Hatem Ben Arfa – Mercurial or maddening?

Before this one is dived into, a very relevant happy birthday to Hatem Ben Arfa today (7th March) – 25 years old!

Touted as one of Europe’s best talents, NUFC were due to get their hands on a pure ‘wizard’ of the game, an exceptional French flair footballer from the bowels of the infamous Clairefontaine academy.

Hatem Ben Arfa’s debut at Newcastle started with the proverbial ‘bang’, with a glorious goal in a 1-0 away win to Everton. However, then came that Nigel de Jong tackle and Ben Arfa’s season was duly over. Alan Pardew knew exactly what he had at his new club acquisition and signed the playmaker in January 2010, and the black & white fans could not believe the talent their club was gaining.

Talk of No.10 roles and word class status over the summer, laid the expectations down for the young Frenchman, but on rehabilitating from his long lay off, Ben Arfa hasn’t had as fruitful a time as he, and probably all of NUFC, would have hoped.

A goal against Bolton, a wonder goal v Blackburn and a few cameos here and there; Hatem Ben Arfa has struggled to dig his way into Alan Pardew’s first team plans, deemed a little too ‘sporadic’ in his play and lacking the defensive discipline the team requires.

Of late though, NUFC have not been playing like the team that has seen them flourish to the dizzy heights they’ve reached in the Premier League this season. 2 hugely disappointing halves of football in the last 2 games have seen the Mags take just 2 points from 6 at home to opposition that would probably have been steamrollered earlier on in the campaign.

And, in both of those encounters, a certain Frenchman has shown his credentials and offered NUFC that little spark they seek to continue their progress over the final 11 hurdles of the season. Against Sunderland particularly, Hatem Ben Arfa manipulated the ball like no other player at Newcastle, at least, can do, constantly tormenting Sunderland’s Keiran Richardson to the point of his departure via substitution.

NUFC_Stats looked at the numbers for the enigmatic Frenchman so far…

General stats

HBA - General Premier League stats

It’s obviously not too fair to compare Ben Arfa to the other players at NUFC due to his limited pitch time, but the above graphic can give an indication as to what some of his strengths and weaknesses have been.

In terms of his pass completion, only 4 of the starting regulars have a better accuracy than HBA and his 78% is 1.5% above the team average.

One of the Frenchman’s best attributes has been his dribbling and no one at Newcastle currently produces more successful dribbles per game than him on average. At 1.7 per game, he is 0.2 better off than Jonas Gutierrez.

When it comes to crossing, most fans will tell you that he always seems to want that extra touch and doesn’t deliver as early as he could sometimes – because of that notion, he hasn’t produced as many as he should (0.1 per game) and his 7% cross accuracy is the worst of any player at the club.

However, when it comes to getting a shot off, only Demba Ba & Papiss Cisse from the starting regulars have more frequent shots a goal than Ben Arfa – he gets one off every 59 mins on average, although Shola and Dan Gosling do it a little better out of the non-regulars.

Finally, one stat not shown on the graphic is his tackling – he has thrown himself into 5 tackles this season in his 15 Premier League appearances, he has won 100% of them!

What the fans see

NUFC - Possession based stats

The above table shows the possession-based touches from NUFC players in the Premier League this season. For his time on the pitch, Hatem Ben Arfa’s numbers for unsuccessful touches and dispossession are relatively high and he has overran the ball less than only Jonas and equal to Obertan. HBA’s total losses of possession aren’t too healthy either; he loses possession 9.67 times on average per game, worsened only by 5 NUFC players.

Ben Arfa - Passing zones

Although Ben Arfa’s dispossession statistics aren’t the best, what he doesn’t do, is lose the ball in silly areas – that’s a misconception of his game. The above table shows HBA’s passing stats in his Premier League appearances this season.

In his own half, his passing percentage is 91% – 8 games he has produced a 100% passing record in Newcastle’s half of the field. It is further up the field where these dispossession numbers come into play. His loss of the ball via passing drops alongside his accuracy – 73% in the attacking half and 71% in the final third.

Where he works

From an attacking and creative point of view, the area in which the Frenchman works is the most vital and interesting part to his analysis. Last week’s article (NUFC: Goal scoring and creativity) highlighted the need for more innovative play in the final third and around the penalty area.

