Flying under the radar?

Pardew allowed to prepare in peace
Newcastle United’s season has gone from strength to strength after many thought that the team would find this season hard and would be vulnerable to second season syndrome.

How wrong were they? Already over the forty point mark that guarantees Premier League football for next season, Newcastle now found themselves in the mix for a European place. Yet there is still the bias from many sporting outlets ready to dismiss the challenge of the Magpies and rarely any mention of the club as serious contenders for Europe.

However this works to the advantage of Alan Pardew and his squad as it allows them to continue winning matches without the press focussing a glaring eye on their every move. But does the team deserve to be taken seriously now? No one can say that the team’s start to the season was a fluke, many thought that the side would not be able to continue that run of form but to be fair the side have continued to pick up the points.

It says a lot that even though there are twenty teams in the Premier League, you will find in a newspaper that they offer the most press to those in the top four. That works to the advantage of the team but it highlights how news sources focus on these teams rather than granting stories to other clubs in the league.

Flying under the radar is probably the best thing for Newcastle United as at it allows them to push on for a European place without having to face pressure from stories that surface in the press. At the end of the season it will most likely see the press praise our efforts and pundits realising that the team are not to be made fun of and that they mean business in the Premier League.

With that in mind, Pardew and his side will prepare for their next match against Wolves with the press focussing on who will replace Mick McCarthy as manager leaving them to get on with the job and to produce a result for the Newcastle faithful.

I just can’t help but think that it’s a good thing that we’re being left alone to get on with our own thing.

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14 thoughts on “Flying under the radar?

  1. I think its the opposite. We are starting to get compliments and get noticed. We’re on the TV a lot and this time they aren’t waiting for us imploding!

    Having said that, whilst were being talked about we’re still the ones who have the least focus on us, rightly so. 25 games, not even a full season we’ve been up there. If we can consistently hit top six then the media may have some expectation of us, but not until then, which I like!


  2. We are definitely less fancied than the likes of Liverpool and Arsenal for 5th place, but it goes without saying that they have better squads than us and a much better track history.

    Other than those though, nobody is mentioned for 5th place apart from us so I dont think we are being underestimated, just 3rd favourites out of 3 contenders for one position.

    Great position to be in, as less pressure on us to achieve that goal – but come the end of the season if we finish 5th ahead of one or two established sides then I don’t think the media will be suprised by us having seen what we have done so far. I think it will be more a case at the media being suprised at the more established sides for never clicking into gear for a sustained period…


  3. Media and pundits will always make mountains out of molehills when it comes to NUFC, why because there envious of our support and downright passion that the Geordie nation possesses, simples. Lol. HWTL


  4. Yeah, I kinda agree with Toonsy in the fact that the success of our season so far has been acknowledged – but the media simply have more to talk about with other clubs.
    Man City – Tevez
    Man Utd – Evra v Suarez
    Chelski – poor season & Terry the racist
    Liverpool – Suarez v Evra & Carroll the flop
    Arsenal – poor season

    Through into that the carry on at Blackburn and other managers getting sacked and the football writers haven’t really written about football.

    Other than the renaming of SJP bombshell, it’s been really refreshing as a toon fan to just be thinking and talking football rather than the politics of the club for a change. Particularly as there has been some good football played this season and some good results.


  5. Nailed it shamrock, far more interesting and pleasurable for the pundits to discuss how poorly a team is doing rather than how well another is doing.


  6. MATTY i agree with you m8.
    ZOE good read again,think i will be keeping a close on the gunners it was rare for wenger to come out and have a go at his players,if they get beat by the scum in the cup i think there season is gone and so will wenger at the season end,which will be a help to the toon,one less to worry about,but it still down to us


  7. ICE-I’d rather the gunners beat the scum to be honest, want to have them with as many competitions as possible. Obviously they’re already out of title glory but they’ll push hard for CL regardless.

    We’ve been under the radar for most of the season but now its crunch time we are getting more attention…just hope it doesn’t effect us as it would be horrible to slide down the league now.


  8. toonsy
    February 16, 2012 at 11:14

    I think its the opposite. We are starting to get compliments and get noticed. We’re on the TV a lot and this time they aren’t waiting for us imploding!
    I know on my side of the Atlantic we’ve been on TV more than any other season and for the last month, pundits have been introducing us as “Champions League contenders Newcastle United”. Definitely an improvement over the “club in turmoil” crap we’ve had to endure over the last couple of seasons, true as it might have been at the time. Still, though Spurs, United, City and LPool have been getting the most press for varying reasons.


  9. I agree that not being in the spotlight can only help, however over the last 2 or so weeks our push for europe has been getting a lot more coverage than I would like, it appears as if the media pressure will now come our way, hopefully Alan Pardew and his team will handle it with ease, but only time will tell, a lot of fans are also expecting us to get into Europe, as it stands you still need to finish in 5th to be assured of European football, we are in with a genuine chance of doing that, but its still a big ask none the less.


  10. Just watched the highlights of Cardiff on the BBC. Vuckic looked to be playing very high up the pitch but, most importantly, his awareness was fantastic.

    Made some runs off the striker and behind the defence, followed balls into the area – basically kept getting himself into the right positions!


  11. Zoe good article as usual. I think we are getting noticed more now. For most of the season we were under the radar, but the last month or so we are getting talked about as we deserve to be.


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