So far the season has fallen into two distinct periods, and in my opinion we are about to enter the third and final phase.

The first 11 games saw us pick up 25 points (2.27ptspg). We had won seven games, drawn four, were unbeaten, scored 17, conceded only eight with four clean sheets. We were third in the table having beaten Sunderland away and having drawn matches with Arsenal and Spurs at home.

The pundits were waiting for the bubble to burst and saying that we had not faced a real test. Our success was built on a hard working side, but also the continuity of picking the same back five with Cheik Tiote and Yohan Cabaye in central midfield in just about every game. Add to that Demba Ba’s eight goals, including two hat-tricks, and it’s no wonder we were doing so well.

Well, whilst the bubble has not burst, we can certainly say that we have been severely tested. Phase two of the season opened with games against Manchester City, Manchester United and Chelsea. A serious injury crisis and players away at the African Cup of Nations. It included a transfer window which thankfully saw no major outgoings and although we signed a new no9 we unfortunately acquired no new defensive resources. So how did we cope?

Played 14, won five, drawn two, lost seven, scored 19, conceded 28 picking up 17 pts (1.21ptspg) and five clean sheets along the way leaving us sitting 6th in the Premier League table.

Given a stated target of top ten, with many fans hoping for best of the rest (eg 7th) we are well on target. Personally given the interviews with Yohan Cabaye and others when they signed in the summer a target of silverware or a place in Europe was implied in the camp.

Well we are still on target. Actually Phase two can be further split, as 6 games at the beginning where we lost four and drew two to a much more respectable five wins and three losses after that. So two points per game even with the ACoN players missing and Yohan Cabaye suspended.

We now have a break for players to recover a little. Our full first team available and a fixture list that means 13 games with trips to Arsenal and Chelsea whilst entertaining Sunderland, Liverpool and Manchester City at St James Park. The only worry is the strength in depth at Centre Back given our performance against Norwich, and the reality that we are ‘best of the rest’ at best with our demolition at Spurs.

So what can we hope for? A return to our invincible start to the season, going unbeaten and averaging 2¼ points per game which would give us a massive 70+ points for the season? Or a continuation of our more modest form of phase two which could give us only 55 points?

To many it will depend upon our Captains availability. Others believe Alan Pardew when he said that he was happy with our defensive cover.

Personally I fully expect a defensive crisis just when we don’t need it. Together with a struggle against the other top sides. I said at the start of the season that I expected at least 55 points as we lost a dozen points from inconsistency last season. I also fully believe the evidence of my own eyes. We are a far better team than last season. So we should get at least 60 points. On top of that we have a new Number 9 and a returning Cheik Tiote and Yohan Cabaye.

My best guess is five wins, five draws, 62 pts and a place in the Europa League.

I look forward to the insights that hindsight will bring.


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  1. 1
    CC says:

    If we can gain momentum and have a bit of luck with injuries/suspensions like the early part of the season who knows where well end up, We took 7 points from arsenal (a) chelsea (a) and liverpool (h) with a weaker team last season and when ive seen them this season they havent looked unbeatable.

    If we can get 6 points from these two home games then we are in a great position to play arsenal with nowt to lose…

  2. 2
    Toon Chicken says:

    Good article Prem. I predicted 61 points before the Villa game and I’m sticking to that.

    I could be wrong but weren’t you talking about kicking on and getting 70+ points a couple of weeks back?

  3. 3
    toonsy says:

    Im not predicting points totals. Im rubbish at it so avoid it :lol:

    Off topic but has anyone seen the official NUFC Facebook pages offering a special deal on St James’ Park signs? Balls of steel man :roll:

  4. 4
    Premandup says:

    Before last two games I was “wanting” “Predicting” Fantisising going unbeatan getting 76 pts. Oh well, That’s why I wrote this see if anybody can do better. :mrgreen: :lol:

  5. 5
    batty says:

    prem i was thinking about the same around 62 points ;-)

  6. 6
    icedog says:

    good read PREM lets hope some stick to the thread ;)
    as they say also points mean pounds too

  7. 7
    wolfie says:

    With the full compliment of players we now have back barring Saylor, I think we can mount a serious push for Europa and make a good fight of a Champions league qualifier spot.
    I wouldn’t like to predict a points total because I’ll scud the team lol but it’s looking healthy for a final push. :grin:

  8. 8
    toonsy says:

    I predict 42 points. That way I’ll not be disappointed :-D

  9. 9
    batty says:

    if we stay injury free and beat 1 of asenal chelski or mancity can see us in europe next season :???:

  10. 10
    batty says:

    Toonsy stop being so negative :smile:

  11. 11
    Thomas hutchinson says:

    I think that most years we seem to die off in the final stages of the season when alot of teams really kick on *cough* Man U, liverpool ect.
    I predict 7th place or 8th at worst.

  12. 12
    Premandup says:

    BTW Toonsy thanks for the work tidying up this article. Is the Beilsa one right length, does it need more?

  13. 13
    wolfie says:

    THOMAS, most years we went to grounds like stoke and such and got tonked but we didn’t this season, so don’t live on the past as this is a new era where this team can surpass all expectations.