NUFC - Final third passing (exclusive of Sunderland game)

HBA’s aforementioned 71% final third passing accuracy is only bettered by Davide Santon, and is equalled by Gabriel Obertan, meaning when he gets the ball in there, there are few better at making things happen with it.

Against Sunderland, Hatem Ben Arfa wreaked havoc in this area.

Ben Arfa v Sunderland - Where he received it

The graphic shows where Ben Arfa picked up his 34 ‘receives’, showing just how attacking minded he is in getting on the ball. 19 of those 34 receives were in the final third of the pitch; 31 in the opposition’s half.

Relating back to the dispossession stats – even when Ben Arfa is tackled or has a bad touch, because of the area he generally takes possession in, the opposition is still left with a lot of work do before they hurt NUFC.

Ben Arfa v Sunderland - Take ons

Once on the ball, that havoc for Sunderland really magnified! The above shows where HBA attempted his dribbles and that 7 out of the 10 he initiated were successful. But, the graphic shows just half the story.

Everyone who was either at the game or watched it via ESPN can have been only dumbfounded at the way he consistently breezed past Richardson – one in particular where he cut through two of Sunderland’s players with ease, using incredible skill and pace.

So, mercurial of maddening?

For the majority of his performances this season – both. For Wolves and more so Sunderland – MAJESTIC!

Hatem Ben Arfa is a world beater, there are no two ways about it. But, what he has to develop in his game is an adaptation to the English way of playing. He needs to be more meticulous in where he decides to initiate his ‘magic’ and concentrate on the basics when he is near halfway.

Once in the final third though, is it really a concern if he loses possession even 50% of the time? HBA does what others at NUFC don’t and that is continuously attack the full back. Jonas Gutierrez was once Newcastle’s best bet at doing it, but in Pardew’s more defensive standing outfit, he is now required to fulfil more a duty helping out at fullback and his attacking game has suffered.

At home in particular, Ben Arfa is absolutely imperative for Newcastle to continue their form and finish the season high placed. Pardew is not going to change his formation to suit the Frenchman, so a place on Newcastle’s flanks is where he should be settled for now. He has the pace and skill that full backs simply cannot handle, and his determination and persistence mean that regardless of his dribble’s/skill’s success, he will continually try to make things happen.

With Arsenal’s defensive record the way it is this season and considering his last performance, Ben Arfa simply must start against the Gunners on that right hand side – should Ryan Taylor suffer though? Probably not. Simpson however…

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41 thoughts on “Hatem Ben Arfa – Mercurial or maddening?

  1. 100% agree always play your best players and also the way he can play is worth a shot for 90mins that raylor who will never be able to replicate that sheer ability.

    However raylors dead balls were vital and are vital so would suggest straight swap like you for simmo


  2. Said yesterday I can see our team for Arsenal being;

    Simpson Williamson Coloccini Santon
    Ben Arfa__Guthrie Cabaye__Jonas

    Even though it looks a defense minded team with Ben Arfa there we will always look threatening.


  3. got 2 play your best player…people and media got on his back on back of comments made by pardew..he loses the ball some times…tell me which player makes 10 runs out of ten and doesnt lose the ball..nobody say nothing about any other player…jonas made 20 runs against sunderland in the secound half and not once did it come off..ben arfa needs 2 play every game not just 1 here and their…if he plays next game he is crap dont get on his back..he needs games..


  4. I think the only we will beat Arsenal will be just like last year and that will be through set pieces, so if we were to drop someone i dont think it should be Raylor!


  5. great read statto, well done 😉 and well put.. “mercurial of maddening? For the majority of his performances this season – both. For Wolves and more so Sunderland – MAJESTIC!”

    the lad needs starts, and a run of them, simple as. He’ll frustrate the life out of us all at times, but will also win us some games before the end of the season. If he gets the run of games he deserves to regain consistency, fluidity and better understanding with teammates, in-turn better decision making, we will see him on top form next season and will be considered one of if not our best players.


