Get behind our North East journalists!

I know usually most of my articles are about transfers or transfer rumors but this is something I have wanted to write about for a while now.

A couple of days ago I was on the bus on my way to work when I over heard a man talking to his friend about a transfer rumour he had seen in one of the local papers. They were laying into this particular journalist saying how ‘he knew nothing’ and ‘we are lucky that they were not slating us for once’

I have noticed lately a few people on Twitter knocking our local journalists as well and really puzzles me as to why. Now I am not going to name names as I don’t think it’s fair and we all probably know who I am talking about anyway.

I personally think our journalists do a great job, they ask the managers and players the right questions and everyday they have new sports news for us all to read – and sometimes they can be some very slow news days!

I really enjoy what The Chronicle offer everyday with multiple stories to read and on a Sunday, when I wake up one of the first things I do is check the Newcastle United page on the Sunday Sun as it is always jam packed.

Most of them go out of their way as well to answer fans questions about their team on Twitter, especially during the transfer window where every day they must get inundated with questions (half of them probably from me!) on who is going in and out of their club.

But whilst most of them have Twitter, naturally they all have their own opinion too, like we all do! And they have just as much right as anyone else to express that opinion. Now just because you don’t always agree with that opinion, it does not mean that they ‘know nothing’ or make them a bad journalist.

You always read about how redundancies are being made in journalism these days and with papers offering to show their stories on their website free of charge, it means they are losing out on people buying the paper because they can view it for free. That is why certain papers are starting to charge you to view their website now.

So if you can afford it, I would recommend you buy your local paper, whether it be The Northern Echo, The Journal, The Chronicle, The Sunday Sun or what ever and support your local papers because even though we all like to moan about them, we would be lost without them when it came to news as fans we all crave.

There is nothing better than sitting down in a quiet place and reading the paper so I hope you all join me in buying your local paper because we know, deep down it’s for a good cause.

Thanks for reading!

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65 thoughts on “Get behind our North East journalists!

  1. hear hear

    dan what was the pink paper that came out on a saturday evening called a few years ago?? my cousin actually plays for newcastle currently and i rememeber about 10 years ago we were in living room and my uncle ran out to get this “pink” local paper which had a picture of my cousin scoring a goal for newcastle reserves that day

    i remember we were all buzzing

    even when i was at university a few years ago in birmingham, i always made sure i listened to the ‘legends’ radio show via the internet; because you cant beat local talk on your local team, whether that be radio or newspaper


  2. @ DOITFORSIRBOBBY The paper you make reference to was the PINK hence the colour.

    The Three Legends is a bit different to The Chronicle. The problem you have with most journalists is they love to make things up. It is not only a local problem but you just need to look at the industry in the UK period ( phone hacking, bribing police etc). As for craving news it needs to be factual and newsworthy not simply the ramblings of a self obsessed ego.


  3. Gadga – Well said. I have zero tolerance for the tabloid crap that gets published in this country…local or national.

    I gave up buying and reading that tripe years ago, it amazes me how anyone in those positions actually get any job satisfaction at all…


  4. I used to sell the pink as a kid round the local bars in Whitley bay, jeez that’s going back some time !


  5. The Pink used to be in the village papershop(wooden hut actually) by 1745 on a match day, riddled with mistakes because they rushed it out, then when I was in the Army in Germany my Grandad used to post it out with the Toon match programme every week…happy days.
    Now though I never ever buy papers πŸ‘Ώ


  6. The Pink.Now there is a blast from the past!

    On the subject of our journos, I think they do a cracking job. People need to remember that the club aren’t exactly media friendly these days so each paper has to maintain some form of relationship with the club to get the interviews etc etc.

    Have infinitely more faith in our locals than I do in our nationals.


  7. Journalism as we knew it is dead, we used to rely on them to break the latest news on our favourite teams, they can’t do that now. Those that had “sources” no longer have them, a “source” was usually someone that “betrays” the confidence of the club that employs them and passes on information they shouldn’t. In days gone by they’d tell the local journo and maybe a few mates but the journo was the only one with the means to bring it to the public eye in the form of the good old fashioned “exclusive”, now though the “sources” mates have the ability to bring the aforementioned “exclusive” into the public eye via social media sites and as a consequence journos now are very rarely the ones to break the news…..maybe they are first to confirm it occasionally but not to break it.
    Now as well as trying to get stories of the infamous “club insider” they trawl the web the same as the rest of us hoping to find a rumour or story that not too many people have found yet, thats the new “journalism”, personally I preferred the old ways πŸ˜•


  8. At home I get the Sunday Sun delivered, which I can’t get when working away. I don’t touch the chronicle all Ryder does is re-hash the questions from the press conferences and act like he’s got a scoop, or sees the little twitter rumours or other papers rumours and puts them on the web the day later say we had the story first / we revealed it 6 weeks etc

    Why won’t you name him? Because he probably reads here for stories!