  14. 14
    Troy Stavers says:

    Just been past St James . There’s nee graffiti on the wall like. :shock:

  15. 15
    Sharpy17 says:

    17 points in the 2nd phase of the season still isn’t bad considering we played the vast majority of it without our best players.
    If we can finish the season equalling or bettering 17 points I think that puts us in a great position and should see us pushing for that Europe position as I see Liverpool, Chelski and Arsenal dropping points along the way.
    When you look at our remaining fixtures you would think that with the likes of Cabaye, Tiote, Raylor, Ba and Cisse all raring there should be more points to be won than lost.
    Starting with 6 points from our next 2 home games please.

  16. 16
    dan4toon says:

    Like you say Prem, a lot depends on whether Coloccini and even Williamson stay fit but looking at the fixtures we have left with: Sunderland, Stoke, Bolton, Wolves & Norwich at home. Games that we probably should and have been winning this season.

    Add to that Wigan and Westbrom away, that’s a lot of games where with near enough our best team we could take a lot of points from.

    Tell you what I’m glad Donovans leaving Everton, they’ll make there usual end of season push and him leaving takes a little bit away from them.

  17. 17
    Rodzilla says:

    Good read Prem.

    I reckon we’ll be fine once we’ve got our spine back (apart from Taylor).
    I reckon we can get 20-24 pts out of our remaining fixtures, providing we’re nut mugged by injuries or suspensions to key players, which should see us in Europe.

    Sat 25-Feb Wolves (h)
    Sun 04-Mar 12pm mackems (h)
    Mon 12-Mar 8pm Arsenal (a)
    Sat 17-Mar Norwich (h)
    Sun 25-Mar 4pm West Brom (a)
    Sun 01-Apr 1.30pm Liverpool (h)
    Sat 07-Apr Swansea (a)
    Mon 09-Apr Bolton (h)
    Sat 14-Apr Chelsea (a)
    Sat 21-Apr Stoke (h)
    Sat 28-Apr Wigan (a)
    Sat 05-May Man City (h)
    Sun 13-May Everton (a)

    I had been wondering about the Newcastle United I know best though, that’s the inconsistent one who play brilliantly one week then shite the next. However, when we look at our results in the first third of the season there is one constant, and that’s the fact we played with practically the same line-up week in week out. This is obviously the key to us playing out the remainder of the season effectively.

    I’m hoping for no injuries/suspensions, but in all honesty can’t see it happening. I’d love to get to the end of the season with Fatty’s defensive transfer gamble coming off, but it’s definitely a concern.

    No ‘important’ injuries = Europe, for me.

  18. 18
    Rodzilla says:

    Troy, BBC site says it’s been removed.

    Be funny to see how often it gets replaced :lol:

    …they’ll need 24hr security stood there protecting a blank wall.

  19. 19
    Liam Southern Toon says:

    Wonder if it was moreno after yesterdays comments :lol:

  20. 20
    Shamrock says:

    I know Arsenal are looking like they are imploding at the moment, but fact is they are hot on Chelsea’s heels now for that Champs League spot so I think we can see both those clubs up their game for the run-in and break away from us and Liverpool.

    That leaves us fighting Liverpool for 6th. It’s do-able, but we need our defenders fit. Going to be a tough, emotional run-in. A mini slump could also see the Scum sneak up on us, so we need to be consistent.

    HWTL :grin:

  21. 21
    Rodzilla says:

    Liam, I thought that, or the likelihood of someone reading the comments then going out. Both him and Mark were discussing it. :grin:

    …I think they were discussing black paint though. The resulting graffiti was probably someone’s left over white gloss from the garage.

  22. 22
    Shamrock says:

    Sat 25-Feb Wolves (h) – new manager – draw?
    Sun 04-Mar 12pm mackems (h) – on form – draw?
    Mon 12-Mar 8pm Arsenal (a) – chasing Chelsea – loss?
    Sat 17-Mar Norwich (h) – win?
    Sun 25-Mar 4pm West Brom (a) – tough side – draw?
    Sun 01-Apr 1.30pm Liverpool (h) – tough, vital game – draw?
    Sat 07-Apr Swansea (a) – good footballers – win?
    Mon 09-Apr Bolton (h) – fighting relegation – win?
    Sat 14-Apr Chelsea (a) – champ’s lge chasers – loss?
    Sat 21-Apr Stoke (h) – win?
    Sat 28-Apr Wigan (a) – fighting relegation – draw?
    Sat 05-May Man City (h) – chasing title – loss?
    Sun 13-May Everton (a) – tough side – draw?

    Total points 18.
    Season total = 60 points.

  23. 23
    Rodzilla says:

    “..A mini slump could also see the Scum sneak up on us”

    Wash your mouth out Shamrock! :lol:

  24. 24
    Shamrock says:

    Dont like to say it Rodz, but they are one of the form teams in the league since O’Neill arrived! They are 9th now, did not see that coming 2 months ago!

  25. 25
    wolfie says:

    Sunderland are capable of going on a mini slump as well don’t forget, or even a mega slump.
    The Martin O’neil factor has worked but it’s not always sweetness and light. ;-)

  26. 26
    dan4toon says:

    Shamrock, agree with most of them except I think we’ll beat Wolves and Wigan.

  27. 27
    wolfie says:

    SHAMROCK, we were the form team at the start of the season.
    Many teams go on a form sort of run before settling into mediocrity but we have had a mini slump but over all we have been fairly steady.

