Cisse's off to Africa again

I see that Papiss Demba Cisse had been called up for his national team – Senegal – for a friendly against South Africa later this month.

Now I don’t have a problem with players playing for their country whatsoever, but when it interferes with a season and is a meaningless waste of time like a friendly it irks me.

Senegal have just played in the latest ACoN and failed abysmally, sacked their coach and let their nation down in many ways. Yet they want their players to take part in a friendly right in the middle of a domestic season…. Again.

What intrigues me further is that Demba Ba wasn’t called up, which is great, but if they had both been called up and potentially both missed a massively important derby against Sunderland I would be seething. It all feels so irrelevant but this is the world of international football. It gets worse….

2014 as we all know is the World Cup in Brazil. Therefore because we have the World Cup in the year the ACoN reappears from it’s two year break they have kindly moved it forward to 2013. Great. So next year we are going to lose our potential front two and Cheik Tiote for a further six weeks again in the heart of the season. I understand it, I really do, but it doesn’t make it easier.

It makes me wonder why Alan Pardew brought Cisse if he didn’t have another potential striker lined up for the summer to ease the burden when the two Demba’s are away next year. Could he have someone like de Jong or Rodallega up his sleeve? Or maybe even Junior Hoilett to play an advanced role or even a swap deal for Hooper and Best?

Its the vicious circle of having quality players in your squad who are good enough for international level. Lets face it, we all love watching our players play in their respective countries, albeit with half an eye hoping they don’t get injured. We seem to have a wealth of players who are all either international class or on the cusp. Looking down the team we only see English players who aren’t involved in some way internationally. It certainly bodes well in the future of the club and beyond.

But for now the ACoN headache rears up again. Am I the only one concerned about this?


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  1. 1
    ArchieMag says:

    Bit of a take this, ACoN is one thing but a mid season friendly a matter of weeks later?

  2. 2
    andymag says:

    it is really stupid that they’d be so inconsiderate to clubs that require their star players during a season that they needlessly take them away to play a friendly. :evil:

  3. 3
    sidekick says:

    You forgot that they will have to play in a knockout game in October to reach the finals. So thats probably two league games in October they will also miss.

    Guess how many Manu players SAF is going to lose to ACON.

  4. 4
    andymag says:

    Senegal: “No, Papiss”

  5. 5
    JP...from The Rock says:

    You’re not the only one every Newcastle fan is going through the motions. I find it absurd and disrespectful to clubs for Senegal to be arranging this friendly right now! About The ACoN coming round again in January next year I find it ridiculous. Why did they not move it forward to 2015???? It pisses me off as I know the Demba partnership will be a success and I can’t wait to see it blossom, this crap just slows all that down! It also limits our chances on clinching a top 6 or even a top 4 finish.

    Just our luck ey!

    I bet Drogba’s Ivory Coast is OK chillin’ and won’t be recalled but our New Number 9 of course he will ffs!

  6. 6
    icedog says:

    the lads trying to settle in ffs :evil:

  7. 7
    Troy Stavers says:

    Im surprised Pardew hasn’t commented on the issue. Is there anything in the Chronicle from him?

  8. 8
    Headless says:

    Junior Hoilett? At least when he goes off to take part in the olympic diving events, it will be outside the football season.

  9. 9
    SolanosTrumpet says:

    I agree with the point about the friendly, it is ridiculous from every point of view. They haven’t even appointed a new full time manager yet!

    However I think people complaining about the ACON are wrong, things like the Euros disrupt the American domestic league, if you don’t want it to disrupt your team, don’t buy the players. You can’t buy African players and then complain they are playing in their country’s tournament..

  10. 10
    Tsunki says:

    Not really the players or Senegals’ fault though is it? It’s obvious that by the next round of ACoN matches we will need to have bought a striker or two that won’t be away at that time. Then it will be little more than a rotation job. Pards probably thought HBA & Obertan would join Best as backup/rotation but er…well…

  11. 11
    Jarralad_in_Exile says:

    I think there is a potential here for concern over Cisse’s ‘mysterious leg condition’ to surface, and to stay on Tyneside for a ‘scan’, which fortunately will prove to be fine (after the friendly) and before the game for the ‘toon

  12. 12
    Sharpy17 says:

    It’s far from ideal like but let’s be right, this could be alot worse considering Ba could also have been called up!! :shock:

    In fairness I we had the choice of loosing Ba or Cisse I think most would prefer to keep Ba with the season he’s had so far. It is a bit ridiculous though so soon after the ACoNs.

    It’s an area we need to improve our options in in the Summer though. I’d like to see Rodellega come in, I think he’s class. Failing him I’d be happy with De Jong or Rhodes would give good cover.

    Would be great if we can get Cisse back in time but if not, we beat the scum without Cisse earlier on the season, we’ll just have to do it again ;-)

  13. 13
    toonsy says:

    Yeah was think along the same lines myself. It’s amazing how many players develop little niggling injuries just before friendlies and turn out fine for the next club game.

    However I agree with Liam. It’s getting to the pint where it is just plain ridiculous and you have to wonder if, in our current position, it’s actually worth signing African players. By current position I mean the fact that the three of them are/will be key players for us and we aren’t yet in a position to cover their loss.

    Obviously the goal is to get the squad into a position where we can lose them and not miss them, but we aint there yet!

    There should be something done about friendlies though. Why should a club have to release a player for what is a pointless game? Competitive ones fair enough, but for a pointless mid-season friendly?

  14. 14
    wolfie says:

    Although it’s not ideal, we will have to take it on the chin because after all we did buy those players and knew we would miss them for certain games.

    We have the nucleus of the squad and that’s the main thing and we still have Ba which we all would have took hands down wouldn’t we.

  15. 15
    MDS says:

    I don’t blame Cisse for going as much as I balme senegal for asking him. Surely they asked for the clubs permission???

  16. 16
    Tsunki says:

    Yeah it seems a bit churlish of us to bitch about missing Cisse when we’ve only had him 5 minutes! :grin: I bet Senegal said ‘look, er we wouldn’t mind playing both your lads but seeing as it’s a friendly, we’ll only ask for one. So..errrr… which one then?’

    AP ‘ Welllll… lets see… let me think abou – Cisse!’

  17. 17
    TonyGreenSupreme says:

    It’s a pity Shola is not from Senegal :lol: :lol:

  18. 18
    Tsunki says:

    Oh, and another thing, I haven’t actually checked, but isn’t SA o the same time line as us? No jet lag there, just a drinks included ride in First with the comfy beds and proper hot towels. :smile: He’ll be right as rain when he gets back. If he has’t had his leg folded in three of course.

  19. 19
    Tsunki says:

    TonyGreen – ha ha I was just imagining Pardew rummaging through the filing cabinet looking at the birth certs when I saw your comment :lol:

  20. 20
    dan4toon says:

    Usual internationals breaks you play for your country twice, on the weekend then again on the Tuesday/Wednesday and no-one missed any games.

    He will be back by Thursday night and the derby isn’t until the Sunday so he will have enough time to ready.

  21. 21
    TonyGreenSupreme says:

    Where is it quoted that Cisse will not be available for the 5under1and match :?:

  22. 22
    Pootle says:

    I hope Pardew gets him to pull a pretend injury.
    That said people used to rip SAF when he’d do the same sort of thing. The thought of Shola playing when we should have a pair of Dembas up front is distressing.

  23. 23
    icedog says:

    POOTLE they sussed that ploy now mate,even if player “is” a concern they have to report to there (senagal) medical team :evil:

  24. 24
    Pootle says:

    ” However I think people complaining about the ACON are wrong, things like the Euros disrupt the American domestic league, if you don’t want it to disrupt your team, don’t buy the players. You can’t buy African players and then complain they are playing in their country’s tournament”

    Have to agree really. Scouring foreign leagues and countries has served us well in terms of getting a decent standard of player for a low outlay.
    But doing it means you have to accept the risks with regards to players taking time to bed in or players having to play overseas internationals.

  25. 25
    DJG says:

    When Brazil have friendlies in Europe they call up European based players and visa versa. They should do that.

