Newcastle v Liverpool – Stat Attack

Battle number 31 for the Toon against one of their toughest rivals – Liverpool. In 35 Premier League games, NUFC have managed just 8 wins, 6 draws and 21 losses; the 3-1 recently at Anfield, Newcastle’s first game they’d lost after scoring first this season.

No draws have occurred in the last 6 between the two, Liverpool winning 5. And, 23 goals have been scored, 18 of which by Liverpool. Also, 3 or more goals have been scored by a team in those 6 games – 5 times by Liverpool, once by NUFC.

At home, NUFC have scored 22 in 15 games in this seasons top flight (1.47 pg) and away from home Liverpool have only notched 17 in 15; that ‘s just 1.13 goals per game. On those numbers, if NUFC can score 2, they should get a result out of this one, especially considering they are unbeaten in the last 6 at SJP.

Liverpool examined:

Liverpool currently have 17.2 shots per game on average in the Premier League – the 4th best.

Just Villa and Stoke win more aerials per game than LFC (12.8 pg)

Only Manchester City & Arsenal concede less shots per game than the Merseyside Reds – 11.4.

They are caught offside more per game than any other Premier League side – 3.4.

They feature 15th for goals from open play – 18; 10 less than NUFC.

Liverpool have been the beneficiary of 4 own goals, which is the most in league, the same as NUFC.

They still produce the most crosses per game in the entire division – 30.

They play the 3rd most through balls per game behind City and Arsenal on average – 4.

Finally, Liverpool have the best average possession rating in the opposition’s half of all of the Premier League sides – 32%.


Luis Suarez – The enigmatic Uruguayan has the 3rd most shots per game in the Premier League, is the 4th most offside, produces the 4th most dribbles and is now the most fouled player per game ahead of Gutierrez. He has created the most chances from open play at Liverpool (44) and has the most open play assists (3). He has also produced the most goals (7), shots, shots on target and shots off target at the club this season.

Luis Suarez - The Uruguayan will be Liverpool's most potent threat

Jose Enrique – The well-known Spaniard has had the most touches for Liverpool and produces the most total passes, passes in the attacking half and passes in the final third for them. Also, he wins more possession in the defensive third than any other Liverpool player.

Charlie Adam – He has created the most chances at the club – 31 from open play and 22 from set plays. Because of that, the Scotsman has the most assists (6). He also win’s more possession in the midfield 3rd than any Liverpool player.

How to win this one:

Other than themselves, Liverpool have no glaring weaknesses. Confidence is going to be key. At home, NUFC have got to stick to what they do best and try and replicate the first half against WBA. Liverpool have one of the best defensive records in the Premier League currently, but every defence in the world would find NUFC’s front 3 a handful – if Alan Pardew decides to go down that route again.

If HBA continues on the vein of form he left the Hawthorns with, Jose Enrique will find him very difficult to tame, especially coming in on that superb left foot of his onto Enrique’s right side.

Newcastle must be wary of their high line. Luis Suarez is a massive threat to any team, and he will play high on the shoulders looking to get in behind wherever possible.

Andy Carroll comes home - What impact will the big man have?

Then, there’s the AC situation! If ever a player needed to make a point it’s him. And, where best to do it than your hometown club, especially if he receives a bad reception. Liverpool will look to get the ball to him early, particularly later in the game if the scores are level and, as the stats say, they will cross at every opportunity. Only 2 players (Crouch & Kaboul) win more headers than Carroll in the Premier League at present.

No doubt shadow of a doubt here, this is a toughy! NUFC have a terrible record in the Premier League against Liverpool and they need to start picking up points. But, against WBA, Newcastle showed that have not given up their charge for Europe and a win on Sunday would put them in a truly fantastic position!

NUFC_Stats Prediction: 1-2

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39 thoughts on “Newcastle v Liverpool – Stat Attack

  1. I knew we had never been great against Liverpool but didnt realise it was such a poor record!! 😕
    They are going to be desperate to make ground on us, they are arrogant and genuinely believe they have some god given right to be up there.
    I hate Liverpool with a passion, but putting that to one side a second, we can beat Liverpool but we have to play to beat them. If we go out playing for a draw, well get beat.

