Late Capital Punishment for Newcastle! Arsenal 2-1 Newcastle.

A good night for Ben Arfa turns sour.
Newcastle suffered a heartbreaking defeat in the dying seconds against Arsenal on Monday night. Arsenal came from behind to sneak a 2-1 win in the 94th minute with a Thomas Vermaelen goal. The goal came from a break, when Newcastle should have killed the game in the corner which makes it extra frustrating.

It was a performance to be proud of for most of the players, and I’ll go into detail below on the some of the players who just weren’t up to scratch below, and it’s not the first time.

The game started worringly for Newcastle when Robin Van Persie twice breached the Newcastle defence but failed to capitalise on opportunities gifted to him by poor defending by Mike Williamson. Newcastle started to link up a little bit better and the roaming midfielder Hatem Ben Arfa started to come into the game more.

Then on the 14 minute mark the ball was played into Hatem Ben Arfa and he came inside and beat his man before smashing into the bottom right corner of Szczesny’s net. Hatem Ben Arfa’s strike was a great finish and the away fans started to dream of another win at the Emirates stadium.

Within 14 seconds Arsenal were back on level terms, with a goal from Robin Van Persie, and I was absolutely livid which I’m sure was a sentiment shared between a lot of Newcastle fan and staff. Theo Walcott got in down the left hand side because of poor positional play by both Jonas Gutierrez and Davide Santon, the ball got played across the goal and Robin Van Persie buried the finish, just after leaving Mike Williamson on his rear.

That was a poor way to respond after a goal, and Arsenal had the initiative after that goal, but they struggled to create any clear cut chances before the break, but they were always on top of a Newcastle side who defended well.

Alan Pardew once again felt the need to give Davide Santon the hook at half time and replaced him with James Perch. Davide Santon is a lucky boy that Ryan Taylor has got injured, because he’s really beginning to be shown up as the poor defender he is, and Alan Pardew has taken note. I know you will say “give him a chance” and cite Enrique, But I don’t want to play a crap left back for 2 years with hope he might turn good. Sorry, but I just don’t rate him at all, maybe a winger, never a full back.

The defence looked a bit more solid in the second half as James Perch wasn’t constantly rushing past Jonas Gutierrez to join in the attack, but he still looked a bit shakey up against an impressive Theo Walcott.

Gabriel Obertan sprung a counter attack early in the first half but couldn’t find the right ball to Demba Ba who could have been through on goal, in the end that attack came to nothing.

The game wasn’t really littered with clear cut chances but Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain had a dipping volley just over Tim Krul’s crossbar when he was allowed to shoot from outside the box. Mikel Arteta and Tomas Rosicky both also had half chances pass them by, but Newcastle offered little at the other end.

Gabriel Obertan was taken off for the Mackem Slayer, Shola Ameobi, The god of the Tyne-Wear Derbies, the Fenham Eusebio or whatever you’d like to call him. That made us a bit better and we started to hold the ball up more and we looked like we could possibly create a chance, but unfortunately we didn’t.

Theo Walcott got in down the right hand side and squared the ball to Tomas Rosicky who missed a guilt edge chance from about the edge of the six yard box – his effort went out for a throw in. Thomas Vermaelen also had a header acrobatically tipped over from Tim Krul and that save looked like it had secured us the points.

Walcott was involved again when he had a shot blocked by Fabricio Coloccini’s back and raced over to the linesman claiming handball, when it blatantly wasn’t. Same old Arsenal, always cheating.

Time was running out and we had the ball in the corner and Danny Simpson lost possesion, from that Arsenal broke and crossed the ball in before Thomas Vermaelen finished the ball at the back post. We blew it, in the 94th minute they scored to win the game.

Yes, you’ll be wondering where the five minutes added on come from, I don’t have a clue either, but that’s good old Howard Webb for you.