  26. 26
    MDS says:

    Pootle says:
    February 17, 2012 at 19:15
    I hope Pardew gets him to pull a pretend injury.
    That said people used to rip SAF when he’d do the same sort of thing. The thought of Shola playing when we should have a pair of Dembas up front is distressing
    One benfit is that we will have an extra week to debate the whole “where does Ben Arfa fit in the club” thing all over agian

  27. 27
    MDS says:

    @9 and @24. I think you two are right.

    But just to rag on Senegal a little more, the fact that it’s 2 weeks after ACON is what bothers me. When the U.S. play friendlies during the domestic off season, they fill the roster with MLS, Mexican league and players on Euopean reserve squads. They never bring anyone of substance over from europe unless its an int’l break

  28. 28
    Big Dave says:

    TGS @ 17 :lol: :lol: or we could maybe send him instead and just let on we got them mixed up ;-)

  29. 29
    Stardust says:

    February 17, 2012 at 15:51

    ” lent the club 150mn interest free and all he asked for in return was to put a few signs up?”

    Ha ha ha ha ha.
    Couldn’t let this one go.

    He ‘lent’ us that money only to prevent himself from paying interest to the bank. He loaned ‘us’ the money to help himself. Not out of the kindness of his heart or because he loves us.
    He did it because he thought he could make a quick buck by out manoeuvering Shepherd when he was ill.
    If he had done due diligence (a mistake he has made more than once) and found out about Newcastles debt its entirely possible he wouldn’t have bought us in the first place.

    It’s a shame some one with such a *massive* (self proclaimed, obviously) intellect as yours seems to have wasted his entire life becoming the worst internet troll the world has ever seen.

    Best thing is I hated Shepherd as a chairman from the moment he got stung by the News of the World along with his mate Dougie.
    But I bet you were one of those people that was clapping like a hungry seal when he bought Owen.

    This is the last time I will respond to your off topic trolling Stardust.
    Feel free to *amusingly* change my name as much as you wish, sad little uber-troll.

    ONTO Pittleflaps argument “Newcastles debt its entirely possible he wouldn’t have bought us in the first place”

    Agreed, but the omission of it shows it was not an investment per-se. More of a lifestyle investment. Which should give you comfort not cause you angst.

    Your venturing into my areas of comfortableness Pittle, suggest you stay out  or you may end up looking silier than you already are. (if thats possible)

    Has it not dawned on you that the only scenarios are possible re the lending of 150mn.

    Bank borrowing at a time the world collapsed was A) almost impossible and B) expensive as rates quoted at some stages 10 points over LIBOR 3 month rates for medium term lending.

    If he had driven through the bank borrowing, the only way of paying off the interest alone was player sales, far more agressive than we had seen. Yet still the company would have retained a value.

    During the time he placed in his 150mn he would have been better off, at the time of cash being king, of reinvesting in into various markets that were cash starved and generated vast returns.

    In reality he would have financially of been better off to let NUFC rot and invest elsewhere – he didnt. Which again to the informed tells them what they need to know.

    So in effect it cost Ashley a huge amount in opportunity cost and ROI for that period, and its still costing him. But you wont choose to see that will you Pittle – you will just choose to hate.

    I wont wait for a reply- youre out of your depth fella.

  30. 30
    Pootle says:

    Stop trolling. I told you I don’t want you to drag your stupidity through thread after thread ruining it for everyone else.

  31. 31
    Big Dave says:

    Stardy what are you at fella ? your doing the exact thing that you accused Troy of. Now get back into your pen and stop trolling :grin:

  32. 32
    Stardust says:

    Pittleflaps – you call it trolling as your argument holds no water, nor do you have the intellect to make it coherent – so you meaning showing someone up for being negative and hatefilled instead of objective is trolling? Well fella – looks like you’ve just been owned.

  33. 33
    Big Dave says:

    Pootle don’t forget to let Stardy out of your pocket every now and again for some air :lol:

  34. 34
    Troy Stavers says:


    Ignore the Gulper eel.

    I agree with your point. If you buy an African player then you know what you are getting and the club have no ground to complain.

    Call me old fashioned but Cisse’s hands are probably tied. If he doesn’t turn up he will never be able to return to Senegal or he will be shot!

  35. 35
    Troy Stavers says:

    @Big Dave

    Do you ever get across for the odd game?

  36. 36
    Big Dave says:

    Troy I haven’t been over in 4yrs I use to go over for the liverpool games, with the bro and the odd other one with a Toon supporters club.
    But to be honest I found it hard mixing at the games without drinking, as it use to go hand in hand the match then a right royal piss up.
    I plan on going next season and take the wee Lad with me as I would stay on the straight and narrow with him there ;-)

  37. 37
    mark says:

    @Toonsy could you please BAN stardust, he’s lowing the tone of the blog on purpose :lol:

    @Troy where did you find him m8 ;-)

  38. 38
    Stardust says:

    Mark – thats better! Never harms to man up a bit!

    Mark you should know Troy, Batty and Big Dave are now Facebooking ( :shock: ) in collusion to get me banned – I find it a compliment it takes three of them to do it, well three of them and one Toonsy. But Toonsy knows after the whole .org fiasco that I tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Troy and his lapboys on the other…… (and Big Daves a proven racist) :lol:

  39. 39
    Stardust says:

    Looks like Pittle ran for the hills again – oh well I will have to repost when he is on again.

  40. 40
    Gagsy says:

    What’s the problem..! there’s only a two hour time difference between us and SA. Plays Wednesday, flys back Thur night. Friday off, jog alaong the beach Saturday morning, full English Sunday morning and then bangs in three against the mackem’s…. sorted.

  41. 41
    Stardust says:

    Dave – if youre not coming over for the game Im sure you and Troy can book a room elsewhere :shock:

    Troy just asked you out on a blog and you part bombed him out, he is texting me in tears fella, for gods sake you could have went easier on him :shock:

  42. 42
    mark says:

    @Stardust :shock: :roll: facebook is for pure gaylords that wear ugg boots.. didnt think Batty would wear uggs like.. surprised :lol:

  43. 43
    Troy Stavers says:


    Aye. I agree. The socialising and drinking are part of the match day experience.

    I can understand your situation. ;-)

  44. 44
    Troy Stavers says:


    You new to here? How you doing fella?

  45. 45
    icedog says:

    thought this blog was about footy and haveing a laugh,guess not

  46. 46
    Big Dave says:

    Stardy FFS try changing your bait fella I feel that sorry for you that I have even thought of throwing myself on the hook :lol:
    As for getting you banned I wouldn’t stoop so low and anyway why spoil the fun of watching you frantically casting your bait and catching nowt, with that big dopey look on your face :grin:

  47. 47
    Troy Stavers says:


    I agree. Get it back onto footy.

    Would you play Barfa or Shola in place of Cisse?

  48. 48
    Big Dave says:

    Ice I know mate I should just ignore Stardy and no better, as I tell everyone else to ignore stray mongrels and under no circumstances feed them or the will follow you round looking for scraps :lol:

  49. 49
    mark says:

    @BD if youre coming over to stop with Troy, I could get u some back door entry (free of charge) at Rockshots Nightclub.. its banging in there..

  50. 50
    Big Dave says:

    Troy @ 47 thats not much of a choice :shock: and I bet I can guess who Ice goes for :lol:

  51. 51
    mark says:

    So has it been confirmed Cisse will miss the Sunderland match? as some are suggesting he may be back in time. Hope so, Would love to see the two Dembas destroy Sunderland..

  52. 52
    Troy Stavers says:

    I pose the question to all.

    In the absence of Cisse, who should play?

    Barfa or Shola?

  53. 53
    Big Dave says:

    Mark when I come over I wont have time for owt else except the game and a few tattoos

  54. 54
    icedog says:

    TROY or a laugh,whos shola never seen him on the pitch like

  55. 55
    wolfie says:

    Ben Arfa

  56. 56
    Big Dave says:

    I cant see Cisse being back in time to play, im sure he will be back but I don’t think he would be up for playing.
    Ice did you say something lastnight about Ba missing a game ???

