Match Stats: Newcastle 1-1 Sunderland

Newcastle 1-1 Sunderland

Sunday 4th March, 2012






344/440 PASSES 170/258


63.1% POSSESSION 36.9%

62.4% TERRITORY 37.6%

126/186 ATT 3RD 32/66


13/53 CROSSES 1/14

11/24 TAKE-ONS 5/12

13/18 CORNERS 0/4


18/20 TACKLES 19/23



10/21 CLEARANCES 19/53


13/23 AERIAL DUELS 10/23

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55 thoughts on “Match Stats: Newcastle 1-1 Sunderland

  1. Those stats do tell a tale, particularly a second half tale. We’ve been pretty crap for weeks, let’s hope that second half kick starts the last period of the season. It could well, with Ben Arfa heavily involved. Ironically, it could also give Williamson a bit of a boost as well.


  2. There were a lot of incidents in this match but what the hell was Williamson doing? If you try and tear the shirt off the oppositions back then a penalty is the only outcome. That could have cost us dearly this guy is not a premiership player and as soon as the season finishes a C/B has got to be a priority.


  3. 2 cb’s are a priority, I think. That and maybe a winger and a fullback. Although I’m hoping that Shane Ferguson can start to come along more to offer something next season


  4. What an exciting game, everything a derby should be. Hats off to the scum for defending brilliantly for so long. Ultimately you just can’t stop Sholatime. You would think we didn’t even have any strikers on for the first 40 mins. And Cattermole – cock ‘o’ the north alright.


  5. Statto strange stats there as it didn’t look that way, but it must have been 2nd half with the introduction of Benny that has made them a little better to look at.


  6. Definitely Dave. I remember ten shots in the first ten minutes of the second half. Not that many bothered Mignolet.


  7. I thought Benny was outstanding yesterday.

    As I’ve said on numerous occasions in the past, we should build our team round him next season.

    An absolute talent that needs time to adjust to the premier and once he does we will have a superstar on our hands.

    I bet those who shouted we should sell him feel a bit foolish now.

    Do any of you dare come on and stick to your guns or even admit you got it wrong? 😯

    We are waiting . πŸ˜›


  8. Stats show we should have won the game in reality.

    For me I’d go with just Ba up front against Arsenal with Guthrie coming in for Cisse and Arfa for Taylor.


  9. TROY just cannot understand some fans,when we signed benny we couldnt beilive we got such a player and at that price too,how quickly some turn get him sold some shout, have they even been to a game never mind even played a game,mind boggleing πŸ™„


  10. Troy as I said yesterday some of the ones calling for Benny to be sold were telling others that we need to give Oba time, and that we shouldn’t question Cabaye.


  11. Troy Stavers says:
    March 5, 2012 at 09:41
    I bet those who shouted we should sell him feel a bit foolish now.

    I havent been on as much recently due to work and family life been busier than normal , but people wanted to sell benny? 😯

    Yes he has some weakness in his game , such as tracking back and maybe trying to do too much on the ball when a pass is on , but he is our best footballer we have. Im not saying best player but in terms of footballing ability he is a different class. Some peopl or either crazy or just plain fickle.


  12. Ryan Taylor ‏ @TaylorR1984
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  13. Ryan Taylor ‏ @TaylorR1984
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  14. Ryan Taylor ‏ @TaylorR1984
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  15. Stuart I would like to see Jonas switched to the right and Fergie on the left. As for Benny I would like to see him infront of the MF just roaming free. Cabaye has been poor from he came back the stats mightn’t point it out but my eyes say he’s been poor, and Willo well I think he will cost us more pts before the end of the season, he has turned into a disaster waiting to happen.


  16. I can’t see us getting much out of Arsenal next game, so why not give Benny a chance to run at the Arsenal defence – they are pretty suspect under pressure. How about Jonas and Benny behind Ba with Guthrie added in midfield.

    For those with number fetishes: 4321

    And the full backs can earn their money again πŸ˜†


  17. Ryan Taylor ‏ @TaylorR1984
    @JakSmith_18 look at the state of you, what you wrote to me just proves to me you r scum of the earth. #SMB


  18. Johno no other player we have has the same ability to turn a game in a heart beat, yeah he will lose the ball at time but for every time he does he will make up for it, yeah he is not the best at defending but then he isn’t a defender.


