Newcastle wave bye bye to Cisse again

Cisse's off to Africa again
I see that Papiss Demba Cisse had been called up for his national team – Senegal – for a friendly against South Africa later this month.

Now I don’t have a problem with players playing for their country whatsoever, but when it interferes with a season and is a meaningless waste of time like a friendly it irks me.

Senegal have just played in the latest ACoN and failed abysmally, sacked their coach and let their nation down in many ways. Yet they want their players to take part in a friendly right in the middle of a domestic season…. Again.

What intrigues me further is that Demba Ba wasn’t called up, which is great, but if they had both been called up and potentially both missed a massively important derby against Sunderland I would be seething. It all feels so irrelevant but this is the world of international football. It gets worse….

2014 as we all know is the World Cup in Brazil. Therefore because we have the World Cup in the year the ACoN reappears from it’s two year break they have kindly moved it forward to 2013. Great. So next year we are going to lose our potential front two and Cheik Tiote for a further six weeks again in the heart of the season. I understand it, I really do, but it doesn’t make it easier.

It makes me wonder why Alan Pardew brought Cisse if he didn’t have another potential striker lined up for the summer to ease the burden when the two Demba’s are away next year. Could he have someone like de Jong or Rodallega up his sleeve? Or maybe even Junior Hoilett to play an advanced role or even a swap deal for Hooper and Best?

Its the vicious circle of having quality players in your squad who are good enough for international level. Lets face it, we all love watching our players play in their respective countries, albeit with half an eye hoping they don’t get injured. We seem to have a wealth of players who are all either international class or on the cusp. Looking down the team we only see English players who aren’t involved in some way internationally. It certainly bodes well in the future of the club and beyond.

But for nowΒ the ACoN headache rears up again. Am I the only one concerned about this?

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250 thoughts on “Newcastle wave bye bye to Cisse again

  1. Batty,
    It’s because white South Africans are decendants of Brits. So its the arsehole gene which still lingers somewhat. πŸ˜€


  2. Toonsy – thanks for the position you took above, the last thing I’d ever want to do is spoil this blog, the day I do – feel free anytime to pop me an email and I will reel back. I totally appreciate the work everyone puts into it.

    We all have opinions about the club, I am passionate about the commercial side of the club, I say that as without a strong foundation the club can not endure. I also have experience in the fields of finance, raising finance and dealing with wealthy people so I know and understand their considerations both going in and on exit of opportunities.

    I don’t understand why some think its really interesting to debate Jonas’s end product a thousand times and not OK to debate all elements of the club.

    The club is a broad church, why do some on here feel the need to say topics they aren’t interested in is less valid.

    Maybe its the way I in particular debate, I enjoy the cut and thrust and can take any banter back, people need to chill imo – its a blog about debate – hopefully everyone “pittleflaps” included πŸ˜† make it a better place.

    For me the only time blog police are needed if posts are mindless or full of swearing – but that’s me – maybe I’m old fashioned!


  3. πŸ™„ lesson learnt then dont attack stardy because he wont back down ,unless its batty then he says your dead to me πŸ˜†


  4. it’s just like the old days

    except stardust has replaced his old punch bag -spew 79 – with pootle.

    batty i think i’ll have a little tipple on your treble.


  5. Pootle tbh Stardy isn’t really that bad, he just doesn’t have many friends, so comes on here for a bit of craic.
    But no one wants to talk to him, so that gets him annoyed. Plus the fact you had him in your pocket gets to him. πŸ˜†


  6. @stardust

    My sentiments exactly. The financial issues are often used as threads and therefore I fail to see how this is not a relevant subject.

    @aussie mag

    I fail to see what you’re complaining about. Are we preventing you striking up a conversation with other bloggers?

    I recently went on .com and found that there were many subjects being discussed at the same time. I must say, sensible ones. At first it’s difficult to get used to but I simply worked in and conversed with those that I found the most interesting.

    That’s how a social situation works in any environment. A forum is no different. As Stardy quite rightly points out, as long as its not filled with hatred bile then why police it?

    I want this blog to thrive as much as anyone. Everyone need to work together and tolerate one and anothe no matter how much you dislike another character, but that means contributing and posting and working alongside each other.


  7. @JJ

    My bro, Blackley & Brownlie who posts on here occasionally is Paul Collingwoods next door neighbour.

    Just a bit of useless info for you. πŸ˜‰


  8. Troy I have to agree I will talk away to most on here and will try to avoid getting into a heated debate with someone.
    But sometimes it just happens because you believe in what your saying, and sometimes I don’t even notice others posting because im in the middle of a debate. But I never expect others to stop there convos because im debating.
    And there is no way I would do owt to hurt this blog, but sometimes the passion causes it, and without that it would become a bit of a happy clappy place.
    With so many different people on here there’s bound to be people that don’t agree with eachother.
    My advice would be for others to just carry on and keep going with their convos while you have others going head to head.
    Advice for debate try to remember that others are trying to work round you’s, try hard to refrain from foul and abusive language, because thats effectinb the others. And IMO the most important one is to refrain from personal abuse as imo when you start that you have allready lost the debate.


  9. Morning boys – see this ones rumbling on.

    I agree with all that is being said, I am a fan of a good debate both actively and reading others.
    But a debate requires the willing input of at least 2 parties and I didn’t see that yesterday, I saw one party wanting to move on and another forcing the issue, which unfortunately turned a valid topic into a bit of a childish point scoring, name calling exercise – and that was the only part I found boring. Other than that I thought that there were some good points made, it was simply how they were made that I think people had the problem with.

    For the record, this isnt having a go at anyone, it’s meant as positive input. πŸ˜‰


  10. Sharpy – totally respect your opinion fella, however I would counter that the other party has portrayed himself as a victim when he got himself into his situation. Post 29 above – the first part is a copy and paste of his words.

    I could do it time and time again, but I will leave it here. But I have learned a lot about the Pootle, he is either a bottler or the real troll – all I have ever done is countered his views. Thereon I find his childish crying as rather pathetic, never did like bullies who play victim once cornered.


  11. why not deploying 4-3-3 formation when we have Dann, Yohan n Cheik

    my lineup against Wolves

    Simpson Williamson Colo Santon

    Cabaye Cheik Danny G

    HBA Ba Jonas
    R Taylor on the bench b’se of match fitness and also Cisse to come in the second half


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