  28. 28
    Rodzilla says:

    I know what you’re saying Shamrock. Guess it’s just down to our players keeping their focus on getting 3 points every game and not concerning themselves with those below us. The filth have a much tougher run in than us IMO…

  29. 29
    wolfie says:

    Anyone using Spurs as a yard stick to how our season pans out needs to forget it because any team would have fell apart against that display even if they played well…..we didn’t play well but we now have all our quality back and raring to go.
    We have our major enforcers in Tiote and Cabaye, plus Cabaye’s craft and also don;t forget the 2 pronged killer strike force. :grin:

  30. 30
    Premandup says:

    Can’t see only three points from Wolves Makems & West Brom, I’m thinking 7? But then at some point I see us losing our defence and losing 2 o3 3 on the bounce hence the 62.

  31. 31
    Rodzilla says:

    Indeed Mr Wolf.

    Rock on, I say!! :cool:

  32. 32
  33. 33
    Gary Watson says:

    I’m hoping for 21pts. I fully believe we will get 6pts from our next two outings, which will then leave us with the aim of 15pts from our last 11 games. To me, that’s achievable. Home form will be crucial, though, and we must now all play our part in raising the roof even more than we normally do.

  34. 34
    Rodzilla says:

    I had us down for 6pts in our next two games too, Gary. Fired up and out for revenge on :twisted:
    …a point to prove, and 6 there for the taking!

  35. 35
    Rodzilla says:

    *rogue ‘on’ :oops:

  36. 36
    Sharpy17 says:

    Off topic – I know some people see this graffitti thing as funny and a bit of a 2 fingered salute to Ashley and the board.
    But I’m afraid I don’t see it that way. To sound like a total geek, I think it’s just mindless idiotic criminal damage.
    Asides from that, what does it achieve other than to put potentially interested investors off.
    We don’t want SD signage all over the place but who else will want to replace those signs with their own if morons are going to deface the ground with spray paint.
    I understand frustration but that isn’t the answer and I for one don’t like the idea of the toon fans being portrayed as mindless vandals.

  37. 37
    Newkie says:

    Cabaye certainly will be rested after all this…let’s hope he’s not too rusty and that Tiote can fit straight back in, focus on the challenge and play for Europe…

  38. 38
    Troy Stavers says:


    I went past the ground an hour or so ago and there’s definitely no spray paint where the old sign went. There’s no evidence that it’s been cleaned off either.

    Has been on the news or is it not a spoof photo?

  39. 39
    Troy Stavers says:

    Actually just found this;

    A man has been charged after he tagged Newcastle United’s ground with graffiti only hours after the St. James’ Park signs were removed.
    The letters were removed Thursday morning following November’s announcement that the stadium would be renamed the Sports Direct Arena.
    The words “St James” were spread across a wall where a St. James’ Park sign used to be, the white paint was removed this morning by workmen.
    Michael Atkinson, 29, of Hareydene, Newbiggin Hall, Newcastle, was the man charged with criminal damage.
    Derek Llambias, the club’s managing director, has said stadium rebranding could generate up to £10m a year.

  40. 40
  41. 41
    Sharpy17 says:

    Troy – there’s been quite a few reports on it so I just took it as truth, unless it’s on a different part of the ground?!

    I think I just saw something claiming a man has been arrested but haven’t read it yet.

    Even if it is bullshit though, doesn’t do us any good in the grand scheme of things

  42. 42
    Troy Stavers says:

    Aye Rodz . Chicken put that up earlier on the last thread. (chicken aka Michael Atkinson aged 29 from Hareydene) :lol:

  43. 43
    Rodzilla says:

    Sharpy, I don’t condone vandalism, but I still found it quite amusing.
    I doubt it’d put off any potential investors. Nor do I think it stereotypes all Geordies as mindless criminals, but I get your point. To me it’s petty, and that’s why it tickled me.

  44. 44
    Rodzilla says:

    Troy :lol: …TC named and shamed.

  45. 45
    Toon Chicken says:

    Shhh… You ain’t see me, right!! :shock:

  46. 46
    Troy Stavers says:

    Apparently, the perpetrator, Michael Atkinson lived at Hareydene Park but could not spell his full address and missed off the Park. :-/

  47. 47
    JoeSoap says:

    Michael Atkinson, 29, who is unemployed and of Newbiggin Hall, Newcastle, said: ‘I heard that they were taking the sign down at about 3pm yesterday on Facebook. I got so angry at Mike Ashley I couldn’t believe they had waited so long to do this after selling the naming rights last year.

    ‘I couldn’t believe that they were doing it in broad daylight. It seems that whenever the club is doing well on the pitch, Ashley just kicks us fans in the knackers.
    ‘It’s such an iconic name, and Ashley is just out to promote his own business. People on Facebook were saying someone should go and put a new sign on the stadium once it had been taken down and I thought why not.

    ‘I had a few cans of lager in the house, I’d had eight cans of Fosters, so at that point I decided I was going to make a stand and speak for all Newcastle fans.’

    He was arrested at the scene.

    A police spokesman said: ‘A 1.57am today (Friday) a man was arrested on suspicion of causing criminal damage after a wall was spray painted at the Newcastle United ground.

    Michael added: ‘I couldn’t believe how quiet the place was. I thought they would have loads of security making sure no-one did anything to the ground. I knew I was going to get arrested for what I was about to do, but I didn’t care.

