Colo’s Contract – Based On Past Experience

Is Coloccini's Long Term Future To Be On Tyneside?
Since his first settle-in season on Tyneside, Fabricio Coloccini has been an integral part of the Newcastle defence and has put himself up there with the best defenders in recent memory to play in the black and white.

That combined with the fact he is now our club captain and playing arguably some of the best football of his career, you would think it is a no-brainer to get him signed to a new contract. I know that is certainly the case in most supporters eyes but do the men with the pen feel the same?

It is no secret that Coloccini’s contract talks have entered that dangerous dragging on stage. A number of talks have been held with both him and his agent without an agreement being reached and naturally some will feel the longer it goes on, the less chance of him signing a new deal.

The media generally revel in scenarios such as this, especially when it comes to the southern snakes and their blind contempt for Newcastle at times, and for the past year or more, every week we have heard a story of interest from another club with nothing of substance materializing.

Given Coloccini’s form, certainly since our return to the Premier League, I have no doubt that there are other clubs looking at him as a possible target, but that by no stretch means that they will offer what we want, he wants to go, or that we want to sell.

The media will spout conjecture on this one until a definitive conclusion is reached one way or the other. The fact is they don’t have a monkey’s uncle what the real story is and will continue to speculate regardless, claiming they are in the know about bids pending for the Argentinian.

The only opinions that matter on this one are, as far as I can see, Alan Pardew, Coloccini himself, his agent and Mike Ashley, albeit in conjunction with the input of Derek Llambias and maybe Lee Charnley, so let’s go through them.

Alan Pardew has publicly stated on numerous occasions his desire to get Coloccini signed up on a new long term deal. He obviously recognizes his importance to the team and may be also aware that potential financial restrictions could make it next to impossible to replace a player of that stature.

At the end of the day, regardless of transfer kitty for improving the squad or any boardroom negotiations, Alan Pardew like any other manager will want to hold onto his best players and Coloccini falls into that category, so he would be out of his mind to want to see him go.

Players don’t generally speak publicly about contracts, unless it’s Joey Barton looking for attention on Twitter in between his many trips to London’s culture spots in a desperate attempt to prove he is not a plonker. Apologies, I digress.

Coloccini however has come out on a couple of occasions over the past year, simply stating he is more than happy on Tyneside, proud to be made Captain and would love to stay, maybe even see out his career at Newcastle, which is obviously great to hear.

That said, this could more than likely be the last contract of his career, definitely the last potentially lucrative one, and as much as he may love playing for Newcastle, his own best interests for the future will take priority and I have no doubt he will want very good money to stay.

We are not in the business of paying top dollar wages these days, and it won’t even be entertained if we are not pulling in significant extra revenue from Europe to balance the books, so as far as I can tell, Coloccini will have to take a drop in wages to sign a new deal, something he may not be willing to do.

Next entry in the equation, the bane of every club and owner in modern football, the agent. I can’t overstate my hatred for these people. Their actions are never in the best interest of the club, and often not even the player outside money. They simply want the biggest payday they can achieve.

Whilst clubs are often scrutinized, Newcastle included, for shady approaches and tactics to try and secure targets without permission, there is a governing body to somewhat control it getting out of hand. Agents to my knowledge don’t have to play by the same rules at all.

In the past year we have witnessed agents flex their unseen muscle in transfer and contract dealings. Rather than keep out of it at the time, Willie McKay decided to add fuel to the fire of dispute between Joey Barton and Mike Ashley, taking every opportunity to stir it up on radio talk shows.

As much as I don’t like Barton, and the fact he even has McKay as his agent says an awful lot about the his character and the company he keeps, I genuinely think there was a chance that Barton could have been reasoned with if dealing directly with the club, even through Alan Pardew.

McKay, whether he thought he was serving the best interests of his client or not, effectively strangled the life out of any resolution being reached between the parties and of course we all know the end result. Maybe that’s what Barton wanted, who knows.

Without veering too much off the beaten track, we also witnessed agents influence deals involving players such as Blaise Matuidi, Mevlut Erdinc, Gervinho, Eric Pieters and Modibo Maiga to name a few. Overall point being that these people can throw a spanner in the works of the most simple of deals.

