Last Call For Danny Guthrie?

Is Romain going to be Danny Guthrie's replacement?
Rumours emerged yesterday of an imminent deal for a French Ligue 2 midfielder, confirmed today by the same source and revealed as Romain Amalfitano of Reims.

Like most, I know next to nothing of him bar being an attacking midfielder, 22, French and out of contract at the end of the season.

If reports are to be believed, a pre-agreed contract will be sealed by early next week and if so, Romain will link up with the Newcastle squad once the summer window opens.

It’s great to see Newcastle are working hard on deals for the summer already and at this stage we all have full faith in Graham Carr’s ability to find diamonds in the rough, but an obvious positive could bring with it a possible negative.

To my knowledge Amalfitano is a central midfielder, versatile maybe, but more than likely bought for squad depth in the centre, certainly not one for the future given his age.

Taking this to be the case, surely someone is on their way out the door to make room, and given the fact Danny Guthrie’s contract is up in the summer, will it be him?

Recent stories have surfaced that the major problem with Danny’s contract talks is the fact that he is unwilling to play second fiddle to Tiote and Cabaye, or anyone else for that matter, and wants to be playing first team football.

This would ring true taking into account Guthrie’s recent interview with The Chronicle in which he spoke of his good form, stating that he deserves to be in the first team against Wolves and maybe beyond.

There is no doubt Guthrie has impressed, surpassing most supporters expectations of him when called upon in Tiote or Cabaye’s absence, but simple fact of it is, even on top form he is not in the same class as either of the aforementioned.

Tiote is a different type of player and statistically essential to Newcastle’s defensive solidity where as Danny is more of a passing midfielder who likes to drive forward.

Cabaye is much more of a directly comparable player. Both are very similar in style but in my opinion Cabaye has more to his game, and is one of our players of the season, especially considering it is his first season in England.

Given that our other central midfield options are young talents on long term contracts and Romain Amalfitano is an attacking midfielder, logic suggests that Guthrie could be the one to make way.

Some may see this as quite a large negative and I would tend to agree, but the reality is it is extremely difficult to keep back up squad players happy, especially if they are in their mid to late twenties as they want to be playing all the time.

Guthrie probably knows that his performances have done enough to secure him both first team football and decent money at another Premier League club and could well want to move on come the summer rather than go back to being a bench warmer.

As a Newcastle supporter, if it is the case it is disappointing, but being purely objective, it would be understandable and you can’t blame the lad.

If it is to be last orders for Danny, I think he is one who has stepped up to the plate when needed this season and deserves a warm welcome in future rather than the standard boo treatment received by players who leave for pastures new.

Hopefully Romain Amalfitano is another Graham Carr special and the bitterness of losing a good player will be short lived.

With Mehdi Abeid, Haris Vuckic and Dan Gosling all being prepared for ready made back-up for our midfield generals next season, Amalfitano could be the next highly promising youngster to join the Newcastle ranks and help take us to the next level.

In Graham Carr we trust.

Would be interested in what other people think. Does this spell the end for Guthrie or can fans see him being here next season?

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60 thoughts on “Last Call For Danny Guthrie?

  1. KEITHR – Another cracking read mate. Really enjoying your work of late, keep it up!

    I agree with every word. I believe the Wolves match tomorrow is a big one in terms of whether Danny stays or goes.

    You can’t blame him if he does decide to leave, though. Unless we switch to 4-5-1 it’s going to be hard for him to ever truly cement a first team place, which is unfortunate because he’s came on leaps and bounds this season.


  2. i always did feel that should Guthrie start against Wolves (right wing is where he would have started) he probably would stay with us and of course should he not start he was going to leave. as you said you cant blame the guy for having his hard work being rewarded with a place on the bench and being a bit disillusioned with the club.


  3. I definitely see where you’re coming from and it is probably the most likely scenario but i can’t help but wonder if it might be to replace Gosling. Pards doesn’t seem to rate him particularly and they are of a comparable age. I suppose without knowing more about him, or hearing anything from Pardew yet, it’s hard to know where he fits into the squad.
    Good read Keith


  4. Also, Pardew was experimenting with different formations in pre season and during the ACoN, I’d say whether he still plans to change from a 442 will have a big impact. It’d be easier to convince Guthrie that he’ll play more games with three midfielders, and could explain bringing in an extra one without it necessarily being a replacement?


  5. don’t know what it is but i’ve taken a real disliking to gosling, could be that he looks like a thug, but prob cus he reminds me of smith, giving away stupid fouls and being booked for everyone,.


