Newcastle v Wolves – Stat Attack

It’s the final countdown… as a famous rocker once said. The third and final chapter of the 11/12 Premier League campaign is upon Newcastle United.

Unbeaten runs, stadium names, injuries, surprise transfers, dizzy heights and cup time-wasting are but a few of the normal exclusive events which surround ST JAMES’ PARK each and every season.

What is different though, is that NUFC are still currently bound to 6th spot, just one point behind Arsenal, who face Spurs this weekend, who sit in third. Chelsea, on the same points as Arsenal (43), sit fourth and the recent turmoil facing those two clubs mean that Newcastle United have as much purpose and possible gratification than they have had in a long, long top flight time!

Three points at home to a Wolves side who have never defeated NUFC in the Premier League and one without a ‘proper’ manager are a must to get this final third of the season, after this little break, underway. Furthermore, Newcastle are only six points shy of joining the elusive ‘1000 Premier League Points’ club – only the seven teams who have yet to miss a Premier League season have reached that mark.

Wolves so far…

• Only Chelsea have a worse disciplinary record this season – 49 yellows and 4 reds

• Wolves concede more shots per game than not only every team in the Premier League, but also across Europe’s top five domestic leagues (18.2)

• Despite their poor discipline, they produce the least tackles per game out of all the Premier League teams – just 15.7

• The Wolves produce the 3rd worst amount of dribbles per game in the league, just 4.3 on average

• Wolves are also one of four teams this season in the division yet to score from a ‘fast break’

• Only Man Utd, Chelsea & Liverpool produce more crosses per game than Wolves currently – 25

• Only Spurs and Norwich play more long balls on average per game at present – 73

• Wolves have initiated a higher percentage of attacks from the right hand side than any other Premier League this season (42%), whereas NUFC are 3rd lowest (32%)

• Only Stoke have had a higher percentage of shots from inside the six yard box this season – 10% of Wolves’ shots have come from there

• Only Liverpool have more possession on average in the opposition’s half than the black country side – 30%

Who to watch…

• Stephen Fletcher – The forward has notched 10 goals in 17 Premier League appearances meaning he shouldn’t be ignored. 44 shots this season, 15 on target and 22 off target – a 36% shooting accuracy and 27% chance conversion rate.

Jamie O'Hara - The former Spurs man will need watching in NUFC's half

• Jamie O’Hara – The Englishman is 10th in the entire division for shots per game (3.2). He has also played more total and successful passes in the attacking half than anyone else at Wolves this season.

• Matt Jarvis – The wideman is VERY underrated. He has produced more chances than anyone else at the Midlands side this season (40) and he produces the most total and successful dribbles per game for Wolves – 23/48 in total.

Which way will it go?

Newcastle can’t be looking for anything other than six points from the next two home games, starting with this one against Wolves. They aren’t 18th in the league for no reason and with their current managerial crisis, NUFC have got to strike while the iron is hot!

Last time out, Wolves produced over double the attempts at goal NUFC did (28 to 13) and the slightly better possession. Newcastle produced more passes though, but not in the attacking half. With both Demba’s playing and the return of Cabaye and Tiote, Newcastle should have more than enough quality to get the ball in the final third and be damaging with their possession.

Wolves will cross the ball to death! Last time they got in no less than 45 crosses compared to our 14, but none of the 20 chances they created came from the left hand side (see graphic). Davide Santon in particular has got to do all he can to stop the crossing opportunity and if/when it does come in, Colo & Williamson must perform better than they have in recent weeks in dealing with the first and second ball in and around the box.

Wolves' chances created v NUFC - Oct '11

Jamie O’Hara will need nullifying, as he has the potential to hurt many a team and Newcastle mustn’t underestimate the ability of Steven Fletcher if playing. When crossing ourselves, Christophe Berra and Roger Johnson must be avoided, as they win everything aerially for Wolves.

