A Season Too Soon For Europe?

Time To Bring Back The Glory Days?
You would be hard pushed to find a Newcastle supporter who doesn’t think that Alan Pardew has done an exceptional job in his time at the club.

Despite the deserved hiding of the other night Newcastle find themselves a point off the Champions League places with a home tie against struggling Wolves next on the agenda.

If all goes well we can pick up three more points and if results go our way find ourselves fourth come the end of February.

As Newcastle supporters go I would consider myself in the optimist bracket, but not for a second do I think we will be fourth by the end of the season.

Before the season started I said that 8th would be a very good season, and even with what has come since and the obvious rise in expectation from all in sundry I think that finishing 7th should be chalked down as a very successful season and clear progression.

That said, we do find ourselves in a position where Europe is a realistic goal, and with the so called big guns around us continually slipping up, chances are we will be there or thereabouts right up until the final whistle is blown on the season.

With that being the case it has made me think though. Could it be a season too early for Newcastle to be in Europe?

Now most I’m sure would linch me for even thinking of us missing out as a good thing, and maybe it wouldn’t be. My concern is that although our strongest eleven looks impressive, as we have seen when they are called upon against genuine good sides, our squad still lacks quality in depth, the quality required for a go at four competitions anyway.

A part of me obviously wants Europe, and would hope that in achieving it we would invest in squad strength along with a few gems to improve the first team even more, and come next season be more than able to handle a push on all fronts.

However as much as I would be a supporter of the conduct of Medium Mike over the past couple of years, we all know there is no guarantee we will see the level of investment needed over the course of one summer.

So, taking that as the reality, would Europe come a season too soon? more importantly, would our Premier League form suffer because of it, meaning we would potentially miss out on Europe next season?

Personally I think it would as we stand. I am all for bringing back European nights to St. James’ but I want them every season and believe another season of building and clearing out deadwood is needed to make that a realistic goal each and every season in the future.

There is a risk of course that if we don’t achieve Europe this season, we could lose one or two big name players. A legitimate concern no doubt but one which I’m not so sure about. I actually think we can hold on to our big names, and January has shown us that the FFP rules are starting to have their effect on big clubs spending fortunes to get their man.

Like last summer, if we can get a few big names in early and show the stars already at the club that we mean business going forward, I can’t see many if any really wanting to leave what it quickly becoming a very exciting time for Newcastle and a project that is quite frankly the envy of a lot of clubs.

As well as that, most offers they may get at a club clearly in a different class to ourselves will not guarantee first team football week in week out, and I think what our wage structure has shown is that we now have a bunch who are there for the football and not the paycheck. I would like to think so anyway.

Anyway, all things considered I would be very interested to hear what others think.

Is achieving Europe vital this season or would it be a season to soon?

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107 thoughts on “A Season Too Soon For Europe?

  1. Bet Troy is loving this!!

    NUFCLINKS has went to all this trouble to write a bloody good article – and instead of us lot having a very serious, totally humourless conversation about whether the toon should be in Europe this season or next … No, were all talking about Troy … Bloody drama queen!!


  2. Sharpy I didn’t wan’t to carry it on on to Statto’s blog. But I do find Troy to be a good lad really

    Batty if you look like Stardy you have to be able to take it πŸ˜†


  3. Dave, I can honestly say I never had a problem with Troy, found alot of his postings to be quite good actually, just taking the piss coz I’m sure that whilst he isn’t posting he’ll be reading … That’s right Troy I know your out there bonnylad, watching our every move!!


  4. Sorry you feel that way Troy. The fact is your humour is not humour. Its shit. I remember pretty much everyone having a go at you the other day gor the same old craic. Does this not tell you something? You’ve been banned eight times and still drop whoppers. Does that not say something? People are commenting about YOU. They are not laughing with you, they are getting annoyed with you

    The door is always open and I accept your apology after the piss poor excuse you doled out earlier. If you really thought that people were up in arms as it meant what your explanation implied then perhaps you need some of that “life experience” you keep telling other people they need!

    All I’ve ever asked is for you to reign the wind ups in…


  5. @toonsy

    To be fair, you haven’t got an ounce of humour in your body.

    I can only assume you suffer from bi polar, which is an awful thing, but that’s the impression you give.

    Don’t let me keep you any longer, you big important person you. πŸ˜›


  6. wooo hooo hooo the mother of all hissy fits…

    loving it

    He’ll be back.. Troy needs this site more than the site needs him 😯 πŸ˜€


  7. @ Troy….sorry but have to agree with Toonsy on this one. Maybe what u write would be funny in person if we knew you but on here it just comes across as rude and irritating to say it politely.

    Chill man. Don’t take things so personally. That would go for all of us.


  8. You see, thats the kind of thing I mean
    keep showing yourself up sunshine πŸ™‚

    Always assuming yet rarely correct.

    More personal abuse. Not surprised in the slightest πŸ™„


  9. I knew you were out there Troy … you couldn’t help biting at Toonsy could ya πŸ˜†

    Joe – love the fact you effectively tell Troy his crack is fucking shit … then say … but don’t take it personally πŸ˜† class πŸ˜†


  10. Gan oot for the day and come back to this 😯
    A) Toonsy does have a sense of humour, I know, I’ve seen how he dresses πŸ˜†
    B) I was a bit surprised when I read yesterday Troy calling Gary a “mong”, whether you like Troy’s humour or not I’ve never seen him abuse anyone in a malicious way before so believe him when he said he thought it meant something else……though feck me Troy ya’ve led a sheltered life πŸ˜‰


  11. Joe…ref Ranger’s admin, yeah a little bit of a shock that but think it’s been coming for a while. I think alot of Celtic fans will be lapping it up until they release that if one of the “auld firm” goes it could well kill that league of…certainly as far as the title race goes anyway.


  12. Richie – yep. Spot on. without Rangers …Celtic winning the league wouldn’t be that much fun. Who would their fans brag to?

    Same way I like having 5under1and in the same Premier League and not relegated. Just so I can see them get beat by us every year πŸ™‚


  13. Joe…I think my worst nightmare would be us and 5under1and in an FA cup final, life would not be worth living if they won it……if we won however, it wouldn’t be too bad :mrgreen:


  14. Kieth I join you as a Eurosceptic. But i have been somewhat pursuded that the income would be worth it. Norwich and the heed are teams that are doing fine after double promotions. As for europe I think Nigel Farage has been proved right. πŸ™‚


  15. bye @troy, just read every post here, and i for one will be glad not to have to read his shit comments on here!! πŸ˜€ every guest writer on here, does a fantastic job, keep up the good work lads πŸ˜†
    as for europe, i’d like to see us take part ASAP, been away too long, and it might just encourage the BIG FELLA to spend a wee bit πŸ˜‰ here;s hoping anyway 😯


  16. If Newcastle v Sunderland was an FA Cup final I don;t think I’d live to see it. My nerves would get the better of me and I’d die of heart failure or some such!

    I know we have the upper hand on them head to head, but I always get stupidly nervous in the run up to derby day πŸ˜•


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