have asked him about Tiote leaving in January instead of my shite source. 😯


  16. Spurs fan here i dont think you had argue who is the bigger club I think its a stupid thing to row about in any case….your 5th so at the moment you are a bigger club than Arsenal and Liverpool……the club is as big as it is currently performing. Lets the the history moaning to Liverpool.

    As for todays game I really like your first 11 and the front 2…….I just think without Cabaye and Tiote our midfield will run you guys ragged and I cant see the Dembas getting much service.

    We have no weak link in our side the only thing is we are not as clinical as we could be but create soo many chances that we are bound to score almost every game.

    I would say Bale v Simpson is massive as that is one position I feel you guys need to strengthen, I watched you against Liverpool, Man Utd and Villa more recently….each game he only passes backwards, he is physically average, offers nothing going forward, and is aerially ok.

    Basically an average player you can do better, Bale should prove that tomorrow and if he cant Ekotto (our most underrated player) will


  17. @Jay

    I don’t want to go over the who’s the biggest club
    but with your turnover due to being in the CL, you are the bigger club.

    We have the best supporters tho. 😉

    Good to see you on here making valid points about today’s game.

    I really can’t call it today. It all depends on how potent Ba and Cisse are. Obviously Ba can score from half chances and Cisse looked the part on his debut.

    Really looking forward to it.


  18. Come on kids, you saw that people got miffed when you resorted to skool yard cyber trolling last week … get to the naughty step and count, oh s hit you cant count, just get to the naughty step .. hahahaha


  19. @poopsy

    I think you got busted. He agrees with me. 😛

    Politics question Poopsy? You might be better at that. 😛


  20. @poopsy

    The day I get banned for being light hearted is the day I leave for good.

    If people want to be miffed let them. 🙄


  21. Today is going to be very very tough , a draw would be a great result , I do see us scoring today but I cant see us stopping Spurs scoring , they are a very good team esp going forward, Ill go 1-1 casue Im an optimist at heart but its gonna be a hard game but it would surpirse me if we did get beat, and no shame in it against a very good Spurs side.


  22. @Big Dave

    I’m sure the players will have Wolfies belief 😀 .. hopefully I’m completely wrong I just think we’ll start with one up front and invite pressure, hence the 3-1. I have got the last 5 result right tho 😉

    Start with 2 upfront, we might have a chance.

    btw..Well done 2 your kid yesterday m8,, chuffed for him


  23. Just been having a right laugh having a quick read through the .com blog. Such an HBA love in. Cant understand them at all, yes he has good rep, but hasn’t done too much with us yet. Sure he will in time when fully fin and works out about the graft needed in the premier league. All this calling for Pards head coz he’s not starting him every game is just so stupid. At least the guys and girls on this blog are so much more balanced.

    As for today, just cant work out how it will go, lets just hope its a good game


  24. Mark, AP said that we were going to go for it .. mebs you right and that is a cover and we will start iwth 1 upfront .. but i reckon that if we did that, we would just invite so much pressure on to us, that would be a matter of time before they scored …. im hoping he starts with both ba and cisse and we go for it – nothing to lose ..


  25. Mark cheers mate 😉 and yeah I think we need to start the double D’s, keep them busy.

    Jay good to hear a sensible post from you than the usual sh1te we hear from other fans. 😉


  26. @BD

    I’m looking forward the footy today and seeing the Two D’s forge a partnership.

    Some other great games on as well. It’s a nice feeling to be interested in the results at the top as they affect our position.

    Got a houseful round today and starting on the drink at 3pm. Come on! 😆



    aye, might as well go for it, It did sound like Pards said as much we would.

    Places like this you need to attack before its too late. If both Dembas start I’ll go for a 2-1 to spurs.. 😀 slightly more optimistic 😀


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