  57. 57
    icedog says:

    i have noticed a fellow the ball keeps bouceing off ithink the club should move him hes always off-side

  58. 58
    mark says:

    @BD a few tattoos.? I thought they took a while to do. £60 an hour theyre charging up here. (so I was told 2day)

    Do you never do you own with you being an tattooist or is it hard to do?

  59. 59
    Troy Stavers says:


    I agree. We’ve got to keep giving him a chance. It’s a combination that would is class in the theory room but it needs to happen on the field.

    Shola is 5th choice in my opinion. After Ba, Cisse, Best, Barfa.

  60. 60
    Troy Stavers says:


    Even doing it on his back? :shock:

  61. 61
    Gary Watson says:

    Off topic, but I’ve just got home from the Team Valley valentines fair with an unexpected addition to the Watson family, Beardsley the Goldfish! He weighs approximately 1.1g and was delivered via water birth some time within the last 12 months.

    Now then, time to wet his head!

  62. 62
    Troy Stavers says:


    You on the lolly? Your posts are a bit all over the shop. ;-) good on you ! I’m having a bottle of red and mine are all over as well. ;-)

  63. 63
    icedog says:

    DAVE kna said ba would miss the senagal game,think something is mixing your thought process, :lol: i know your thoughts are on some bone crunching tackles,take it like a man stand up and grin at the wee fellow :grin: :grin: :grin:

  64. 64
    mark says:

    play Shola, he’d be up for it with it being a derby an al that, local lad. But that would mean playing the long ball which isnt ideal. Play Arfa, especially with our midfield enforcers back, we should be able to retain the ball and play it to Barfa on the shoulder of Ba, who could do his magic against a static..ish Sunderland defence. might be the ticket..

    hmmm not too sure really :lol:

  65. 65
    wolfie says:

    Shola is not a 90 minute player for me and is best deployed from the subs bench in the latter stages of a game against tired opposition where he can actually look menacing.
    Ben Arfa needs to add a bit of fight to his game when not on the ball and also he needs to remember that the game isn’t all about him.
    I think he gets caught up in the adulation of the fans and tries too hard when on the ball.
    He just needs to play his game, plus play for the team and work hard for the duration of his time on the pitch and he and the team will reap the rewards from it.
    I’d love to see us gain the best out of him because there’s no doubting his class.

  66. 66
    toonsy says:

    I dunno, would the fans be happy to play just the one striker at home? Remember Ba and Shola destroyed Man U, and Shola turns up to play the Mackems. They are shit scared of him. I’d probably play Ba and Shola :shock:

  67. 67
    Big Dave says:

    Mark I don’t have anywhere left for them :lol: no I meant I would do a few when im over.
    Troy I would rather bring Smudger back than see Strolla starting ;-)

  68. 68
    MDS says:

    Ice :lol:

    I’d start Ben Arfa. Don’t think I can stand watching anymore of shola unless he’s coming to hold the ball up in the final 10 mins.

  69. 69
    mark says:

    @Troy lol .

    it would be like cutting the back of you own hair using 2 mirrors :shock:

  70. 70
    icedog says:

    TROY kna j/ds is my cup of tea,but not the neet,so your like shola all over the place shame ;-)

  71. 71
    Troy Stavers says:


    That’s not off the topic. Goldfish. You’ve just dropped in at the right time. We were discussing Shola. :lol:

  72. 72
    batty says:

    stardy @38 :lol: :lol:

  73. 73
    MDS says:

    Toonsy- that’s actually a good point. Shola transforms into the world’s greatest forward against the mackems….

  74. 74
    Troy Stavers says:

    @the butterfly

  75. 75
    Big Dave says:

    Mark as for doing your own you normally only do your own at the start so that you know what pain your inflicting on someone else :shock:

    Ice he asked me earlier if we were still on for footie tomorrow :grin:

  76. 76
    icedog says:

    did spurs start with two up front,strange cannot remember how that game went :evil:

  77. 77
    Pootle says:

    Lol. I just waded through your tripe. Once you take out the padding designed to make you look clever I see you are agreeing with my point that Ashley made a fundamental business error in not doing due diligence.
    I see you also agree with me that having done that, and being faced with the changing economic climate his only sensible option was to take the loans out of the banks.
    You suggest he could have just written off the loss and let Newcastle rot?
    Why on earth would he do that?
    You claim he would be better off doing that, but he clearly wouldn’t.
    Having made the terrible business decision to spend so much money without finding out what he was buying, I think it is highly unlikely he would ever consider writing it off.
    He seems to have made the only sensible decision in the circumstances – to reduce outgoings as much as possible, to claw back as much money as possible, and to then sell it – presumably with as much profit as he is able to muster.
    One of his methods for recouping his money appear to be getting players in cheap and selling for profit coupled with reducing the costs involved in running the club.

    I think my understanding of the situation is fairly robust.

    I don’t know why you keep questioning my IQ and intellect (other than the fact you are a sad troll with too much time on your hands) but if you are so worried about it I can tell you that the only IQ test I ever sat gave me a score of 137. That was many years ago when I was a teenager though, and to be honest, I have no idea if its good or bad.
    I’m also educated to degree standard and I’m thinking of starting a second degree in Psychology as it interests me.
    Outside of this I really have no desire to communicate with you again.
    You are the worst kind of troll. Far worse than any of those you have tried to have banned, or have needlessly insulted.

    Having seen the damage you have caused in the last few threads, I now realise the fact that I have responded to you has given you oxygen, which is something i regret.
    From now on I shall do the sensible thing and ignore you. Perhaps for the sake of other people wanting to discuss the thread topics, you could do the decent thing, show some dignity and ignore me.

  78. 78
    wolfie says:

    Shola is a Mackem slayer but when the players run out onto the field you don;t want to be wondering just which Shola is gonna turn up.

  79. 79
    belter99 says:

    Just watching championship game and no wonder we came straight back up poor football.

    Demba and ameobi it is then. Was looking forward to seeing cisse at the game on saturday. Come on ameobi show us why we have kept faith in you for 10 years.

  80. 80
    icedog says:

    DAVE get stuck in with the lad,or have you told him your busy washing your hair :grin: :grin:

  81. 81
    Sharpy17 says:

    Troy – I’d have to say go with the mackem destroyer Shola!!
    It’s the only fixture of the season you can guarantee a game out of him :lol:

    In all seriousness though, it’s going to be another really physical game against the scum and I don’t know if Benny would be up for it.
    I would point out now though that if Best were fit he’d be my choice to partner Ba.

  82. 82
    mark says:

    @Big Dave

    aye, I can imagine the pain intensifying doing it to yourself. I’d love a cpl of arm sleeves like the guy off Prison Break, but it seems too expensive and painful. :shock: (wuss) Can’t you get knocked out before getting it done :lol:

  83. 83
    Troy Stavers says:

    @Big Dave

    Could you tattoo gangsta inside my bottom lip like Ranger has? Classy! :lol:

  84. 84
    Big Dave says:

    Pootle lad you need to do a degree in animal behavior, and they will learn you not to pet or feed stray dogs and they won’t follow you about :lol: ;-)

  85. 85
    batty says:

    Troy :shock:

  86. 86
    wolfie says:

    MARK, after the first few minutes, you don’t really feel any pain in terms of really bothering you, it’s only when a tattoo goes to the softer parts of your skin, the thinner parts if you like that it starts all over again.
    When I had my bell end tattooed, it took 5 hours to do….mind you that was because I had a full sized tennis ball tattooed onto it and it hurt a little bit. :grin:

  87. 87
    batty says:

    Dog how are you today calmed down i hope :???:

  88. 88
    wolfie says:

    The problem was, the tennis ball kept on going flat cos it had a split in it. :grin:

  89. 89
    batty says:

    wolfie it took 5 hours to find it :lol:

  90. 90
    mark says:


    you shoud get BD to tattoo you Grandads thongs on you just incase they perish in the future. Get them framed, cud be worth a buck or two in a few yrs ;)

  91. 91
    hitman says:

    every time ive went to pop on here and have a bit craic theres been a pissing contest going on.
    give ya fkin heads a shake

  92. 92
    Gary Watson says:

    I’d rather see Ranger than Shola. Just my opinion, though. At least he has shown the ability to run, I’m still not convinced Shola has that in his locker.