    Read more:

  48. 48
    Sharpy17 says:

    Rod – as long as it ends at that and doesn’t encourage other fuckwits to do similar or worse.

    I certainly can’t see it encouraging sponsorship can you?!

    And trust me, stupid acts like this do tar us all with the same brush .. or tin of spray paint on this case :lol:

  49. 49
    JoeSoap says:

    I got so angry at Mike Ashley I couldn’t believe they had waited so long to do this after selling the naming rights last year…………………….Sounds like Michael was agitated his namesake was taking too long over the re-naming so thought he would do it himself like :smile:

  50. 50
    Troy Stavers says:





  51. 51
    Troy Stavers says:

    Who said that?

  52. 52
    Toon Chicken says:

    ‘I had a few cans of lager in the house, I’d had eight cans of Fosters, so at that point I decided I was going to make a stand and speak for all Newcastle fans.’


    Love the way eejuts like this think they’re speaking for ALL Toon fans! :roll:

  53. 53
    JoeSoap says:

    Troy reading your interpretation of written cockney looks more like Kevin & Perry after a trip to manchester :oops:

  54. 54
    Rodzilla says:

    Sharpy@48, of course it won’t ‘encourage’ sponsorship, but graffiti happens everywhere. This one’s been nipped in the bud straight away and broadcasted in the media, warning anyone else they’ll just get caught and punished. I can’t see it being a regular occurrence.

    As far as being tarred with the same brush though, there’ll always be stereotypical prejudice for us thick Geordies. My mam had to forcibly lose her Geordie accent for job interviews in the ’80s because of its connotations to people outside the north east. I think it’s still generally viewed the same way, although the emphasis nowadays is on its ‘friendly’ sounding nature rather than low intellect, and probably why a lot of call centres staff people with our accent.

    (apologies for deviating away from the thread) :oops:

    …reet, gotta go, laters…….. :cool:

  55. 55
    Troy Stavers says:

    Chicken I thought it was you? :lol:

  56. 56
    Troy Stavers says:


    Fair do’s. :lol:

  57. 57
    Troy Stavers says:


    Actually, that could be Mike and Derek’s new names. Kevin and Perry! :lol:

  58. 58
  59. 59
    Troy Stavers says:

    Anyway, the final third.

    More of the same and barring injuries I see no reason why not.

    There’s going to be a slight drop in standards as Saylor made a big difference in the early stages but overall if we keep the rest fit then a Euro spot of some kind should be the target.

  60. 60
    Troy Stavers says:

    I can’t believe Kevin and Perry have come out and said the advertising hoardings cost £10m to make. :-0

  61. 61
    Sharpy17 says:

    Speak for yourself (and ya mam) Rod my boy ;-) :lol:

  62. 62
    Troy Stavers says:

    Just a quick one, off topic.

    I’ve bought an outboard motor and rubber dinghy.

    The problem I’ve got is that there’s no board on the back of the dinghy to attach the motor.

    I took it doon the Tyne the other day to test it oot. I had to stand in the boat holding the 20hp motor in the water. At one point, the only thing holding me to the boat were my toes as I was fully stretched out in the water clinging onto the motor.

    Any ideas anyone? Can I glue or nail a plywood board to the back of the dinghy? :-/

  63. 63
    Pootle says:

    I agree with Shamrock @ 20

    Fingers crossed that if there is any kind of a slump It’s just a mini one.

  64. 64
    Troy Stavers says:


    Just whilst it’s quiet. You mentioned you aren’t a Geordie in an earlier post. Where you from and what made you start supporting the Toon?

  65. 65
    Sharpy17 says:

    Troy – what you shouldn’t do is cut 2 holes in the bottom to allow you to kick ya legs and propell yourself that way mate. Fred Flinstone got away with it on his motor but I reckon you may not be as fortunate :oops:

  66. 66
    kimtoon says:

    Rode@54- It could be worse , we all get called farmers where i come from! :lol:

  67. 67
    Troy Stavers says:


    I will take your advice on board fella. ;-)

    My mate reckons I spent too much on the outboard motor £1500 and not enough on the dinghy £25.

    It’s frightening like, travelling at 30 knots with your nose skimming the surface, holding into a motor whilst clinging onto the boat with your toes!

  68. 68
    kimtoon says:

    ROD NOT RODE :oops:

  69. 69
    kimtoon says:

    pretty sure we’ll manage 60+ points this season. They better beat Wolves on the 25th as it’s my birthday on the 28th and i really don’t ask for much just a win :lol:
    Is it true Cisse away for Scum game ,he’s only just got here :evil:

  70. 70
    Troy Stavers says:

    RODE ROD NOT :-/

  71. 71
    Troy Stavers says:

    The question everyone wants to now Kim, have you rode rod or not. ??

  72. 72
    wolfie says:

    Aye , I bet that clown who pained St James on the wall must be right proud of himself putting back the name to it’s original .
    He must be one of those lads who felt Ashley is defacing the club and ruining it’s heritage, so what does he do?…..he goes and defaces the stadium, now how’s that for keeping the heritage eh lol

  73. 73
    kimtoon says:

    Troy@71 -I think you know the answer to that.