More controversy happened after the Arsenal goal, Tim Krul and Robin Van Persie, who’d been chipping away at each other all game broke into an argument and the Dutch forward and Arsenal captain showed his complete lack of class when he was smug after their late winner.

The game lasted about an extra three minutes and nothing happened, before Howard Webb blew the final whistle and ended Newcastle United’s slim Champions League hopes.

Yes, I was proud of the lads and their efforts, but certain players have just been frustrating me for weeks now, and it seems they cannot be criticized. I agree we’ve had a great year, but some players are just not performing at the minute.

The most annoying thing for me was that someone didn’t just take Arsenal down when they broke. Why not take a yellow card and kill their momentum?! It’s Sunday league stuff and Yohan Cabaye had chances to do so.

Tim Krul – 7 – Krul made a couple of vital saves and was left with no chance for either goal, he also organised his defence well from corners and didn’t really put a foot wrong.

Danny Simpson – 7 – Two goal line clearances, all round good defensive performance apart from him losing the ball in the last minute, you’ll all disagree, but nothing came down the right, did it?

Mike Williamson – 5 – Won some good headers, but once again was poor positionally and let Van Persie in time and again, could be blamed for the goal too.

Fabricio Coloccini – 7 – Defended well and cleaned up expertly behind Williamson, nothing bad stood out from him, he even went forward at times.

Davide Santon – 4 – Second time he’s been given the hook at half time in 2 games, cannot defend, overlaps too much and doesn’t even try to get back when out of position.

Hatem Ben Arfa – 8 – Goalscorer and our only creative player for the full ninety minutes, worked very hard too and at the minute he is the only player that teams will fear. He must start.

Cheik Tiote – 6 – Nothing spectacular, won the ball and played it quite well, often had lots of men around him and didn’t really play a blinder.

Yohan Cabaye – 4 – Another really poor performance by Yohan, He’s starting to annoy me and next game he’d be replaced by Guthrie, no creativity, not much fight, non-existent really.

Jonas Gutierrez – 5 – Worked hard, no end product, just Jonas Gutierrez really.

Gabriel Obertan – 5 – Linked up well when he got the ball, tired early, didn’t really do enough but ran around a lot.

Demba Ba – 5 – Worked hard, won headers, there was nothing really for him to feed off, he also made some good runs but had no-one with him. Should have run at Sagna in the dying minutes.

Subs: James Perch 6, Shola Ameobi 5, Danny Guthrie 5.

I know a lot of you will disagree with the ratings, but they’re just my opinion, and I’d like to hear yours.

Onwards and upwards, lets beat Norwich – we need too!

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93 thoughts on “Late Capital Punishment for Newcastle! Arsenal 2-1 Newcastle.

  1. Wow, michael12 seriously? We don’t need or want fans like you.

    Aye cabaye’s form may have dipped, according to you he’s a “donkey who does nothing with contributions neither in defence nor attack” but you’d rather kevin nolan? Are we too good for french internationals are we? Unbelievable.

    We’ve been in the top 7 all season, so what you would be crying about if we were 15th where most ‘experts’ had us around about.

    Aye Demba has carried us and carried us mint, but look at van persie. Apparently he’s scored a higher percent of arsenal’s goals than Ba has of ours. Wenger’s terrible too then, aye?

    And pardew doesn’t watch tapes? He’s one of the most intricate managers we’ve had, in my opinion he focuses on what the opposition do a bit too much, but that wasn’t your point, which was so wrong.

    In short, F off


  2. Michael, the fact you say Cabaye’s defensive stats are shite shows you know nothing. Simply look the stats up for yourself instead of bleating biased opinion with no foundation. Look up his defensive stats. Go on. I dare you. He’s pretty much as good as anybody out there. Muppet.


  3. @Pardiola: On second reading I do concede my post may have been harsh.

    People are now saying it now (agreeing with me) although in less direct language. they need only re-read their post and they will see how similar they are to mine. Pardiola, the difference between RVP and Ba is that Ba has manufactured through individual moments of brilliance majority of his goals. As of RVP the chances have been created for him. So Wenger is exploiting Arsenals strength so there is a deliberate design to Arsenal’s.

