Match Stats: West Brom 1-3 Newcastle

WBA 1-3 Newcastle

Sunday 25th March, 2012






294/414 PASSES 313/418


50.6% POSSESSION 49.4%

54.5% TERRITORY 45.5%

109/160 ATT 3RD 77/129


9/31 CROSSES 1/9

12/22 TAKE-ONS 5/9

5/10 CORNERS 2/4


15/22 TACKLES 14/17



4/8 CLEARANCES 29/43


18/26 AERIAL DUELS 8/26

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60 thoughts on “Match Stats: West Brom 1-3 Newcastle

  1. Stats man – how many times have we acheived a postive in this little nugget;
    294/414 PASSES 313/418 ??

    It’s almost accepeted with me that we do less short passes in general.


  2. Stats – usually I’m reading your post match post trying to find some positives from what had been a very drab game of football from us.
    I’m happy to say that today is not the case, the performance spoke for itself yesterday.

    The team played really well yesterday and dare I say it, didn’t seem to miss Tiote (that’s not me saying we wouldn’t miss him if we sold him btw)
    Even Williamson – other than the goal of course – played ok 😕


  3. I’d have to say I thought Krul was mainly at fault for our goal yesterday although obviously Willo should have done better….and Perch was our best defender overall-be interesting now how we can cope….


  4. I know I am late to the party so-to-speak, but man that was one helluva game yesterday. I got back from my soccer game and turned on the game. The wife and girls were off doing something else so I got 90+ minutes to myself to watch it. What a performance…just lots and lots of fun to watch.
    Bummed about Colo obviously. Thought the whole team performed well. Really liking Perch more and more. I have to admit, I am going to be nervous about him in the center…if that’s where he goes, but I have faith.

    Was just thinking how funny it would be if we win on Sunday and Sunderland do as well…to see Liverpool drop to 8th. Not sure why exactly, but that would really crack me up. It’s amazing what a decisive win will do for confidence…even in the fans.


  5. Best away game i’ve been to probably, first 45 minutes was the best ive seen us play as well. I’ve been a massive fan of Benny since he joined us and what we seen him do yesterday was the real Ben Arfa – really hope he makes the French squad for the Euro’s so him and Cabaye can destroy England.

    Have to say without Colo against Liverpool i’m worried, Perch isnt a centre back and i’m all for giving him praise recently but he plays his best centre midfield. Him and Williamson centre back against Suarez is a massive worry for me. Saying that with Cisse, Ba and Ben Arfa we can easily cause them problems.

    Havn’t been on here in a while so i hope yous are all doing well 🙂


  6. Ben Arfa was mint in the game, a few more of those and he’ll definately be in the French squad for euros and if he keeps it up the world cup in Brazil (2014). On williamson, yes Krul should have been clearer in his orders to willo but FFS, mike pretty much got the assist for that goal. If he’d left it, it would have bounced into krul’s waiting hands but for some reason mike headed it sideways away from krul, straight into the path of Long 👿


  7. Norcal, sunderland play Man City away, no chance of them getting a result there, and im hoping they get buried by a hatful.


  8. OMG
    its so hot here, I’m boiling, who would have thought central scotland would be hotter than it is in the bloody mediteranean 😎 😐


  9. I was looking at the fixtures to see our chances of getting a top four finish and dtermined it was ni-on impossible, chelsea and tottenham have incredibly easy games compared to us. If only colo had left the ball in the spurs match (home) in the dying minutes and let cabaye shoot it in easily, and if the ref wasn’t a complete idiot when we played chelsea not sending luiz off, then we’d still have Taylor and might still be in the top 4 👿 😥 🙄


  10. Robert, the way Citeh have been playing as of late, you never know which team will show up…
    Although, I never root for Sunderland to win of course, I just thought it would be kind of funny to see the team that thinks they have a god-given right to top 4 being dropped into 8th…


  11. XI when colo’s back
    —–Ben Arfa——Cisse——-Ba——

    XI after the summer (provided no one in the XI goes)
    —-Ben Arfa——Cisse———–Ba—-
    As you can see I feel with what we’ve got only the defence needs changing around. The new signings(bar pieters) would be on the bench until they’ve bed in. Opinions ❓


  12. Andymag
    Elliott; Raylor; Willo; Perch; Guthrie; Marveaux; Vuckic; Shola
    which I know is 8 not seven
    Also not convinced Santon is better than Simpson YET. Probably has more potential though.


