Match Stats: Newcastle 1-0 Norwich

Newcastle 1-0 Norwich

Sunday 18th March, 2012






310/415 PASSES 424/522


44.29% POSSESSION 55.8%

50.9% TERRITORY 49.1%

60/107 ATT 3RD 106/152


6/16 CROSSES 7/22

2/7 TAKE-ONS 7/19

2/4 CORNERS 2/5


14/20 TACKLES 12/17



12/16 CLEARANCES 21/38


9/23 AERIAL DUELS 14/23

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39 thoughts on “Match Stats: Newcastle 1-0 Norwich

  1. Very interesting stats there Statto, just shows that we wern’t as good as some people think but then we shouldn’t complain when we win even if we see problems in the team. we should maybe wait until after a defeat and be real fair weather fans, or we could just not come on until the hurt of a defeat go’s away like some others do πŸ˜†


  2. You could kind of tell that’d be the stats judging how we played. I was screaming at the telly for us to have some sort of urgency about us because we didn’t look very interested… just kind of panicky and tired.
    It was an interesting formation Pardew chose though and I believe that it could be very effective with fully fresh and better players.

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  3. Thought we played alright yesterday, wasnt ‘champagne football’ but thought we were the better team, could do with retaining possesion a bit better in future matches though. :mrgreen:


  4. Poor stats, but we did we the win. They don’t really reflect our utter dominance when we probably should have been two or three up if we’d had some better finishing. Still, doesn’t hide the fact that we’ve continued to play shite.


  5. Hope for a 4-3-3 next season to take advantage of the personnel we have. Apart from Cisse’s class goal we had one decent, quickish break ending with Cabaye’s run and cross from the left and the Ben Arfa’s little flick. More of that stuff and we could be a really good footballing side


  6. the most important stat is missing 😯
    Points: 3/3 – 0/0. :mrgreen: πŸ˜†
    At the end of the day and with a tad of hindsight, I’ll take the 3 points whilst playing shyte, over and over again.
    Its been a good day at work for a monday, and still a 10 point gap to the unwashed tramps too.
    Howay the Lads.


  7. On another day, Cisse could have had a hat trick by half time.
    That was a lovely wee chip that Ruddy just got his fingers to.
    Certainly no need to press the panic button, despite some lacklustre performances.
    Chelsea are there for the taking at the weekend, and Wet Bum are due some payback. So should be up to 5th come sunday evening.
    😯 😯
    Now you cant knock that.


  8. I don’t give a toss now how we play til the end of the season, even if we limp over the line to get a Europa spot.


  9. Troy – our destiny is at least in our own hands.
    Forget the matches versus L’poo / Chelski /Mancshitty, that leaves 6 other winnable matches, to get us over the line. Wet Bum / Swanley / Bottom / Stjoke / wigwam / and nEverton.
    Considering 4 of them are away games, I think we should achieve 14 points, which would take us to 61 in total.
    I think that will be good enuff for 5th.


  10. Not sure I’m a fan of the way things are going. I get the impression that anything less than 6th/7th will no longer be accepted.


  11. No one has ever said that, Kid.
    Nowt wrong with aiming high tho.
    Considering many had us accepting mediocrity last summer, we are doing great.
    6/7/8th will all be an improvement on last season. Not forgetting the stated aim of the club was top 10.
    Like I said, the balls in our court, lets see how it pans out.
    I’m fairly certain everyone of the Lads will be aimimg for 5th and a euro spot. At least while its still mathematically possible.


  12. considering we haven’t been out of the top 7 all season, I think it would be fair to say finishing lower than 7th would be a bit disappointing. The players would have let themselves down badly.


  13. I will take a top ten finish , that’s what I hoped for last August when the season kicked off.

    We are not playing good football , but as Troy says it’s all about winning and getting points on the board.

    Now that Pardew has tried Jonas at full back I’m hoping he will bring Kadar in at CM with Colo and give Willo a break.

    Solano didn’t agree with this shout but I think it is a good call. Kadar has never let us down when he has played in the first team . I’d certainly give him a start against West Brom on Sunday.


  14. Hello? Anyone in here? I think I opened the wrong door, can’t seem to remember which way is back out. Sorry for disturbing anyone. Helloooooo.!!

    I don’t think anything less than 6th will d, but if we go down to 9/10 that would be disappointing. Still not the end of the world though, I am still of the opinion we are still right inside the era of clearing out the old guard and it’s mentality, and it may be a couple of seasons before we look like the real deal. I can wait. Cold in here though, and a bit draughty. Is there a window open?


  15. Beardsley-Why should we forget the match against liverpool? They’re a side we should really try to beat to be honest, over the season we’ve played better, they only really outclass us in defence. Only problem is our poor record against them, and the fact they smashed us at home which they’ve not really done to anyone…
    Still we need to start improving our record against them so why not start now..

    I’d still take a top 10 finish happily and I’m not all that fussed about watching European games but it would be disappointing to slide down the league if it happens. Doesn’t mean it hasn’t been a successful one though.