    With us on the other hand, Can you honestly say we are looking cohesive, congruent and deliberate in our play? Can you honestly tell me that?


  4. michael12 – you missed out your attack on Ashley in that tirade of tripe.
    howay lad you’re slacking.
    People will think you is a clown if you’re not careful…….ooops to late.


  5. @Beardsleys boots:

    No attack on Ashley. He has been nothing but benevolent although I must concede no one does anything without incentive. What his incentive is I do not know yet. The man has loaned money to us interest free, Put us on a much more stable and sustainable financial footing. These are achievements to be lauded no matter your prejudices.


  6. Dont you realise that NUFC is improving after years of decline, which ultimately ended in relegation.
    We are not the finished article yet and neither should you expect us to be.
    Arssen Winger has been managing at the top of the prem for many years. Pardew is still finding his way. You cant expect miracles to happen over night.
    Surely the man deserves time to find things out and learn from making his own mistakes.
    Up to now I think it is fair to say he has done remarkably well considering the restraints he is working under.
    Its all well and good slagging off the manager but who would you replace him with???
    Steve Bruce perhaps?????


  7. Anyhoo, as to Cabaye, I have to hold my hands up and say that I too am disappointed by his lacklustr performances of late.
    But once again, and how many times have we seen it before, that foreign players take quite a while to get used to the prem lge, and also to find their feet.
    I agree we need to see more of him, especially creating and scoring goals, perhaps he will be better next season tho eh?
    Same applies to Cisse, The lad looked shell shocked against the scum.
    Patience required me thinks.


  8. BB as I said earlier we know Cabaye is capable of a lot more, you don’t become a French international for nowt, but he has been poor of late.
    As for Cisse I just think the mackem game was too much to soon for him, I think he was a bit daunted when he seen what type of game it was.


  9. @Shamrock: I would be more reticent about knowing nothing and looking at stats:

    Goals Conceded/Game1.76
    Shots on Target/Goals Conceded4.5
    Clean Sheets/Game0.18

    Goals Conceded/Game -1.46
    Shots on Target/Goals Conceded – 4.69
    Clean Sheets/Game – 0.17

    Iooking at the stats Guthrie could make it into the French team. Not very inspiring. These stats are from the official Newcastle website under player profiles. These stats keeping in mind Cabaye has had more opportunity this season that Guthrie are boarder average/poor for a team aspiring for Europe.

    Don’t get me wrong here, I wish Cabaye was as good as you make him out to be I really do wish he was. The truth is he is not!

    All I have heard are excuses from PArdew instructed him to sit deep, Tiote is at the African cup of nations and Cabaye needs him, Just back from injury, on the .org counter part someone said Cabaye and his wife just had a baby so he is having sleepless night affecting his form 😯 To Simo, fault, Raylor fault Willo’s fault Shola and the Jews all to blame for Cabaye’s performance or lack thereof.

    The fact that you are making excuses for him means you tacitly agree with me.


  10. Cabaye was rubbish yesterday, but by no means should he be dropped.

    If Guthrie wants to win a place on the team, then he needs to start performing well as a substitute — simple as. He’s been beyond crap when he comes on. At least Cabaye plays well defensively. With Tiote and Cabaye partnering in midfield, Arsenal could play NOTHING through the middle. Fantastic defending from those two, whereas when we’ve played Guthrie we have been torn apart at times.


  11. What about Santon at LM for Jonas? The lad has pace to burn, excellent close control, and according to the stats put up a couple of weeks ago is our best passer in the final 3rd.

    With the ball at his feet, he’s unbelievable. If he isn’t ready to play LB, then push him upfield. He’s an immense talent and should really be in the team somewhere.


  12. Michael12, you concede it ‘may’ have been harsh? No-one is happy we lost, but please try and criticise in a constructive manner.