    February 24, 2012 at 08:31
    UTD111 – Whereas you’re assuming they are leaving?
    Reality is nobody knows…

    Nope I’m not assuming anything. I was just making the point that there is a rather large assumption behind the article!


  7. I actually think Gosling looks quite good when he’s played in an attacking role, just behind a striker for example. He doesn’t get much game time though, especially in that role. Not convinced by him as a box-to-box as of yet


  8. Probably a red herring. 🙄

    We will be linked to countless players in the coming months and usually we end up signing someone totally off the radar. 😯


  9. Keith good read, and UTD111 has threw the cat among the pigeons with his post @2 😀 .
    Yeah we all presume that the guy will be to replace young Guthrie, but who’s to know.
    I have always said I think Guthrie is better than a bench player, and tbh if he does move for 1st team footie good luck to him.
    I know, you know and everybody else knows that Guthrie will be dropped now that we have our main players back. But at the start of the season Pards touchec on it and most agreed that once you get the shirt it’s yours to loss, but IMHO Danny hasn’t lost it.


  10. Good write up BIG DAVE but IMHO Danny hasn’t lost it 😆 what even after loseing 5 v 0 at spuds 😆 .What ya saying we put caybeye on the bench 😆


  11. TAE so now Guthrie was at fault, lastweek you said it was Colo’s fault, you need to make your mind up and stop making silly statments 😳 .
    I see Gary pointed out to you that Ravel Morrison confirmed on twitter that he wasn’t offered a contract from Manure ? So looks like your wrong so the question is will you have the balls to admit you got it wrong, or will you still try to get out of it by making shit up, thd choice is yours. 😉


  12. BIG DAVE
    dont duck the ❓ you saying we put caybeye on the bench ❓ Are you going to be big enough to admit ya were wrong about ashley ❓


  13. morning all, cheers for comments as always

    Utd11.. always going to be very speculative article mate, windows closed for another few months, but Abeid and Vuckic are going nowhere except on loan for the rest of this season, we’re not going to replace Tiote with an attacking midfielder and highly doubtful we would replace Cabaye with a Ligue 2 player, unless through some crazy twist of fate this lad is world class potential but has never been spotted until he was 22, doubt it tbh. So on that basis call it an educated guess it could be Guthrie, although do see where others are coming from re:gosling, hasn’t really gone for him at NUFC so far and they play similar positions.

    Dub… may have something to do with a formation change but even with three in midfield I think we would play Jonas or Marveaux ahead of Guthrie next season.


  14. TAE if it’s a debate you want im game I will debate with anyone, except people that won’t answer questions, or try to ask another question to cover the fact that theyare wrong..
    Now I will answer your question this time, imo Guthrie never done owt wrong to warrant losing his place on the team, now I could name a few that should lose their place like Willo and Simmo but as you know we can’t drop them because we have no one to replace them. But as I said IMO Guthrie never lost his place, so if that means Cabaye warms the bench so be it.


  15. I have a feeling he will leave for regular first team football.

    He hasnt got that relationship with the fans IMO yet tiote and cabaye seem to have cult status.
    I feel he is inconsistent but so is cabaye but for me I think its possible he will leave and I wouldnt begrudge him.

    He is also very injury prone and feel that he will never settle as being a squad player which is all he will be at newcastle IMO


  16. TAE what question did you answer yesterday 😕 as for asking question no im not the only one that can ask them, but when someone asks me a question I will do my best to answer the question with a straight answer and asap, unless I haven’t seen it.


  17. If we are building a stronger squad then we have to be prepared to bring players like Guthrie off the bench more ie run a squad system.


  18. BIG DAVE
    we aint ganna see til summer anyway, i think man utd in decline, you think different ,we ganning round in circles here,and we aint ganna find out whos right til the summer 😆


  19. LST.. agree, the injuries may have had a large bearing on why he has not been offered contract

    Groucho.. ideally agree but it’s very hard to do, especially when players hit their mid twenties and want first team football… I don’t think Guthrie would be the only one unhappy to go back into the shadows, think Ryan Taylor would possibly go if he wasnt guaranteed decent playing time now, if we buy a quality centre back Williamson could go, if we buy a full back Simmo could go.. we’re not a Man Utd where we can hold onto players at that stage of their career with ease, and not a City or Chelsea who will pay them 100K a week to sit on a bench


  20. TAE you stated that Ravel turned down a contract at Manure because they were in decline so left.
    I stated that Manure wouldn’t be held to ransom by Ravel so they told him to find a new club.
    I don’t think you need to wait till the summer to see who’s right and who’s wrong, as Ravel has already stated he wasn’t offered a contract. 😕


  21. I’d like to see tiote and guthrie together for a game or two. I’m not one of those that thinks cabaye has been brilliant, just good, guthrie has won more MOM awards and played far less. If we are to compete at the top we need high quality players on the bench. Can’t just be thinking that if we have 2 good midfielders then that is all we need and so guthrie can go.