    I would say the people you over heard are spot on to have a pop, you’re having a thinly veiled one at the fans so it’s fair game!


  9. I don’t think West Brum are that great, they are just our bogey team for the last 3 years and seem to up their game against us. It probably stems from that rivalry were we were both going for the championship. We beat them at the Hawthorns the season before that. Against Man U they were well beaten anyway, but they looked sloppy and disinterested. Who knows maybe they are behind us a bit these days.


  10. toonsy March 22, 2012 at 13:16
    The Pink.Now there is a blast from the past!

    My dad used to get the pink. πŸ™‚


  11. Richie I agree journalism is dead especially sports journalism. The only form alive and well is if you get a decent columnist who writes a piece about a club based on opinion. But all the ‘breaking news’ stuff is gone for people like Ryder. Sky Sports news 24 can break it in 5 minutes the same as someone on twitter. It takes a paper 10-12 hours or whatever to get printed and you are really looking at yesterdays stories, you can switch on your telly or computer and look at todays stories so whats the point in paying for a paper anymore. Just shows like at one time nobody knew what was really going on till the next day πŸ˜† That must have been the hayday of the journalist, who would want to be one now? They are practically irrelevent and have their name tarnished by criminal organisations that hack victims phones ect.


  12. Funny about the local sports paper being a colour ,in Bristol years back the saturday night sports rag was called ” The Green-un ” and was yes youv’e guessed it green. It’s how Bristolians say green one .

    I do read sports pages but if i really want to know what’s going on in the world of football i just wait for Arry to open his gob πŸ˜‰


  13. Dan I find most of them are the same they get an odd thing right. I also found that in some cases they can’t always say what they probably know because they don’t want the club falling out with them so in the end its not really free speech. funny enough when the chron was running the thing for you to send questions in there was other hard questions that were asked more than ones that they asked the club, but it was supposed to be the question that were asked the most.
    By the way this article isn’t coming up on my home tab page ❓


  14. Journalism is dead? Isn’t writing for blog like this & others a form of journalism? It’s not dead it’s just evolved…


  15. Witters
    Blogging isn’t Journalism. To call blogging an evolution of journalism is like calling Karaoke the evolution of the recording industry.

    All blogging is is free access to public opinion, and as someone who publishes articles on the web, I mean no disrespect when I say that.

    Blogging may replace journalism in the same way that blurry videos from mobile phones posted on websites have replaced BBC camera crews.

    The ultimate comparison here is the success of Wikipaedia, an on-line reference edited by me , you and my neighbours 7 year old kid, and the demise of Encyclopedia Britannica.

    Journalism has not changed. The recording industry has not changed. The requirement for accurate information has not changed. What has changed is access to the web and the inexplicable belief that if you read it on the internet then it must be true.

    As I have said before, I would defend the right to freedom of speech with my last breath. Its the practising of it that pisses me off.


  16. Evening all. Apologies for the lack of, well, anything today. Been preparing for my jolly round Europe next week so been pretty busy. Normal service will be resumed from tomorrow πŸ™‚


  17. Dan4Toon;

    Seems there is not much interest in newspapers or even blogs about newspapers.

    Personally I never buy the local papers.

    The football Pink went out of print when Sky started showing live matches on Sundays.


  18. There’s not really much to discuss today anyway, Toonsy.

    Just the stories from the local journalists with Tavernier and Streete coming through and having good heads on their shoulders. That and getting Nile over to Sheffield Wednesday.

    Look forward to the usual pre-weekend craziness getting ready for the match with everybody’s preferred formations and line-ups being offered up as if it might be caught by someone at NUFC to make a difference.

    Here’s to a rare attacking showpiece on Sunday! HWTL


  19. Every Saturday evening we used to have fish and chips, watch Gladiators and wait on the Pink lad coming round to see which player poster was in this week, my bedroom walls were covered with them – I absolutely loved that rag… and was lucky enough to deliver it for a short while. I was the most popular kid in the village and had grown blokes saying to my in the street “mind don’t be late this Saturday Sharpy lad!!”
    The Xmas bonuses weren’t bad either.