  74. 74
    wolfie says:

    painted not pained lol although his fine will be a nice pain in his arse. ;-)

  75. 75
    icedog says:

    KIMTOON@69 aye mate called up for friendly but not ba,they have new coach :evil:

  76. 76
    Troy Stavers says:


    His heart was in the right place, it’s just his head was on back to front.

    It takes people like that to change the world. I liken him to Emily Davison who jumped I front of the Kings horse at the Derby and assisted the government to change their minds and grant women the vote .

    Hail, Michael Atkinson. ;-)

  77. 77
    Troy Stavers says:

    In 3012, schools in the North East will be taught about Michael Atkinson in the same breath as Michael Angelo. :lol:

  78. 78
    Troy Stavers says:

    Kids in school rather••••••

  79. 79
    MDS says:

    I hope they lock the bum up for disrespecting our club’s proud history ;-)

  80. 80
    B1GSTEVE says:

    We might have to play the makemslayer then. tbf if there was one game to play shola in it is that one.

  81. 81
    Gary Watson says:

    Cisse isn’t available?!! How on earth can an international friendly be valued as more important than a derby game which could still potentially make or break our season?!!

    At the risk of upsetting Cisse I would simply demand he stays. He’s our no.9 for God’s sake!

  82. 82
    B1GSTEVE says:

    I’d rather he was coming on as a late impact sub tho

  83. 83
    batty says:

    mds @ 80 aye agree hope they lock fatty up and throw away the key :lol: the bum

  84. 84
    MDS says:

    Batty :lol:

    @82. I’m actually surprised the club are letting him go

  85. 85
    Rodzilla says:

    Troy@77, if his head is on back to front that would explain the awful brush strokes and bad letter forms. I would question how he managed to get caught though, literally having eyes in the back of his head :shock:

    (strictly speaking they’d still be at the front of his head, but his head is on backwards)

  86. 86
    Troy Stavers says:


    I agree. He’s just played in a tournament for them. I can only assume he’s got it in his contract otherwise I’m sure the club would have made representations.

  87. 87
    MDS says:

    Regardless, it’s poor form by Senegal. Usually when nations have these non-int’ break friendlies they only invite fringe or youth players

  88. 88
    Big Dave says:

    Troy I would try a 5hp outboard, it wouldn’t pull you out as much. Or you could try glueing a board on the back try liquid nails etc.

  89. 89
    Troy Stavers says:

    Apparently he’s been oot raving with Rotary Vests and Derek Owl Heed.

    Heedo taught him how to do 360’s with his napper whilst stacking shelves and feeding the hens, oh and painting the walls. :shock:

  90. 90
    kimtoon says:

    Ice@76-Can’t work that out .How can they be allowed to take him for a meaningless friendly when we are paying his wages and as gary said he’s our new no.9. Really not happy about that ,jesus MON is one lucky manager, was so looking forward to unleashing the Demba boys on em . :evil: Damn sure sir Alex wouldn’t let that happen if he was at Manure, can’t we just tell em to go forth and multiply? :evil:

  91. 91
    Troy Stavers says:

    @Big Dave

    Cheers fella. Taken on board. ;-)

    I’ve had to put a 50kg anchor on the front to counterbalance the motor. The trouble is, it’s that heavy the water is lapping over the sides.

    I wasnt expecting these problems like. :-)

  92. 92
    icedog says:

    senagal say they have the right to call up both cissie and ba,but dont want to take both strikers from us at this time and are useing a few fringe players how bloody kind of them ffs,they have dropped sow as well :evil:

  93. 93
    batty says:

    Troy i think you will do a lot better with a hand whisk ;-)

  94. 94
    Troy Stavers says:


  95. 95
    icedog says:

    think they dropped sow as hes just signed for a turkish team and know what the turks would have told them,talk about saveing face ffs

  96. 96
    EvilFranky says:

    Ermmm Cisse’s friendly is played on Wednesday the 29th Feb, 4 days before the Mackems.

  97. 97
    Rodzilla says:

    aye Franky, it’s midweek between Wolves and the mackems. I’d like to think we’d have him for both games. I don’t know when they’re planning on flying him out or back though. :???:

  98. 98
    Pootle says:

    I am a Geordie, born and bred!!!!!!
    I live 2 miles from St James’ at the minute. I work less than a mile from the CheapTat Arena!!!!!

    Lived in the Newcastle area all my life apart from a few brief periods in my youth.

    Are you mixed up because I mentioned that in the 80’s I was a bit of a Denver Broncos fan too???

  99. 99
    dan4toon says:

    Cissé will probably get back on Thursday night and with the game not until Sunday that should give him enough time to be alright.

  100. 100
    Newkie says:

    Yeah that’s ridiculous if he’s missing out :| Still, I guess we’d rather lose him than Demba ba? Or maybe its to keep him happy…still, that’s kinda, pandering to him really..Huge game against the Scum, if they won they’d not be far off overtaking us :???:

  101. 101
    EvilFranky says:

    Rod – Can’t see it being an issue myself. If we start well against Wolves and get a couple of goals he can come off early so isn’t completely knackered. Go away on the Monday/Tuesday, play Wednesday (but secretly not try very hard), then fly back Thursday for a nice easy Friday and Saturday, get to St James on Sunday to kick the mackems arses.