    I’d play the same team as WBA, meaning Tiote, if fit would start on the bench and Guthrie would start.
    I’d go Raylor left back and Perchino in CB and I’d give Suarez a tennis racket and an apple


  2. 😆 at Sharpy’s suarez comment.

    This is the first game this season that, THINKING WITH MY HEAD, we can actually win. On paper we’re slightly better so if our good form continues, and with home advantage this should be a win for us.

    This is ours to lose now, the final straight… all games are cup finals etc.etc.

    Feel free to come up with more cliches if you want to but they’re all very apt.

    Send these f*ckers back to Toxteth with their tales between their ‘up their own arse’ legs!

    HWTL! 😈


  3. Alright la? I’m made up I’m in de toon ,——– sh*t,——– come-ed la… let’s get back to old swan.


  4. Good job statto 😉 like Sharpy I knew we didn’t have a good record, but didn’t think it was as bad.
    I still think if we play the same team and the same setup we can win but I have my doubts and think we might refert to trying to be defensive I think we will recieve a torrid time.


  5. hes back saturday funny how he makes it back for the liverpool game….. i am sure its a coincidence huh !!


  6. We can win this game on Sunday but we need to control the midfield battle, we need to attack them. Im not having a go at Perch and Williamson but I worry about them togther never mind against Suraz and Bellamy. This is a poor liverpool team and they are there for the taking.


  7. Do we know if Bellamy is fit? I know he’s missed the last 2 games. Hopefully he’s not as they look much better with him in the team.

    Also Agger has been out and they look a lot more vulnerable at the back with Carragher in there Not sure if Agger will be back on sunday either?


  8. There’s going to be a lot of goals here. If we do go 4-3-3- then I can’t see them keeping us out. But with our top CBs both out I think we’ll lack composure at the back.

    I think it’ll be 3-2 but I’m not sure who to!

    If Tiote is fit, then I think perhaps he should get the nod here ahead of Guthrie. We need that solidity somewhere towards the back, and he’s the better tackler. We also need our fullbacks to be on form, so let’s hope Simmo has a cracker and either Raylor or Fergie can put in a decent shift.

    Man, this is going to be a tough one. The only way to win it is to just go out to score shedloads, ‘cos there’s no way Timmehh will be looking at a clean sheet on Sunday.


  9. Listening to Talksport last night I heard, whilst being interviewed, a bookmaker tell them that Liverpool were the favourites for Sunday’s game!

    What? How the hell can that be?

    Start the same team as WBA, and bring Tiote back to add solidity if Colo’s missing.


  10. I can see why they’d be favourites, tbh – just on past history. Only just, though, and mainly due to our CB issues.


  11. Toonarmy favourite tag in terms of bookies is simply where they feel they will get take most money on and will lose the most amount of money. Liverpool will always get money taken on them so their prices are normaly small to reflect this. Bookies odds mean little.


  12. The FA have brought in a new ruling. Anyone found passing to Andy Carroll will automatically receive a yellow card for time wasting.


  13. I’ll just sit here, Billy Nomates, randomly posting Carroll jokes, then. Must be Friday…

    “Andy Carroll-The biggest waste of money since fat birds with nice haircuts.”


  14. When a girl hits the floor & its not Collymore, Andy Carroll,
    When you’re glassed in the face by a red with no pace, Andy Carroll,
    When you’re cars set on fire, called a **** and a liar, Andy Carroll,
    When you’re either in jail, hitting birds or on bail, Andy Carroll.


  15. I’ve worked out that so far, AC has cost the bindippers 4.3M per goal on his transfer fee alone.

    Wow. It takes some serious talent to make Michael Owen look like good value for money!

    There has to be a song in there somewhere…


  16. Should be a cracking game, but I’m definitely nervous about it – current form and table position aside, our record against them is shite.

    If Bellamy’s fit, which I’m sure he will be, he’s a certainty to start and nailed on to score. Although he’s a little twat, he’s my biggest concern.

    We just need to get at them at every opportunity, and score more than them. I’d be amazed if there were less than 4 goals in this. We were 11/4 to beat West Brom, so I think 15/8 on us winning this is relative, but just as overpriced. I took the 11/4 on WBA and will be snapping this 15/8 up also. Two shaky defences up against potent attackers, should be a cracker.

