Will we ever see any Newcastle players return to the English lineup?

Can anyone emulate Shearer for country caps?
England has never been a team that has been bathed in glory, promising to deliver but failing at the last hurdle.

Wednesday night saw Stuart Pearce take the mantle of England manager to face Holland at Wembley which saw an exciting end to the match. Holland had been two goals up but England produced two goals in the last five minutes to level the scores. However their hard work was undone when Arjen Robben scored in the 92nd minute to give the Dutch side the lead and ultimately the victory over Stuart Pearce’s side.

Newcastle players have found their chances limited in the England team in recent years, the most recent being that of former striker Andy Carroll. Unfortunately for Newcastle, we were no longer to see him become a great for both club and country due to his move to Liverpool in 2011.

The most well known Newcastle player to have graced the England squad is that of Alan Shearer. Known as a traditional English centre-forward due to his strength, physical stature, heading ability and strong shot on him. Shearer was a phenomenal player for both club and country, that was evident in his displays for both teams and it was great for Newcastle fans to watch their number nine do damage against some of the worlds best teams. Alan Shearer scored 30 goals in 63 appearances for the national side, demonstrating his ability to score goals at the very highest level.

Michael Owen is another Newcastle player to have found his way into the England side but he endured a turbulent time for both sides. He suffered injury in the first minute of the group game against Sweden in 2006 when he damaged his anterior cruciate ligament. Again whilst on international duty in 2007, Owen again fell foul to injury this time due to a thigh strain. Owen then left the club when the club was relegated, joining Manchester United as a free transfer.

With a new era of England underway after the departure of Fabio Capello as manager will any current Newcastle players find themselves called up to represent their country?

Let’s start with Steven Taylor, who wears his hear on his sleeve for the Black and White cause. Out for the rest of the season due to an achilles injury, his presence with headed clearances has been a big miss for Alan Pardew’s side in the matches since he sustained his injury. Taylor has been involved with the England setup since U16 level and made his way into a key regular for the U21 side in their European Championship qualifying.

Taylor found himself called up into the senior England side for the friendly in Germany in 2007 but he did not make an appearance during the game. Steven Taylor was awarded the captaincy of the U21 side in September of the same year and captained them to a place in the 2009 European Championships. Steven Taylor is a player who gives more than a hundred percent during a game, his style of play has greatly improved and he seems to be relishing working under the stewardship of Alan Pardew. Perhaps if he continues making leaps and bounds, could he find himself involved with England in the near future?

Sammy Ameobi has emerged as an exciting prospect for both Newcastle United and the England U21 squad. Given a chance by Alan Pardew against Darlington, Ameobi duly netted his first senior goal for the club, following on from that he netted his first competitive goal against Scunthorpe in the Carling Cup. Young Sammy had opted to play for Nigeria and appeared in two U20 games against Saudi Arabia and Egypt. However his impressive displays for Newcastle United did not go unnoticed by Stuart Pearce and the England U21 squad and November saw Ameobi called up for matches against Iceland and Belgium. Currently out due to injury, Ameobi has shown that he is of complete contrast to his older brother Shola. Perhaps Sammy could establish himself as a regular for Newcastle and make his way into the England squad over the next few years?

One for the future must be academy prospect Adam Campbell, top scorer at under-18 level for the club. Campbell has found himself involved with the England U17 Squad and most recently in the Algarve Tournament where he netted on his debut for the Three Lions. Campbell cites Alan Shearer as his inspiration as he makes his way through the ranks of the club. He certainly is a prospect to keep an eye on for the next few years and his displays have certainly not gone unnoticed.

With that in mind Newcastle could again find that they have representatives in the England squad once again. If you could choose, which English Newcastle player would you most like to have in the England squad?

About ZoΓ« Vicarage

A lifelong Newcastle fan. Currently exiled in Sunderland studying Sports Journalism at the University of Sunderland Follow me on Twitter: @ZoeVicarage

42 thoughts on “Will we ever see any Newcastle players return to the English lineup?

  1. Great article zoe was really thinking about writing something similar.
    Its almost sad we dont have much English talent in the ranks. Our first eleven next year could all be foreign potentially πŸ˜•


  2. Super article Zoe, well done πŸ˜‰

    Think Taylor is the only one who has a shot, has to put these injuries behind him though. Three seasons now with playing less than half the games. And there is a lot of competition for centre back in the future for England… Jones, Smalling, Dawson, Cahill and Lescott will all be in the mix for some years to come, as well as Micah Richards who can also play there.

    Apart from him I can’t see many getting a look in, unless one of our French lads has a granny from North Shields we don’t know about.. more chance of them playing for Ireland!