  93. 93
    icedog says:

    great idea lets keep shola for two games a year that will help to build up a good side :razz:

  94. 94
    wolfie says:

    No BATTY, it took 5 hours for the team of tattooists to lassoo it and drag it out of my strides. :grin:

  95. 95
    Big Dave says:

    Ice not washing the hair untill next month, I just told him that slide tackles are not allowed :lol:

    Mark if you can’t take the pain then you don’t want one bad enough.

    Troy complete waste of time tattooing the inside of your lip apart from the fact that you need to be a tosser to want one, it will fall out within a yr or so. I was surprised that a decent tattooist done it for him, but then he was more than likely charging him plenty because his lips are that big :lol:

  96. 96
    batty says:

    you get them told hitman :smile:

  97. 97
    Troy Stavers says:


    Got to give you credit fella. Stardust now has to stop jumping around as if he’s just won the Gulper Eel talent show and rethink his flawed theory.

    I can only commend you for putting the odious little creep back in the depths of the Marianna Trench! :razz:

  98. 98
    toonsy says:

    Pootle – You need to ADDRESS people in you replies. It helps people (me) track the conversation. I thought I’d done something wrong then :lol:

    Belter99 – Yep, I’m watching it too and it’s awful.

  99. 99
    mark says:

    @wolfie lol

    my nob should take that long then, probably squeeze a petit pois on there, would have to get an infection first tho to add some needed swelling :lol:

  100. 100
    icedog says:

    BATTY always calm me m8,dont suffer fools easy like ;-) ;-)

  101. 101
    mark says:

    @Big Dave

    so youre doing Troys lip then :lol:

  102. 102
    hitman says:

    batts ive poped on a few times and it seems like big dave has a hard on for gary like

  103. 103
    mark says:

    *my nob shouldnt take that long then :roll:

  104. 104
    batty says:

    :roll: hitman you on the vino agen :lol: :lol:

  105. 105
    belter99 says:

    TOONSEY Quality block though from the burnley defender, reminded me of john terrys block in the world cup.

  106. 106
    Troy Stavers says:


    I still don’t think Ranger is as good as Shola.

    That’s not his attitude either. I just couldn’t see any pluses with him.

    I’m going to get shot down with this, but I say the same about young ferguson .

    Fergie will be shipped out this summer. Only my opinion and you can hold me to it.

  107. 107
    Big Dave says:

    Mark Stardy wants a portrait of Jabba on his back with “Only Jabba can Judge me”in fancy script writing above it :lol:

  108. 108
    Big Dave says:

    Batty @ 104 nah he has cracked open a bottle of brasso for a wee change :lol:

    Troy I think your wrong about young Fergie ;-) I think he has a good future and I know the Norn Iron players think highly of him :???:

  109. 109
    icedog says:

    DAVE just a tec question on tats,me tec lol,never mind i have been told two diff things (well son has) i know tats fade a little with time,but one guy (tat man) said it can fade quicker if you tat to deep because the bleeding can wash it away a bit,3 layers of skin is enough depth,or does it vary from person to person,just wondering :???:

  110. 110
    MDS says:

    hitman says:
    February 17, 2012 at 20:59
    every time ive went to pop on here and have a bit craic theres been a pissing contest going on.
    give ya fkin heads a shake
    I was going to start a thread in the forum feature entitled “Pissing Contests and General Purse Swinging” but I didn’t think it would do any good.

  111. 111
    mark says:


    Fergy has a lot more potential than Ranger. He’s coming back into the picture now and can offer us something different to Jonas, while Ranger doesnt even seem bothered. Out of the 2, I’d say Ranger won’t be here next season, probably shipped off to league 1.

  112. 112
    GeordieLander says:

    It’s a no brainer –

    You start with Shola – When you’ve been given a gift you don’t waste it – clearly stroller is not a top drawer footballer – but his gift is scoring goals against the great unwashed as the stats will testify – so he starts.
    As for the suggestion of Nil Ranger – Come on ? He is called Nil Ranger for a reason and if I had my way i’d intoduce the middle name of ‘talent’ i.e. Nil Talent Ranger !!

  113. 113
    MDS says:

    Ice- mine faded a bit with too much sun exposure. Not a problem in northeast england mind, but the pup could have issues where he’s at

  114. 114
    batty says:

    mds stop being bitchy now :smile:

  115. 115
    Sharpy17 says:

    Toonsy – help you track the conversation?!

    They’ve been having the same fucking one for the past 2 days!!!!!

  116. 116
    MDS says:

    I feel a bit bad for Fergie. He possibly could have ben the starting LB at the beginning of the season if he didn’t get injured. Then Raylor played well there and now Santon seems to have it locked down.

  117. 117
    MDS says:

    Batty- i forgot to put a smiley on it- but I’m still half serious ;-)

  118. 118
    belter99 says:

    GeordieLander I think with the right attitude Ranger could of been top class. Some of the runs he made againsr the gunners and Looserpool last season were quality. Just needed to work on his shooting and stop being a complete plum.

  119. 119
    Big Dave says:

    Ice it will fade quicker if its not put in deep enough, or if the person has been drinking before it or straight after it, but the no1 fader is the sun, tell lee to use sun block. as for going to deep it will turn a blue colour and it will spread in your fat cells making it look like there is a shadow all round it

  120. 120
    MDS says:

    Sharpy :smile:

  121. 121
    batty says:

    Dave is that your prison number u have tattooed on your forehead :???:

  122. 122
    batty says:

    where is rich :???:

  123. 123
    Pootle says:

    Soz Toonsy.
    Was for Stardust. :mrgreen:

  124. 124
    toonsy says:

    Sharpy – Yeah true, but I was still thinking who it was aimed at. I had to go through all sorts of scenarios and rule them out before clicking :lol:

  125. 125
    Gary Watson says:

    Mark – Are you just assuming Ranger doesn’t seem bothered? Personally, I’ve not seen any bad press on him for a good few month now and unless you regularly watch the lad in training then I don’t see any reason for your theory.

    Troy – Other than size and possibly finishing, Shola has no attributes better than Nile. He may not grab us too many goals, but now that we have Ba I believe that burden has been lifted and I really believe Nile will come good. He’s very capable of running and battling, basically making a big nuisance of himself for opposing defenders. I really like that about him.

  126. 126
    GeordieLander says:


    I’m not one to slag off current players and would love to be proved wrong but i have seen nothing from him that impresses me – They talk of pace and aerial ability however i see no presence of mind on the ball, no control and no shot. I see nothing to warrant any promise.

  127. 127
    icedog says:

    DAVE cheers m8 to me his black was never black black,so hes got it re-done (the black) in malta,and thats what the tat guy told him there it had been done to deep

  128. 128
    icedog says:

    MDS aye m8 he is a bit of a beach bum lol

  129. 129
    Big Dave says:

    Batty @ 121 aye but its near all faded away now :lol:

  130. 130
    GeordieLander says:

    Am i missing some thing here ………. You’re talking about Ranger not being able to score goals but being able to cause a nuisance of himself… Come on.. Troy makes a nuisance of himself every weekend but he’s not playng centre forward for The Toon !!!!
    A centre forwards job is to score goals. simple. No goals. Not a centre forward.

  131. 131
    Troy Stavers says:

    Ah ha Geordielander

    Welcome to the debate .

    Shola has many qualities. He’s tall, Dark and Handsome . He has many faults . He’s not a goal scorer. 70 in 350 games over 11 yrs is frightening for a striker.

    If I thought he had other assets such as Beckhams superstar status where Shola shirts were worn worldwide I might give him some leeway.

    Geordie Lander, do the Ameobi and turn around and close the door behind you. ;-)

  132. 132
    Big Dave says:

    Ice tbh there isn’t many tats that stay black black they normally fade abit unless it was somewhere that never gets daylight. and black is one of the hardest colours to put in solid

  133. 133
    belter99 says:

    GeordieLander dont get me wrong I dont want him anywhere near the first team. He could desrupt the team as much as barton did meaning he isnt worth the risk.

  134. 134
    GeordieLander says:

    @ Troy

    What is sholas goal rate against safc ??