  6. Firstly – another good read stats

    Secondly – Happy Birthday Benny 😉

    I read Bennys recent article in the Mirror, and have to say fair play to him, it was very honest.
    He spoke of how he fell out of love with the game after his leg break.
    There were a couple of things that stood out for me though. Firstly he said that he’d been told from the age of 12-13 that he was destined for greatness and that he felt the pressure of that at such a young age, which suggests to me that he had too many people blowing smoke up his arse before he had actually provided anything.
    I think that’s a big problem in football. Too many young players people with pound signs in there eyes around them.
    Benny also went on to say that he believes if he had broken his leg he’d be playing at a higher level, in the French team and looking to win trophies and individual awards. I’d like to hope when he says playing at a higher level he means with Newcastle and not a bigger team?! 😯
    But regarding this comment, I’m all for footballers having ambition and dreams, but I’d sooner him focus on getting into the Newcastle team first and playing well week in week out for us. Benny has the ability – no question of that, but for me his decision making is very poor.. or very selfish if I’m being honest.
    I love to watch a player who can turn defenders inside out and Benny his that ability in abundance. But once he’s done that he needs to look up and see what’s on, is there a player making a run or in a better position to score. He doesn’t do that often enough for me, he seems to go for glory. I’m actually not bothered about him getting back and winning the ball back if he’s putting others in but when he’s not and it’s him running into trouble and loosing the ball then I think he should be trying to win it back.

    Stats – I don’t know if you could do it for me but I’d be interesting to see how Adam Johnsons stats look against Benny.

    I think Benny could be that type of player, left footed cutting in from the right. Johnson seems to get his fair share of goals but not sure about assists and other relate stats.

    Finally – Benny said in his article that he likes to feel loved. If he gets his head down and starts playing even 90% of his ability, he’ll get a regular place in the team and his France call up no problem, he’ll certainly feel the love of the toon fans and he’ll love his footy again.

    Wonder what he wishes for when he blows those candles out today? 😛


  7. sharpy hear what your saying but if benny cud beat 3/4 [players look up and play killer passes; then bluntly he would not be at newcastle for 6 million quid; he would be at european giant. Cos thats the kinda stuff messi does.

    we have what we have; hes still raw in a lotta aspects but has incredible natural talent. if our coaches can work on him like man utd did with ronaldo and to an extent nani then great, we have a great prospect on our hands

    otherwise we have a very good player, which is what he is. is start him every home game behind ba and cisse. aint like we play with wingers anyway..play a mixture of guti, cabaye, tiote and guthrie behind him in a 3

    let him do his thing


  8. Doitforsirbobby – why is it only Messi that can beat 3/4 players and play the kill pass?! 😯
    What a load of rubbish!.. besides my initial point was that he looks to beat 3/4 players then take the shot himself rather than player someone in!
    His stats above though show that he isn’t doing that at the moment.
    We do not have a great player, at the moment we have a very average player with great potential!!

    I have already suggested that he could play a similar role for us as Johnson does for Man City.
    Your saying you dont get a worldie for £6m … Spurs got Bale for £5m!!
    There are loads of effective players in this league who Benny could emanate but for whatever reason people only ever seem to be able to compare him with Ronaldo or messi – that’s madness


  9. I feel like Ben Arfa is the type of player who is always worth having on the pitch as he can create that moment of magic that only a few others can. Yes he is trying to do too much right now but I think that is often as a result of feeling the pressure of trying to prove himself.
    The way I look at it Ben Arfa will lose the ball more than many and may cost possession but at least he tries to do something with it! He’s one of the few players we have who can unlock the opposition defense.


  10. Often people’s aspirations outstrip the club they’re at, it’s not because the player is too good and should be playing for barca, it’s because the club cannot see where they could be with a little more imagination. Players leave because they can’t fulfil their ambitions, I suspect a lot of top quality players would like nothing better than to be successful at a club which isn’t shall we say “one of the elite few”…to do this enhances their achievements…look at The Parasite…quite happy to pick up medals at Manure because that’s the type of little weasel he is. But other, more passionate players of which I think HBA is one, I suspect would be more happy to win at Newcastle than to win as part of a cog at a club like Barca, as a result of their own hard work and endeavour rather than just collecting medals at nailed-on winners….however it’s important that players such as HBA, Collo, Ba etc have their aspirations matched by the ambition of the club!


  11. I think there is no disputing he needs to start more and get a good run of games too in order to recapture his form fully . It is frustrating when he doesn’t see a killer pass, but i think if he’s guilty of anything at present it’s an over eagerness to impress us because he has so little time on the pitch lately. For me he has to start as he gives us a extra dimention in attack ,for too long now we have been defending too much ,which is a sin when you have talent like Ba & Cisse as well as HBA in the team. There is no doubt opposition team defences fear him even the big guns and we need to capitalize on that .Why play a high line and hoofball when you can pass it on the ground so much more effectivly. It all comes back to the weak defence we currently have, proven by the fact we played so much more attractive early doors when Saylor was playing.
    Statto this another great indepth article showing that despite a lack of action HBA is a player with massive potential .