  16. Just watched the game via replay and I thought we were o.k. Apart from two really good efforts in the space of 5 minutes, Norwich were near on impotent in attack. I see everyone critiquing the lack of quality play but with Norwich stacking the midfield, what do you do? You can try and pass through it which means that passes will go astray or hoof it over the top.. However I will say that Williamson had a poor game, he seemed to be hoofing the ball forward and it would be lucky to have landed within 20m of one of our forwards….
    However at the end of the day I simply look back over my playing days and try to remember a game that we had lost when my team had scored more goals than the opposition. The answer is always the same…none.
    A win is a win….


  17. Agree with my Aussie compatriot. I think we are constantly being overrun in midfield, and it’s been that way all season.

    I hear coaches saying: Make the pitch small when you don’t have the ball and large when you do. Don’t really see that happing at Newcastle – except by the opposition.

    Often our midfield gets crowded out and is forced to play the ball backwards. There doesn’t seem to be too many options to play diagonally forwards. And Cabaye and Tiote (who both try to close down opponents quickly) are out-numbered and the opposition passes the ball around them, thus forcing them to retreat.

    Maybe we should consider Perch and Tiote as holding MF, and use Cabaye and Guthrie further forward, and somebody to act as a deep-lying forward – Vuckic if we want a central player? Ba on the left? Ben Arfa on the right? Prefer Ben Arfa on the right as that’s a side where we offer the least threat from defence/midfield.

    I like Jonas at full back as he can give an outlet on the left wing as well and stretch the play through midfield while being covered by Perch and Colo.

    We don’t have the same options on the right. I daresay Santon could do the same as Jonas, but I wouldn’t want to leave Williamson exposed, so Simpson is a necessity at right back.

    So my team for wobbleyoubeeay is:

    Simpson – Williamson – Colo – Jonas
    Tiote – Perch
    Ben Arfa – Guthrie – Cabaye


  18. Hey Vegas, I see what your saying but I reckon we just need to counter quicker and with more purpose.. If opposition teams want to flood the midfield, we need to bypass it and catch them on the counter. We did it well in the first 30mins but then went into our shells after the goal..
    I reckon HBA, BA and Cisse should be starting every game… If they all gel, it has all the making of a very potent attacking force….


  19. ” At the end of the day and with a tad of hindsight, I’ll take the 3 points whilst playing shyte, over and over again.”

    BB, I don’t think anyone will argue with that.
    The problem is if you play shite all the time you are unlikely to get 3 points very often.

    We weren’t shite against Norwich anyway. We were predominently poor with a few brief good spells.
    They looked a match for us and will probably feel like they more or less deserved a point. I would find it had to argue with that sentiment from what I witnessed.
    We looked on a par with them. The difference in our league positions is why many people are unhappy with our performance to be no better than theirs.


  20. It was another disappointing performance overall… however such disappointment tends to be transient if we come away with all 3 points

    Big positive is we have a knack of creating decent chances even if our play isn’t the most fluent… and in the 2 Dembas we’ve got ridiculously efficient finishers


  21. Agree with AMF and Vegas, we do get overrun in midfield but Norwich, like Wigan, had nothing up front so can have all the possession they want and play in pretty triangles but we carry the goal threat.
    And to be fair to our team, Norwich would have collapsed like a deck of cards if our early fairly straight forward chances had gone in and we wouldnt be having this debate.
    If we go the other way, we will end up like the mackems with a mind numbing closing down spoiling mentality.


  22. So Chelsea are to bid Β£30million for Tiote and Krul according to the Indo. Bit early to start this shite surely? πŸ™„


  23. Krul has just signed a 5 year deal , which they include in their piece , yet dont think its going to be a problem!!! Seriously wtf are they on? I gurantee you Krul will not leave.
    Tiote rumor may have some legs in it. But he has said he is at a big club and living in a big city dioesnt appeal to him so Im hoping he stays.

    I would expect this sort of drivel from the Sun , thought the Indo would be above this sort of reporting! Guess not.


  24. 32.6 million profit in 2011with potential of 65 mill profit next year not bad mikey.
    As for now I would put vuctic or furguson in give the young lads a chance if we play like that against liverpool we will get turned over .


  25. Thats obviously why tiote wasnt playing on sunday, Its a conspiracy… πŸ˜‰ πŸ™„

    Β£30m for the pair πŸ˜†


  26. The Sun got the info on Krul & Tiote from a well known football pundit who goes by the name of Mr T Stavers. Apparently Mr T Stavers has a “source” that is very close close to the club. Stay tuned for more 100% accurate gossip from the Suns main man!


  27. Β£30 million for both? Can’t see that being anywhere near enough . I doubt Lamearse would sell for less than Β£50 million whether you like the guy or not he’s shown he won’t get rolled over on transfer fees – ask Liverpool. I think both will still be at the Toon at the start of next season


  28. Obviously this is just muck raking daftness.

    That said, I think people seem to think our players won’t be sold unless we get offers in the region of Β£30m per player.
    I imagine that’s because of Liverpools insanity regarding Carroll.
    Ashley probably held out for that because he was reasonable sure Liverpool were stupid enough to spunk the money up the wall.
    I doubt he would hold out for quite so much on future transfers because realistically he will know not many clubs will go so heavily over the odds as Liverpool find.


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