  135. 135
    Sharpy17 says:

    Toonsy – I get ya mate but fuck me it’s getting boring now innit :roll:

    Gary – if Kadar doesn’t get a game for the toon when we have no CBs to speak of and instead have to go with Perch and Simmo because Pardew states that Kadar has a bad attitude. I would be amazed if Ranger ever plays for Newcastle again – especially if Pardew has other options available to him

  136. 136
    batty says:

    Toonsy is this you trying to get home for tea :smile:

  137. 137
    mark says:

    I’m assuming he’s not bothered or the club arent bothered due to his recent troubles with the law, or a few months back and the fact he was shipped off to Barnlsey. He’s scored a few goals in about 50 odd appearances and has not started one game this season.

    Its a shame because when he did have a few appearances last season, apart from the lack of goals his mobility etc was quite good, IMO I think the club will wash their hand of him..

  138. 138
    icedog says:

    well i think young fergie has something weather it comes to the fore we will wait and see he did have a bad injury give the kid time and games ;-)

  139. 139
    GeordieLander says:

    Belter 99

    Too much is made of Rangers off the field antics which also irriatate me. However his lack of antics on the field irritate me. He is NOT a striker or indeed a player and i ask you all to tell me what i am missing -No goal rate, no ball control, no football brain – not a player for the present or the future !!

  140. 140
    Beefburger says:

    International footie is bullshit.

    I hate it with a passion especially england,

    And we are the mugs who pay for it.

  141. 141
    icedog says:

    BATTY @136 shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hes wants it kept quiet

  142. 142
    sidekick says:

    BA / Shola

    BA / Ben Arfa

    Rather see Ba / Lovenkrands

  143. 143
    MDS says:

    Sidekick- and you just might

  144. 144
    Big Dave says:

    Batty @ 138 Toonsy was trying to keep that one quiet

  145. 145
    DJG says:

    I think it would be a mistake to let Ferguson go. He never seems to look out of his depth and how many young players can you say that about, Santon even does sometimes. Ferguson has a football brain and a bit of skill on him, always worth having players like that.

  146. 146
    DJG says:

    batty @136 :shock: He seemed to know he was there when he went to overtake and hit him on purpose.

  147. 147
    Stardust says:


    Why on earth do you say I am trolling when all I am doing is pointing out flaws in your argument.

    You say “I see you are agreeing with my point that Ashley made a fundamental business error in not doing due diligence.” I did not say that was an error, I was saying it was thereon obvious this was not a finacial investment looking for a Return on Investment it was for want of a better word – a toy.

    You say “You suggest he could have just written off the loss and let Newcastle rot? Why on earth would he do that? You claim he would be better off doing that, but he clearly wouldn’t.”

    Simple maths – Invest 100mn for 100% shares, co requires 150mn extra to survive, realise all revenue streams into the future are front loaded.

    IF Ashley was interested in anything other than a toy (ie he bought us to make money), he has to protect his financial investment. The remedy is simple, offload players quickly, replace with cheaper to ensure an ongoing business (purchase and wages), sell shares for 50mn all BEFORE relegation and the KK fallout.

    Therefore he would have saved 150mn plus 50mn return on shares plus other payments whatever that structure may have been. So in one instance he walks away with 200mn in his pocket, the other he is up to his nuts for 250mn – a 450mn swing.

    NUFC would have endured, the mob would have been happy that Ashley had gone etc etc etc. Thats why Moat etc thought he would take much less. Ashley wasnt interested, it was a lifestyle investment (and I believe once hurt by the KK fallout wants to show everyone he is more clever than the rest)

    Psychology – Jung / Myer / Briggs – Im an ENTP – the extraversion being only at 60/40, intuition, thinking and perception are all hightly developed 75 to 90 , maybe you could study me for your course :lol:

    Suppose youre going to disagree with that, oh well, I will live.

  148. 148
    icedog says:

    ime off laters

  149. 149
    belter99 says:

    GeordieLender. Must be more than antics if he was thrown into the reserves without coming back up to the first team. Hope he can get his head out of his backside and realise what a good thing he could have here.

  150. 150
  151. 151
    Big Dave says:

    Ice don’t forget tell him he needs sun block or he will need to get it redone in a couple of yrs ;-)

  152. 152
    icedog says:

    DAVE just done that mate by e-mail cheers,will he take notice :???: he might if you tell him ;-)

  153. 153
    Troy Stavers says:

    Standby Geordie Lander

    Young Chip is using my phone to check on his favourite player , David Silva. . :shock:

  154. 154
    Big Dave says:

    Ice young ones never do listen ;-) they know it all :lol:

  155. 155
    Troy Stavers says:

    @Big Dave

    I feel young Fergie looks out of his depth everytime ive seen him.

  156. 156
    Troy Stavers says:


    I’m disappointed . I agree with what you say, both about me and Ranger.

    I’m just going to digest Stardusts reply to Pootle.

  157. 157
    andymag says:

    your all forgetting that if Cisse can’t make the sunderland game then the mackem-slayer will play, it’s a blessing in disguise :mrgreen:

  158. 158
    Sharpy17 says:

    Right boys, I’m off, it’s me boys 3rd birthday tomorrow so I’ve got the hoose to tart up for him. Then a soft play party to look forward to tomorrow … can’t wait. ;-)

  159. 159
    Big Dave says:

    Troy to be fair but he hasn’t really had much of a run, just bit parts. and while he hasn’t been owt special I think he has done allright. I think his size makes him look a little out of place, cause he just looks like a school boy. As someone allready said Pards was for going with him at LB only he got injuried, so he must think highly of him, and as I said he is well thought of by the Norn Iron team and players

  160. 160
    andymag says:

    is it toon themed? :lol: Good luck mate, know at that age a group of them together is hell :cry: :mrgreen:

  161. 161
    Big Dave says:

    Sharpy have fun mate ;-)

  162. 162
    Troy Stavers says:


    Are you referring to the Pootle / Stardust debate getting boring?

    If so, you have to let people have their individual debates and work around them.

    You can’t expect everyone on this blog to get along like a house on fire.

    They will battle it out and find their pecking order. As long as its not swearing and abusive you should let them get on with it and create your own conversations. That’s the nature of the beast with forums surely.?

    It will fizzle out once they establish that Pootle has owned Stardust. :lol:

  163. 163
    andymag says:

    Troy Stavers
    I’ve tried everytime, it can’t be worked around it dominates the forum :cry: :lol:

  164. 164
  165. 165
    andymag says:

    that guy can pack his chicken :lol:

  166. 166
    Troy Stavers says:


    I accept his enthusiasm and his size issue but I can only go on what I’ve seen.

    I think fans have wanted him to do well because of his attitude but its more hope than belief IMO .

    I hope so tho.

  167. 167
    Sharpy17 says:

    Troy – they can knock themselves out for me, first time I’ve mentioned it in the 2 days it’s been running, but it isn’t much of a debate when they are continually making the same comments!!
    But I’m fucked if I’m going to debate their shit debate with ya buddy! :lol:

    Thanks for best wishes for the mora, me heeds gonna be ringin this time tomorrow. Lataz peeps

  168. 168
    Pootle says:

    Told you lads, I’m out of it. I saw the damage it did in the other thread where Prem pointed it out to Stardust. He obviously doesn’t care, so i’ll be the grown up. If he continues trolling it won’t be on account of me.

  169. 169
    JJ says:

    Honestly, you’re embarrassing yourself mate. Give it a rest.

    Anyway… On topic. If Cisse misses one game for his country. So what! I don’t see England calling up a second string to satisfy clubs for their friendlies, so why should Senegal?

  170. 170
    Big Dave says:

    Reet Lads thats me outta here catch you’s tomorrow sometime

  171. 171
    Troy Stavers says:

    Just read Stardusts reply to Pootle.

    Stardust misses the point from the outset.

    He bases his whole argument on Ashley buying the club as a toy. As a lifestyle plaything.

    Wrong Dusty!

    He bought it as an advertising platform for Sports Direct. It was plain and simple a business deal.

    He rushed through the deal whilst Shepherd was on his deathbed with pneumonia and couldn’t fight the takeover.

    Ashley cocked up massively in his takeover which left him bitter. He tried to recoup his money by trying to sell the club at an inflated price and the Arabs saw right thru him.