Finally, we come to the main man, or men, from the clubs point of view. Mike Ashley is the money man all said and done. He has put in place a strict wage structure based around the top players earning approximately £40,000 per week as far as I am aware and will not be held to ransom by anyone, no matter how integral a squad member they may be.

As well as that, Newcastle’s wage structure is also built heavily around a performance related bonus philosophy, something I personally think is a fantastic idea if implemented correctly but it does potentially have it’s downfalls.

We as a club are almost leading the pack in terms of this type of structure, and I believe many clubs will follow suit in the coming years, but for now it is a rarity at most clubs. Players are generally paid a fixed salary with the only bonuses being for such things as goals, assists or appearances for those who are seen to be injury prone.

Although extremely cost effective for the club and something that should be seen as a motivator for players, and not a problem to them if they believe in their ability and set goals are realistically achievable, players can be guaranteed that extra bit regardless of how well they or their team perform if they go elsewhere.

I would like to think Coloccini is the type of player not solely motivated by money, he honestly doesn’t seem like the type, but you never know, and it does have a knock on effect and complicate things somewhat. Less agents fees and potential loss of earnings for the player among other things.

Anyway, wage structure analysis aside, based on past experience there is another element which comes into play. Ashley is a fairly ruthless businessman, as is Derek Llambias and will not be strong-armed under any circumstances. Player power is a thing of the past at Newcastle.

Above all else, they want value for money, paying the lowest wage possible and having an option to sell on when they feel is the optimum opportunity to maximize revenue from the sale. When it comes to the latter, this could spell trouble when it comes to Coloccini.

Fabricio has just turned 30. He is no spring chicken but has a few good years playing time in him yet at the top level. However, in terms of his market value, it probably won’t be any higher than it is right now, in fact could fall significantly over the next few years.

This leaves the board in a difficult situation as it did in the recent past with Kevin Nolan. Although I think it was the right decision in the end, he did come off the back of a very productive season, top scorer and was also our captain, but five years at the money he wanted was not acceptable in Ashley’s eyes.

As Alan Pardew himself even said shortly after Nolan moved on, it was a situation where we could end up two years into his contract and he won’t be getting into the first team and on that basis it doesn’t make sense to have a player bench-warming at best while being a top earner at the club.

Thankfully we are seeing the end of the big money bench-warmers at the club. The era of the likes of Geremi chilling in his flip-flops watching his bank balance soar is all but dead and Alan Smith being out of contract in the summer should put it to bed once and for all, but will Coloccini be another casualty in this regard?

With the exception of a handful of appearances at most over the past two years, he has been immense for us and on face value is as deserving of a new deal as anyone, but unfortunately it is not that simple in the eyes of those with the power.

Mike Ashley may well have the same concerns as he did when it came to Nolan, and feel that now is the right time to sell based on the fact that Coloccini’s legs may go in two or three years, rendering him virtually worthless but still being a top earner.

I personally don’t see him taking that much of a nosedive, but despite our collective love for the curly headed hero, I do understand how the deal can be complicated on many levels.

A lot has to be taken into account by both club and player, and even though Alan Pardew and Coloccini sing from the same hymn sheet in terms of wanting to be here in future, all sentiment aside, is it what’s best for the club long term?

I guess as things stand, my opinion would be a definitive yes, get him signed up no matter what, but if we happened to sign two top centre backs in their mid-twenties in the summer, would I still feel that way? I’m not so sure.

As always, all comments and insight appreciated.

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47 thoughts on “Colo’s Contract – Based On Past Experience

  1. I think Collo will sign , or maybe its just hope 🙂 I think he is settled here and I think the club will pay what he is worth with maybe a drop after 3 or something along those lines. But we have been here before and could well be on his way out. Hopefully not but we shall wait n see


  2. I think we will keep him and he will sign, i think he is a genuine guy so at the very least won’t be asking for ridiculous terms (compared to what he is on now).
    However there are rumours to him being on over 70k a week, for him to sign he will definitely need to take a drop in wages, which, even though i think he is indispensable, i agree with, if the wage cap is 40k you simply can’t have a player in the ranks on almost double that.

    I wouldn’t mind giving him say 50k, as captain maybe he deserves a bit more? The good thing with Colo is that his game doesn’t rely on his pace, so he should still have a few years at the very top so i don’t see contract length being an issue. The difference with Nolan was that we didn’t really have a place for him in the first team this season, let alone a few down the line.