  102. 102
    belter99 says:

    Hope the players don’t start getting too far ahead of themselves. All they need to do is concentrate on the next game and staying 3, potentially 6 points ahead of the scouse. Hows your neck Caroll looking up :lol:

  103. 103

    the person who done that spray paint has cost the club prob any future sponser hope peeps like troy are very proud of themselfs :twisted:

  104. 104
    icedog says:

    DAN the games in africa its not a one hour flight, ever had jet lag?give the lad a chance

  105. 105
    Troy Stavers says:


    Sorry fella. I thought I had posted you weren’t a Geordie.


    I’m just posting the opposite views of Wolfie . My extreme examples are on the opposite side of the extreme scale as Wolfies.

    We can both play that game. If I’m a WUM then Wolfie is not far behind. :razz:

  106. 106
    wolfie says:

    TOONARMYELITE, it just makes me laugh how a so called fan can do that to the wall at the stadium making it look absolutely shit and then spout off about Ashley defacing the club.

    I honestly cannot get my head around some fans. I mean that lad who done it, thinks he’s some kind of hero.

    It brings back a story my Grandad told me when I was 3…luckily I remembered it..

    Story continues in the next post. :grin:

  107. 107

    you 1 of them peeps puts ya mouth in gear before connecting to ya brain :evil:

  108. 108
    Toon Chicken says:

    Ice – Senegal is the same time zone as us so jet lag won’t come into. He’ll be tired but am sure he’ll be flying first class so can grab some kip on the plane.

  109. 109
    Toon Chicken says:

    into it

  110. 110
    CC says:


    Im fairly sure theres no time delay between senegal and england… :?: :???:

  111. 111

    how many more times you going to tell that dingy story with the out board motor not the 1st time you said it :???:

  112. 112
    Troy Stavers says:


    You surprise me. You must show me how to put your photo at the end of your post. Very, very clever.

  113. 113
    Big Dave says:

    TAE the club had no intention of selling the name. And if it wasn’t for that guy having the balls to make a stand and show his disgust, and that he had a backbone.
    We would be under a dictatorship where everyone was expected to just roll on their back and take whatever was thrown their way.

  114. 114
    Troy Stavers says:

    Its dinghy not dingy.

  115. 115

    do every 1 a favour attach that outboard motor to ya neck and throw it over board mate :lol:

  116. 116
    Stardust says:

    February 17, 2012 at 15:51

    ” lent the club 150mn interest free and all he asked for in return was to put a few signs up?”

    Ha ha ha ha ha.
    Couldn’t let this one go.

    He ‘lent’ us that money only to prevent himself from paying interest to the bank. He loaned ‘us’ the money to help himself. Not out of the kindness of his heart or because he loves us.
    He did it because he thought he could make a quick buck by out manoeuvering Shepherd when he was ill.
    If he had done due diligence (a mistake he has made more than once) and found out about Newcastles debt its entirely possible he wouldn’t have bought us in the first place.

    It’s a shame some one with such a *massive* (self proclaimed, obviously) intellect as yours seems to have wasted his entire life becoming the worst internet troll the world has ever seen.

    Best thing is I hated Shepherd as a chairman from the moment he got stung by the News of the World along with his mate Dougie.
    But I bet you were one of those people that was clapping like a hungry seal when he bought Owen.

    This is the last time I will respond to your off topic trolling Stardust.
    Feel free to *amusingly* change my name as much as you wish, sad little uber-troll.

    ONTO Pittleflaps argument “Newcastles debt its entirely possible he wouldn’t have bought us in the first place”

    Agreed, but the omission of it shows it was not an investment per-se. More of a lifestyle investment. Which should give you comfort not cause you angst.

    Your venturing into my areas of comfortableness Pittle, suggest you stay out :shock: or you may end up looking silier than you already are. (if thats possible)

    Has it not dawned on you that the only scenarios are possible re the lending of 150mn.

    Bank borrowing at a time the world collapsed was A) almost impossible and B) expensive as rates quoted at some stages 10 points over LIBOR 3 month rates for medium term lending.

    If he had driven through the bank borrowing, the only way of paying off the interest alone was player sales, far more agressive than we had seen. Yet still the company would have retained a value.

    During the time he placed in his 150mn he would have been better off, at the time of cash being king, of reinvesting in into various markets that were cash starved and generated vast returns.

    In reality he would have financially of been better off to let NUFC rot and invest elsewhere – he didnt. Which again to the informed tells them what they need to know.

    So in effect it cost Ashley a huge amount in opportunity cost and ROI for that period, and its still costing him. But you wont choose to see that will you Pittle – you will just choose to hate.

    I wont wait for a reply- youre out of your depth fella.

  117. 117
    Troy Stavers says:

    Ooops. I thought you were called Toon Army Lite. Hence the TAL.

    Like a cheaper version of the real Toon Army.

    A sort of home guard. :razz:

  118. 118

    what really makes me laugh is you call ma jabba aint it lmao sort of thing i used to say when i was at school,if thats a picture of yourself mate looks like you could do with sheding a few pounds yourself mate :lol:

  119. 119
    Rodzilla says:

    Au contraire Troy, I reckon TAE was referring to your story as squalid and dull ;-)

  120. 120
    Troy Stavers says:


    There’s nothing sillier than calling someone sillier but spelling it silier. You don’t half look silly now Gulper eel. :razz:

  121. 121
    Troy Stavers says:


    that is a picture of my Grandad, the great late Les Kellet, world wrestling champion 1967. Those trunks are worn by me daily and never washed. :shock:


    I think I’ve told that story before as well. ;-)

  122. 122
    wolfie says:

    I remember sat on Granda’s knee and he said” right little davey, I’m taking you down to the Barbers to have your little head of hair trimmed.”

