Newcastle v Norwich – Stat Attack

So, it’s Magpies versus Canaries! Newcastle approach this one off the back of 8 Premier League in which just 7 points have been taken from 21. 16 goals conceded in those 8 games and just 9 scored, just one of which by Demba Ba!

Newcastle United have faced Norwich just 7 times in the top division – 3 wins, 3 losses and the one draw. NUFC have picked up just 1 point in the last 3 Premier League encounters with the Canaries, the 4-2 demolition at Carrow Road back in December the latest of those poor results.

Norwich themselves have had a very impressive campaign thus far. In their last 8 games, they’ve managed to pick up 11 points, inclusive of games v Chelsea and Man Utd. They’ve scored the same as NUFC in those 8 games but conceded just 10.

Norwich in the Premier League

Only Sunderland, Blackburn and Stoke City have less possession on average in the league this season – 44.6%.

Norwich concede the 3rd most shots per game on average (16.7).

They make the least number of interceptions per game in the whole Premier League – just 11.8 on average.

The Canaries also produce the least successful dribbles per game – just 2.8 on average, which is in fact the least across Europe’s top 5 leagues!

They are the least fouled team in the entire division – just 8.6 fouls conceded per game on average.

Only Manchester City have scored more from set pieces than the yellows – 15.

Norwich play most long balls per game in the Premier League currently (76 on average).

They have the least percentage of shots from the right hand side in the entire top flight – 13%.

Only Stoke City (18%) have a higher percentage of shots from inside the 6 yard box so far in the league – 9%.

Norwich have the 3rd highest percentage for average possession in their own half – 30%.


David Fox

David Fox – The midfield is very underrated! He is the one who ticks the Norwich team over; only he and Kyle Naughton have made over 1000 passes for in the Premier League for the Canaries this season – he has made the most and most successful. He also makes most passes in the attacking half.

It doesn’t stop there with him though; Fox has created most chances at Norwich (33), although 17 of them have come from set plays, and he has the most PL assists at the club – 3.

Grant Holt – The physical forward was touted by some for a place in Stuart Pearce’s squad for the Holland game last month because of his impressive performance this season. He has managed10 goals from 25 shots on target, a 22% chance conversion rate.

How to win this one

NUFC have all attributes to make this their first win since Aston Villa, 4 games ago. While Norwich will proof a tough test, particularly aerially, at home, Newcastle have the players to really hurt a team.

Hatem Ben Arfa produced another mouth watering-performance on Monday, albeit when he seen the ball, as well as a super goal. His new-found confidence and AP’s faith should see the Frenchman continue to blossom, and his potential in the final third should be a real handful for Norwich’s week defence.

The game could/should see the return to the starting line up of Papiss Cisse (if fit). The Senegalese man will pose some threat to Norwich in and around their penalty area, especially if the service from Ben Arfa and such is good.

Newcastle will need to nullify Norwich’s long game – the game at Carrow Rd in December showed how dangerous they can be, with all 4 of their goals coming from inside the box and scored via headers. (see graphic).

Norwich 4-2 Newcastle - Norwich goals
Norwich 4-2 Newcastle - Norwich chances created

The above graphic shows the chances that Norwich created in that game. They will try at every attempt to get the ball in Newcastle’s box again and use the physical threat of Holt and Morrison to their advantage.

Colocinni and Williamson will have to defend better than they have recently, particularly in the air an from Norwich’s set plays, and Santon & Simpson have got to do better to stop the cross coming in – teams have had it far too easy against the Mags recently in that sense.

Jonas Gutierrez needs to fade away from his ‘babysitting’ duties and concentrate on being productive in the attacking half, especially at home. The same too for Yohan Cabaye – the introduction to the starting 11 again of Hatem Ben Arfa has seen the Dreamboat slip to a deeper role alongside Tiote. This means from possession in our own half, initiating an attack is made very difficult indeed.

Newcastle have a point to prove on Sunday – that they can continue the results that have seen them rise up the table this season and sustain their battle for European football of some sort. Recent results, and sometimes performances, have not been healthy. This game is a fantastic chance to chalk 3 points on the board for the first time in a while and most will be expecting them to do just that.