  19. Batts I just wasn’t sure if you added owt on ? But then you wouldn’t do it.
    I take it he must be getting some vile shit directed at him, but good on him πŸ˜‰ .

    Bris are you getting into tactical talk again πŸ˜†


  20. That is it Big Dave at 22 , you have to take the rough with the smooth but he is unbeliveable , towards the end I almost felt sorry for Richardson , he must be in knots today as Benny turned him inside and out in that second half! Then I remember he is a M****m c**t and I just feel pity on him πŸ˜†


  21. Big Dave: love tactical talks. My favourite part of the game. πŸ˜‰ Love reading other people’s views on tactics as well.


  22. Sunderland captain Lee Cattermole has been suspended for four games and Stephane Sessegnon three after they were sent off against Newcastle United. BBC Football.



  23. Thought Benny was excellent yesterday, agreed. But his best games for us, for me, have come from the wing – that’s where I’d play him.

    In 2 minds about the Arsenal game – on the one hand they’re more suspect defensively than us (Ba and Cisse?) but on the other, they could completely overrun us in the middle if we play 4-4-2.

    Think I’d go 4-5-1 (with Benny involved somehow) and bring on Cisse if we can smell blood.


  24. Dave…..the lad was pure class yesterday, once he gets a few games he’ll learn to release the ball at the right time, at the moment because of the lack of game time he’s trying to impress too much imo…….that said, I don’t always want him to release it when he should, that’s what makes a flair player great to watch, they try something unexpected and get you off your seat, sometimes it’s works sometimes it doesn’t, but feck me when it comes off it’s great to watch :mrgreen:


  25. Morning lads.. Great to see HBA getting plaudits for performance. Has come in for a lot of unfair stick of late imo. Showed yesterday there’s way more pro’s than con’s to having him on the pitch. Delighted for the lad. Funny how good a defender Danny Simpson looks too when the lad he’s supposed to be marking is forced to double up at left back!

    Credit to the team yesterday. Couldn’t get it going at all 1st half but when some football got played we showed who the better side are, even before silly Sausagnon got the red we had them pinned to their box. Felt so sorry for Demba in post-match interview. The lad looked gutted over the peno miss.


  26. Lee….obviously from our league position point of view it would have been great to beat them yesterday and get the extra 2 points, but when it comes to finishing top dogs, those 2 red cards will cost the scum more than 2 points I reckon πŸ˜†


  27. What HBA offers going forward is far superior to any other player in our team and most in the league. We should stop expecting the lad to do any defensive work, just let him go out and do his thing – the way he effortlessly passes 2 players who are both closing him regularly amazes most football fans.

    Last night he was class.

    The 4-4-2 has to go. We don’t have the squad for it. I’d love to see a 4-2-3-1 for Arsenal. Or 4-1-3-2.



  28. Keith…aye gutted for Ba, whe he was getting ready to take it I said to wor lass that I couldn’t believe Shola wasn’t taking it, by far the best pen taker at the club.


  29. Well it was a rambunctious affair anyhoo.
    Crap first half performance. Better second half.

    Although its not big or clever behaviour, I was very pleased with Pardew’s belligerent side line manner. I was pleased to see the lads scrapping and getting stuck in. We were playing so badly in the first half the only good point was the passion. It was unified, it oozed from the manager and all the players. If we are to get out of this slump we need that unity.

    Football wise we need to ditch the hoofball and we need Ben Arfa on more.
    4-3-1-2 play him off the front two.


  30. Richie.. Normally wouldn’t have any problem with Ba taking pens but against the unwashed I think it had to be Shola. Ah well, what can you do?!

    Positive to come from it is Ba will probably come out raring to make up for it against Arsenal. Last time time he had something to prove he scored a hat-trick on Stoke πŸ˜€


  31. As someone who once wrote on this blog & was hyperactive to now being restricted to my bed & borderline vegetative at merely 27, yesterday’s excitement weakened the slowly ailing health. Two moments I loved though.
    1.) Unprofessional though it might’ve been, the passion Pardew displayed on the sideline was a joy to behold.
    2.) Steve McMahon is generally a tosser, but last night, I loved his statement, ‘Sports Direct Arena? What’s that? I don’t know of any stadium by that name. I did play at St. James Park though.’


