How does Tim Krul stack up against the rest?

Since Newcastle United arrived in the Premier League in 1993, there really is only one goalkeeper that springs to mind.

Shay Given made 462 appearances in his 12 year illustrious stint at ST JAMES’ PARK, earning him the very worthy title of one of NUFC’s all time best ‘keepers.

During the Premier League era, personnel such as Pavel Srnicek, Shaka Hislop, Steve Harper and Mike Hooper have donned the No. 1 shirt at Newcastle, but none have ever shown the quality, consistency and ability that Given brought.

Recently though, a young Dutchman by the name of Tim Krul has started making quite a name for himself. 60 appearances now for the black & whites in all competitions since arriving for ADO Den Haag in 2005. Loan spells at Falkirk and Carlise helped to identify the real talents of the Under-21 international, before shifts in place of Steve Harper last season brought the qualities of the ‘keeper to fruition.

Krul has now earned himself the stature of NUFC’s number one goal keeper this season, but further to that, there are fans outside of the North East exclaiming of Krul’s performance in goal this season. Talk of big moves, first in January but now in the summer, continue to escalate, showing how big an impression the young Dutchman has made in his short time in the Premier League.

NUFC_Stats looked at the numbers over Krul’s Premier League appearances and compared him with past and present goalkeeping greats.

Top 7

Krul and the other top 7 'keepers

From the GK’s currently occupying the top 7 Premier League spots, there’s only Joe Hart and Brad Freidel that have pulled off more saves per game than Tim Krul at present, although he does concede the most goals per match.

When it comes to clean sheets, again there are only 3 of those ‘top’ goalkeepers who better Krul – 9 clean sheets is not a bad return at all, especially when you consider the defensive woes NUFC has suffered this season and the fact that only 8 clean sheets were kept in the entirety of last season.

Krul and the other top 7 'keepers - attributes

The Newcastle stopper pushes the least percentage of the shots he receives wide but is ‘up there’ when it comes to catching them. As with most of the league’s top ‘keepers, he rarely ‘fumbles’ the ball and he tends to ‘parry’ the ball an average amount in comparison.

For ‘punches’ and ‘tips’, Krul is fairly average, but to some surprise, he doesn’t save a great deal with his feet.

In terms of distribution, Krul tends to stand out a bit. His pass rate is the lowest of the top 7 ‘keepers, but it also happens to be the 3rd lowest in the whole Premier League behind Paul Robinson and Simon Mignolet. Furthermore, he passes the highest percentage of his passes straight forward, with only 4% (the lowest) going to his right, thus meaning he has some work to do on his passing composure and confidence.

While a GK shouldn’t really be held accountable for the chances on goal they are creating, Tim Krul has managed to get a key pass in this season, so too have 4 of the other top 7. But, no ‘keeper is ‘putting them on a plate’ like Liverpool’s Jose Reina, who has an amazing 5 key passes to his name already!

Krul v history

Krul v Given & Harper

Between Newcastle United’s 3 main Premier League goalkeepers historically, it is Steve Harper who saves the most shots per game, albeit in way less games than the ever-present Shay Given, who features last.

Krul concedes the most goals per game out of the threesome, but does at present keep most clean sheets per game, but again at over 300 less games than Given.

Krul v Given & Harper - Save attributes

Looking at the save attributes of the 3, again Krul is diminished on pushing wide, but has caught a lower percentage of shots too this time. He has also ‘fumbled’ the highest percentage of shots out of the 3 and again shows that using his feet is not his favourite option.

There is no doubt that in Tim Krul, Newcastle United have one of their best goalkeepers for a long time in the Premier League and at the age he currently sits, the future is nothing but bright for the Dutch international. The problem for NUFC will be the wolves that surround their stopper during the transfer windows, as holding on to him could be a very challenging task, especially if a European competition is not reached for next season.

