Analysing Captain Colo

Hatem Ben Arfa….take a bow! Were Newcastle fans the only ones that weren’t surprised at his performance v West Brom though?! The magician has been hailed a ‘pioneer’ of the midlands victory, but the Toon faithful have watched the French enigma build since his return from injury and it looks as though he is finally blooming into the talent we were all hoping he was!

However, as threatful as HBA, Ba and Cisse were, it was also at the other end where NUFC looked promising. In Fabricio Coloccini, Newcastle have an experienced and confident Premier League leader, and the talent of the Argentinian showed when he was reluctantly substituted at half time due to a hamstring injury.

The Magpies simply didn’t look the same. The absence of the stability and leadership of Colo unnerved Mike Williamson, and Davide Santon’s performance showed why he was left on the bench in the first place. The anxiousness in the defensive unit was highlighted most when West Brom scored their consolation goal.

Newcastle now face the daunting task of approaching the next 2-4 weeks without their instrumental captain, and with the possibility of Europe becoming ever more real, Newcastle could do with anything but this loss right now!

NUFC_Stats looked into the data for their illustrious captain, comparing him to others at Newcastle, in the Premier League and even himself!

At NUFC this season:

In terms of tackling duties, 6 players actually make more than Captain Colo per game – he prefers to intercept, making the 3rd most per game on average at the club. One of the benefits of that, is that he doesn’t foul! 7 playing regulars make more fouls per game than the Argentinian.

Despite Colo’s leadership qualities, it is Mike Williamson who organises the line the best when it comes to pushing out. He wins more offsides per game than any other NUFC player (2.5) – Coloccini wins 1.6 per game on average.

Williamson and Steven Taylor make more clearances per game than the Newcastle Captain, but only Taylor makes more shot blocks on average (2 to 0.7 resepctively), although Colo has played in significantly more games this season.

When it comes to passing, Colo notches the 6th most average passes per game (33.3) and only Davide Santon from the regular starters has a better passing accuracy – 83.4%. Finally, Colo produces the 3rd most outfield long balls per game on average (3.2) after Danny Guthrie and Cheik Tiote.

Against the Premier League others:

Colo v the other current top 10 regular centre halves

When compared to the most appearing centre halves from the other of the current top 10 Premier League clubs, Colo’s stats are somewhat daunting. Other than tackling and winning offsides (showing NUFC’s high line and weakness to pace), he features around the middle band for everything else other than clearances for which he is the worst of the bunch.

Notice the strengths in Laurent Koscielny’s numbers and the passing credentials of John Terry and Ashley Williams. Fabricio Coloccini is an astute figure at Newcastle United but standing ‘toe to toe’ with the best and most regular in the Premier League, he isn’t outshining anyone.

Compared to his first season:

Having said that, the Black & White faithful will testify to the improvement and development of Fabricio Coloccini since his arrival to NUFC in 2008. In his first season in the Premier League, the Argentine was anything but a confident figure, many criticising his laid back approach and his ability to deal with the physicality the league offers.

Colo - First season
Colo - This season
Colo - Comparison graph

The most significant improvements can be seen in the likes of his ‘ball winning’ capabilities. Whilst his ground 50-50 win percentage is slightly lower this season, he has improved his general tackling ability but more prominently, his aerial aptitude.

He no longer makes the mistakes he did on arrival; no errors this season compared to 4 in his first, and that confidence his filtered into his possession game – his passing accuracy over 8% better.

It doesn’t stop there; Colo’s attacking game has developed considerably also. He has more opportunities at goal nowadays and gets into positions where he can create more chances than he previously did.

All in all, regardless of Captain Colo’s statistics, the Newcastle fans, his team mates and his manager know how important he is to the club and their chances of European qualification this season. Signing that new deal was a weight off everybody’s shoulders, knowing the Argentinian will be part of the continued progress NUFC hope to make.

However, what is abundantly clear is that Newcastle need to invest in someone with either equal ability to Coloccini or better! When he isn’t in the team, Newcastle do not look like the same outfit – the confidence in the defensive unit appears to get ‘zapped’ and there is no clear leader of the pack, other than Steven Taylor.