  32. What a legend Taylor is for those tweets.

    King Shola.

    Always loved him, always will. What a hero. Was in yates and think I sprained my ankle 18 times jumping up and down


  33. Im so glad no one got sent off and just glad we didnt lose.
    HBA was a class above it was evident. Glad raylor stayed on as thought his dead balls were vital.
    Felt sorry for santon but think he could be in for a shout at right back despite simmo playing well.


  34. Fernando…Sorry to hear about your illness mate, I wish you all the best, hopefully the Toon can give us plenty more moments to enjoy this season.


  35. Fernando sorry to hear that, I wondered how you were doing mate.
    On Pards yeah he shouldn’t have dond it, but it shows passion, even KK said the same.


  36. @ Troy
    Yeah it was always the same story with Benny, since he starts his carreer. When the guy comes as a sub and change the game with his tricks and the risk he takes, everyone is happy but when he comes and he tries and sometimes he doesn’t work, some people starting directly with big critics. As you know I’m a huge fan of him, because I feel that this guy has some genius in him and a talent that I can see in no other players. All that he does in the pitch is just pure class, his close control under pressure the way he dribbles its just amazing. always trying the killing pass and always going forward and putting verticality, He is not affraid of consequences, he likes the game he wanna always the ball he doesn’t hide in the pitch.
    What i don’t understand is when people judge him on his defensive abilities, but wtf it’s like to say Coloccini is bad because going forward is not good.
    You need to accept the cons that goes with his style of play. Otherwise go in FIFA and put him 99 in all the qualities.
    Me This guy makes me feel emotion when I watch a game. Every time he touches the ball, I don’t know what will happen,while when Raylor or Simmo have the ball i know very good that will happen a ball that looks like a cross in the box from 30 meter, If Ba doesn’t make an exploit it is never dangerous. And you can see that the opponents are affraid to of Benny.
    So give this guy a run of games and don’t criticize him or put him on the bench at the first bad half he played. Because if Benny will be succesful in all this attempts he will just be one of the best player in the world, but at the moment he is still inconsistent, but that doesn’t matter, he deserve a start.


  37. I seem to recall JJ being one of those who said they would sell him in the summer.

    You going to defend yourself JJ ? πŸ˜†


  38. Wow suddenly everyone is back on the Ben Arfa is god boat :-).

    Ok to make it clear I never condemned Ben Arfa. How someone could say sell him is beyond me. However to me he is the most frustrating player I have ever seen. Why oh why does he keep trying to dribble 8 players all the time. He loses the ball far far too often. And to those who say he can lose the ball as he makes up for it in goal scoring chances …. I say to you bollocks. If u have ever played football or know some tactics u will know that that is only true in lower/ Sunday leagues. In high level games against the better teams, if u lose the ball even once in a dangerous position the chances are very high they will make you pay. It wasn’t obvious yesterday because Scumderland were on the backfoot second half partly due to home advantage, 1 man down and ALSO Ben Arfa coming on m causing havoc with his runs.

    The point of my rambling…. That Ben Arfa is very highly talented but he needs to learn to make better decisions. When to pass and when to dribble. I remember CRonaldo being a bit like Ben Arfa in his first year at Man Utd. He turned out ok :-). Hope Ben Arfa comes good but at the moment he’s ao bloody frustrating to me.


  39. Joe.. far from god mate, but is our best creative player, can’t be denied.. as far as losing the ball, gutierrez statistically loses it more per game but nobody bats an eyelid because he makes up for it with work rate.. how is that any different to ben arfa making up for it with chances created?.. end of the day it’s not his job to defend, it’s to create chances and score goals.. also, there’s a difference between losing the ball and turnovers, and both are very dependent on the area of the pitch it happens.. also why gutierrez probably escapes ridicule, because wingers generally don’t lose the ball within 70 yards of their own goal.. as I said, the lad is far from god but get’s torrents of abuse every time he does something wrong, people expecting him to be god every time he touches the ball maybe.. if he was that good he’d be playing for Barca let’s be realistic and lower the mad expectations of the lad ffs!.. fact is we have a better style of football and are more potent in attack when he plays.. i’ll take that above hoofball and inviting teams onto us any day.. he may well have a tough time against a title contending side with a brilliant defence but play him week in week out against Wolves, Sunderland and the likes and he will win you games, simple as.. if you’re waiting for him to not frustrate then you’ll be waiting a long time mate, but as I said this morning, the pro’s to the lad vastly outweigh the con’s.. think Pardew even realized that yesterday judging by his comments on nufctv last night


  40. I admit that i was on The “sell Benny” boat.. But he is The only creative part of our team, and he showed his skills brilliantly yesterday.

