Too Much Too Soon?

On Saturday I decided not to do my usual routine of sitting down and taking in every commentary available for the Newcastle game.

In fact I was snowboarding but that is besides the point.

Football is one of those sports that really do take over your life. As I was sliding down the slopes generally on my backside I couldn’t help sweating on the score. I thought I could make it I really did. I gave it to temptation about 3:20. Looking at the score I had this ecstatic feeling you only get when your beloved team are playing well. It was poetry in motion the snowboarding improved … life was good.

But being a Newcastle fan we tend to assume partly based on last years results that we can steamroller teams once we get in a good position. So with 30 minutes to go in the game I checked my phone and I’m dreaming of the headlines in the morning; 5-0 to the toon or can they really get 4th Spot?

The score was 2-1 with a description of a lucky deflection for the Jarvis goal. Esctasy turned into anguish and all of a sudden you started to think 2-2 written all over it. Positivity turned into negativity faster than you can say Papiss Demba Cisse. I sat there gutted half expecting to see 2-2 flash up any second. All of a sudden my confidence had disappeared and I was checking the score every five seconds updating the update and losing rag with the phone because it didnt update quick enough. I still harboured some glimmer of hope and thought surely we would still score another. Then full time – 2-2.

I wasn’t as angry as I thought I’d be as I’d started to wonder if we were getting a bit carried away with this European talk with whispers of Champions League. Don’t get me wrong, I fully understand the attraction, but we need to take a step back and review the situation.

We are 6th, four points ahead of a mediocre Liverpool team, an opinion which was reinforced by the fact they looked average against Cardiff yesterday. We are three points behind Chelsea and Arsenal. Albeit Liverpool have a game in hand but that is a sterling effort even at this stage of the season. We can’t assume we don’t deserve to be there because we do, we have played magnificently at times and there is no way people can belittle our achievements so far.

I could rattle a couple of excuses like Yohan Cabaye and Cheik Tiote haven’t played for a while and the team for me was set up too negative from the outset. But in reality we were complacent, lacklustre and to be honest a point looked good in the end. I don’t think Alan Pardew was entirely to blame here. He had the same team out basically as the team that beat Manchester United convincingly plus a new £9m centre forward. We looked  average but so have every other team above us at more than one occasion this season.

What worries me now though is we need to reignite our team. Chelsea have just had a convincing home win, Arsenal have just thumped Tottenham who battered us and Liverpool although looking average have just won a Cup. They are all riding a wave of form going into March. We are looking a bit timid and shy.

We don’t need to be. Europe is within our reach more than ever. We would be mad not to try and reach it. We have nothing to lose. People forget that we have been at the top end of the table all season and barring a collapse we should stay there. I believe it isn’t too much too soon as we have been getting used to the idea of it all season being in the position we have been. Europe is reality.

This run in is so vital for the shaping of the football club for the future. We all sense that Europe could turn us into a real force again and give us more power in keeping our best players. Now they need to play for us and show against Sunderland we are real contenders.

I would like to see Gabriel Obertan and Hatem Ben Arfa start against the Mackems. I felt we lacked pace and guile in the final third. Cabaye and Tiote should be able to handle the gaps. Sunderland put everyone behind the ball and just lump it for Sessegnon to chase. We are better than that as we have already shown this season. Let’s batter them.

What do you think…. too much too soon?

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Toon Fan. Aspiring Writer. Related to one of the NUFC ex players.

59 thoughts on “Too Much Too Soon?

  1. what we need to do at the weekend is identify the threats in sessegnon, mclean, larsson ect and what we did to toottenham (at home) and Manu(also at home) and close them down eliminating what they do best to add to the team.


  2. Obviously this is the perfect game for us to reignite our season. Sunderland are playing well and climbing the ladder and if they beat us they will be in a much better position to steal that 7th spot away before the end of the season. All the motivation is there.


  3. Andymag – yes take out Jonas he scored a wonderful goal but recently he has been so poor I cannot see why he is in the team other than for his defensive duties


  4. Cisse has been withdrawn from the Senegal squad as a precaution

    Lee Ryder ‏ @lee_ryder Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
    Cisse has withdrawn from Senegal as a precaution


  5. I’d love to see tiote do the same job on Sessegnon as he did Rooney against Man U at SJP. Wipe him out of the game and there’s very little the Mackems have, I think raylor will start on the right hand side though, I can’t see Obertan giving simmo much useful help with Mclean down the wing, this game could be make or break for our push to Europe..


  6. “Sunderland put everyone behind the ball and just lump it for Sessegnon to chase.”

    You don’t watch a lot of football do you?

    PS. Before the usual accusations of ‘obsession’ because I’ve popped onto a Newcastle site, I saw this article linked on Twitter and thought I’d have a look at some pre-derby views from the other side of the divide.