    He was desperate to recoup his cash and threw all his toys out the bath in one go instead of being in stages.

    Too much too quick resulted in players being sold, Milner, Zoggy, Given and KK walking.

    Relegation was inevitable. Ashley in his own words accepted he fell woefully short of being a football club owner.

    He said it, why don’t you listen?

    His actions weren’t forced to the point where he had to change things overnight. Those were rash decisions which he accepted, yes, he accepted he got wrong.

    To be fair, he has managed to recoup the huge extra debt he brought on himself and is now learning from his greedy mistakes.

    But don’t ever say it was a toy for him. It wasn’t. It was a business deal to promote SD and the evidence is getting bigger by the day.

    Tacky signs cover the entire Sports Direct Arena.

  172. 172
    Pootle says:

    JJ – totally agree. You know what you’re getting into if you buy an African with international level pedigree. Maybe in the summer we could get a young up and coming striker from the UK or Europe. It would help soften the blow a bit next year during the ACON

  173. 173
    Stardust says:

    Troy – :grin:

    JJ – whats the point of a blog if opinions arent challenged and debated?

    I accept now accept Pootle just wants to state lines, have the world acept them and go in a huff when challenged. Pootle accuses me of trolling just because I fundamentally disagree with him? To be fair fella youve missed some of the language and tone directed at me from him, including stating I was a ‘total cock’ (which to be fair is bang on :lol: ).

    Yet he now plays the little hurt boy and folks fall for it – sheesh!

  174. 174
    Troy Stavers says:

    Please read and learn dustbin;

    The entrepreneur, who owns sports brands JD Sports, Dunlop Slazenger and Kangol, has put the club up for sale at £100m. A whopping £34m less than he paid for it back in 2007.

    Ashley has spent the last two years bailing out Newcastle United’s debts, throwing £110m of his personal funds into the beleaguered club: an investment which will have to be written off.

    Ashley told The Sunday Times: “It has been catastrophic for everybody. I’ve lost my money and I’ve made terrible decisions. Now I want to sell it as soon as I can… advisers will be appointed shortly.”

    But there are no takeover offers on the table as yet. This is worrying for Ashley, who is seeking a quick sale before the club haemorrhages any more cash.

    He admits that he made a mistake buying the club in the first place: “I never said I was an expert in football clubs. I was just a fan – although a very wealthy fan. But I’m not so wealthy now. I put my money into it and I tried my best. But I accept my best was woefully short. I am genuinely sorry for everybody about what has happened.”

    Ashley’s personal wealth has tumbled from £1.4bn following the Sports Direct IPO back in 2007, to £700m this year.

  175. 175
    Pootle says:

    Guess we’ll just have to suck it up and go with Ba and ….
    Shola. :cry:
    Shola is due a good game mind you, cos he hasn’t had one for a while.

  176. 176
    andymag says:

    your forgetting that if Cisse can’t make the sunderland game then the mackem-slayer will play, it’s a blessing in disguise :mrgreen:

  177. 177
    guus sero says:

    Rumor is that pardew will be replaced by hiddink in the offseason,…… Watch this space people

  178. 178
    Troy Stavers says:

    @andy mag & JJ

    Both stardust and pootle make their points well and are genuinely passionate about their beliefs.

    Yes, there’s a bit of ego craic going on between the valid points but its a natural reaction when you are deep into head to head.

    Some people aren’t confrontational and I understand that and it may spoil it for some.
    But by not discussing issues vehemently , it becomes boring for others.

    It’s a forum and every forum is the same. People argue because that’s their nature.

    You have to learn to step around people or you are going to get complaints from the strong personalities.

    It won’t dominate as long as you don’t let it but surely you should let individuals have their own debates.

  179. 179
    Troy Stavers says:

    @guus sero

    Are you using my useless sauce? It’s not Tommy Ketchup again is it? I got stung with him last time! :lol:

  180. 180
    Tsunki says:

    Wish my personal wealth would ‘tumble’ to a tenth of his :| Ashley may have made mistakes in assuming he could impose his business model immediately on the pro football status quo and rehash Freddy’s way of doing things, but he is a smart cookie who is still a success in markets where others struggle. No, there was no bale out for him, but I believe he is now at plan c stage and is making the club work, There would be no need for him to rejig the academy, streamline the talent system and just about revolutionise the setup of the playing staff if all he wanted to do was take the nearest offer and cut his losses. Rather than just black the tyres and empty the ashtrays it looks like he genuinely wants to get this club operating at a successful level and if he does sell, it will be a going concern. Unfortunately it appears that, true to type, nothing is sacred where tons of money is concerned, whether it be ‘talismanic’ no 9’s or historic names. Club owners are never ‘fans’ they are businessmen first, and last. Ashley is no different and while we may never warm to the guy, you have to respect why he must be the way he is, and dare I say it, glad that he does not like to lose. One day, Inevitably, he will be gone, and the next muppet will take up the sorry tale, and we may yet look back and thank him for what he did, you never know. Cue controversy.

  181. 181
    Pootle says:

    Jesus wept!
    I’ve just had the misfortune to see 10 minutes of Geordie Shore while I was waiting for the Walking Dead to finish recording.

    Please tell me this crude collection of orange chimpanzees aren’t indicative of the general attitudes and behaviour of Geordie youth these days?

  182. 182
    andymag says:

    way aye man, we’re all partying doon the toon and getting doon the boon :mrgreen:

  183. 183
    Troy Stavers says:


    Don’t be put off by others who find it annoying by you and Stardust debating. Once you’s are over the personal insults it will settle down to a good debate.

    Others have to learn to work round individual debates.

    Of not you end up with a stale forum where people are frightened to upset each other. That’s what a forum is.

    There’s more knowledge comes out of debates like yours and Stardusts than most discussions.

    As long as it doesn’t turn into a complete swearing match then surely there shouldn’t be a problem.

    What do you think ?

  184. 184
    andymag says:

    aye, at least its not like on eds site were its “rr.. why isn’t ben arfa on”, “ahh parch is sheeite”, “Mike Ashley’s a dick”. Each gets repeated constantly without a proper debate.

  185. 185
    Pootle says:

    I must be getting old then.

    It was like watching a lobotomised version of Big Brother.
    With kebabs.

  186. 186
    andymag says:

    i hate weekends when newcastle aren’t playing :cry: i get bored and have little social life when the prelims (mocks) are on. :evil:

  187. 187
    Chris G says:

    “Rumor is that pardew will be replaced by hiddink in the offseason,…… Watch this space people”

    According to BBC Sport he’s just been appointed manager of Russian side Anzhi Makhachkala

  188. 188
    Troy Stavers says:


    You have a responsibility as well to make this site the best.

    You may not like being confrontational and arguing with people but you must remember some enjoy that.

    The blog is made up with all kinds of characters and you have to learn to work round people.
    I love this blog and I would love to see it thrive.
    If you see the likes of me or any other argumentative twats debating furiously I beg you to work round us.

    It is possible. It just takes effort.

    Do you agree?

  189. 189
    Tsunki says:

    Andymag – Ed’s site does have some decent comments but its padded out by a whole host of complete bungs who puke up the same rot post after post. You just have to take a sieve to it but when you distil it down it contains the same amount of slagging off and general unpleasantness about each others opinions as on here. Which is good because if we all agreed we would be talking to ourselves and that would be hell. :lol:

  190. 190
    Pootle says:

    Thanks Troy, but i have no interest in debating anything with Stardust again.
    He disrupted a thread this morning with, I dunno, maybe five or six posts trying to snipe at me. Prem pointed it out and he was unrepentant, but it made me really look at what was going on.
    I don’t really want to drag an argument from thread to thread with him constantly calling anyone who disagrees with him stupid or a window licker (which is a derogatory term for a disabled person, by the way) and then me losing my temper and calling him a cock.
    One off little spats can actually be amusing but he was baiting thread after thread with the same old stuff.