    Apart from Cheick Tiote, Yohan Cabaye is our only other proper full international for a team in the top 20, but you don’t get it? He does nothing defensively or offensively? As Shamrock said, you show your ignorance when you don’t realise how much he works for the team.

    He doesn’t create as much as he did in france but as you don’t rate him it seems you didn’t see any of him in france, where he won a league and cup by the way. Trophies. As in he’s one of the only true winners in this squad.

    When most teams pack the midfield and we have the normally rigid 442 then he and tiote are over worked. Covering for our poor wingers who barely contribute to the attack, gutierrez generally losing the ball when santon is out of position, stuff like that. So it’s people like Yohan, who isn’t blessed with huge pace, to run back and try to cover. Look at how much ground he covers per game, for his first season in England he is doing alright I think.

    When the rest of the team pull it together in 442 we get results like we did against Man U, you know where Cabaye scored one of the 3 goals he has got this season.

    Remember, you said “He does not even score goals which is so disappointing”

    Free kick against Man U which basically killed them off, WINNING GOAL AGAINST WIGAN (as in without his contribution we would have drew with wigan at home) and a free kick in the carling cup against blackburn (which took us into extra time – another important goal)

    But as you say he does not even score goals….


  13. I still dont think we should have played HBA on the right wing.
    I would have preferred Obertan out there and HBA thru the centre.
    Our passing is still poor, especially when compared to Arsenals awesome pass and move style.
    ffs we were chasing shadows most of the time.
    Its clear we have a long old way to go yet and more quality players are needed in certain positions. ie fullbacks and wings.
    Its a bit worrying that we are still stuck in the low 40 points, and other teams are closing the gap on us, but hopefully we have a chance to rectify that v Norwich on sunday.
    We have 5 or 6 winnable games to come out of the last 10.
    Howay the Lads.


  14. Michael – Forget clean sheets per game. That depends on other player’s performances. Now look at average successful tackles per game, interceptions, ground covered etc etc. You cannot blame Cabaye for the defenders cocking up behind him. Compare his defensive stats to pretty much anybody’s in the same position in the Premier League and he will be right up there.

    You are pulling up pointless figures and you know it. You dont like Cabaye, fair enough – but dont speak out of your arse and dont tell me I agree with you – because I don’t.


  15. @Pardiola: My criticism can be more constructive I agree.

    Reading your post you seemingly are suggesting Cabaye is playing well?.

    What annoys me is when the excuses come in and everyone is blamed but Cabaye. Now you are suggesting it is our wingers getting into trouble forcing Cabaye to do other things. When Jonas loses the ball he tracks back, When Obertan / Raylor lose the ball they track back, Tiote is there to cover the defence and break up play.

    Cabaye’s passing is off, no going forward even tiote is attacking more than him when it is not tiote’s job

    I have posted his defensive stats and it is poor reading if I am to be honest. Guthrie gets slaughtered here yet his stats are so similar to Cabaye’s.


  16. Michael12…No, no, no. Post number 76 I said “Aye cabaye’s form may have dipped…” But I just don’t agree with the way you’re going about it, personally attacking the lad. I’m there to support and encourage first, criticise when needed but not go all out to virtually blame one player. You’re forgetting this is his first season in England, maybe we should sack Colocinni because he was absolutely terrible in his first season, for double the price?

    The talking about the wingers being poor was just one of the reasons he is overworked, gets pulled all over and can’t focus on attacking as much as he would like. Williamson behind him is another, guaranteed not to fill you with confidence as he has less pace than Colo and Cabaye. This coinciding with a loss of form will obviously hinder us.

    I seen the stats you put up with Guthrie and the most telling one was ‘Goals conceded a game’ and guess what they portrayed? We concede more with Guthrie than Cabaye.

    Do you concede that you were talking absolute sh*t when you said he doesn’t score goals and I gave three examples? You were noticeably quiet on that…


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