Ignorance is bliss

Merson can stay silent for all I care
Isn’t it just what we’ve always wanted? The pundits are not talking about us for a change and yet some supporters seem unable to accept this.

Surely we should be grateful that Paul Merson and Co can’t be bothered to talk about Newcastle United as serious contenders for Europe and ignore our sixth place standing in the Premier League at the moment?

For a start, as soon as the pundits mention Newcastle United and Europe in the same sentence the words “don’t stand a chance of making it” will probably also be thrown into the sentence, which would just get on our nerves and have us ranting about the Southern media again. Another major benefit is, of course, that it will keep pressure off the players who can just go about their business and try to win each match that comes.

Even if the media begin to talk good of Newcastle and their prospects of getting into Europe next season, this will just put more pressure on the club as supporters, and maybe even the players themselves will start to believe the hype. We have been guilty in the past of putting to much pressure on our own players, and we certainly don’t need that again. Things have gone well this season, and long may we continue in that fashion.

Personally I believe it’s been clear for all to see what pressure can do the players that are expected to deliver European football or maybe even league titles. Chelsea look a shadow of their former selves and despite still being in the mix, the team that was always regarded as being a top four side now find that position under serious threat from the teams below, whereas Arsenal also don’t appear to be as strong as they once were and without the excellent goalscoring form of Robin van Persie, their League position could be a lot lower than it currently is, I wouldn’t go as far as calling Arsenal a one man team but he has certainly bailed them out so far this season.

Then of course there is world conquering Liverpool, the club which has spent hundreds of millions in the last couple of seasons find themselves seventh in the league table at the moment, and I would dare say if Kenny Dalglish was not in charge, the supporters would be putting a lot more pressure on their side to push into the top four, because to be fair, with the money they have spent, they are underachieving in the league this season.

So I for one will be happy enough for the Sky Sports and BBC football pundits to just keep talking about their favourite clubs while overlooking our teams achievements so far this season. Many haven’t give Alan Pardew and the players the credit they deserve so why would they start now? Lets just look after ourselves and see what can be achieved by our overlooked club.

Because when the mighty are struggling and looking weak, our pack of hungry animals could emerge from the media shadows and deliver the fatal blow, and wouldn’t that just be sweet?

May the media silence continue.

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189 thoughts on “Ignorance is bliss

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  8. We have a great chance to push for 4th, the 3 teams around us have a mass of fixtures and we should be positive and take advantage. In regards to 433 it looks very good paper but Ba has hot many of his goals outside the 6 yard area, I think we should aim to use this formation next season with practice.


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