Here’s to hoping Colo gets fit before we can say ‘what happened to our season!’.

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145 thoughts on “Analysing Captain Colo

  1. all good OH- been loving the fact that we’ve been on TV so many times this year. I’ve only had to go the dodgy stream route for the cup matches


  2. Sharpy, I had forgotten that Raylor would be fit for this game. It’ll be interesting to see who plays LB.

    Could be any of Jonas, Santon, Ferguson, or Raylor. I’d like to see Santon put in a solid defensive display, and just roam forward a bit


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  4. That sure is sound advice Wolfie. I’ve just made a bid on a parrot on ebay, but it’s only got one leg. It speaks good German apparently, and it’s also gay. It wouldn’t have the same sexual distractions as your Nana’s parrot, and even if two burglar hunks broke into my house dressed in Troys thongs it’d still manage to swing on one leg when it got a boner. The bid’s on £342 at the moment, ye reckon it’s worth sticking with…….?

    (quick, only 32mins left on the auction)


  5. Richie, just joking mate. Been trying to sell one for going on two years now 😡
    and I’m as smart as they come 😉


  6. MDS…couldn’t sell the one in Newcastle, not for the right price so had to rent it out……but mark my words I’ll be lounging by the pool by mid May or my names not ‘fritz**gerbil63’ 😆


  7. howay man Richie, stop ootbidding is man will ye 😡

    I want that parrot, it shall be mine, oh yes, it shall be mine…… 😯


  8. ….too hawt fur me too Richie, guess it’s going to ‘wolf***67′ at that price. The porv must have a reet dodgy menagerie of sexually deviated animals. Incidentally, I had a look at the seller’s online shop, and there’s some interesting products on there. I’m ‘watching’ a one-legged bisexual lamb (back left missing due to wear and tear), a Costa Rican Golden Toad (into bondage, GSOH) and a French-speaking Indian Star Tortoise amputee (no front legs) at the moment. All from good homes, parintli.

    …canny pricey stuff like, but just goes to show it’s there to be bought, if you’re not a fucking tight-arse. 😎


  9. ROD, I won the bid, it went ballistic like but finally I got the parrot for £12,685.

    I’ll have the last laugh on them though,cos I’ve got me Nana’s Parrot and I’m gonna sell you the one legged gay German speaking one for £20 quid, that’ll show them bastards . 😆


  10. Thats what I like about Collo, he doesn’t play hoof ball. He gets the ball to our CM by keeping the ball on the floor. I reckon he would make a good defensive midfielder too as he is strong, is comfortable on the ball and can take players on, in fact didn’t he play in midfield last season for 1 game?

    Off topic but do you think Barcelona play boring football, i mean im watching them now and thinking yes they hold on to the ball but dont do anything exciting with it. 😯


  11. Wolfie, Mum’s the word eh 😉

    (need any one-eyed badgers into Christian Metal? I know a bloke who knows a bloke, narwadameen 😉 )….also can fix you up with a friend of mine who’s big in marsupial mathcore circles, those little fekkers know where the fretboard is 😎


  12. Belter, hahahaha.

    Rod, aye mate, I could do with a few of them. 😀

    If you know anyone that’s looking for a a woodpecker with no beak that looks like a boxer dog, let me know. 😀


  13. Wolfie, that’s a canny little nonsensical retort regarding Woodpeckers, and pretty appropriate as today I saw a Woodpecker for the first time. As much as I usually talk bollocks, this is true. I bumped into a mate of mine cycling back up through the park near where I live this afternoon, whilst talking to her I heard a creaking sound above my head as she said “look it’s a woodpecker!!” I looked up, and after a brief scan, low and behold there was one of little fuckers! I never realised they were that small. Fucking mental little bastards they are.

