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A Twitter "must follow"!
I often see people on Twitter asking around to see which Newcastle United players are actually legitimate, I looked around for a while and there wasn’t much about it to be honest.

I imagine a lot of people who read this blog have Twitter so I thought I’d do a small article regarding it on here, to make sure you lot weren’t being conned by a fake Cheik – Yes that was a small rhyme pun – sorry.

Right, I’ll start with the first teamers, There’s only a select few, there used to be more before our own fans drove Danny Simpson off Twitter without constant abuse, something which probably stops other players from joining the social networking site.

Sammy Ameobi – @Sammy_Ameobi
Demba Ba – @dembabafoot
Shane Ferguson – @shane_fergie
Jonas Gutierrez – @elgalgojonas
Ryan Taylor – @TaylorR1984
Rob Elliot – @the_dilsh
Yohan Cabaye – @YCabayeofficiel
Nile Ranger – @NilePowerRanger
Tim Krul – @TimKrul

Some of these first team players actually reply to fans, but I wouldn’t hold your breath, not that you can really blame them with the amount of messages they must recieve. Ryan Taylor is the banter king of Twitter and he regularly puts the Mackems in their place, Rob Elliot is good for replying to fans, Demba Ba sometimes to fans too. Others could probably do a bit more, but it’s still interesting to hear what’s going on, I even got a reply off Nile Ranger the other day, Ma Homeboi.

There’s also a number of youth players who you might be interested in following as they’re often the most outspoken ones and reply to fans.

Adam Campbell – @adamcampbell_
Stephen Folan – @StephenFolan
Remie Streete – @RemieStreete80
Alex Baird – @AlexBaird1994
Freddie Woodman – @80Woodman80
Brad Inman – @brad_inman8
JJ Hooper – @Jay_Hoops

There’s plenty of youth players there to follow, I might have missed some but it’s most of the ones that I know so I can’t do much better than that.

Last but not least we have Newcastle United goalkeeper coach and legend, Andy Woodman. He started a fight in the tunnel vs Sunderland and claimed he was defending “our badge”, love it. His Twitter is @GKGuruWoody , Get following him.

Hopefully this should let people know who to follow and who not to follow, I don’t think I’ve missed anyone out and everyone on the list is legit, so enjoy.

If anyone wants to follow me on Twitter my name is @Jobey07

About Jobey07

Life long NUFC Fan. Living in Nottingham. http://twitter.com/Jobey07 HWTL

24 thoughts on “#NUFC players on Twitter

  1. Maybe you could talk your ‘homeboi’ Ranger into leaving or taking what must be his final chance at the club with both hands.


  2. Twitter Rules! Recently converted! Only have one follower tho!

    Jamie Smith @Jamie_smith5

    That is the onlu other youth team player I follow that you aint got on your list. Be warned he supports liverpoo!


  3. I think it’s a great thing for footballers and fans alike as long as they keep off the drink when tweeting.
    Drinks in wits out.


  4. Cheers for this – I’ve added Ryan Taylor to my list; I’ve heard he comes up with some good stuff.

    My suggestion – for all the wrong reasons, none related to footie – is @NadinaAzara. She’s the proud owner of one of our Whackjob shirts, mainly because she fancies Tom ‘Pretty Boy’ Dowie – one of our sponsored riders. But damn she’s cute. Her tweets tend to be roughly what you’d expect from a pop wannabe on the cusp of ‘making it’ but, um..

    Did I mention she’s cute?


  5. On another note: here’s hoping Chelski get utterly c**nted by Mancashter tonight. Gives us the opportunity to go above the team that are apparently going to spend a squillion quid on two of our players, yada yada yada…


  6. I’m not really interested to be honest, their private time and opinions on the price of eggs are not my concern. Plus unless they have skin as thick as a rhino (which Simpson clearly doesn’t) it could turn nasty as soon as they have a poor game and a few pipe up.


  7. Whumpie
    So if its offered should we take 30 mill for Krul and Tiote?

    We could end up being the most profitable team in the league.

    No players left, but profitable!


  8. Mark Lawrenson: “Newcastle still cannot compete with Liverpool, and I don’t think they will get into Europe.

    “They will sell two of their star players, at least!

    “They will struggle to hang onto the stars who are looking to play in the Champions League, and like Andy Carroll, I know the club will take the money.”


  9. Im sure it is the intention of these rich clubs to not only identify targets that will improve them/ replace aging players; but also to try and take them from clubs that are starting to close the gap. Chelsea can see that we are a couple of points behind them with less than a third of the season and the established order are probably thinking ‘what is going on here we need to sort this out’. They tried it with Spurs when they were hovering around the position we are but they still managed to break into the top 4. Some might say it is just the natural order of the foodchain but I think they are also out halt our progress. I bet there are summer bids for our top stars, why don’t they go for Napoli or A Madrid players for example. We shouldn’t sell our players to competetors we should try and sell them to foreign champs league teams (if thats what they want and if we need the money, which we currently don’t)


  10. I’m most likely in the minority here but i don’t get the whole Twitter ,facebook thing. I suppose if you are famous you may have somethings interesting to say or preach about but by and large it seems to be people talking about where they are going ,what they are eating ,who they are meeting and so on. Granted you get the odd person on there who has something of importance to say but not many .Facebook just seems like one big one upmanship contest to me with everyone seemingly trying to outdo each other with stories and pictures of how great their life is . I’m not really a sour puss i like to blog but i really don’t get Twitter and facebook at all. 🙄


  11. Cracking read this. If you really want to know why we are where we are financially and why the club is still behind the likes of Liverpool and Spuds from a financial point of view this article tells you. It also shows what a remarkable job has been done in the last 3 years


  12. 3hourswasted , Yes I agree read it today , very good read and great insight. What strikes me is the club have to start making more money. And that is going to be my sales pitch to my Mrs see if I can get over for more games 🙂 Somebody needs to be eating those pies 🙂


  13. Not for me like.. You won’t catch me on Facebook, Twitter or blogging… It’s for total losers!!! 😳


  14. Sammy Ameobi gave me a reply a while ago, he’s a legend. As for Ryan Taylor, he often makes remarks to SMBs and it’s just too good :mrgreen: . Give ‘es a follow if ye fancy it – @daniel9nufc


  15. @Sharpy17

    agree with that m8, its for total sad desperate attention seekers, I left when nobody would follow me 😆

    30 mill for krul and Tiote?? more like 40+ 🙄


  16. On the Chelski £30m bid topic, I can’t see Tim leaving, but I have a small feeling that Cheik or Demba might leave in the summer, due to the mega bucks on offer at these moneybag teams. If Pards can keep us on track until the rest of the season then I don’t think we will/should lose anyone. Maybe the Andy Carroll saga will make them think that leaving the Toon isn’t for them. Let’s hope that anyway.


  17. well I have seen many of the players being told how good they are etc etc and they all seem to love it Simmo included, he was over the moon when everyone was telling him he should be playing for england, so as I said before they need to be prepared to take the rough with the smooth otherwise Twitter isn’t a place for them.

    On the Chelski story I think it was started by the observer, so they must know who the manager is going to be if they know he will be after Tiote and Krul 😯


  18. Think the 2 players going thing was started by Llambias when he announced as much when he was blabbing to the press regarding how well we had done financially
    Players will go for money, don’t think they have any particular affiliation to the toon other than it’s the biggest club most of em have played for so far in their careers 🙁


  19. I know everyone is likely on a new thread, but thanks for posting that article @16…great read so far.


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