    Saylor was immense at the start of the season, but the calming presence of Colo next to him can’t be understated, i think break the bank (within reason) for him, and give him whatever length contract he wants.


  3. I think he will sign in the summer once Alan Smith has finally moved on, he takes up a lot of the wage bill and perhaps with him gone then Pardew and the club could offer him a better deal. Smith must be on more than 50k a week so with him gone that would free extra space to make sure we have Colo at the club for many more years.

    Toonsy: If you are about there is an article in drafts for you


  4. Well written article KeithR. 😉

    I can’t argue with your points. He’s a cracking player and clearly influential behind the scenes which has been acknowledged by him receiving the captaincy.

    The problem with big wages in the past lay with
    newcomers coming with big reputations and ego’s getting huge salaries before they’ve even kicked a ball for us.

    I believe there has to be a balance and for someone like Colo who has shown a great work ethic through some pretty bad times at the club and built up a deserved good reputation as a quality player, then special cases deserve special treatment.

    He deserves a good deal and at least 3 years.

    Every club needs to build around the best experienced players and for me Colo has shown he has quality in personality and skill.


  5. He is the best defender in my memory. Certainly the best centre back. Jose has to be a close second. The closest to Colo was Woodgate. The closest to Jose was Bernard, although obviously Howey, Peacock and Bezza were part of the best team ever. Don’t forget about Blackley and Brownlie, of course!


  6. Still undecided on Colo. The way it’s dragging on makes me wonder, but then he doesn’t seem to be the type who would go chasing money elsewhere. Mind, if they are throwing it at you…

    Honestly think he loves it here but he needs to make sure he gets the best deal for himself and his family. It’s what we’d all do, and while I’d be gutted if he left I’m also confident that we’d get a replacement of equal quality or with potential to be of equal quality. Ideally we keep Colo and add someone, but there is still a lot of posturing to be done so we’ll see.


  7. great article..offer him what he is worth as he will not take less. same as any of us in our normal jobs

    ps – anyone seen the espn piece pards did?

    im not a pard hater in the slightest and dont even blame him for our recent iffy form –

    HOWEVER if i see him one more time go on about how we cant keep our better players etc if ‘bigger’ clubs come in im gonna blow a gasket 👿


  8. ……….It might just be an ambition thing. He has seen out most of his career now and is arguably now at his best.

    His stocks will be high and there will teams out there willing to take him on who can give him European football and who are begging for somebody like him to come along (Arsenal, Spurs in our league for example…).

    He might just be waiting to see if we qualify for Europe or not. 😕


  9. Not sure performance related pay is a good idea if its strongly linked to team objectives. Maybe if everyone on the team is of a similar level of quality, then yes.

    But imagine you’re Coloccini – would you want a big slice if your pay dependant on finishing in Europe, say, if you knew you were lining up with Simpson and Williamson next to you?
    Or imagine your Ba wanting a new contract with a renegotiated get-out clause – would you want to risk a fair slice of your wages if you knew you were getting the sort of service he has been lately?


  10. DIFSB – Why?

    He’s is just talking facts.

    How can we compete with teams who have two, three, four, even ten times, the financial muscle we have?

    It’s not rocket science.

    In fact it is delusion to suggest otherwise. Take the blinkers off and realise that we aren’t as big as you believe.

    Big crowds don’t mean big finances. There are many many examples of this at work, like Tottenham who get a crowd that is about 60% of ours yet earn over twice the amount we do from them. Liverpool, who earn three times what we do even without Champions League income – in fact they make more selling shirts than our club does in total. Beyond that the gap just gets wider.


  11. @B&B

    Many of the youngins on here will have no idea who Blackley and Brownlie are.

    They probably think you got the wrong end of the stick with Bradford and Bingley and are too polite to say. 😛


  12. Troy @ 5

    Agree with that. We should pay him what it takes, unless its a ridiculous sum.

    Toonsy if he goes I do think Ashley will sanction a replacement. Hopefully someone with enough experience to come pretty close to filling Colo’s boots. Is rather not have some one with just promise.
    Promise isn’t really good enough, in my opinion, if he’s stepping straight into the first team in place of Coloccini.
    So I do think we’ll try to get someone decent.
    The worry is that that would cost us a fee which might mean we don’t get another decent defender, or if we do it’ll be some one of similar quality to


  13. Williamson. Which would be something of a disappointment.

    Maybe Pardew can work his magic on Ashley and get him to release some extra funds anyway. Who knows?