    …so fair play for giving a shout out to all the woodpeckers, and a big brown star to you, for plucking out an obscure animal from within the murky depths of my brain via telepathy, and re-introducing it into the world famous ‘nufc parrot blog’. 😎


  14. Mark Douglas ‏ @MsiDouglas
    PLUS:’He’s not happy.But if #nufc let him go they’re making a huge mistake.’The agent of which Toon player said that?Revealed in #thejournal

    Any guesses? Sounds like someone we could keep if we really wanted too but aren’t willing to make the commitment. Smacks of Guthrie, maybe Simmo, just hope its not someone like vuckic or a surprise first-teamer


  15. I’llput my money on guthrie. He was mad when he lost his spot when tiote came back. The club doesnt view him a starter but he does


  16. Dubs, given that little clue my money’d be on Guthrie.

    …for a few reasons:

    1) He’s been the forgotten man for too long, and realises he’s a decent central midfielder in a Premier League team with lots talented midfielders and utility players.
    2) It would be a “huge mistake” as he’s a fantastic squad player who can fit in anywhere in midfield, and unlikely to go anywhere for big coin.
    3) He always looks unhappy, due to his pug-nose face, and his agent misinterpreted his client’s mental state, by Guthries’s average day-to-day facial expressions.

    …either that, or it’s all bollocks.


  17. Richie, I hope you’re not suggesting any person associated with and/or using this blog is in anyway associated with illicit deviant behaviour 😯
    …anyway, I’ve just put Rush on full knacker (fastforwarding through all the daft hippy shit for the guitar solos, obviously) 😎 …laters


  18. Rodz, as if I would suggest such a thing 😯 ……..although I wonder what Ice is up to overseas 😆 ……I’m off too and for some bizarre reason that I can’t explain, Jilted John is playing in my head. No idea where it’s come from but I’ve a feeling it’s gonna take some shifting 😕 . Cyas.


  19. Richie, John Shuttleworth is a legend, Gordon is a moron and I’m making plans for Virgil.

    …soz for butting in there Dave, but while I’m at it on pronouncing different people as being such-and-suches, I may as well add to the thread the following….

    …although Geddy Lee was a fantastic bass player, songwriter and composer he didn’t half talk some shite. I personally would put Geddy, Stanley Clarke, Norman Watt-Roy and Les Claypool inside a sealed and live televised chamber at the bottom of the North Sea for 6 months; feeding them only on tikka masala and radishes, and depriving them all of their senses from any outside influence – just to see what happened.

    I’m 100% certain there’d be a bass-off at some point, and without any obvious instruments there’s only one survivor in that case.

    …in the event of a tie, I’d play them Coldplay and see which one exploded first.

    It’s all good.


  20. …hey Davey, sorry just meandering there…yeah mate all’s cool, not been on as much lately, too busy dealing with fucking shitty shit, as you do!

    …aye, I reckon maybe do a slowly built tie, with Paul Young starting off, getting louder and louder, eventually breaking into Enya, orinoco-flowing through to Phil Collins in the air, gradually weaving head first into an industrial log shredder henceforth producing the sound of Scooter.

    …btw, I could remember ‘Scooter’ being a fkin annoying band Dave, but I had to remind myself via our good friend Google, and it appears this ‘Scooter’ band as you call them, also released a track named ‘How much is the fish’. Now call me a cunt, but I’m sure there can’t have been too many bands to name a track such like. I have an album by a quality ’90s band called ‘Stump’, who released a track under that very name.

    I’m off now to see if there’s any matches……..



  21. morning lads!!! 3 days til we smash liverpool eh!! lets hope we play this …




  22. Rodz…did he not create the character Shuttleworth after Jilted john, and making plans for “virgil” wasn’t him was it?