  12. SJP – by that argument we should stick with Simpson. Although his around game is poor he should still be on the pitch because he might just get that all important goal line clearance!

    JoeSoap – and often peoples aspirations outstrip their ability or there determination to get there head down and achieve their dreams!
    Hatem Ben Arfa is not a top player yet, if he came on and changed games or he showed that he wanted it fine but he’s not scoring goals and he’s not setting them up and as a winger of no. 10 he needs to improve that.
    Someone like Frank Lampard who is starting games on the bench has every reason to ask what’s going on as the games he starts he plays well or games he’s brought on he changes.

    I’d love for Benny to be a success at Newcastle and he’s exactly the type of player we need, if he becomes more a team player than an individual.


  13. Great reads there Stats! Nothing to say really- as a lot of us have been saying, it’s time that Pards finds a way to start the lad


  14. Too busy to read the article but it looks a goodin’

    I haven’t got time as I grabbed 5 mins and viewed Nobby’s video.

    Crackin video. We must build a team round Barfa and nurture his talents. I want to be entertained when I watch football and he’s the best I’ve seen since Beardo.


  15. Don’t get me wrong Sharpy….I’m not having a rant at the club, I happen to think we’re on the right track and Ashley has finally had his enthusiasm re-kindled. However it’s important to let the players know they are wanted and part of the plans, and we’re all pulling in the same direction wanting to achieve the same success!….That’s where Pardew comes in…hopefully he’s doing this, but I do suspect that HBA has been given a few cold shoulders over the last couple of months and do agree with some who are saying that the likes of Oba etc are having their poorer performances overlooked more readily than HBA and a few others!


  16. Sharpy fair point and I get what you’re saying but what I was trying to say is that Ben Arfa is a player who is there to create, he is not there to win the ball. He offers us so much in terms of attacking threat that you have to live with the fact that he may lose the ball occasionally. People seem to get frustrated with the fact that he tries to do too much but it’s hardly like we have been playing fluid possession football without him. Instead we have been playing a lot of hoof ball recently which gifts the opposition far more possession.

    As for the Simpson comparison, first I think Simpson is often unfairly singled out, second there is a difference Simpson’s job is first and foremost to prevent goalscoring opportunities before they happen not just as the ball almost goes in. Whereas Ben Arfa’s role is first and foremost to provide an attacking threat (which he is doing).


  17. Joe – not by me buddy, RW is a real problem for us this season. Oba hasn’t been good enough either.
    Coincidently as I’m right this, Alex Oxlade Chamberlains states have just flashed up on SSN – 18 appearances, 4 goals, 25 shots, 2 assists, 83% pass completion, 73% tackles won, 56% win rate…. he’s a kid! but he’s a team player.
    Have you watched Nobbys video link? He doesn’t create a single goal scoring opportunity for a colleague. Great at the nutmeg or taking it to the byline, exciting seeing a player run with the ball but if there’s no end product then all your doing is winning a throw in, corner or giving it away.
    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want him to stop doing that, I just want him to know where his colleagues are and look to play them in. Quality players are doing that while they haven’t got the ball, looking round to see where Ba is, where Cabaye or Jonas is and where the opponents are then screaming for the ball to play that killer pass for Ba or go on a run with a purpose.
    I know I’m repeating myself but Newcastle could really benefit his career and he could really move us on if he could just become more of a team player.


  18. @Sharpy…

    “If he came on and changed games or he showed that he wanted it fine but he’s not scoring goals and he’s not setting them up and as a winger of no. 10 he needs to improve that.”