    …by the way, I like the way Lawro waffles on solely about Liverpool in his match preview, and despite this game being at SJP neglects to mention Newcastle United once, apart from a token “were very good against West Brom”. The de-moustachioed twat.


  17. It’ll be an interesting match that’s for sure, but I don’t feel too confident, never do against liverpool I guess. If we’d had Colo I would have said we were definitely favourites, but without? Not that Perch isn’t a decent defender but where’s the leadership going to come from?

    Whilst Jonas is a regular, is he captain material? I’d be tempted to give it to Cabaye….or maybe Williamson 😕 I guess Jonas does work hard and can lead by example though..

    Anyway, should be an entertaining match at least.


  18. Newkie, be interesting to see who gets the armband. I’d stick it on Tiote or Cabaye I reckon. Always think captains should play through the middle of the park.


  19. Looking at my predictions at the weekend
    Wins; Spurs; us & Everton
    Draws; Arsenal & Chelsea
    Defeats; 5under1and
    other games not relevant

    We end up on in 5th 53pts 5 behind Spurs, 6 behind Arsenal
    That’s 2pts clear of Chelsea & 10points clear of Everton
    Liverpool in 8th and slipping back into the pack where there are 5 teams within 3pts of them.

    agree Lawros waffle is disgraceful & disrespectful.


  20. Rodz-I’d agree with you. Though I may be a bit biased as I always used to play in the centre and I always thought I should be captain 😉

    Problem with Cabaye and Tiote is that they both seem capable of “losing it” Like they’re good deputy’s but can they rein themselves in before others? And I don’t think either of them can build up the good relationship with a ref. But I guess we’ll see.


  21. Wouldn’t be surprised if we did go 4-4-2 just to negate their crossing….but I’d rather we had a go at them and forced them to deal with us rather than adapting to their game.


  22. That’d be nice, Prem. Although I think Chelsea will do Villa.

    Regardless of those around us though, 3 points against Liverpool would be a real show of intent. Massive morale boost for the squad to take us into the last bunch of games. We really need to keep this good run up for as long as possible, with Chelsea, Citeh and Everton being our last 3 fixtures. 3 points on Sunday is imperative, for me.


  23. Newkie, all out attack for me mate. Let them worry about us. We’re in form, they’re not. Plus we’re at home. With Bellamy, Carroll and Enrique likely to play a part at some point I’m sure the crowd will do their utmost to make the atmosphere as intimidating as humanly possible. 😈 😆


  24. hahaha, I like the old Enrique Twitter quote from last July that have dragged up…

    “The club is allowing all the major players of the team to go. Seriously, do you think it is the fault of the players? This club will never again fight to be among the top 6 again with this policy.’

    I’d love it if we beat them, love it!! 😈


  25. Rodz-Haha, great quote. See his face when we finish 4th…. 😆
    Funny when out of them three I worry about bellerz the most.


  26. yeah Newkie, he’s a real handful. Not quite as quick as he used to be but he’ll definitely be testing us, if he’s fit that is. Can see him catching us out on a counter or two. Apparently the ref, Martin Atkinson, loves a red card. As much as I’d like to see Tiote snap Bellamy in two, we well need to keep our heads, in what’s sure to be a firey encounter.


  27. Aye..was it not atkinson that gave a penalty vs us for shirt pulling? Hope our boys have paid attention…hopefully we’ll get one as the liverpool defence are dirty twats, plus they always seem to get pens against us 😕
    Would be nice to see Tiote finish his career tho :mrgreen:


  28. I’d give the armband to Willo if I’m being honest. Just in the hope that it gives him some much needed confidence going into a tough fixture that could cement our position of 6th. With a make shift defence we need someone to command the area.


  29. Evilfranky
    That’d be like Mcleish giving the armband to heskey, jonas deserves to be vice-vice-captain (behind S.Taylor), sums up not giving up and running to help the team right until the final whistle. Worried about our defence, place tiote just in front of them and then the other five can just be constantly attacking, not giving liverpool’s defence a moments rest, when they clear it, toto and perch receive it and send it back to the front-line :mrgreen:


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