    It was a bit

  191. 191
    Troy Stavers says:

    @chris G

    Now there’s a surprise. :shock

  192. 192
    mark says:

    lol Troy have you been on the E’s.. youve gone al emotional with the blog, just shows what two days off here does to you :lol:

    but youre spot on m8, If ppl don’t enjoy the heated debates, skip past them. I read them all and enjoy each others cotributions whether its gets messy or not. I does make for a better site.

  193. 193
    Troy Stavers says:


    He was wrong for that approach. I agree.

    All I will say is the best way to beat him is to not to react. Answer his questions and put him down with a light hearted quip at the end.

    Your points are more valid so it should be easy.

    Never take things personally when you don’t know someone. Deal with his question and smile.

    Im giving my secrets away here. ;-)

  194. 194
    mark says:

    @Chris G

    where did this rumour start m8?

  195. 195
    mark says:

    Never take things personally when you don’t know someone. Deal with his question and smile

    “you fucking mongrel dog!!” lets be aving yer!! :lol: ;-) soz m8, couldnt resist ;-)

  196. 196
    andymag says:

    Troy & Tsunki
    Will do mate, don’t live in the toon so i use this blog for decent NU banter, will try to contribute more. :mrgreen:

  197. 197
    Pootle says:

    It made me realise its not the sort of thing I want to get involved in. I could continue arguing with him but to what end?
    I’ll debate the merits of the same argument with anyone else, although personally I’m sick of it anyway, but I’ll just ignore him.
    If he thinks I’ve got a low IQ or I can’t read books then so be it.
    If he thinks I’m scared of taking a debate then what can I say?
    He’s wrong – I just don’t want to debate it with him, because i feel he can’t do it with out turning it into an exhibition of trolling.
    If he feels that what he was doing isn’t trolling – then fine.
    His opinion is not in the least bit important to me.

    Troy I know you meant well and just want to keep the banter going etc but please don’t draw me into conversations about Stardust (after this one obviously) because it will just make him start trying to bait me into his games again, and that’s really not what I want to do.

    Thanks ;-)

  198. 198
    andymag says:

    right lads, i’m knackered :oops: speak again tommorrow :mrgreen:

  199. 199
    Troy Stavers says:

    @the bouncing butterfly

    I’ve always been frustrated by people disproving of heated debates.

    They can cause chaos by complaining about people dominating the blog.

    The irony is, as soon as the debaters are reprimanded the ones who complain have a small discussion and then it stops.

    It’s the same every time.

    People have to learn to work round others.

    It’s like at a works function. Can you imagine if everyone was put in a circle and everyone was told to talk. It wouldnt be long before the big personalities would dominate the conversation.
    Hence, people split into small groups.

    A forum has to do the same.

    Can you imagine if at that function, the quietier people complained that the bigger personalities were spoiling the night.

    They would get strung up.

    People have to consider a forum like a social situation and work around each other.

    If not, it’s like you say, you drive off the personalities and you are left with a sedate almost non existent discussion about where has all the craic gone.

  200. 200
    Troy Stavers says:


    Fair do’s fella. ;-)

  201. 201
    Stardust says:

    Pootle – get a backbone for gods sake, the window licker comment was aimed at Troy – stop playing the victim, 5 or 6 posts aimed at you – care to list them?

    Its just because youve cried like a little girl that I was trolling you just because I disagreed, your use of language is confrontational, so I react, now you cry? Man up for gods sake.

    Just dont post on a blog as negatively as you do if you dont want to be challenged. I dont apologise for the way our conversation has went you play the big negative doom monger and now whimper – pathetic.

  202. 202
    Troy Stavers says:

    Off to bed. I’m sleeping in the wheelie bin tonight.

    Someone said I couldn’t do it! Just watch!

  203. 203
    Stardust says:

    Im not into games Pootle, not at all, will defend my view no more or less, as I say man up.

  204. 204
    Pootle says:

    It’s not so much that i took it personally, although like anyone I can bite occasionally, it was more that when i woke up to read the Wielding the Axe article he had already tried to derail it by the 10th post.
    Prem mentioned it but he just kept going.
    I felt it was disrespectful to the writer because it just seem to distract talk from the article.
    I had tried replying in a previous thread rather than the current one but it didn’t work.
    It also then dragged on through all the other threads.
    I just think enough is enough. It’s no big deal!


  205. 205
    Stardust says:

    Wheres Rodzilla when you need him :lol:

  206. 206
    Pootle says:

    Lol. See Troy – told you. :mrgreen:

  207. 207
    Pootle says:

    Stardust, as you clearly believe I’m not intelligent enough to hold a conversation with such a beacon of brilliance as yourself, why not do the entire blog a favour and find someone who wants to talk to you.
    I don’t.
    I’m happy to discuss anything with anyone – just not you.
    So why not let it go?
    Kthnxbai :???:

  208. 208
    Stardust says:

    Pittle – folks know me on here – on this blog there are a number I have banter with – you have no right to have an opinion on that – we have been blogging for years.

    We all know you as the big bad negative doom monger, and now you cry and play the victim and use the word troll at me constantly when its not a word thats ever been levied before (though I do like a good wind up) it seems that by you playing the little girl in difference to your real character, that you are either a grade a1 bottler or youre trolling me.

    If youre trolling me – I think thats funny and Im fair game, if your whimpering as you appear to be – shame on big bad poople.

  209. 209
    Stardust says:

    February 18, 2012 at 00:38

    Stardust, as you clearly believe I’m not intelligent enough to hold a conversation with such a beacon of brilliance as yourself,

    To be fair fella youre right there :lol: :lol: :lol:

  210. 210
    brisvegas says:

    first time here for two weeks. Back in Brisvegasfor the Roar game this afternoon – in a corporate box no less.

    On topic: There is no compulsion to release players for anything other than an official Fifa match day. Friendlies aren’t played on official match days.

    It happens to Australia a few times a year, even when we play Asian Cup qualifiers, some of which fall outside of official dates. There’ve been a few times when we haven’t had access to all our European based players, and believe me that is a problem for a team that has 90% of its squad playing in Europe.

    It seems that clubs can veto player participation in such circumstances, although how wise it is to deny a player the chance to represent their country is another matter. It seems that clubs tend to leave the decision up to the player, though sometimes it isn’t as simple as that – politics ‘n’ stuff, you know.

    On the other shite that passes for comment on here, i’ll give it a miss.

  211. 211
    Pootle says:

    Ok. Whatever. You bore me. Bye.

  212. 212
    Aussie Magpie Fan says:

    Toonsy, I can see this blog going the way of .com and .org
    Most of the good bloggers (people only interested in all things about the Toon) have stopped posting due to all the bitching and inane power struggles that are going on here. :???:
    This is what started happening at the other sites and I would hate to see this site go the same way….. :???:

  213. 213
    M says:

    he’ll get ‘injured’ against Wolves and ‘recover’ in time for Sunderland….

  214. 214
    Aussie Magpie Fan says:

    Hard day at work Toonsy!! :lol: :lol:

  215. 215

    Just tell the sengal fa to jog on if you ask me dont think clubs have to release for friendlys.

  216. 216
    toonsy says:

    Aussie – I actually use that road, but it wasn’t me :lol:

    Controversially, I actually think the cyclist had it coming :shock:

  217. 217
    aussie magpie fan says:

    The cyclists over here think the own the roads as well mate. Shane Warne ran one over a few months back..I think they get there ambitions mixed up with their capabilities…

  218. 218
    toonsy says:

    On the subject of the blog, it’s not easy as there isn’t any football about or any real news to chatter about. the stadium name has been done, but beyond that there isn’t a lot to keep people going with regard to NUFC.

    It’ll switch back soon enough and the football chatter will flow once more :)

  219. 219
    aussie magpie fan says:

    Fair call mate…seems to be no shortage of chest thumping though!

  220. 220
    JJ says:

    Troy@ 171
    Exactly my view. I just don’t understand why people can say Ashley owns Newcastle its his money he can put free signage up as he likes. Change any name he likes… Where do you draw the line?
    If we played in red and blue instead of the black and white, would they say the same…

    Ashley himself said he wants the club to be self sufficient, so why then deny the club a potentially major source of income?

    Also the interest free loan keeps getting brought up, but he himself benefits just as much as the club. It’s his asset… He would have to cover any interest anyway. It makes the club a more sellable asset by getting it financially stable and then he can recoup his money quicker.