With Newcastle the closest they have been for a while to full strength, this one could have a very happy ending! It will not be as easy as some may think though, and the black & whites will need to work very hard to gain 3 points, but they are definitely capable of doing so.

NUFC_Stats prediction: 2-0

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66 thoughts on “Newcastle v Wolves – Stat Attack

  1. Today is a big game , we need to bounce back after the spurs game and with Tiote and Cabaye back i think we will win , Arsenal have a tough game which hopefully they lose or even draw which would mean us over taking them. I know chelsea are on a bad run of form but cant see them not beating Bolton today. I wouldnt be looking past Wolves today , we need 3 points today.


  2. 5 Noot to the Toon!

    Seriously see an easy victory.

    Wolves in turmoil and we have our strongest team available. (sorry minus Saylor).


  3. good read mate as normal,yes ive said in the past that fletcher would be a
    canny back up player for the toon canny player to come off the bench,dont know the lads age like,aye o!hara has a good poke on him will have to be closed down when within goal range


  4. @icedog

    See you and Mrs Ice today for a pint. I will be the one in the trunks and boots in Shearers. 😆

    I know some will say this will be a hard game today but I don’t see it that way. If Mick Macmackem had still been there then I would have agreed. I’m surprised they sacked him as he’s experienced in relegation battles and normally scrapes throug them.


  5. TROY sorry mate wont be at game today never missed many games,but now icepup has moved to malta ive got no one to drive as i wont drink and drive,but thanks anyway.i think it will be a hard game wolves have nowt to
    lose no easy games in PL i would be happy with one nowt,worry that tiote doesnt lose the heed 😯


  6. Try going and not drinking ya alki 😯 😉

    Troy…so it was you at Cambridge away 1983 in the trunks and DM’s on my “Magpie Travel” coach 😯 😉


  7. Troy – I just think its going to be harder than a lot of people think and my worry is that even if we scrape a win it won’t be good enough for a lot of people who are building up their hopes of one ahead of the match.

    Great work statto 🙂


  8. Every game is a hard game until it gets proved otherwise in the act of play.
    Complacency is the biggest killer in a match like this and if we have any thoughts of making a real push towards the end of the season, we have to take each game as a full on contest giving no less than 100% effort and commitment.
    Wolves will naturally come to slug it out with us and no doubt make some tasty challenges to stop our game plan and as long as we deal with that, I think we can comfortably win this game.

    I don’t really like making predictions but in this case I’ll go for a score of Newcastle 6..Wolves 1.

    Cisse will score a hat trick Ba will score 2 and a cabaye free kick rounding it off.
    Wolves goal will be a penalty.

    So there you go. 😀


  9. Toonsy- Agreed.

    That Fletcher looks a handy finisher to me, if the ball gets to him inside the box it’s ended up in the back of the net.


  10. I think 3 nowt if we can grab an early goal, if not it’ll be tough battle…..and jay jay will be more than p!ssed by half time 😉


  11. any kind of win is needed today erase the last game from our minds and amass as many points from now to the end of season


  12. RICHIE 20min in car,2 and half hours on bus,and those bloody bus drivers are not very helpful to drunks got nee sense of humour 😆


  13. Poolie – Exactly! There is a lot being made of us “bouncing back” today, bit Wolves are in exactly the same boat as us. Im actually getting more and more worried about this game the closer we get to kick off.

    Mind you, the last tome I was working this shift we were getting humped by Tottenham. Whenever im mot watching we get humped 😕


  14. just hope the players dont think well its “just”wolves,a early goal could break the camels back,otherwise this could be real tough game imo 😡


  15. Wolves are where they are because they are a badly organised team and they will be relegated this season.
    As long as we play our game, we will comfortably beat them.


  16. Could be a frustrating game today. They’ll come and put ten men behind the ball and we’ll have to break them down. We don’t score too many from corners too so we’ll need guile.

    Can see it being 0-0 at half time and needing to male a couple of substitutions. For this reason I’d start with Arfa as he has the guile and Wolves won’t offer much in attack.