  13. Premandup
    feel by the time next season rolls around santon will have fully adapted to english football and will be simpson’s better.


  14. Premandup
    which of the two XI’s are you giving a bench for cus I think if its the latter team then I’d like to see some new lads on the bench, and guthrie will have buggered off by then. :mrgreen:


  15. Andymag
    next year. OK if guthrie gone put abeid in there,
    could have an entire new bench., could have a great bunch of kids coming through, However, it’s looking good as it is.


  16. To be fair we’ve had an amazing season considering we’ve had to integrate cabaye, cisse, hba, santon into the squad as 1st team regulars in thier 1st season – most clubs sign one or two and struggle – think we could be awesome next season with a couple of signings – CB and another
    On a separate note think Willo actually did ok apart from the mix up with krul who needs to communicate that it’s his ball ! Willo was organising the defence quite a bit and being vocal about so fair play to him, not 1st choice cb but def a good squad player
    Will be interesting to see what happens with Guthrie especially if we qualify for Europe – will he go for money or glory, same with Simpson who gets a lt if stick but he’s done a decent job, we def get less goals from his side than the right or straight through the middle for that matter

    Looking forward to the bindippers game at the weekend, amazed I was able to buy a few tickets today – win or draw and we’re nailed on for 6th, lose and it might be close – doesn’t matter regards to Europe but would really like to finish above the fookers


  17. @premandup – think you’re prob right, neggers will surface midweek to slate Willo, Simmo, pards tactics, ashley and owt else they can moan about

    Not an Ashley lover myself but we’re a decent side and prob best since sbr years ( certainly on position but also he fact we have some decent players) Pards is doing a sterling job, he’s obviously thought fook it – we’re 6th so may as well go for it and play 4-3-3 with HBA although I’m sure he put more thought into it than that 🙂


  18. Funny thing is there are players who when they arrive are built up a bit and given leeway, whereas other lesser names when they make mistakes settling in are never forgiven. Perch a case in point. Good player, useful to have around. Comes on closes up games. Stands in when needed. Need more like him. Raylor for example. Santon comes in Vicars egg, People want to get rid of Simpson and play Santon. Like they wanted to get rid of Rayor. We have good players. We are now looking at having a starting 11 that rocks. Need some turnover this summer. However, really don’t need much.


  19. Comedy @ 23.

    So…what do y’all think of those sparkling new GBR Olympic kits? I gotta say they are a bit…uh…um…well…er…glad I am a Yank. 🙂 Granted my team may not be there anyway…


  20. Prem @ 21 who is the neggers your referring to ❓ ❓
    As for giving players leeway there was a brave few were wanting to get shoot of Benny only a while ago .

    Toonsy keep her lit 😀


  21. Prem meant to ask> ” whereas other lesser names when they make mistakes settling in are never forgiven.”
    who’s the lesser names settling in 😕


  22. I think its the end of this week ? he talks some shit but ye miss him 😆 maybe he is one of the neggers Prem and Stevep are referring to 😀


  23. Really can’t believe you lot are obsesing about these daft numbers. Footy isn’t like that!

    Important stats – WBA 1 UNITED 3

    End of!!


  24. Batty
    I’ve travelled back in time 😯 Will bet on the score :mrgreen: Some guy won money (don’t know how much) on the odds of 100/1 that we’d win 3-1 with cisse being the first goal scorer, wonder how much the odds on knowing all the scorers in chronological order at the time they scored 🙄 :mrgreen: Personally if I was a time travellng gambler I’d go back to Febuary last year at half time during Newcastle v Arsenal and bet £300 on an Arsenal player getting sent off, followed by a Barton penalty, a Best goal, another barton penalty and then a tiote stunner 10000/1 :mrgreen:


  25. UTD111 who is obsessing over the stats 😕 I don’t know who or what your getting at 🙄 Statto gives us the stats for every game and no one says its the be all and end all but quite a few people are interested in them otherwise I don’t think they would be there.