  14. Troy @ 13

    You mean they aren’t the two bumbling detectives out of the Tintin books?
    Well that’s who their picture looks like!


  15. i agree DISBR, why the fuk does Ap have to say it at every possible chance that we will sell our players if big clubs come a knocking. why does he state it all the time? The bloke is a ball sac on that one.,, then again is he? i think he knows exactly what he is doing.. he is putting all our players up for sale knowing that one or two have to go at a big profit, so he can have a small portion and the owner takes the rest for er.. paying whatever it is that he says he has to keep paying off.
    If we look back the billions of quotes Ap did last closed season he was always saying ,we need to keep our best players and Nolan, barton jose etc defo fall into that bracket’ .. i recall his words… now today he is giving himself a pat on the back for ‘making the decision last season to sell the more gobshite members of the then squad”. This web of bullshit is so thick that we can not tell if what is being said anymore is truth or waffle. they should all be in politics man. full of shit, the lot of them.


  16. toonsy i know it, you know it, the fans know it, the chairman knows it, every man and his dog knows it

    However there are some things at a club like Newcastle you just should not say over and over and over again, especially as manager. Not even Moyes says it and their situation is more precarious than ours.

    royally does my head in.. it does not need to be said, thats my point. draws uneccessary media attention to our ‘pauper’ situaition


  17. Toonsy @ 12

    I agree with what you say. It is a fact but I still wish he would stop keep saying it too.
    It’s almost like he’s trying to soften a blow for us, but if we don’t even know for sure anyone’s going then he’s going to start making people feel like something is already being planned behind the scenes.
    I’d rather hear him do the usual platitudes about how much he personally values these players and wants them to stay.


  18. That’s how you see it. I just see it as stating facts.

    It’s easy to ignore it. It’s the pussies way out of it in fact.

    Doesn’t change the fact that it might happen. If you cover your eyes and ears when a bomb explodes you may not hear it as much or see it, but it will still have detonated.

    Besides, do we know he doesn’t keep getting asked the questions by an interviewer looking for a headline, a person who specialises in trying to get headlines? Or do we believe that Pards just squeezes it into interviews for no good reason?


  19. Besides, we were told that “we could lose big players in January” all through and before the last window and we didn’t.

    People pay too much attention to it all. 99% of an interview is posturing and gamesmanship, and that goes for all managers in al divisions in all countries.


  20. I guess what I mean is, he makes it sound like he’s resigned to losing them as long as some waves enough money at us.
    I think a better message to send out (or maybe just a better way of framing what he is saying) would be that he’ll fight tooth and nail to keep the players and any club wanting them had better be prepared to pay massively if they want to take them from us.


  21. doesnt need to be said

    end of

    go find me articles where redknapp, or moyes, or mcleish talk openly about losing their best players

    does not happen


  22. Actually I can understand why Pardew maybe doesn’t want to sound too bullish.
    He did over Carroll and unfortunately Ashley made him look like a right twat.


  23. if they do talk about it they will say they arnt going, or in reference to a particlular transfer rumour i.e darren bent to liverpool this last january

    neway ive said my piece, its not the first time hes come out saying this, its almost like hes trying to soften the blow when/if we lose a tiote, or ba etc

    like carroll, cole, ginola, sir les; il be dissapointed and then move on

    did nit hear keegan, or Sir Bobby, or even glen roeder go on about how we cant hold on to our players



  24. Pootle – Yeah, true. Mind you it doesn’t help when sites such as ESPN take selected quotes from the entire article and choose to take it out of context.

    Paints a completely different picture to my transcript of it don’t you think?

    Even more so when people have a look at the original.

    The ESPN one makes it look as though that is all Alan Pardew has said, and gullible people have taken the bait hook, line and sinker.


  25. Pootle – Re: Ashley making Pardew look like a twat.

    Exactly, and Pardew got ripped for that by the fans. Why would he put himself in that position all over again?


  26. PS – solano’s trumpet. interesting to see that you care so much about ashletys finances to say that u wud be happy to pay 50k a week to the man but no more

    I paid £510 for my season ticket in july, and my dad and brother also this season

    Thats a lot for me compared to what I earn, plus everything else on top.