  23. ooops forgot raylors back, i would stick him left back and put santon on the bench. is obertan injured?? never seen much of him lately. he would be very useful to bring on around 70 mins for pace if 1 of the forwards are tired


  24. gee this blog has gone quiet on the back of a couple of wins 😕
    The negative crew must have run out of things to whinge about 😆 😆


    March 29, 2012 at 09:00
    gee this blog has gone quiet on the back of a couple of wins
    The negative crew must have run out of things to whinge about

    haha , you do get a few whingy buggers on here like 😆


  26. …or maybe all those who said that we didn’t need a CB in Jan as we had enough to see us through to the summer are too embarrassed to show their faces? 😉 😆


  27. good one Richie…. Now everyone is going to bang on about our centre back issues 😆 surely there are some other issues that need complaining about 😎


  28. Army…and they usually run out of Chicken Baltis before half time 🙁

    I think we have to try not to get to carried away with the WBA performance, it was only one game, the trick is to do it consistently in the run in now, but feck me what a great time to hit a bit of form this would be.
    Spurs spluttering, Chelsea will have their minds on other things now and Liverpool….well on current league form are just woeful. HTL 😀


  29. that is true Ritchie, one swallow doesn’t make a porn movie (or something along those lines) but if we attack like we did at WBA it should be an entertaining encounter.. Liverpool will be a bit wounded at the moment but I expect them to come out fighting.. 😕 I am not chalking this one down as a win, a draw for me…


    March 29, 2012 at 09:18
    what do they slug you for a pie Army??

    i havent a clue mate i was just trying to moan haha!! i never go for something to eat when im at the match bcos the ques are massive so i ussually take a few sarnys 😎


  31. Aussie…. I think we’ll win it, the pressure is all on Liverpool for me, it’s a must win for them if they are to have any sort of chance to catch us. The thing is, how much do they want to catch us? will they be more fixated on the FA cup now as they’ve already qualified for the Europa league? They’ve also been a wounded animal since the turn of the year, only 2 wins, 1 v lowly Wolves and 1 in their local derby v Everton who, as CC said rested over half of their 1st team because of the cup game…..I believe 😉 :mrgreen:


  32. good points Richie… you have changed my mind… 4-1 to the Toon :mrgreen:

    Cisse – 2 goals
    Enrique – Own goal
    BA – 1 Goal

    Kyut – 1 goal
    Carroll – 2 easy misses & 3 air swings…


  33. £3 odd for a pie I think and last season a pints not a kick in the arse off £4 iirc 😯 …and is usually sh!t as the pumps are only used every couple of weeks 👿


  34. Aussie 😆 …I’d rather not see Carroll on the pitch tbh……god I miss going to the matches 😥


  35. mate I would love to just go to one full stop.. 😕 . I spent a bit of time in England back in the mid 90’s but it basically spanned the whole off season so I couldn’t attend any games… 😥
    It’s late nights/ very early mornings for my game time viewing…


  36. heres my predictions for the last 8 games , i am very confident after our last peformance so here goes ….

    Sun 01 13:30 H Liverpool win 2-1
    Fri 06 16:30 A Swansea City draw 1-1
    Mon 09 15:00 H Bolton win 3-1
    Sat 14 15:00 A Chelsea lose 2-1
    Sat 21 15:00 H Stoke City win 2-0
    Sat 28 15:00 A Wigan Athletic draw 2-2
    Sun 06 14:00 H Manchester City win 3-2
    Sun 13 15:00 A Everton lose 2-1

    thats 4 wins , 2draws and 2 defeats for me which will get us up to 64 points!! i really think if we can achieve this we could possibly snatch 5th place!! lets hope chelsea and liverpool lose another 3-4 games ! if we can keep benny , ba and cisse fit for the next 8 games im very sure we will bang the goals in as 1st half at west brom on sunday was the best attacking football ive seen us play since the keegan days!! HAPPY DAYS


  37. Aussie…maybe one day eh?
    It was the same when I joined up in the 80’s, hadn’t missed a home game for 5 years including cups and friendlies and went to about 60% of the away games, missed the footy more than my family 😆

    Army…hope so, though think we’ll get something at Chelski 😀

    Oh, and you’re both on the wrong thread 😉


  38. I’ll get there one day mate.. I have already told the missus that it going to happen (along with an ashes cricket tour).
    So until then,I will be supporting the boys from a far.


  39. 🙄 😆 😆
    Cheeky bastard….

    I must admit I don’t like losing to your wonderful English team of South African cricket players 😆


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