With the current defensive questions being asked at NUFC, the performances of Krul, along with the goals from Demba Ba, have been the saviour of the season and the main contributor towards the current high placing in the division. Here’s to hoping for more of the same from ‘Timmy’and that elusive high placed finish and European qualifying place in May.

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58 thoughts on “How does Tim Krul stack up against the rest?

  1. I see West Ham have claimed that they beat us to Ravel Morrison…

    Well gosh darnit, I was so disappointed we didn’t sign him 🙄

    My opinions on Krul:

    – fantastic shot stopper
    – nice and commanding at corners
    – great positioning in his goals
    – glad he looks at a short pass option rather than just lumping it up field, unfortunately, when he gives it to Simpson, it gets lumped up field anyway.

    – He seems to be a bit eratic when it comes to leaving his goal line and playing the “sweeper role” which Shay Given was so brilliant at… his timing isn’t the best.
    – His kicking is poor


  2. Great read! Nothing like some early morning stats to get the brain working early! Krul has had a good season and he is going to be a top keeper for years to come. But he is still very young for a keeper and will improve on things like his kicking. I dont think Krul will be leaving anytime soon. I can see him staying for atleast 5 seasons for some reason.


  3. Just for the record, I’d rate him 7/10 now, but potentially 9/10 if he can iron out his flaws, he is still very young for a keeper – will get better.


  4. I mentioned on Jay Jay’s thread yesterday that Arsenal fans could call us a one man team with Ba being the man that has propelled us up the league. (I don’t personally believe that).

    The reason. Krul is as responsible as Ba IMO .
    The first dozen games that Krul played this season was as good as I’ve seen from any keeper anytime.

    Goals have slipped past Krul since then but that’s largely down to the disruption of the defence.

    Joe Hart stands out for me, as the best keeper at the moment but I put Krul just behind him as a close second.


  5. Troy agree about Krul been so important to us this season , he has had a great season and could be player of the year for us , Ba will get it casue goal scorers always get the glory 🙂

    I dont agree about Hart though , Ive said this to all my mates and they all think Im mad but i think Hart is overrated. Vastly. I think he is a showboater and a liability to Man City. He fumbles too many shots and he is too intrested in playing for the cameras imo. Granted I dont watch alot of Man City games so its prob a tad unafir to judge him but I wouldnt want him in goal for us.


  6. Given was not good at coming off his line. His only weakness perhaps. A great goalkeeper but Krul commands the box better.


  7. Groucho
    I think Shay played the sweeper role to perfection… that is what I mean by coming off his line… perhaps used the wrong wording.
    He had a weakness when coming off his line to collect cross/corners into his box.


  8. Krul is a very good keeper, and we may be lucky to hold onto him. His long ball distribution is poor, but that side of the game, long or short is the managers decision to fit team tactics.


  9. Troy
    Those stats would suggest, Krul is was a glaring weakness when it comes to passing. Something he needs to sort out to be rates a top keeper. Distribution is important.

    I don’t think you can read too much into the rest, because it makes De Gea stand out as the best is the league by a long way, when its obvious he too has glaring weaknesses.


  10. @JohnoToon

    Yes, because of your Hart views I think you’re mad. 😉


    I wouldn’t argue that our spine is very good. 😉
    Keepers and scorers always get the glory but the facts are, those two have excelled more than any in my opinion.


  11. Statto another good stat attack mate.
    Yeah he is a good allrounder but has weakness’s to work on, one part that frustrates me is that I have never seen him release the ball quickly, at times half the other team is in our box , but he still waits for them to get back in position.


  12. Krul is so important to the team but so is Ba – AND Tiote, Cabaye and I would add Saylor. That is some spine and without any of them the effectiveness of the team is severely reduced. Had all of them been available throughout the season I don’t think we would still be debating where we would finish as I firmly believe we would have left Arsenal and Chelsea as well as Dalglish’s multimillion pound rabble in our wake by now. (Don’t like Liverpool too much – did you notice?)

    As far as Hart is concerned, come on – he is the best by a street in my book, finally an English keeper who can be mentioned in the same breath as Shilton and Banks (which reveals my age rather). After Hart its take your pick between Krul and Vorn for me.