    Now, our owner is a billionaire..if he cant pay a man (our leader and captain) 3 million a year then he needs to do one!!

    or I have to ask myself why im spending so much money to follow club when our owner is doing the exact opposite



  27. Would Colo take a pay cut though? Would he really drop £1.5m a year from what he is allegedly on?

    Maybe we have offered 3m a year – which is only 55k a week roughly.


  28. Oh yeah Toonsy that’s true.
    The press love a bit of mischief, for sure.
    I just wish he would project himself as wanting to fight for his players (particularly the good ones) without maybe getting caught out, like he did over Carroll, by saying they definitely won’t be sold.
    Apart from anything else being a bit more bullish might actually help get a better price if we do flog them. ❓ 😯

    You never know, on the off chance that we have some of the rare breed of footballers who actually do care about more than just money, stroking their ego and making them feel loved might also increase the chances of them not wanting to leave anyway.
    Ok, I just had to pinch myself there cos I was turning into a bit of a dreamer!! 😳 😉 😆


  29. pootle i agree with what you said – if asked be bullish in response

    i dont like harry but i keep harping back to how they handled modric situation..

    “your under contract, we need you for the team, your not going”

    end of

    now look where they are..


  30. toonsy i heard it was 3 mil a year 4 year contract he wanted. 12 mil minus bonuses in total. Center backs generally play longer too.

    worth it

    is MA doesnt think so then i feel sorry for AP


  31. maybe we have offered colo a pile of shite as he is 30 and we think he will stay?
    Also, going back to AP once again, just last week he was saying we can be like spurs blah blah, now he is saying we are small potatoes and will fall at the feet of any club that comes in for our so called star players. i didnt see spurs caving in to modric’s demands for a move last summer when abramovic came rolling in with his big money offers.
    Plus it seems a bit funky when all the players keep saying they want to stay and AP keeps saying they may have to go.
    We dont need him to tell everyone we are a selling club, everyone knows it, christ we have given up our stadium name ffs so i am sure ahsley will have no problem selling any player. we all get it.
    Also, how can we expect to push on and keep players motivated when the manager keeps on saying what can only be described as counter-productive comments and statements? Last week Toite and Cabaye we Iconic figures according to AP, today they are for sale clearly.


  32. DIFSB
    Type in any managers name and “every player has his price” into google and i assure you that you will find a lot on the managers saying it.
    They have all been burnt too many times by chairmen selling their star players.

    If you got asked: “is there any circumstance under which you would sell Tiote?”, how would you answer it?

    And referring to Tottenham, it took them years to reach that stage, i’m sure levy would argue now that it was the initial selling of star players that funded their rise to being in the position to call the shots: Berba, Carrick, Robbie Keane.


  33. @Craig I don’t buy this “we are a selling club nonsense”, since we have been promoted i have agreed with EVERY one of our transfers (maybe thanks to hindsight 😉 ), it’s not like we’re Everton having a fire sale ffs.

    Carroll – 35 Mill, enough said really.

    Enrique – Had no option, he claimed lack of ambition, but Cabaye, Ben Arfa, Ba etc seemed to think otherwise, reeks of a mercanery.

    Barton – Thought he was terrific last season, but a trouble maker, on wages beyond what he was worth and again harped on about “ambition” only to move to QPR, nZog and Wigan all over again 😆 The fact we gave him away shows money wasn’t the concern for us here.

    Nolan – Great leader, but would have struggled to justify a long contract as he wouldn’t get in our first team even half a year on, again the fact he moved to West Ham shows his money oriented mind.

    Craig which of the transfers would you have not gone through with.


  34. solanostrumpet..
    i would prob say that we will do everything in our power to keep our best players and we are in a strong financial position and do not need to sell.


    If a club comes in for any of our players and we do not wish to sell them then we will not. All are under contract and that is the end of the story. A player under contract can only be sold if we allow it.


    If a player expresses a desire to leave then we will try our hardest to help him out, however, if it is one of key players we will endevour to try to work it out and will only sell once we have a like-for-like replacemnet lined up.

    I wouldnt say…

    Yeah bring it on big clubs, make us an offer we cant refuse.