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73 thoughts on “Newcastle v Norwich – Stat Attack

  1. Statto another good read mate, I don’t think it will be as easy a 3pts as some think.
    And yeahwe need the defence to do their own job and the mid to do their job helping out with attacking bar Tiote.


  2. @Big Dave – have you seen the vid I posted a few days ago (& Ice reposted in the last article)?

    Tiote and Cabaye actually seem to ensure one of them is back at all times, whilst the other goes forward. It’s actually a really interesting watch:

    The upshot is that Tiote attacks too, whilst it also explains why Cabaye can sometimes be found sitting deep.


  3. Well we should win but I said that against Wolves and look what happened.

    I’ll take 1-0 to get us back up and running,


  4. Tiote and Simpson (& Raylor) doubts, apparently.

    Santon RB, Fergie LB?

    HA, who am I kidding? Santon LB, Perch RB is obviously what Pards would do. Sigh…


  5. If Tiote don’t play we may well be in for a rough ride . Want to see Fergie get a game . hopeing we can get a good result sunday .


  6. KIMTOON ime with you on that mate,been saying for a while fergie should be getting some play time more so with our run of poor results 😡


  7. I’d like to see Abeid and Fergie get their chance if both Tiote and Simpson miss out, but I predict Perch and Guthrie.

    I only say Abeid as he’s supposedly being groomed for the DM role, looked good in the reserves this week and isn’t Guthrie.

    Him not being Guthrie is good, as Guthrie has looked disinterested since getting ousted by Cabaye. Cabaye and Guthrie seem to get in each others way in CM too…


  8. Fergie doesn’t get his game simply cos he’s not good enough.

    Apart from his attitude he’s done nothing to impress me.

    I fail to see what you see in him?


  9. TROY maybe its because fans feel its what the other players dont offer ever though of it that way round 😉


  10. Troy on Fergie I watched him play the other week for us and he was one of the best players, and he put plenty of real good crosses into the box, I would like to see him get a game though I would like to see him in his preferred LW and try Jonas on the RW with Benny roaming about behind Ba or Cisse 😛


  11. Ice just checked that out I did notice that its Tiote who ventures forward the most, and I did say that during the match even though he is considered to be the real DM.
    As for the Guthrie bit I think considering he never really gets to play along with Cabaye we can’t really expect them to have a good understanding with eachothers game 😕


  12. Soz havn’t been online via the pc for a while (mum’s being helping my brother with his uni essays).
    “Big Dave
    March 14, 2012 at 19:34
    Andy does your phone give you the mobile site ? if so where it says 45 comments above the comment box does it not give you the comments if you click on 45 comments ❓ ”
    I click on ’45 comments’ and it highlights it but doesn’t open the comments 👿 .


  13. Btw
    Really pleased we’ve finaly been seriously linked with Rhodes, so in the summer Lovenkrance leaves, we sell Ranger and probably Best. Then we’ll have Ba, Cisse,Shola and Rhodes as our strikers, using Shola and Rhodes for cup games and the opening matches of the Europa league (+reserve shol for Sunderland :mrgreen: ). Also we could gradually bring through hooper and campbell with the occasional sub appearance in the cups.


  14. i just cant see us winning this game basing that on our performances all year.. we have been woeful for a long time. i am going 1-2 norwich on this.


  15. It’s not a game for blooding the young uns IMO, got to stick with experience if we want to pick up 3 points. Like Big Dave says, this isnt gonna be an easy win.
    By the same token, I don’t think we should risk semi fit players in Tiote and Simpson
    I had considered:


    But I expect it to be 4-4-2 with Perch RB, Guthrie CM and Benny RW 🙄


  16. craig
    I have to say I’m nervous, but feel that we’ve not won for too long now to not win this, hard-fought scrappy 2-1 win for the toon.