  17. Cant see Connor having had enough time to do a great deal with Wolves, so expect them to be a little disorganised. Us at full strength, and careful/prepped on their right hand side tactics, should be able to see this one through, but don’t think it will be a whitewash!!

    Eyes on Tiote; will have fire in his belly today!!

    Cheers for the comments chaps and chapesses



  18. Not sure the ten man sandbag approach is one that’ll od them any good, even away from home. They desperately need to pick up points in threes now, interim manager has nothing to prove or lose, so I expect them to have a go if they sniff out any weakness. cagey ten minutes maybe then we should come out all guns blazing and knock 3 past before half time. Right, woollis on, magic gloves on, hat on off to the match for me. HOWAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY! 😈 😈 😈


  19. Jay Jay
    February 25, 2012 at 12:22
    I’ll wind me neck in then………… I didn’t know it was possible to make yourself even shorter 😯 😉 😆


  20. Statto another well put together and researched article lad 😉
    I too think that there is some supporters thinking that we just have to turn up, I just hope the players don’t think the same way as we’ve seen a few games where the players thought that, 😕 .
    I still think we’ll win but it will be a hard fought game , saying that if we score early their heads might drop.


  21. I’m changeable Richie, that’s what makes me so fascinating 🙂 Paul Scholes Barclays player of the month 🙄


  22. Ice… a shortlist of 5….was 6 but one sold Friday, going for 2/3rd viewings Tues then hopefully chuck an offer in Tues night Wed morning. 😕


  23. Listen I’d take a 1-0 off Obertans hint end today to be honest.
    I fancy it will be abit easier than that but the fact is, with Liverpool not playing in the league this week and Arsenal having a tough game against Spurs – we can hopefully make ground on Arsenal and put a bigger points gap between Liverpool and us.

    A cleansheet will do Krul and our defence the world of good as well I think.

    God Ive missed match days…


  24. To be honest if we do anything else other than thrash Wolves today then all the ‘nay sayers’ will crawl out of the wood works and start questioning our position in the League Table. We need a good team result to establish ourselves in the Table. At the end of the day, you have to admit, that if this was any other team what result would you expect a team in sixth to get from playing a team in 18th? This has to be a win!


  25. I’ve just applied for the England manager’s job.

    I know I won’t get it, but it keeps the dole people off my back for another couple of weeks.

    My mate made the mistake of applying for the Wolves job.

    He’s got to go for an interview on Monday.


  26. DAVE aye mate sent reply,new boots eh cannot refuse realy they are only young once, i think RICHIE is one of those who gan round for a day oot and free cupa cheap day oot tight git 😆 😆


  27. lads was playing my mate whose considered one of the best footballers at school in a 1v1 in the garden, we agreed first to five, seven minutes later it was 4-0 to him, eight minutes later I won 5-4 nutmegging him everytime, morale of the story don’t give up 😥 😥 . 😆


  28. Sharpy17 says:
    February 25, 2012 at 13:41
    Listen I’d take a 1-0 off Obertans hint end today to be honest.

    I would take that for the next 13 games 🙂


  29. Ice 😆 aye I think Richie just loves to have a snoop round the house’s and check out their fridges and food cupboards, but they’ll catch on to him soon. Dede is away out playing footie with his mates so I will tell him when he’s in 😉
    Andymag did you not feel bad beating a kid in junior school 😆


  30. Krul, Simpson, Williamson, Coloccini, Santon, Raylor, Cabaye, Tiote, Gutierrez; Cisse, Ba

    Subs: Elliot, Ferguson, Perch, Guthrie, Obertan, Benny, Shola


  31. JJ – 😆 😆

    The good news is that Mers the wino fancies us to win 3-0 today.
    Having knocked him for predicting 5-0 against spurs and thinking he was off his tits, I’ve now made him my benchmark… 😳 😆


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