    Hopefully the likes of Campbell and Knight keep developing at the rate they are though, then you never know.


  3. I was thinking this last night whilst watching the match last night. I like to think saylor would have got a shot last night if he was fit. He played loads in the under 21’s and i think he even had a stint captaining them so stuart pearce must rate him (if indeed it was phsyco who was manager at the time). πŸ˜• πŸ˜‰


  4. Why has Sammy shown himself to be the opposite of Shola? Wasn’t Shola in all of Englands youth levels and actually banging them in to boot? Wasn’t it 7 goals in 13 for the under 21s?

    I think Tayls will be the only one who’s within a shot to be honest, Sammeobi has to compete with real talents like Adam Johnson, Young and Sturridge to get a game, and they’ll all be around for a while. Taylor though, better than both Cahill and Smalling, and Jones as well IMO, although Smalling and Jones will undoubtedly improve further and we can’t be sure how the injury will effect Saylor…shame really.


  5. This is completely off topic, but just seen the odds in the upcoming test cricket series South Africa vs England.
    You can get South Africa at 2-1 which I think are brilliant odds. I just can’t see South Africa not winning that series. 😯

    As for Toon players making it for England. I thought Simpson was on the verge πŸ˜‰

    Best chance we have is buying Matt Jarvis and sticking him on the left wing… Cracking player that boy! Otherwise Steven Taylor must be in with a shout of breaking through…

    Don’t see the others challenging for quite some time.


  6. In a word, ye,but I also don;t think it will be any of the three mentioned.

    Sammy is just, well, shall we say, rough?

    Campbell it’s far far too early to tell.

    Saylor I’d like to think so, but I also think his chance was last night with a bloke who has managed him through the U21’s and rates him and would have given him a go like he did with Campbell from the filth.

    Unfortunately I think Saylor has missed the boat. He won’t get in for the Euros as we’ll see the same tired old wasters return once more for one “last chance” under a new manager. After that we’ll probably see the same players again with more excuses.


  7. the team i want to see on sunday

    —————–cisse –ba——————-

    the team we will prob see on sunday

    simp——-wilo —–colo——santon
    —————cisse -ba—————-


  8. toonsy says:
    March 1, 2012 at 12:41

    ‘He won’t get in for the Euros as we’ll see the same tired old wasters return once more for one β€œlast chance” under a new manager. After that we’ll probably see the same players again with more excuses.’

    IMO we just don’t produce good enough footballers compared to other countries, it’s a fact not an excuse.


  9. my england line up for the euros


  10. Good article Zoe

    I dont believe at the moment we have any England internationals in our squad at the moment … But for Fabio the twat never to have visited our great city was a fucking insult!!

    If Saylor can start next season the way he started this season and carry it on then he could certainly make the squad and at CB, who knows coz I don’t think England have any worldies in that position.

    I think it’s going to be heavily dependent on who gets the England job tbh. If Pearce gets it (which I doubt) I’d fancy Sammi to get a call up.

    As ‘Arry will get job and we will sign more foreign players in the summer then Id say that it may be sometime before see one of ours holding down a 3 lions spot on a regular basis… Which would have once bothered me, but now, England to me are just another London based team.


  11. My line up for the Euros


    I think they’d perform just as well as our current bunch πŸ˜†

    DJG-I think we get good talents, but our coaching of them is just pathetic/doesn’t work. Same as Rugby imo. Throw in that brittle glass-shattering, apathetic English attitude that seems rampant these days and we duly get f**ked by anyone with an ounce of skill or smarts.


  12. DJG – It’s not just about technical ability I’m referring to. To me you need a lot more than that to represent your country, and the simple fact is that not a lot of them do.

    Not saying that players need to be squeaky clean, but to be so flagrant when a whole country is wanting you to go out and give 100% is unacceptable.

    Rooney and his granny banging.
    Terry and his racism, and everything else.
    Gerrard and his disco bashing
    The whole squad and the way they acted in South Africa.

    Those are the kinds of things I mean. Not one of them that was there in 2010 wanted to be there to play. They were there for a jolly and the extra merchandising money safe in the knowledge that even if they didn’t perform they’d still be safe and would be picked next time around.

    Scrap the lot of them and fuck England


  13. @Zoe

    Well done.

    We’ve done the formation debate to a death.

    I genuinely can’t see any of our players making England.
    Taylor had his chance a few years back but injuries kept blighting his opportunities and nothing has changed.

    We haven’t got any other English prospects good enough.