  22. If we’re to compete in Europe we’ll need this level of competition for places, and Guthrie must know that. If we make Europe, I think he’ll stay.

    I really like Guthrie; he’s a bit like a Saylor of the midfield. Real guts-and-glory attitude, with skill and aggression to match. I wouldn’t be surprised if AP found a way to keep him happy, and to be honest I don’t think there’s that much of a gap between him and Cabaye; it’s just the usual “he’s English so can’t be that good” odd kind of thinking.

    Also, I do think Guthrie, unlike Gosling, can step in for Tiote OR Cabaye, which is unusual. He’s not as good defensively as Tiote, but brings something different, which works against some opposition styles.

    Personally, I don’t think the club will allow us to be left with nowt but younguns to step in when Tiote or Cabaye are missing – especially given the number of suspensions the former gets.

    I hope they sign him on another long-term deal, and find a way to give him plenty of game time. Great lad.


  23. I agree that if this new Frog comes in (and I doubt that – it’s a rumour, therefore almost certainly wrong) others would go before Guthrie – Vukic or Gosling for a start. Guthrie’s just been too good to let go, and is genuinely competing with Cabaye for that shirt.


  24. I actually like Gosling. In pre-season he was our best player and looked a class act. I know he hasn’t yet produced that form when it matters, but he’s still young with plenty time to progress.

    I honestly couldn’t see anyone other than Guthrie departing. Unless of course Amalfitano is simply a replacement for Smith. Though, that would seem unlikely.


  25. TAE where does it say that Manure offered him a contract. Fergie himself said that they had talked but his wage demands were crazy so he was told to find a new club.


  26. I was thinking yesterday and, although I like the lad, I came to the conclusion we should sell Willo.

    I feel we should bring in our first choice central defender (whoever it may be), then persue another from the free agents that are available to replace Mike. Bates and Douglas are both quality and would bring some much need pace to our back line when in comparison to our current CB’s.

    Wouldn’t you all agree?


  27. I hope he is replacement for Smith 😀 why can’t we play this team? :






    I also see Tavernier (RB) in the first team picture next year along with Vukcic (CM), Ahbeid (CM), Gosling (CM), Sammy (WF), Saylor (CB), Marveaux. Hope we could land Hoillet or Moses (in place of Loverkrands) and two defenders Mapou (Simpson) and Douglas or Vertoghen (both if Colo is sold). Our young players would get a chance in cup comtetitions and in europa cup agnaist weaker opositions.


  28. And R.Taylor with Obertan and Best as well 😀 Also i hope Rodriguez is on the way to Newcastle 🙂


  29. With the way the team is set up anyone who impresses when others are out they should continue to impress. Raylor was given the same chance and he has play virtually every game he has been available.

    Pardew is good at squad rotation, this is the reason I would be surprised if Guthrie gets dropped. It’s all down to what Guthrie wants at the end of the day. If he wants first team football he goes. If he is happy with constantly fighting for his place he stays (this could improve him as a player).


  30. Guthrie must be aware that he has a choice: play most of the time in a lower-end team, or fight for a place in a top-end one that is likely to have more matches (cups, Europe, etc.).

    I’d hope that he’ go for the latter, but so much depends on grabbing that European place.


  31. I would think it looks like the writing is on the wall for Danny,It’s a shame but if so then goodbye Danny thanks for a few moments of magic, if you’d only had a bit more mobility you would have been a hell of a player.


  32. Dave – I agree he would be a good fulham player or a team similar.

    Trouble is for players like guthrie if he leaves he will only be dropping down a level…. as sir bobby said you dont get much bigger than newcastle.