  26. Blimey!

    Didn’t mean to upset you folks…..I was on about the meaningless list of numbers at the top of the thread.

    Never mind – sorry to intrude (you make me feel like an intruder!!) could’ve sworn I was a member here!

    Back to your cosy whatever!!! Sorry 🙁


  27. Andy I just don’t get what the point is it’s like someone going on to one of utd111 articles on .org and donor and asking whats the point of his article.
    I still can’t find who was obsessing over the stats anyway 🙄


  28. UTD111 your not intruding I just thought you were having a dig at Statto and was surprised because you normally have something half decent to say.

    As for the numbers I am not that much of a stat man but sometimes its surprising when you see some of the stats, like I was surprised that the have stats of 17 attempts 😯 they must be counting long goal kicks aswell


  29. Dave

    Trust me mate – I’m not having a dig at anyone or anything. I’ve just posted a couple of things for example that I wonder how many people take notice of or think are relevant?

    I know (as you say) I sometimes do articles for .org – but I’m a member here too – but above all I’m a United fan.

    To me – statistics are often misleading – think of how many games where one team murders the opposition and loses 1-0 (Cantona at SJP?)

    Hence my original observation about these stats.

    Don’t attack me lads – I’m just a United fan with a view 🙁


  30. UTD111 I didn’t mean it to be an attack 😥 , maybe more defending Statto and his thread which I know he puts a lot of work into.
    Yeah mate stats arn’t everyones cup of tea and you can sometimes get a stat overload, and I also find most stats can be skewed to back 2 differing opinions


  31. Where are the stats pulled from, because after the game the mob who produced the live feed said that we shaded WBA in possession. The figure was 54% to 46% or something close to that…


  32. @30 The obvious lesser names will be Obertan or even Gosling. Obertan got slated game in and game out even though he worked hard for the team, while people tend to forget that Gosling has just returned from a long lay-off. In the mean time, players like Benny and Santon are given all the time in the world to bed in.


  33. Well we can’t bed everyone in at once, I think Obertan got a pretty good crack at it though??

    The possession stats on the BBC live feed are always different from the ones I see quoted afterwards, we had like 59% or something on there.


  34. Couldnt believe young Michael Oliver last night at Old Trafford, what a chance to earn massive respect in the game if he had correctly awarded that penalty, unfortunately he will now be labelled a ” Bottler”, its a shame as he has been one of the better referees this season.


  35. @54 Yes I agree that we can’t bed everyone at once, but it is unfair to the others that Benny and Santon gets some kind of special treatment from the fans while the likes of Obertan don’t. I agree that Obertan has more to work on his game, but at least he is trying and the amount of defensive work he puts into the team is quite impressive for a winger. Obertan is still young though and he has some technical skills. I’m in no way suggesting that we should slate Ben Arfa or Santon, but merely suggesting that we treat all the players equally. Give time and support to the likes of Obertan, and I’m sure that they will come good eventually.


  36. [email protected]…..unfortunately it’ll never happen, you still get the “rolling eyes” smilies off some when ever Perch’s name is mentioned based purely on the fact that some weren’t willing to give him a chance from day one rather than basing opinion on how he’s played lately…each to their own I suppose 😕


  37. ….meant to say, Benny and Santon were seen as “big names” and hence being more forgiven of their mistakes by some 😉 …reet off oot, laters.


  38. [email protected] as for Obertan he got a longer run than he should have, and Benny there has been loads of people saying that we should get rid in the summer, As for Santon he missed Half a season before he got a start and he allready has people saying he isn’t good enough.
    Going back to Oba and Benny , Benny showed us what he could do in his 1st few games Oba showed us in his last 2 games which came after a run in the team of about 12 games.


  39. One thing we’ll have to watch out for against the bindippers (especially Willo) is Suarez’s continuous diving, without the slightest hint of a touch – only good news s that they’ve missed more pens than any other team in the perm this season


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