    As we approached the Barbers, my Granda said” you see that gleaming shop little Davey” and I’d say,” wow yea, Granda”……well actually I didn’t quite say it like that, I actually said ” row Yeth Glangda” , the reason why I said it like this was because he had popped a Worthers original in my mouth at the time. :grin:

    Anyway, he said ” do you see the sign above the Barbers Davey lad” and I said “yeth Glangda” and he would say, ” well son, years ago, it was called Jim the Barber and everyone used to come here even though the facilities were a bit outdated.”

    He then said, ” now the sign above it says Mario’s Unisex salon but we always call it Jims”

    I said ” guck why Glangda, ith iss cold Mayiyo’s” and he would say, ” it’s because that’s all we have known it as son and old habits die hard but young lads and lasses like you will know it as Marios but will remember it used to be called Jims, simply because you will remember me and others telling you.”

    I never forgot what Glangda….I mean Granda said and I think I understand what he means now that something similar is happening at our club and I suppose as time moves on, things do change but older folk never forget.

    I think it’s called moving with the times.
    I learned a lot of Granda. :grin:

  123. 123
    Stardust says:

    And Troy – youve used your outboard story before – very sad :cool:

  124. 124
    Rodzilla says:

    Troy@121, yeah you have mate, but I kept schtum ;-)

  125. 125
    Rodzilla says:

    Hooman Stardy, thems my sunglasses, gizum back! :shock:

  126. 126
    Troy Stavers says:

    At Wolfie.

    My neighbour used to sit me on his knee as well.
    I don’t know why I never got to the bottom of that. :shock:

  127. 127
    wolfie says:

    TROY, I think your neighbour might have been very rude. :shock:

  128. 128
    Troy Stavers says:


    My Grandad used to tell me that prestige can’t be bought. It’s like Buckingham Palace. History and prestige.

    Tourists travel from all over the world to see it.

    I look at Anfield, Old Trafford, the Nou Camp as great stadiums with history. They are their original stadiums. I would be outraged if their names were changed nevermind SJP.

    You are the equivalent of Mr Newcastle, T. Dan Smith, in the 1960’s who knocked down historical Georgian buildings to make way for the 60’s tower blocks and concrete monstrosities that they were replaced with. That history can never be replaced and Newcastle lost a huge part of its character, all in the name of progress.

    Where are those concrete buildings now. ?
    Knocked down or eyesores in our city.

    Progress? Me thinks not. Something’s don’t have a price. :shock:

  129. 129
    wolfie says:

    Well TROY. I have a little question for you.

    If these grounds hold so much sentimentality and heritage and such, then why are Arsenal playing at the Emirates and not Highbury.

  130. 130

    WOLFIE@129 :lol:

  131. 131
    Troy Stavers says:


    One big flaw in your explanation.

    I know you are clueless so that’s where your theory turns to mulch. :razz:

    You miss the whole point. Ashley shat in his own pants by throwing all his toys out the bath and had nothing left to play with other than his tadger.

    As a result he got us relegated. And in the fine words of Jabba himself, ” I got it wrong and I’ve fallen woefully short in running this club”

    It was his own fault he had to use his own money cos he caused the problem.

    Forget about that Gulper eel ? :lol:

  132. 132

    TROY STAVERS i got brought up to learn when you start name calling you have already lost the argument :lol:

  133. 133
    Troy Stavers says:


    You ask Arsenal fans whether they would prefer Highbury being extended and still called Highbury or moving to the soulless Emirates.

    You know the answer.

    We are one of the few clubs lucky enough to be able to retain our heritage. Arsenal must be so envious. Or rather, they are probably laughing their tits off at us now.

    A name change and we are getting zilch for it.

  134. 134
    Troy Stavers says:


    Youre a wizard at it . You are that good I can’t even see you doing it. Now that’s magic. :razz:

  135. 135
    Troy Stavers says:

    Sorry TAE

    I pressed the keys without engaging my brain. :shock:

  136. 136
    batty says:

    Troy @ 126 :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

  137. 137
    Stardust says:

    Think this blog should be called “Troys r”

  138. 138
    Troy Stavers says:

    I was going to ask Wolfie whether he’s forgot to answer my Arsenal question but he’s probably half way thru writing an essay for a reply. :lol:

  139. 139
    batty says:

    stardy get back to the diy havent you got some windows to put in or sumit :?:

  140. 140
    Troy Stavers says:


    You still hiding from my points I raised about Jabba causing the debt to be increased massively by throwing all his toys out the bath in one go. Milner, Zoggy, Given., KK .

    He openly admitted to the press he fell woefully short as an owner at running the club.

    Please answer or has the dog chewed your fingers? :lol:

  141. 141
    Troy Stavers says:


    He’s struggling with his texting and keyboard technique as he wondered if he would get an electric shock if he put his fingers in a wall socket.

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

  142. 142
    Troy Stavers says:

    Right . I better disappear for a bit to allow others to post.