  17. Sharpy
    really unsure about guthrie, he’s one of those players who on a good day is a pin point pass, long shot pro, unfortunately the majority of the time hes a slow poor passing, wrong place at the right time 😕 kind of player, so I wont be upset when he leaves in the summer.


  18. @BD & Ice

    I just don’t think Fergie is physically strong enough yet. It maybe a season too soon IMO


  19. i would rather have guthrie play than tiote as i think he is better, or should i say,, i think he turns up more often when its needed.. tiote is either all or nothing for me.. if he is on song then great.. but which version of him will turn up is anyones guess.


  20. i see ap wants us to win five of our last ten games…. we gonna do that lol lol


  21. Good article, stats do tell a story sometimes, and I agree with your conclusion re babysitting the back line. I disagreed some time back with Troy because I thought we were stretching our midfield forward and creating gaps and he said that, au contraire, they were too defensive. I have come to agree with Troy simply because since we had that conversation the midfield seem to have been given the remit to do exactly that – fall back and babysit the back four who I have to say are pretty ill-disciplined of late. I gather the vid quoted above shows Dreamboat and the Tank switching defensive duties, well that shouldn’t happen, it’s part of the problem, a big part imo. I don’t doubt Perch will start RB and I expect him to be more effective than Simmo if he stays pegged back (he wins a lot of challenges, so I expect him to nullify the crossing threat from that side).Santon is a worry for me and it is starting to show how vulnerable he is even when Jonas’ game is being knacked because he’s looking bakwards all the time. I assume that he is getting pulled off because he is lacking discipline in his role. I doubt Fergy would do a worse job to be fair.

    I think Vuckic would be a handful for the Canaries, but last time I saw him he ran round like a headless chicken when it came time to track back and work for the ball. Maybe he’s got to grips with that?

    Troy still likes a wind up by saying things like he sees nothing special in Fergy but I suppose it keeps the conversation speeding along 😈


  22. @craig

    I can’t accept your Tiote and Guthrie point of view.
    For me, on his day Tiote is outstanding.
    Guthrie on his day is good.
    Tiote on an off day is good.
    Guthrie on an off day is poor.

    No contest. If you had suggested Cabaye or Guthrie then you would have a decent argument.


  23. @Tsunki

    You only disagreed with my views about the defence being too defensive because you like many hadn’t noticed it.
    Once I pointed it out then many realised I was right.

    Regarding Fergie, it’s not a wind up. Its an opinion that I’ve maintained since he first came on the scene.
    I couldn’t see it when everyone thought he was fantastic and I am quoted early doors suggesting they were getting carried away.
    It came as no surprise to me when he lost his place and has never claimed it back.


  24. A difficult one. I think 2-0 to us with Ba and Cisse to score. This should lift the heads of the lads. I’m hoping Tiote is fit and it was just cramp. We are noticeably weaker with Guthrie and Cabaye. We need the big man in there. Would love to see Ben Arfa play behind the 2 strikers.


  25. Craig – ah I see what Troy is saying now – I missed your comments on Tiote and Guthrie. Troy is right, dammit. Rather play Guthrie than Tiote? Really? You have definitely got the names the wrong way round. When I see Guthrie playing ‘well’, I close my eyes and see him attempting a simple back pass and kicking the turf, missing the ball, injuring himself and laying on a goal for the opposition to cap an appalling game. I don’t even want to think any more about that not even the team we were playing (but I know they were crap). Nothing against him, he’s just ok, useful squad player (but not if you’re sitting on a lead or holding a draw) and if he went to Villa for a few bob it’s money in the tin for tea bags and biscuits.


  26. aye andy…i am not enthusiastic about our chances in any game for the run in, we got stuffed by wolves with no manager and rock bottom, and were struggling against sunderland in the last home game and left it till the death to salvage a point. i am often wrong though, so i hope i am again as i do always want us to win.. its just that we dont do it very often of late. its defo been a season of two halfs for SDFC and the second half has been total fuking shite if we are honest 😀


  27. @Tsunki

    Troy is right-dammit 😉 its funny but despite many people telling me I talk shite, it’s remarkable how many agree with me. 😛


  28. Troy I don’t think a winger has to be overly strong for the Prem 😕 and I do think he was nailed on for LB until he got injuried pre season because Pards touched on it saying that he could cover in there 😉


  29. @Craig

    I can’t argue with your assessment of the two halves of the season.

