Wielding the axe on the Newcastle United squad

Surplus to requirements?
Now I know the January window only closed last month but as you can probably guess by now, I like talking about transfers.

Only a few months ago I was thinking to myself that we don’t need to do a lot this summer with our team pretty much set, but when I took a closer look at it that wasn’t the case.

If we scratch at the surface we will see quite a number of players whose contract is running out or they are surplus to requirements by the club. Danny Guthrie, Steve Harper, Peter Lovenkrands and Alan Smith are all coming to the end of their contracts and apart from Guthrie I would be very surprised if the others were offered new deals. At least not playing contracts anyway…

Then there are players who will be no longer wanted; Nile Ranger, Xisco, Fraser Forster (and in my opinion of what Alan Pardew will do) Dan Gosling and Leon Best.

Now regarding our starting XI, there is always the worry that we will sell one of big hitters but with a strong finish in the league and the signing of Papiss Cissé, it will hopefully persuade the Tiote’s, Krul’s and Ba’s of this world to stay.

One player in our starting XI who is vulnerable though is Danny Simpson, Alan Pardew has already said that there is a contract offer on the table and if he doesn’t sign it, he will be sold and replacement will be found.

Now that is ten players we could easily be losing come the summer, granted not of them have played this season but its still a lot of players from the first team squad.

Add that to the fact ten or so reserve team players including Phil Airey and Ryan Donaldson have been told to find new clubs as well at the end of the season, that is a lot of players who will need replacing.

That is why I think we will see quite a few free transfers arriving, with the likes of Nathaniel Clyne, Junior Hoilett, Hugo Rodaellga all being linked with potential moves.

The main difference I would like to see next season with our squad is to have a balanced one. On pure numbers we have a fairly decent sized squad but it’s unbalanced. If we were to swap a couple of our central midfielders for centre-halves though we would be just about there.

This summer, providing we can keep our better players, will be all about recruiting higher quality squad players so we will have genuine quality throughout the squad and so the starting XI can’t pick itself – especially if we get Europe!

What are your thoughts?

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90 thoughts on “Wielding the axe on the Newcastle United squad

  1. I would like to see Pieters, Douglas, the Belgian lad from Ajax, Hoillett, Barnetta, Redmond, Rhodes, Rodellaga and a CM come on, not saying all of these players but most would be nice 😉 😆


  2. We need a good FB, CB, LW, RW, CDM and a young, hungry ST. No big players out and those players in and we will be a genuine challenger for Europe with the squad to cope hopefully. The wingers could be less important if we go to a system that plays three forwards but they are a must for 4-4-2.


  3. ” lent the club 150mn interest free and all he asked for in return was to put a few signs up?”

    Ha ha ha ha ha.
    Couldn’t let this one go.

    He ‘lent’ us that money only to prevent himself from paying interest to the bank. He loaned ‘us’ the money to help himself. Not out of the kindness of his heart or because he loves us.
    He did it because he thought he could make a quick buck by out manoeuvering Shepherd when he was ill.
    If he had done due diligence (a mistake he has made more than once) and found out about Newcastles debt its entirely possible he wouldn’t have bought us in the first place.

    It’s a shame some one with such a *massive* (self proclaimed, obviously) intellect as yours seems to have wasted his entire life becoming the worst internet troll the world has ever seen.

    Best thing is I hated Shepherd as a chairman from the moment he got stung by the News of the World along with his mate Dougie.
    But I bet you were one of those people that was clapping like a hungry seal when he bought Owen.

    This is the last time I will respond to your off topic trolling Stardust.
    Feel free to *amusingly* change my name as much as you wish, sad little uber-troll.


  4. Pittleflaps “Newcastles debt its entirely possible he wouldn’t have bought us in the first place”

    Agreed, but the omission of it shows it was not an investment per-se. More of a lifestyle investment. Which should give you comfort not cause you angst.

    Your venturing into my areas of comfortableness Pittle, suggest you stay out 😯 or you may end up looking silier than you already are. (if thats possible)


  5. Pittleflaps

    Has it not dawned on you that the only scenarios are possible re the lending of 150mn.

    Bank borrowing at a time the world collapsed was A) almost impossible and B) expensive as rates quoted at some stages 10 points over LIBOR 3 month rates for medium term lending.

    If he had driven through the bank borrowing, the only way of paying off the interest alone was player sales, far more agressive than we had seen. Yet still the company would have retained a value.

    During the time he placed in his 150mn he would have been better off, at the time of cash being king, of reinvesting in into various markets that were cash starved and generated vast returns.

    In reality he would have financially of been better off to let NUFC rot and invest elsewhere – he didnt. Which again to the informed tells them what they need to know.

    So in effect it cost Ashley a huge amount in opportunity cost and ROI for that period, and its still costing him. But you wont choose to see that will you Pittle – you will just choose to hate.

    I wont wait for a reply- youre out of your depth fella.


  6. LOL – frigging hell Roy – that was a blast from the past! Forgot you used to reckon that was me – where’d that come from? Bit leftfield but very funny!


  7. is this a debate about our squad which needs improving, or is it a bitchy site for you kids to slag each off?? you all seem to know each on the outside world, so why dont you use your mobiles???
    i was new to this site, but now i am leaving, had enough of the constant slagging off of each other, when we are suppose to be debating our beloved NUFC.
    if you go back a few articles, its the same people who reply all the time!!! other new people like myself, prob come on, have a look at the shit which you reply each other, then log off!! use this site for what its meant for, not to send your personnel messages!! laters 😥


  8. @dan4toon very well thought out mate, agree with ya that there are a fair few football talents coming on the market free this summer, just hope nufc at the front of the queue for some of them, can see us geting rid of up to 12 to 14 players this summer if the clubs transfer plans go to plan 😆


  9. Can also see some class players coming up for sale also, if the press are to be believed, with claims of 9 clubs going bust, some in the premership.


  10. guthrie willo perch simmo lovenkrands strolla smith must be cleared out in the summer if the toon are to move to the next level plus the the fringe players who do not look as if they can step up to the first team six quality signings and the alleged crop of potential first teamers of the future that we are lining up and who knows where we could end up


  11. ‘If we were to swap a couple of our central midfielders for centre-halves though we would be just about there.’

    You think we can reduce the number of central midfielders we have? I assume you didn’t see the spurs game.


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