  13. I guess we just have to accept his weakness’s because if he didn’t have the 1-2 weakness’s in his game, he wouldn’t be here and would be with a top top team.
    As for Hart I don’t like the big headed tosse but have to admit that he is a cracking keeper and the prem No1


  14. One of the things Krul is excellent at is commanding his box. He is much better than Given & Harper at crosses and instilling confidence in his defenders.


  15. Think krul will be top notch meself.See spurs after him, think we should set a price of 35 to 40 mil meself


  16. Timmy is still learning which is the mad thing. The only real area of concern I have, and the stats seem to agree, is that his kicking is weak. How many times does the ball just go out of play gifting the ball back to the opposition? That is the one area I think he really needs to work on.


  17. noticed that meself a few weeks back on some stats i was looking at, needs to stop kicking long noticed about 70 per cent of the time gives away the ball


  18. BIG DAVE you set high price to hopefully put them off the price they got him at mo i think just ganna encourage bids,i find 15 mil for krul laughable meself


  19. Neuer cost Bayern about £15m, De Gea about £18m to Utd. £20m + would get Krul. Hope he doesn’t go after we’ve sold Forster.


    if krul went i would expect a british record fee reminds me of that big fella used to play for man utd peter schemile or something like that 😆


  21. Prem – Because the opposition would just pressure the defence? Bear in mind we have Williamson and Simpson who both look like they’ve never kicked a football before…


  22. Sorry. Was a tad harsh on Simpson and Williamson there. Of course they’ve seen a football before. What I mean is that it looks as though their ankles don’t actually move.


  23. Somebody did.

    What I am saying is the record fee ever paid for a keeper was Buffon @ £32m. The recognised best in the world at his peak. Other than that we have De Gea, Neuer & Gorden as reference points. That’s it. So we could argue that he is as good as de Gea and therefore worth £15m – £20m but that’s it. Thoughts of £35m – £40m are nonsense. Ask Liverpool.

    Seriously we might sell and replace with Forster, but the idea of selling both Forster & Krul is a worry.


  24. TAE – However much somebody is willing to pay and NUFC are willing to accept 😉

    Don’t get the obsession with fees. We should be saying he is not for sale at any price in my opinion. The fees are not important.


  25. Agree Toonsy. Market rate. Hopefully he is not for sale. Just worried that we sell Forster for say £5 in August and then we get a £20+m bid at the end of the window.


  26. Have to remember this is Krul’s first full season as well and most of the others have been in the prem for donkey’s years.


  27. We would never get £5mil for Forster! 😯

    Seen people quoting £6mil for Guthrie etc… while he might be worth that, his contract is almost done, and this isn’t FM. We would do well to get 2mil for him. Which is why its worth signing him up again with improved contract. Where are we going to find another Guthrie for that price…


  28. Agree Given was awful at distribution. Shot stopping was his only world class point, which Krul is just as good at.

    I don’t think Kruls kicking is actually that bad, he does seem to aim for and find strikers with his kicking and I can’t remember Given or Harper being particularly good at that.


  29. DJG @46

    Thats right mate, I’ve seen him find Shola on quite a few occasions with his kicks… Pity Shola was on the bench at the time. 😆 😉


  30. Matt Spiro @mattspiro

    Newcastle close to sealing a deal for a Ligue 2 MF player. Cant say who it is right now but interesting move. Should happen in next few days


  31. Toonsy, I thought him straight away but then he said:

    Matt Spiro @mattspiro

    Not Knockaert, not Giuly, he is young, but not a kid. Not gonna say more for now #NUFC


  32. Celtic won’t pay more than 2 million for Forster, we’ll get around 10 milion for Krul
    If Guthrie goes he’ll go for nowt, he’s out of contract in the summer and can already talk to any interested teams now


  33. I see the St James Park issue has been raised in Parliament. Corporate vandalism they are describing it as . 😯


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