    Maybe HBA if he changed his name to Ben Arthur but that’s my best shout. 😯


  14. Newkie – The English mentality these days stinks. Losers mentality. Thank God it wasn’t always like that!

    I watched SSN after the England game last night and people were making excuses saying that it’s better because we showed passion. Passion? What next? The taking part that counts?


  15. Toonsy πŸ˜† How the mighty have fallen! Like the rest of the world, I always thought English expectations were on par with Liverpool delusion at times but watched the game and post-match last night and that was hilarious to see the contrast!.. Taking part that counts, have me in stitches here πŸ˜† One extreme to the other, nice middle ground to be found.

    As you said, too many off the field problems, has always hindered a potentially great Dutch side too. Need to get the big ego’s in check and have someone there who is respected. That’s the first step. After that it’s all about tactics in International football.

    Look at Trappatoni for Ireland. Plays some god awful football to watch with a very average squad but qualified for the Euros and loses very rarely, even in matches we are completely dominated in possession-wise, and above all else, picks hard-working lads with no ego’s that are driven to play for their country and refuses to pick anyone who doesn’t fit that mould regardless of ability.


  16. Great article Zoe, i’m convinced that a fit Saylor will get his chance next year.


  17. Toon players might have a better chance if next England manager actually comes and watch Newcastle games!


  18. good call lad, apologies.. don’t know why I thought Ba’s free kick was against Liverpool, was actually against West Brom.. had the other three games saved on the pc.. suppose it depends on the site.. some wouldn’t give assists for shots that rebounds come from, or assists for an own goal


  19. Yeah i’m not sure how i feel about rebounds being counted as assists, guess it doesn’t matter so long as you use the same source for all your stats.


  20. It just shows that Cabayes shot ratio was drastically lower than all the other midfielders I listed.

    If he had more shots he might get more assists. πŸ˜›

    What do you say Trumpet? πŸ˜†


  21. Yeah i agree. Would our defence have been as stable though? I’m not sure it would, Pardew has got it right so far, our goals against might look poor, but we have kept a lot of clean sheets this season.

    Another one to add to the list troy?
    i) Wrong about Cabaye’s assist tally.
    ii) Wrong about David Silva’s position.
    iii) Wrong about the clubs lack of ambition in the summer.
    iv) Wrong about Krul and Tiote being sold “for certain” in January.

    That’s just off the top of my head man! πŸ˜†


  22. Great article Zoe. It was really nice when Carroll played for us and got called up .Pleasing to see a newcastle forward up front again ,now ofcourse that looks to be history as he’s way down the pecking order and an adopted bindipper so i don’t give a monkeys no more. we have had some great Newcastle players play for England over the years Beardsley, Keegan, Les ferdinand ,butt ,Pearce Shearer of course and the likes of Dyer and Milner then theres Gazza and Waddle who had both just left us when they got theyr’e senior call ups i believe,but both home grown talent to be proud of. I used to really love watching England but somehow the magics slipped away for me .The romance of Sir bobs lads at Italia 90 and of course Shearer and Gazza at Euro 96 seem a world away to me and try as i might I can’t get emotionaly attached to the likes of Rooney et al as they just come across as a bunch of money grabbing mercenary gets.


  23. @Kimtoon i’m still hoping we’ll have one English striker leading the line out at the Euros this summer, come on Bestie you fake Irish superstar!


  24. Of the current crop of Toon lads , Saylors the obvious contender ,he still might get a chance if he comes back well from injury and if an England manager ever manages to make it to the north east that might help!


  25. Zoe excellent article as usual, I think like many others that the only hope we have is Saylor but I feel lastnight would have been his best chance to get his foot in the door.
    I just can’t see anyone else making it, but im sure Stardy will pop up sometime to tell us that Willo will make it πŸ˜†


  26. Wahey Trumpet. πŸ˜›
    The only one I got wrong out of your list was Tiote and Krul being sold in January.

    Despite what you said that I never put my hands up if I call it wrong, I did Repeatedly state I gaffed on that one. πŸ˜‰

    Your trumpet is playing a dud tune. πŸ˜›


  27. well said kim(34) i’ll always watch england games, but not with the passion that i used too, might change thou in the future if the overpaid tarts give something back to the game, but cant see it happening!!


  28. I honestly don’t think I’ve enjoyed watching England play at all since Bobby Robson was in charge. In fact they quite often irritate me.
    I did enjoy watching that video about Graham Taylors stint though. It was ferkin hilhairyarse. In a uncomfortable, watching a slow car crash, sort of a way.

    “Can we not knock it?!?”
    “Do I not like orange?!?”
    “Fartin! FARTIN!!!”


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