  20. ANDREWT;

    AP will stay with his preferred 4-4-2 and the usual suspects . The only real speculation for the West Brom game is whether he will play Jonas at full back again or play him further forward.

    As I’m really bored tonight I’ve produced a crazy team in a unique? 4-2-1-2-1 formation for your amusement. If anyone connected to Nufc does actually read this blog then they can enjoy it too.





    At least it may generate a few more comments tonight.


  21. Witters….I said Journalism as we knew it is dead…..unless you meant DJG’s comment, in which case I’ll shut up :mrgreen:


  22. Sidekick….Troy will put his arse in Fenwicks window if Kadar starts, though I’d love to see him there πŸ˜‰


  23. Dave….feckin sick of it, offer rejected today, see if they come back tomorrow when they realise I wont/cant go any higher πŸ˜•


  24. posted this yesterday but got no opinion on it
    team v WBA
    liked Jonas v Norwich there at LB
    Views ❓


  25. @Richie

    I’m always hovering around and keeping an eye on your digs. πŸ˜†

    Let’s be honest, Kadar can’t be do much in the reserves if he can’t oust Willo who has had a poor season.


  26. Richie all good things πŸ˜‰
    Andy I wouldn’t mind that team but I notice you have changed to of the defence round while imo the main problem in the defence is still there πŸ˜•


  27. I’d get behind Lee Ryder.
    If I had a garotte. 😈
    I remember coming out of St James Park, walking down to Borgognes and buying a Pink on the way. I swear it was still warm.
    Whatever happened to those days??????


  28. Troy…I know πŸ˜‰
    Whatever it was with Kadar’s “attitude” he either hasn’t changed it or Pards isn’t willing to give him another chance by the looks of it, shame really,


  29. Troy I think it had something to do with it being printed on spare test paper which was, incidentally, pink. Because the production amounts were hugely less than the Ron, they printed it on the surplus. thus saving moolah.
    I think……. 😯


  30. I remeber back in 1990-93, the players were not allowed to be seen to buy the Pink, even when they were sold in the players lounge. I used to get one for Gavin and then sent to the seller to buy them for some of the other players. They then sat there and read ‘my’ paper then had to hide them away as they left. A few would go to the petrol station that used to be beside the brewey to get them there, but at the ground just wasnt allowed. Think it was classed as being big headed if they were seen wanting to read about themselves. Oh how things have changed, could you imagine a player being big headed and thinking of themselves and how good they are??


  31. @ skipwallsend

    You’ve answered the Pink question. What do you know about fish?

    I’ve scoured the fishing manuals and I can’t find a kipper in any of them. Someone said it was related to a mackerel but I can’t find an example anywhere. πŸ˜•


  32. Troy….Are you sure it’s a Mackerel? I always thought it was related to the Red Herring, but then I know nowt about fish or fishing πŸ˜‰ anyhoo thats me away, laters.


  33. Troy
    Lots of salmon and sea trout at Falstone but it’s Β£80 for a day permit .

    I have a free fishing permit for the reservoir but I’m only allowed to take 3 rainbow trout per day so I only fish for an hour or two, between 3pm and 5pm.

    Northumbrian Water have stopped stocking the reservoir with kippers ,which is a shame, cos the smoked ones used to put up a good fight.


  34. sidekick March 22, 2012 at 19:49

    ‘The football Pink went out of print when Sky started showing live matches on Sundays.’

    Murdock and the supermarkets have between them assassinated small businesses for a generation.


  35. Sharpy17 March 22, 2012 at 21:26

    Every Saturday evening we used to have fish and chips, watch Gladiators and wait on the Pink lad coming round to see which player poster was in this week, my bedroom walls were covered with them – I absolutely loved that rag…’

    Can you remember Big Break and Noel’s house party. πŸ™‚


  36. Djg them were the days lad catchphrase as well, who presented match of the day in that era? It came on after michael fish had finished the weather!


  37. Archie said…

    Blogging isn’t Journalism. To call blogging an evolution of journalism is like calling Karaoke the evolution of the recording industry.

    One word…X-Factor πŸ˜†


  38. Alex…MoTD was Jimmy Hill back then, didn’t used to like the bloke until I found out how absolutely despised by the mackems…..real hero now though πŸ˜†


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