    Still room for improvement with aspects of his game but re:goals or assists, have to disagree there mate just based on comparisons with his competition…

    Not even taking into account he, for the most part, has little cameo roles at the end of games, just based on minutes on the pitch in the Premier League…

    HBA… 658mins… 2 goals… 2 assists… 329mins per goal… goal every 3.65 games… 329mins per assist… assist every 3.65 games… in terms of team contribution to goals… direct contribution every 164.5mins or every 1.82 games

    Gutierrez… 2316mins… 2 goals… 2 assists… 1158mins per goal… goal every 12.86 games… 1158mins per assist… assist every 12.86 games… in terms of team contribution to goals… direct contribution every 579mins or every 6.43 games

    Obertan… 1489mins… 1 goal… 2 assists… 1489mins per goal… goal every 16.5 games… 744.5mins per assist… assist every 8.27 games… in terms of team contribution to goals… direct contribution every 496.3mins or every 5.61 games

    Obviously stats are hard to compare given game time, starts, position played and a number of different variables, but in terms of his return for minutes on the pitch, it’s not half bad for a player who hasn’t had a chance to get a consistent run in the team to get back to top form.


  19. That said, I do know where you’re coming from, he’d probably have phenomenal stats if he got the head up a bit more and set up team mates, but as I said on an article the other day, think it has a lot to do with lack of game time and trying desperately to impress. The only way a player like that knows how to make a statement that he should be in the team with such little time on the pitch is to score wonder goals. Think if he was starting games week in week out we’d see him be more of a team player. May be wrong…


  20. Really think we need to rotate Jonas a bit more, did Obertan not got more games on the left for Man utd? I would like to give Benny and Obertan a chance together,


  21. Keith – I know it doesn’t seem it, but I’m actually a fan – I want him to be a success.
    Your stats simply show that he is the best of a seriously bad bunch at the moment, the big difference between him and the rest though is that with just a few small changes to his game he could be sensational… our new pedro!!
    If he could become more of a provider and play Ba and Cisse in we’d have 2 20-30 goals a season there. I honestly think he’d pull Cabaye further up the pitch and Jonas would benefit as well.
    I don’t expect him to create every time and I get he’ll loose the ball. I’m not bothered about that as long as he’s effective. I also get that he could play the killer pass and Ba and Cisse could miss – but at least he’s doing his bit well. So that he can go knocking on Pardews door and say “what’s going on boss, why am I being dropped?”
    I’ve watched Nobbys video and albeit it is only 5mins long, he doesn’t actually create a chance, the keeper doesn’t save a shot, so in what way is he an attacking threat?… and bear in mind this is a showcase of one of his “better” games.
    I put up Oxlade Chamberlains stats so far this season and I think it’s fair to say that they are better than Bennys.
    The point I’m trying to make is that we can talk about how good any player COULD be, but until he proves me wrong I can’t agree with you all.


  22. Great article, and fantastic video Nobby!

    Ben arfa needs to start all the games he can until the end of the season because of he doesn’t, I fear he may leave. And that would be a very bad thing, not just to lose him, but also thr message it sends to super talented attacking players


  23. Know what you mean mate. As I said, definite room for improvement in aspects of his game but think that can only come with him getting proper game time and not trying so hard to make impression in the 15mins he gets every few games. For now it is still a case of potential impact rather than proven.

    Re:best of a bad bunch… debatable just based on tactics but know what you mean. I don’t personally rate Gutierrez or Obertan too highly in terms of attacking threat or end product. Still, we can only compare HBA to what we have at our disposal, pointless to do otherwise and in that regard, he is our best option, by a distance imo.


  24. SJP – I wasn’t directly comparing Simmo and Benny! The point I was trying to make is neither excel at their primary aspects of their roles within the team (ie Simmo defending and Benny creating) yet both offer something to the team. Was also gonna use Raylor and his set pieces as am explain as well. Used Simpson as I think he has room for improvement as well, could be better than he currently plays (like Benny).

    I’d happily see Benny get a chance on the left and try Jonas on the right as benny is naturally left footed and jonas naturally right footed.
    Jonas would also provide defensive assistance for Simmo and Benny and Santon would be a great attacking force.


  25. Keith – I can only assume that Benny plays a similarly selfish way in training as well – hence Pardew leaving him on the bench over players like Oba and Raylor. From what little I saw of Marv, I think he looked to be a wide man who looked to get the ball in the box. But yes, it’s only fair to compare his performance against the others in our squad and he and Jonas would be my wide men.

    I’d sit Benny down with Beardsley with vids like this one so he could point out what HE would have done, the pass HE would have picked out.
    Just wiki’ed Benny and his goals record isn’t great for his previous clubs either so dont get why he always seems to go for the shot.
    He has the potential to be as good as any goals creator in the league – it’s up to him to make that his game.