  7. AndyMag

    As much as I agree those are their threats, I think lately we’ve been picking players to nulify threats and not picking players to create threats of our own… thats how you win games, by making the opposition worry, not worrying about them…

    Don’t play to not lose… play to win.


  8. Wolfie
    Agree, Jonas had a good game, even besides the goal he did well. Our right side was pathetic though, like playing with two right backs who are shit and Willow to back them up. 🙁


  9. LST good read mate, I don’t think it’s too much too soon I think it’s a case of grabbing it while you have the chance. But we need to buck our ideas up or we will have no hope of Euro footie and that would be a sin. I also think if we put a performance in on Sunday like we have over the last couple of games we will be chinned 😕

    Chris Weatherspoon TBH I don’t think it’s a case of lump and hope I think MON has you’s playing some decent footie, but I think the most important think he has done is give you’s belief


  10. Chris Weatherspoon – Obsessed 😛

    You getting the nerves yet? Noting from yet, still 😎 as fook. I reckon they’ll start jangling on Wednesday though 😆

    On topic, it’s never too soon for Europe. Who knows what will happen if we do make it? Citing examples of league sides who have suffered a dip in form is a pointless argument as there are also plenty that haven’t. The only way to find out is to get there and try it 🙂

    Bring it on I say 🙂


  11. “Sunderland put everyone behind the ball and just lump it for Sessegnon to chase.
    ChrisW, he meant everyone bar Sessegnon, is that better? …now stop being so obsessed 😉


  12. Ranger in trouble again FFS
    Mark Douglas ‏ @MsiDouglas Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
    #nufc striker Ranger one of 3 charged over Tweets. FA saying they were homophobic:


  13. Micky Horse swill is gannin bonkers on the Legends with MON tictacs of playing Segnesson up front by himself with his back to goal all the time.

    MON has apparently responded staying he won’t change his tactics.

    Bodes well for Sunday!


  14. I agree, drop Jonas but not until after the Mackems. He’ll know people are starting to get on his back and Sunday is his chance to show he’s still got it. If he doesn’t show up though drop him to the bench for a couple matches. Hopefully that will give him a kick up the backside. Cause that’s all I think he needs! Marveaux coming back (when?) can only help that too


  15. @Big Dave

    Their defeat at WBA has been a timely blessing.

    If they had got a result they would have been brimming with confidence.

    If you’re reading MON, I agree, you are playing fantastic! Don’t change a thing. 🙂


  16. don’t really give a shit about sunderland would rather we play our own game and go for a spanking in my world i would play this team.


    santon villo collo fergie


    cabaye guthrie

    ben afra cisse ba

    i think we will get the best out of cabaye with 3 in midfield, and a can’t take much more of simpson.


  17. Ice your secrets safe with me lad, I wouldn’t dream of telling anyone about you’s stripping the lead of church roofs or de-wiring houses for the copper mate. I wouldn’t want people getting the wrong impression, and thinking bad of you’s 😉


  18. DAVE knew i could trust you 😉 its these £20 notes batty payed me with shops dont seem to take them,cannot understand it 😕


  19. Alex sorry mate can’t help.
    Ice aye he was telling me about them £20’s he is a lucky lad like knowing someone that gives him 5 for a tenner the guy says he likes tenner more as he spends too much when he’s only got £20’s 🙄 maybe thats why he sells them to batts cause the shops don’t take them of him


  20. BATTY that was a good idea you had putting all that copper in the coffin
    to get it past the cops,but it was bloody heavy,where do you want it noo??


  21. hello lads just got back from me honey moon this afternoon haha , was a great weekend and all went well!! will cisse be available on sunday? gutted about the draw on saturday as i know we can do alot better!! hell of a goal by jonas mind and cisse looks a good buy already!!


  22. haha batty i didnt even get that far mate , i was at longhirst just round the corner from where i live and it was lush 😀


  23. Definately too much too soon. After Sat I am not getting my hopes up anymore. We have 43 with just over two thirds of the season gone; which is actually fantastic considering where we have been in recent years. I have a few observations though.

    * The standard of the premier league has definately dropped as a whole since we were relegated. The traditional ‘top 4’ has been broken up and teams like Arsenal and Liverpool hav made way to Man City and Spurs and the ‘top 10’ is nowhere near as strong (IMHO). Where there used to be the likes of Everton, Villa, Fulham, Bolton, even Portsmouth. These were all hard games at one point. Now, who is threatening to catch us in the top 10? Stoke? Blunderland?

    *We started really well for some unknown reason, possibly getting rid of unstablising players helped. The team overperformed in a sense and as such i’t now feels like we are poor wheras maybe we have just bottomed out into what this team is really capable of.

    *We are still some way off mixing it with the big boys, our ball retention just isn’t good enough at the moment and we have players winning the ball and then passing it to wide players that are losing it again more often than they are finding a forward. (With pehaps the exception of Jonas who is becoming a bit of a free kick winning merchant).

