Match Stats: Arsenal 2-1 Newcastle

Arsenal 2-1 Newcastle

Monday 10th March, 2012






462/540 PASSES 260/348


60.9% POSSESSION 39.1%

51.6% TERRITORY 48.4%

157/193 ATT 3RD 68/116


9/31 CROSSES 0/12

12/22 TAKE-ONS 3/10

3/6 CORNERS 1/3


15/19 TACKLES 18/22



3/12 CLEARANCES 7/21


9/28 AERIAL DUELS 19/28

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29 thoughts on “Match Stats: Arsenal 2-1 Newcastle

  1. Absolutley battered.

    Just like sunderland were against us accept arsenal pulle it out at the death. it still hurts. 🙁

    We need to slam dunk norwich… if we’re 3-0 up i still want us to keep attacking.


  2. Here here, Nobby! Hopefully we can get that many goals and have a clean sheet again!

    Anyone else think we could genuinely go 433 against Norwich this weekend?


  3. Their midfield absolutely ravaged ours. Also, the weaknesses for both sides was the. They rectified that in the second half, we didn’t and it cost us a point in the end.


  4. @nobby

    You are right. We were battered.

    We are playing crap and we look like a team struggling for ideas.


  5. How’s Dave today fella?

    I genuinely fear the Mackems, Everton and Liverpool will overtake before the end of the season.


  6. Howay Troy… it’d be pretty bad for us to finish below 7th this season. I don’t believe the wheels have fell off just yet. You used loads of optimism… where’s it gone? ❓ 😉


  7. Alls good Troy and I agree with you we are within catching distance now, and I just cant see us kicking on.
    Lots on here seem to think that after mons game we will turn up and batter Norwich and that will kick us on, but the same people said that about poor old wolves we even had a 2 goal headstart and couldn’t kick on. 👿


  8. @Nobby

    I’m like Roy Walker from Catchphrase.


    We may click again out of the blue but for me it’s unlikely based on the last 10 games or so.
    Man Utd game being the exception.

    It’s getting back to that eternal optimism that some people have but for me it’s just hope and faith which at the end of the day is pie in the sky.


  9. Troy there’s no arguing against our bad run of results and performances, but I can’t remember a time this season where you have been happy and optimistic.

    Considering we had our best start to the season in umteen years i think that says more about you than others.

    What’s the point in being a football fan if you never lets yourself enjoy being a fan, it would be different if you werent on here moaning even when we were winning.
    Man Utd are top of the league yet will have fans that, like you, are complaining about Evans or Carrick etc
    Don’t mock people that want to see a silver lining, not everyone wants to forever have storm tinted glasses when following the toon.


  10. Toonsy who is saying that ? Do you think anyone on here would honestly not care to see our team lose, just to be able to say they were right ??


  11. Solano Troy can fight his own battles, but I have seen him on here bubbling about how well the team played, and being optimistic. It mightn’t be all the time but I have seen it.


  12. @Trumpet

    You’ve done it again. Walked onto the savannah wearing a plump wildebeest costume. 😛

    Dave is right. I’ve done nothing but praise them this season and waxed lyrical about many performances but as I mentioned earlier, I judge them by their current form which is poor.

    Ooops. Here comes Toonsy on the savannah wearing his zebra costume. 😉


  13. To be fair, my money is on Chicken surviving once the lions taste his poisonous blood they will spit him out and throw up.

    Anything constructive to say about football today Chicken or just throwing abuse around. 🙄


  14. “I’ve done nothing but praise them this season” 😆

    Once again Troy forgets that things are stored on the internet forever, may have a quick gander later and gather some classics.
    Don’t mind you having your (negative) views, but you are constantly condescending to fans that actually just want to enjoy being fans, people that after a victory don’t want to straight away hear “well if Vidic was playing we wouldn’t have won, Shola was [email protected], Obertan is worse that Routledge blah blah”.
    Why don’t you stop having your little digs at fans and maybe people wouldn’t see your views as laughable. You still have yet to reveal who your source was for January 😆 Looking forward to you transfer certainties this summer. #troythetroll


  15. I’ve got to say, I’m not part of the ‘Ben arfa has golden balls’ club put I think a variation of 4-3-3 is paramount this weekend and he should get a start… something like this:



  16. 4-3-3 looks good to me Nobby. Hopefully it will help our midfield to get their act together, keep the ball a bit and create some chances for the strikers. Get our midfielders playing where they are supposedly more effective.

    Yeah, true, it might not work. We might not play all that well. Our fullbacks might get extra pressure on them.
    How would that be any different to how we are playing now anyway?
    I can’t imagine we could look much worse or devoid of ideas than we have done recently anyway, so really if 4-3-3 isn’t working we can go back to 4-4-2 (and all the joys that has been bringing us) at half time surely.


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