  26. this is the team i would play every game if all players were availab




    i think there are 8 starters there for next season , krul , colo, santon, cabaye, tiote, , jonas, ba and cisse !! i hope to god we start playing benny more as he is brilliant on the right !! benny gives the ball away alot but so do alot of our other players !! benny is to good for the bench!! happy birthday benny ”25” 4 years younger than me 😀


  27. sharpy what im saying is its easy for you to sit in your armchair and say the following;

    “I love to watch a player who can turn defenders inside out and Benny his that ability in abundance. But once he’s done that he needs to look up and see what’s on, is there a player making a run or in a better position to score. He doesn’t do that often enough for me,..”

    thats great. we all would love a player like that, but those kinda players that do that ON A CONSISTENT LEVEL are few and very far between. id say beardsley was one, ginola also. my point is these players are rare.

    benny isnt there yet and its not his fault, thats just his level at the moment. so as i said i understand what your saying but im not gonna have a go at him right now for not consistently picking the right pass – as i dont expect that from him at the moment


  28. Statto another real good article mate well done 😉 No doubt in my mind Benny is a special player, I have said several times that we go into near every game worrying about certain players and what damage they could cause us, and all that time we have a player that would cause any team trouble but we save them the bother of worrying about him by having him on the bench.
    There is no other player in our team that can cause other teams so much trouble and I have a feeling that we are going to start to see him do that on a regular basis. 😉


  29. Doitforsirbobby – 😆 I was on the sofa actually 😉
    I’m aware those kind of players aren’t ten a penny but he is performing well below his actual ability and if you him up against players like seb larsson or James McClean he’d be falling short of those players at the minute – forget about players from the teams in the top 7.
    I hate to break it to you mate but it’s completely his fault!!!
    He has the same opportunity to grab the first team spot as anyone else and he’s not doing that. He’s nowhere near Beardsley or Ginola because he doesn’t have an end product, and if he’s not at that level yet then he shouldn’t be talking about World Cups with France or Ballon d’Or awards!!
    I know youre only trying to defend the lad but it doesn’t help him in the end, he wants to be voted the best player in the world he has to work his arse off to do it.


  30. I think the theory concerning Benny is very simple even if a lot of differents views are here.

    We know that this guy is like that for the moment, so he will always try to take on players and even if he beats 1,2 and has a chance of pass he will try to beat a third one, that’s not right but he does it (If the guy can take on 10 players in a half time and made also killer pass, very nice crosses, he will have the golden ball), so or you play him like that and hoping for a improvement with game time and confidence, or you put him on the bench at the first bad half played and we know that like that it doesn’t work.
    It’s like to say Jonas doesn’t know how to cross so until he learns to cross we put him on the bench. We just need to focus on the strengths of Benny and not only in his lack.
    Secondly starting him on the right make him play only for himself because he knows that he has a not enough good right foot to make precise crosses and so he just goes in his left foot and try to shoot. He cannot combine with Simmo because at the first pass he made to Simmo, Simmo just put it in the box, so he doesn’t give him the ball anymore, that’s a very good decision for me. Play him in the hole or in the left and you will see that he can make some nice crosses or some killer passes.

    And finally, for the guy who says he must score goals, he must be decisive, It’s not easy to score a lot of goals from the wing, I don’t know exactly the stats of each winger in the league, but I think there aren’t very high. The only winger who scored 40 goals in season is Ronaldo.


  31. put benny on the left hand side where he made his debut, and switch guti 2 the right, then guti helps simo and we get more delivery from the left and would have more balance , this lad just has to play games love watchin talent and exciting players systems are too strict now, u need abilty 2 take players out and make space and none better than benny!!


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    street – his ‘customer base’ – and you will find your own customers
    that do not buy from him. Giving away personalized Xmas cards is a way the
    best and most fun to celebrate Christmas. Radio controlled tanks are made of plastic with metal parts throughout
    and are reasonable tough, most PRO version tanks have upgraded
    metal tracks with rubber treads attached to them and give a great
    pull and look so real.


  35. I was wondering if you ever considered changing the layout of your site?

    Its very well written; I love what youve got to say.
    But maybe you could a little more in the way of content so people could
    connect with it better. Youve got an awful lot of text for only having one or two pictures.
    Maybe you could space it out better?


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