    *In conclusion, the two strikers need time together, we need a better right hand side and the passing needs to improve, I can’t see this happening in the short term. It has to be the medium term goal for the club but if it will happen or not I am not so sure.


  24. shame about ranger……throwing it all away but the lad is talented just hope some manager will take him and his reputation on


  25. I believe Alan Pardew has done wonderful things but I think the team has gone up a gear in attack and we have to adjust and play a more attacking quick paced passing formation such as the 4-1-2-1-2….
    ….And bring on the likes of Raylor for the defence, Guthrie to hold the midfield, and obertan for some attacking threat!
    I believe this is the only way we are going to see this team play football and most importantly get goals! We have amazing attacking players in ben arfa cisse and ba so I think we should be using all 3 and I believe this is the only way he could play them.
    He has done the right thing in defending his way up the league table because our depth in squad has been affected due to injuries bands etc.
    I now think he should concentrate on attacking the second half of the season and get our new signing some goals and I hope that the wolves game has told AP that it is time for change! What not better to do it against our rivals next week and show the other teams we mean business! I believe if we do that, then teams will fear us more and play more defensive with us rather than the other way round! Wolves attacked us and got there goals because we dropped deep and defended our lead but when we attacked they couldn’t get near us us. Its a no brainer! Come on you magpies!!!!


  26. A couple of mates enjoying a bit of friendly banter:

    Andy Aaron Mogwo ‏ @ANDYAMOGWO
    Present moment #FIFAKING @NilePowerRanger init 😉
    8:34 AM – 16 Oct 11 via Twitter for BlackBerry®

    Nile ranger ‏ @NilePowerRanger
    @ANDYAMOGWO who’s fifa king nowwww loool 😉 only as good as your last game !! Ima BOSSSS !
    8:53 AM – 16 Oct 11 via Twitter for BlackBerry®

    Andy Aaron Mogwo ‏ @ANDYAMOGWO
    Fifa ranking of tday.. #PatrickNzuzi , me @ANDYAMOGWO @NilePowerRanger & #SamAdjei 😉
    8:46 AM – 14 Feb 12 via UberSocial for BlackBerry

    Nile ranger ‏ @NilePowerRanger
    @ANDYAMOGWO no I’m top.. Faggot
    8:47 AM – 14 Feb 12 via Twitter for BlackBerry®

    Oh dear, Nile Ranger has just (jokingly) called his mate a faggot, therefore:

    “The charge is that the player acted in a way which was improper and/or brought the game into disrepute.

    It is further alleged that the breach included a reference to a person’s or persons’ sexual orientation.”

    You’d think that the FA would have more important things to worry about, wouldn’t you?


  27. Chris G

    Agree with you mate, I think its pathetic really… The FA are all a bunch faggots… 😆 😉
    And if anyone generally finds that offensive you clearly have no gay friends, because they too use the word “faggot” jokingly.

    Its not what is said, its the manner in which it is said that matters…

    The world is so sensitive to this kind of shit, its pathetic.


  28. Yeah I agree. Bit silly to pull him Ranger up on that. Then again, he is a professional footballer and should know people are watching. My only issue with it is that he seems oblivious to the fact that they are scrutinized.


  29. Yeah, out of curiosity I had a look through the Macheda tweets and I feel a bit sorry for him too. Here’s how I think that one developed:

    Final score: Blackburn 3 QPR 2

    federico macheda27 ‏ @machedinho27
    Bad result for us….we trow it away at the first half!
    3:57 AM – 12 Feb 12 via Twitter for iPhone

    Which prompted this comment from a 17 year old Norwich fan:

    Sam Capps ‏ @cappsy14
    @machedinho27 you’re wank, you really are.
    4:27 AM – 12 Feb 12 via Twitter for BlackBerry®

    And the response from Macheda was “shhhhhhh u little stupid gay!”

    Our little keyboard warrior took offence at this (although he seems more than ready to dish out the insults himself) and he first tried to get Stan Collymore involved:!/cappsy14/status/168395510896533504/photo/1

    before contacting the FA on 18th Feb:!/cappsy14/status/170588231560216577/photo/1

    What a horrible little shit he is. No wonder he hasn’t got a girlfriend.

    Anyway, Macheda has since tweeted this, but I don’t know if it’ll cut much ice with the FA:

    federico macheda27 ‏ @machedinho27
    I didn’t mean it in the homophobic way…I just answer to someone that insult me, and I didn’t want to say gay, buy guy! That’s it!
    7:32 AM – 28 Feb 12 via Twitter for iPhone


  30. I used a word on here a couple of weeks ago and people took offence to it.

    I never meant it in its original form as its got several meanings.

    I was hung drawn and quartered. 😯


  31. @ cockneymagpie


    Unfortunately this must be rocket science for AP……

    From Rwanda with love


  32. @ troy stavers

    Its the formation I think he should use! We have 3 amazing attacking players but we play defensive!!!!! Why oh why?


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