    Seemingly big players like n zog and even given now are dropping into that category… few players leave for bigger things even carroll and his bindippers are below us! 😆


  33. BIG DAVE
    il have look when i get back from town see if i can dig it out il look for the blog also 😀


  34. I’ve not read any of the above comments, so apologise if I’m repeating what others have posted but Gutherie only cost us approx £2.5m nearly 4 years ago & his performances have been ok but nothing outstanding, especially when he hasn’t been playing with either Cabaye or Tiote beside him, I mean we’ve conceeded 13 goals in the last 3 games when Gutherie played along side Perch & others while Cabye was banned & Tiote was at the ACoN…

    So yeah he may well get a better package & promise of 1st team footy at another smaller club in the PL but he won’t have either Cabaye or Tiote to make him look good & will soon end up benched imo…

    Yeah I like the lad & he’s ok as a stand in for either of our MF 2 but not a chance in hell would I want him to play instead of either of them, not in a million years… 🙄

    As for bringing in this other French gadgie… aren’t we slowly boarding on the limits of having too many foriegn players & not enough home grown talent in our squad 😯 😯


  35. So Wolves appoint Terry Connor as there manager til the end of the season.

    Seems to be 6th choice after failing to get Alan Curbishley, Steve Bruce, Brian McDermott, Walter Smith and Gus Poyet. But Wolves claim:

    “Having spoken to a number of people, we have drawn that process to a close and myself and the board are unanimous that Terry is the right man to lead the club for the remainder of the season.

    He has been with the club since 99. Surely if he was management material he would have moved on to a L1 or Championship club to give it a bash?

    Seems like they have shot themselves in the foot with this one. Sacking McMakem and now no one will touch them so theyve stuck with what they had minus the manager :/

    I think this is good news for us for the game tomorrow.


  36. “I like the lad & he’s ok as a stand in for either of our MF 2 but not a chance in hell would I want him to play instead of either of them, not in a million years… ”

    Spot on


  37. Hi Dave I don’t think it’s his fitness that’s the issue with Danny,although he’s obviously a fine player and I would love it if we kept him, he’s one who could do a job from the bench.What concerns me with Danny is that short sprint that great players inherently have that Danny in my opinion does not have.Some might argue you can be a great player without that aspect of the game being prevalent in your make up and that is true.Some players can make up for that lack of spark for instance the late great Bobby Moore but he had an uncanny tactical awareness bordering on radar.I agree that Danny is worth a new contract but If Newcastle are to progress I don’t think he’s equiped to be a first team regular for Newcastle in the Premier League and that being the case I think he’ll decide to move on and if he does well you can’t blame him, and all the best to him if he does.


  38. I don’t think Danny is much worse than Cabaye and almost think Cabaye should have to win his shirt back off Guthrie. So I can see the dilemma for Pardew – Cab’s the better player, but Danny has done enough to keep the shirt for a bit and plays much better with Tiote alongside.

    Think I would play Guthrie and Tiote against Wolves, but I’d only be happy with that choice once the 2nd or 3rd goals went in =P.


  39. Guthrie has done ok for us this season, but a fully fit squad and he wouldn’t get in above Tiote and Cabaye IMO.
    I also wouldn’t go changing our formation to get him in there either. We have played 2/3s of the season with the formation we have and everyone knows their role in the team. Now is not the time for start changing things about.

    I also think that part of the problem with Guthrie though is that, I’m sure he is on about 50k a week on his current contract which, for a bit part player is mental!!

    I don’t dislike Guthrie but as Tiote and Cabaye are 2 of our best players at the moment, Guthrie would be a bench player for me. If he does leave in the summer I think he could easily hold down a first team spot at places like Aston Villa, Fulham and Stoke.


  40. I think Guthrie’s a decent player and sometimes a very good one. However, the ‘sometimes’ come when he’s fighting for a spot in the team. Once he’s established he seems to think he’s better than he actually is and his level drops a little. This has definitley happened in the last few games and happened several times in the championship season.
    I’d keep him as good back up., but he needs to accept that or move on.


  41. Why does us bringing in a new player mean one ou? We have a small squad, could Pardew just be adding depth to the squad? Especially of he’s versatile …


  42. 3 man midfield Cabaye, Guthrie, Tiote.
    3 good players playing in a position that suits the style they play effectively and therefore plays to of all of their strengths.
    Still sounds better to me than a four man midfield with only two of the above playing flanked by two unproductive wingers.


  43. Pootle – this would be sweet. However the players fucked this up with the results at Fulham and Brighton and the performance at Blackburn. As a result, it seems Pardew will be loathe to try the 4-3-3/4-5-1/4-2-1-3 for the time being. Pity.

    Also, this set-up wouldn’t suit Jonas and Pardew will NEVER drop him (or even sub him!) because his prozone stats are orgasmic (I’m guessing)


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