  35. Isn’t that what Pardew said about Carroll though?
    I don’t remember the fans being so understanding…


  36. we are not on about that Solanostrumpet… we are on about AP week after week telling the whole world that we would sell any of our best players id a godo enough offer comes in. Please tell me any other prem team that constantly shouts it from the rooftops that they woudl sell any of their players?
    The names you have mentioned.. carroll..ffs, i would have carried his bags for 35 million. that was a great deal. i still think it wrong to get shot of Nolan though and i think he would get in the team still.
    OK, lets look at it from another nagle altogether.. please tell me the positive effects of saying week in and week out that we will sell anyone for the right offer? If i can see the positives, then maybe i can agree. At the minute though i am struggling.


  37. No solano.. on carroll Ap just lied and said under no circumstance will we ever sell carroll. defo a diff punch line mate.


  38. i never blamed pards for carroll

    i blamed MA for carroll. if MA gave him the contract he wanted (and IMO deserved) carroll would still be our number 9

    AP now taking the hit for the board

    fairplay, even wenger, sir alex do

    however this is NUFC

    not accrington stanley

    in one sentence AP says NUFC are a massive club, and in the next its’ we are afraid of bigger clubs getting our players’

    if we are a big club act like a big club manager, thats all im saying


  39. its true.. misleading statements all over from AP… to say we will sell any player for right price if big club comes in then he must therefore class SDFC as a small club?


  40. DIFSB, they aren’t mutually exclusive We are a massive club, that doesn’t mean there aren’t MUCH bigger.

    He doesn’t bring up the topic Craig, he gets asked, i’m happy he gets asked as it is a sign of how well we are doing if he said under no circumstances would Tiote get sold then a week later get offered 60 million for him and sold him he would get fans calling him a liar.

    He literally can’t win, i don’t understand how anyone can complain about our transfer policy since we have got promoted, it has been magnificent. I would love a number 9 as one of our own, but 35 mill buys most our team, great deal.

    We should be delighted, the last time we had to fend off transfer rumours was years ago, it’s doesn’t feel great worrying so don’t bother, just be happy that we have a team so good that we have other managers drooling, they all talk crap anyway (Redknapp on Ba ring any bells)


  41. @42.. yes but can you tell me the benefits of this line of waffle pls? other than telling all your players you will sell them that is.


  42. It’s about presentation. It’s about the messages being sent out and the effect they have on morale.
    It’s how humans work. To suggest otherwise is dishonest.

    Would Churchill have been considered a good leader if instead of saying ‘We will fight them on the beaches’, he’d said ‘ Well you’ve got to face it Germany are a bigger country than us. I mean loads of us will get killed, its inevitable. There’s not much you can do about it. Just face the facts and accept it’.


  43. I seem to remember Pards saying it would take a silly money offer to get Tiote from Toon a while back . The point is i don’t think there is any danger of us letting anyone ‘important ‘ leave for peanuts, MA will want megabucks and i really feel clubs are reluctant to spend silly money nowadays. Even though they can afford higher wages they still have to meet our price for the player. January showed us how reluctant clubs are to spend loads and Rangers and Portsmouth are a big wake up call to many clubs,i heard on the radio the other day Manure are 750 million in the red ,crazy figures , and not a little bit scary. The really bad thing about Pards quote is the message it sends to the squad that they are all basicly expendable.


  44. “Enrique – Had no option, he claimed lack of ambition, but Cabaye, Ben Arfa, Ba etc seemed to think otherwise, reeks of a mercanery.”

    Sorry Solano but I must take issue with this. It is such a one-sided thing to say I cant believe you meant it.

    You suggest Enrique was a mercenary for going somewhere for more money and you insinuate he is a liar for saying he felt Ashley and co lacked ambition. I suggest that is just sour grapes on your part.

    He just won a cup. Newcastle’s only reward this season is a none too certain looking hope of qualifying for Europe. I would say he wins the ambition point. The bindippers may yet finish above us in the league too.

    Also, do you think Cabaye has not has his salary increased by coming here? Or Ben Arfa? Or Ba?
    Cabaye was in a side that got into European competition

    Do you really, honestly think any of them would be here at all if Manchester City, Manchester United, Tottenham, Chelsea, Liverpool or any of the big European clubs had thrown their hats in the ring with a megabucks offer?


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