    Fortunately, the other clubs around us have stumbled as well , which wasn’t expected.


  30. looks like i am alone in guthrie.. i wonder why we won more games this year with tiote out at africa cup of nations and guthrie in…. then when tiote comes back and guthrie out we are geting battered and do fuk all.


  31. yep troy, that was what was happening for a while but now the others around us are now winning again and we are not…thats the prob. its only the spuds still out of sorts and they are so for infront of is does not effect us.


  32. @BD

    Just can’t see it with Fergie at this stage of his career. As far as being strong enough to play on the wing. I don’t know how strong you have to be but all I can see is that he’s not strong enough.


  33. Troy I take it then he’s not strong enough for you then 😆

    Craig I like Guthrie and believe he is a good player, but the poor fuker has never got a proper run in the team.


  34. @BD

    I want to praise Fergie cos he seems a good honest pro who is desperate to break into the first team unlike Ranger who is a waste of space.


  35. We’ve only got 2pts from the last 12 !

    That’s poor form. If we don’t beat Norwich on Sunday then questions need to be asked.

    We’ve relied on Ba and he is hitting a bit of a ropey patch. That was expected but others must step up and take the pressure off him.


  36. Guthrie should defo play if Tiote is out, he’s either playing for a new contract or putting himself in the shop window so based on that I would expect him to turn in a good performance. If not, sub the F’er and continue looking for his replacement. 😉


  37. Ice @ 47 that soon wiped the smile of his face 😆
    On Guthrie I have always liked him as I think he is a decent lad and a good player, but I think he is a bit quiet and wouldn’t be the type to go knocking on the managers door.
    He imo has always been treated as a bit part and has never got a decent chance in the side, Pards made a thing at the start of the year that if you get the shirt its your till you lose it, and to me he never done owt to loss it when he was bench to bring Cabaye back who for me hasn’t done owt from that to prove that Pards should have took the shirt back of him.
    I am sure he has been gutted that that happened to him.


  38. DAVE some sad fks on here from time to time,must have little in there sad lifes,ah well takes all sorts mate 👿


  39. Ice that doesn’t bother me mate 😆 I think he is a bit annoyed that he got hammered earlier 😀 and there now 😉

    Batts did you get many winners you sad sack of shite ❓


  40. 7 winners and a box of 20 today!

    You need to pack the winners in. Smoking is bad for you Batts or at least try menthols. 😆


  41. BATTY got a 20/1 that works oot,4pair of shoes,4 han dbags,and a couple of dresses,then theres his mrs stuff to buy 😀


  42. DAVE if that right means ime not getting payed again,ime getting like those rangers players nee wages 😀
    well ime off early start in morning se yous in a couple of weeks. hwtl


  43. well i watched the voetball international program here in holland tonight and they were not impressed with van persie’s antics towards Krul . Nobody here knows why he behaved like he did.


  44. BIG DAVE thats more or less what they were saying on the program , or at least his actions were that of a knob .


  45. ‘Newcastle approach this one off the back of 8 Premier League [games] in which just 7 points have been taken from 21. 16 goals conceded in those 8 games and just 9 scored, just one of which by Demba Ba!’

    It was always going to happen, ‘three wheels on ma wagon’. 😛


  46. It’s strange really. We’ve showed real glimpses of being a force certainly in the last two games but for some reason or other we cannot make it stick.
    Arsenal were a different class but before they scored I thought we looked excellent. I’d like to be optimistic about the Norwich game but I can never really fathom up really optimism in fear of it biting me on the bottom.
    I do believe that Ben Arfa is going to come into his own though. If he and Ba develop a proper understanding then I expect that to be deadly.

    Btw… don’t want to shamelessly plug myself but: This is me and it’d be great if you could help me out


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