Cabaye vs Guthrie – What Do The Stats Say?

Is Cabaye as good as we think he is?
Based on a recent debate on this site about Yohan Cabaye and how effective he actually is in comparison to Danny Guthrie, I wanted to do some digging and see what I found.

Below are a range of statistics covering four areas.. general.. passing… attacking… and defensive.

The left column compares the stats as you will find on most statistic sites, but often I find that playing time can have an effect on how accurate they are in comparing two players.

For that reason I have included a second set of columns on the right, which compares Cabaye and Guthrie as if they played the same amount of minutes, Guthrie obviously playing less so his stats adjusted accordingly.

Anyway see what you make of them…

I could disect the stats shown and rant on all day about what makes who better, but would be interested to hear other people’s take on it, what stands out to them etc.

Obviously based on the simple scoring system I have done, Cabaye seems the better player on both fronts, even with Guthrie’s stats adjusted to match playing time, but personally I was surprised to see how close it was between the two.

Personally I think Cabaye is a much better all round player and a better partner for Tiote. Hopefully by next season we should see him at his very best and there would be no comparison between himself and Guthrie, but for now, there realistically is not a whole lot between them on face value.

Makes you wonder, could we be making a big mistake in letting Guthrie go if a contract is not sorted out, and if he does go, would we be able to get a player as good without having to fork out a decent sum?

Another question it arose for me was, should we be playing three in midfield to accommodate both, as a lot of the big sides do, and would it bring the best out of Cabaye to have another player there to sit with Tiote, in-turn allowing him to push up and be that Fabregas or Nolan style midfielder we all expected him to be upon signing?

Anyway, food for thought and some surprisingly close stats in there. As always, all comments and insight much appreciated.

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89 thoughts on “Cabaye vs Guthrie – What Do The Stats Say?

  1. @Crappypunk

    Good point but Im sure KeithR has done it in good faith.

    I don’t get the impression it’s set out to put one or the other down.

    Why don’t you post more Crappy?

    The more the merrier and to be a successful blog we need people to post and not just read .


  2. Troy I agree it annoyed me last year when Guthrie was over looked because of senior players, and even Joey came out and touched on the fact that he was being played while carrying a niggle and still Guthrie never got a chance even though imo he could offer more at the time.
    But now he’ll not get a look in because Cabaye is a better player which is fair enough. So I think Guthrie will be away because I think he is too quiet and shy to go rapping a managers door saying that he needs some games. And as I said I wouldn’t hold it against him when he goes.


  3. @CrappyPunk, think that’s a good point. If Cabaye were sitting pretty on 10 assists or so, then think doubling Guthrie’s stats would be irrelevent anyway. But when we’re talking about the grand total of 2… yeah, I’ve gotta believe Guthrie would get at least 1 with another 900 minutes of play.

    Personally I think Guthrie and Cabaye are similar players and of fairly equal talent – they even seem to specialise in the same areas (long shots, free kicks). Tbh, if we’re talking CAMs, I’d say Vuckic is first choice. Built for the role more than Ben Arfa, and we lack any kind of meaningful competition in that area.


  4. KeithR @ 67 I would also agree with playing 433 with a midfield of guthrie tiote and Cabaye , think that would be an excellant midfield. Up front I would go Ba Cisse and Ben Arfa , Though I have a feeling Holliet from Blackburn will come in and Ba may go in the summer.


  5. @BD

    I know your views and I agree with them. But do you think he should be sold anyway because of the points I raised or if Guthrie wanted to stay would you keep him if it meant we couldn’t use any cash from his sale to be put towards a better attacking midfielder which I believe we desperately need?


  6. Dave…..aye but alot(not all) who rave about overseas players before we buy them get most of their info from FM and Fifa12 I think 😉 😆


  7. Guthrie has a fair bit of talent but does not impose himself in physical games. When things are going well he sees a lot of the ball but tends to disappear when they aren’t. He is a decent back up but no more – not really direct competition for Cabaye

    As for HBA – I am surprised people seem so convinced by him. He is a luxury player and he should have made more of an impact by now if he was going to be an integral part of the team. He gives the ball away too easily. If he could take over a game I think we’d have seen it by now. For example, Robert took a lot of stick despite his obvious ability for some reason but I’m sure if you looked at his stats he was far more effective and had far more impact than HBA has been so far (and yes I know it can’t be a direct comparison) and yet HBA seems to be almost idolised? Based on current contribution HBA will be on his way if he doesn’t show more soon.


  8. @Big Dave

    I’m sure you haven’t it took my above question as a challenge I was interested in hearing your views.
    Unless you haven’t seen it fella. 😉


  9. Troy sorry never seen it , I don’t think we would get money for him but if we could I would greedily want to keep him because I like him but tbf I don’t see him getting much game time to keep him happy, so I would let him go.

    Richie I think your right or that manager thing 😀

    Reet as they say in Russia musco


  10. Johno… would go with the same myself, and think we’ll be in for Hoilett alright but not so sure we’ll get him. Think Spurs will be in for him, their type of player and have a feeling he may choose CL and the bright lights of London rather than come to Tyneside.. plus, if we get in a bidding war wages-wise the CL clubs can offer more than we would be willing to


  11. Just of the top of my head i know cabaye has more then 2 assists , 1 against fulham , one against wolves , and one against norwhich, has he anymore? And yeh cabaye is a lot more clinical in his passing and a better all round player


  12. perry.. fulham didn’t count as an official assist, it was a shot.. the other two you mentioned were but can’t think of any more


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