    I wouldn’t say I hate Ashley, but it sickens me that people like Wolfie and Starry can call him our saviour :???:

  221. 221
    toonsy says:

    Aussie – This is true :lol: I’m just ignoring it and skirting round it. If people wish to converse with each other about other then fair do’s. ‘ll just fond the football stuff and chat about that :)

  222. 222
    B1GSTEVE says:

    Back on Ashley, I remember when he first took over the club, I thought ‘a billionaire-great, not a geordie, but at least hes English, so we shouldnt end up with a team of foreigners(???). Most of all he promised to put 20 million pounds into the club every year for transfers, out of his own pocket. Me being a typically thick geordie boy thought this meant he would give the club 20 mill a yr, not loan it. Now if he had come out and said after a month or so ‘ the clubs finances are in the shit more than I realised the 20 mill a year will have to go towards paying the debts off, we would all have understood, thick as we are, and thought he was great for doing that. But no, say nowt and hope they forget,

  223. 223
    JJ says:

    ” Maybe it’s some elaborate way of circumventing our debt and paying it off? Again I have a suspicion it isn’t, but it’s the not knowing that will add fuel to the fire.”

    Which bloggers would those be? :grin:

    The reason why they arnt posting about football, is theres not any football to speak about… Apart from our 5-0 thumping by the Spuds which most people are trying to forget…

    Quite honestly don’t believe there is any danger of this blog going like .com or .org.

    .com went down because Ed starting writing any crap he wanted and calling himself “we” to inforce his opinion.

    .org went down because worky and chuck took it down by calling people racists and attacking posters. Then turning the blog into the praise Hughton campaign and Pardew is scum. Then deleting posts which made them look foolish.

    There is a balance on this blog. At times it may get a tad abusive, but thats because certain bloggers have strong personalities and are characters… Which is good. As long as there is a balance the blog will be strong.

  224. 224
    batty says:

    To be fair to stardust pootle you did start the convo pluss hes quite mellow now as he used to be a right tw@t ;-)

  225. 225
    JJ says:

    I see Paul Collingwood is captaining our local franchise team over here.
    Surprising England dropped him. I always rated him.
    Got Luke Wright joining him too and Ryan ten Doeschate…

  226. 226
    batty says:

    POOTLE just do what Toonsy does to me and ignore him when hes speaking to you ;-)

  227. 227
    batty says:

    JJ ive still never met a nice white south african :smile:

  228. 228
  229. 229
    JJ says:

    It’s because white South Africans are decendants of Brits. So its the arsehole gene which still lingers somewhat. :grin:

  230. 230
    Stardust says:

    Toonsy – thanks for the position you took above, the last thing I’d ever want to do is spoil this blog, the day I do – feel free anytime to pop me an email and I will reel back. I totally appreciate the work everyone puts into it.

    We all have opinions about the club, I am passionate about the commercial side of the club, I say that as without a strong foundation the club can not endure. I also have experience in the fields of finance, raising finance and dealing with wealthy people so I know and understand their considerations both going in and on exit of opportunities.

    I don’t understand why some think its really interesting to debate Jonas’s end product a thousand times and not OK to debate all elements of the club.

    The club is a broad church, why do some on here feel the need to say topics they aren’t interested in is less valid.

    Maybe its the way I in particular debate, I enjoy the cut and thrust and can take any banter back, people need to chill imo – its a blog about debate – hopefully everyone “pittleflaps” included :lol: make it a better place.

    For me the only time blog police are needed if posts are mindless or full of swearing – but that’s me – maybe I’m old fashioned!

  231. 231
    batty says:

    :roll: lesson learnt then dont attack stardy because he wont back down ,unless its batty then he says your dead to me :lol:

  232. 232
    JJ says:

    To be fair mate… That’s one of the more attractive Uk people I’ve seen ;-) . Not the most attractive bunch you lot :grin:

  233. 233
    batty says:

    JJ thats Troys knock of ;-) :lol:

  234. 234
    batty says:

    a little treble here for any 1 ,millwall bolton ,ipswich cardif ,forest coventry goals galore ;-)

  235. 235
    TOONARMYELITE says: ya want a good laugh read this lmao :lol: reminds me of the 80s lmao :lol:

  236. 236
    roy cropper says:

    it’s just like the old days

    except stardust has replaced his old punch bag -spew 79 – with pootle.

    batty i think i’ll have a little tipple on your treble.

  237. 237
    batty says:

    aye get on mr cropper ;-)

  238. 238

    BATTY do i get me quid back if it dont come up :lol:

  239. 239

    Any of you fellas think stoke would sell ryan shawcross :roll:

  240. 240
    Big Dave says:

    Pootle tbh Stardy isn’t really that bad, he just doesn’t have many friends, so comes on here for a bit of craic.
    But no one wants to talk to him, so that gets him annoyed. Plus the fact you had him in your pocket gets to him. :lol:

  241. 241
    Stardust says:

    Batty – True! :lol:

  242. 242
    Troy Stavers says:


    My sentiments exactly. The financial issues are often used as threads and therefore I fail to see how this is not a relevant subject.

    @aussie mag

    I fail to see what you’re complaining about. Are we preventing you striking up a conversation with other bloggers?

    I recently went on .com and found that there were many subjects being discussed at the same time. I must say, sensible ones. At first it’s difficult to get used to but I simply worked in and conversed with those that I found the most interesting.

    That’s how a social situation works in any environment. A forum is no different. As Stardy quite rightly points out, as long as its not filled with hatred bile then why police it?

    I want this blog to thrive as much as anyone. Everyone need to work together and tolerate one and anothe no matter how much you dislike another character, but that means contributing and posting and working alongside each other.

  243. 243
    Stardust says:

    Batts – can still remember the reason why – will tell you about it but not on here!

  244. 244
    Troy Stavers says:


    My bro, Blackley & Brownlie who posts on here occasionally is Paul Collingwoods next door neighbour.

    Just a bit of useless info for you. ;-)

  245. 245
    Stardust says:

    Dave :lol:

  246. 246
    Big Dave says:

    Troy I have to agree I will talk away to most on here and will try to avoid getting into a heated debate with someone.
    But sometimes it just happens because you believe in what your saying, and sometimes I don’t even notice others posting because im in the middle of a debate. But I never expect others to stop there convos because im debating.
    And there is no way I would do owt to hurt this blog, but sometimes the passion causes it, and without that it would become a bit of a happy clappy place.
    With so many different people on here there’s bound to be people that don’t agree with eachother.
    My advice would be for others to just carry on and keep going with their convos while you have others going head to head.
    Advice for debate try to remember that others are trying to work round you’s, try hard to refrain from foul and abusive language, because thats effectinb the others. And IMO the most important one is to refrain from personal abuse as imo when you start that you have allready lost the debate.

  247. 247
    Sharpy17 says:

    Morning boys – see this ones rumbling on.

    I agree with all that is being said, I am a fan of a good debate both actively and reading others.
    But a debate requires the willing input of at least 2 parties and I didn’t see that yesterday, I saw one party wanting to move on and another forcing the issue, which unfortunately turned a valid topic into a bit of a childish point scoring, name calling exercise – and that was the only part I found boring. Other than that I thought that there were some good points made, it was simply how they were made that I think people had the problem with.

    For the record, this isnt having a go at anyone, it’s meant as positive input. ;-)

  248. 248
    Stardust says:

    Sharpy – totally respect your opinion fella, however I would counter that the other party has portrayed himself as a victim when he got himself into his situation. Post 29 above – the first part is a copy and paste of his words.

    I could do it time and time again, but I will leave it here. But I have learned a lot about the Pootle, he is either a bottler or the real troll – all I have ever done is countered his views. Thereon I find his childish crying as rather pathetic, never did like bullies who play victim once cornered.

  249. 249
  250. 250
    jrg says:

    why not deploying 4-3-3 formation when we have Dann, Yohan n Cheik

    my lineup against Wolves

    Simpson Williamson Colo Santon

    Cabaye Cheik Danny G

    HBA Ba Jonas
    R Taylor on the bench b’se of match fitness and also Cisse to come in the second half

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