    .. And thanx again Shola


  41. @KeithR…. Gutierrez loses the ball more than Ben Arfa? And you say statistically? Really. Which statistics are you talking about and what are you comparing with? Gutierrez plays 90 mins an loses how many times? Show me the stats then.

    State your opinion fine. I accept that but don’t say statistically and then have no statistics or where they’re from to back it up.

    And please also note that I am agreeing that Ben Arfa was very effective yesterday. But is he any better than Laurent Robert? I dunno. Can’t say yet. And personally I do hope he gets a run in the first team. It is never easy for any player to just come on as a sub every few games and be expected to prove himself.


  42. @Joe.. I wrote an article comparing our four wing choice on site very recently, too busy to fish out a rake of stats to back up a point I assumed people would take as accurate given I used the word statistically in the first place.

    Anyway, to your question.. Is he any better than Robert? I would say yes, and has the potential to be better than Ginola, but others may disagree. Just to clarify, I said potential, not that he is or definitely will be, but he brings more to the table than Robert.

    I have said this before. I loved Robert but most of the time he would not even look interested in a game for 85mins. Of course he would then score from 30 yards and all was forgiven but if Pardew thought Ben Arfa didn’t work hard enough defensively, I can only imagine what he would have made of Robert. Ben Arfa is in a different league to Robert in terms of dribbling ability, skill and most importantly, desire to get on the ball and run at defences as much as possible.

    Of course it seems like I’m championing for his cause all the time because I’m a fan but it’s based on watching him long before he was at Newcastle. The lad has the potential to unquestionably be our best player and as you said mate, it’s never easy for a player to get 15-20mins here and there, especially after a year or so out with an injury. Big reason I think the criticism he gets is very harsh.

    Would be nice to see him get a proper run of games, starting and playing 70mins at least, until the end of the season. He will have his average games and there’ll be games he’ll be man of the match, but what it will achieve if nothing else is him finding some form and fluidity in his game again and not come on trying so hard to prove he deserves to be in the team. Actually think it’s a huge reason he goes it alone so much since returning. He’s desperate to be in the first team and the only way a player like that knows how to make a definitive statement is by scoring wonder goals.

    If that happens, we will see him back to his next season. If he continue’s to only get cameos every few games, we won’t see the best of him and he may well leave, which imo would be a massive mistake to let happen.


  43. Keith I agree he is better than Robert but maybe not as consistent yet because of lack of games, and he has the potential to be as good as Ginola, but again he needs games


  44. Yeah they do tell a tale, that you were playing against 10 men. Daft sod.

    In the first half it was 56% in favour of Sunderland, the away team. You play like Stoke, HOOOOOOOOOOOOF!


  45. Get frustrated when Ben Arfa comes on?
    I mean seriously?????????

    So the first half without Ben Arfa wasn’t massively more frustrating?
    The inability to string 2 passes together?
    The inability to create?
    The inability to beat people?

    Each to their own I guess, but give me the relative risks of either a change of formation, or trying to play the ball along the deck, or of an exciting player like Ben Arfa any day of the week over the unimaginative hoofball crap we had to watch in the first half and a few matches recently.


  46. @Pootle – I never said I get frustrated when Ben Arfa comes on. I said he’s frustrating. What I meant was it was frustrating when he tries to dribble one too many at times.

    @KeithR – You have actually changed my perseption on the Ben Arfa situation mate. Really. I agree with your argument about how not getting a lot of game time might be what is making him try harder and only way he knows how is to dribble n try n change the game all on his own. If he was more relaxed n not worried about losing his place he might be frighteningly more effective. Cheers Keith.


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