    I’m sure Wolfie will be straight back on once I’m away. Pity he couldn’t answer my question when I was here. :roll:

  143. 143
    wolfie says:


    My Granda went to see a good friend of his who was having trouble with his plumbing business and employed 30 plumbers but he was struggling so bad that he was borrowing money after money to keep it afloat and trying to keep his men in work.

    My granda who wasn’t short of money asked what was wrong and his mate said ” well Norris ( my Granda’s name), I’m gonna have to sell up as I can’t keep this firm running as I’m losing money after money and the banks are saying no joy when I go cap in hand and I just want a quick sale so I can get my head right”

    My Granda took a chance and bought his mates firm on the shale of a hand and decided to pour some money into it immediately out of his own pocket to pay the bills and workers and such, only to realise that many large companies were owed obscene amounts of money from materials and such that his mate had gotten on the never never.

    Granda mulled over this and realised that the handshake was tainted but he’d bought the company and now he had to make it work for him, so he paid all the debts off from his own pocket and decided that although it would take a long time to recoup, he wouldn’t charge interest on his own personal lending to his company.

    As time went on, he realised that many of the workers he inherited just weren’t up to the job and some weren’t even turning up for work or turning up late and not putting the required effort in.

    Before he had time to get the firm in order, it sank really low, losing customers left right and centre with shoddy workmanship and the mere mention of the companies name was met with laughter.

    My Granda decided that he would identify all the slackers and one by one replace them with competent workers and using what was left of his exis ting good workers to instill a mentality in them to drag this firm out of the mire and gain the trust of the customers by being efficient and also giving them a discount.

    It took time but my Granda managed to get the firm actually making money and most of the work force were well happy, although some thought they were bigger than his firm and asked him for high wage rises but he dealt swiftly with them and sent them packing, replacing them with keen lads that came because they wanted to help Granda achieve his dream of having a firm that can go up against the best.

    Granda decided to push the boat out and advertise his firm so everyone could see it and make sure no one would forget the name, even if it became irritating, because he knew that if it irritates and people talk about it, then the message is getting across and people won’t forget the name.

    Granda has a few businesses and each of his businesses names are plastered over each of his Vans and everything is going great.

    He did change the name of his headquarters( Rothbury park plumbing) though which was situated on rothbury park “Granda’s plumbing is working” and things seem to be going from strength to strength.

    He’s some Geezer is my Granda and make no mistake. :grin:

  144. 144

    TROY STAVERS you mean a bit like the way you ducked my question yesterday eh lmao :lol:

  145. 145
    Moreno says:

    Fancy that boy getting caught. Amateur!

  146. 146

    WOLFIE ya granda sounds a really cool geezer to me lmao :lol:

  147. 147
    Troy Stavers says:


    That neighbour of mine used to take me in the back of his works van and bounce me on his knee.
    I never got to the bottom of why he took me in his works van as well. :shock:

    So are you going to answer my question? :razz:

    At TAE

    Are you hanging onto Wolfie shirt tails? Careful mind, his Granda might bounce you on his knee. :razz:

  148. 148
    NorCal Toonfan says:

    Ok, I am not going to take sides, but love comedy when I see it…Troy’s comment @ 138 was kind of proven by Wolfie @ 143.

    Keep going gents…slow day at work and I have time to read today.

  149. 149
    wolfie says:

    Aye mate, he’s the bees knees is my Granda. :grin:

    TROY , you didn’t ask me a question, you said “ask the Arsenal fans if they prefer Highbury”The point is, they seem happy enough in the Emirates. I didn’t see anyone spray paint Highbury on the Emirates.

    Do you think they moved to the Emirates because it was perfect to accomodate more fans?

    High rise buildings and such accommodate more people who otherwise would be living in shanty town corrugated housing right next to old ruins :grin:

  150. 150

    TROY STAVERS what you mean like you and big dave for instants lmao :lol: attacted at the hip you 2 are lmao :lol:

  151. 151
    Troy Stavers says:


    I’m sure 25k fans are delighted they moved to the Emirates. They couldn’t get into Highbury.
    Pretty obvious why they moved really.
    But as I said, if you asked them whether they would have preferred to turn Highbury into a modern stadium and kept it as Highbury I’m sure they would.
    Ask your Granda. :razz:


    You be careful fella. Make sure you are never alone with Granda Wolfie. He seems a bit over friendly. :lol:

  152. 152

    TROY STAVERS i allready figured im wasting me breath here, dont think you ever ganna be able to see the woods, cause of them trees in the way :lol: enjoyed the banter :lol: try be a bit more postive in the future mate :lol:

  153. 153
    Troy Stavers says:


    I call it being realistic

    You keep those fuzzy wuzzy feelings going fella. :razz:

  154. 154
    Troy Stavers says:

    I knew a lad who always thought good things would happen in his life. He was so positive.

    He knocked over by a bus. :-(

  155. 155
    Troy Stavers says:

    I have an uneasy feeling Wolfie is writing another loooooong tale about his Granda. :shock:

  156. 156
    wolfie says:

    I knew a lad that was so negative about getting knocked over by a bus that he didn’t go out .
    A bus crashed into his house while he was reading a pessimists guide to the optimists world and he was knocked over.
    Strange how things happen isn’t it. :grin:

  157. 157
    TOONARMYELITE says: looks like we can cross hoilett off our summer shoping list :sad:

  158. 158

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