Match Stats: Newcastle 2-0 Liverpool

Newcastle 2-0 Liverpool

Sunday 1st April, 2012






362/453 PASSES 371/418


48.6% POSSESSION 51.4%

45.8% TERRITORY 54.2%

44/91 ATT 3RD 73/131


7/16 CROSSES 3/26

6/15 TAKE-ONS 6/12

1/4 CORNERS 2/6


11/16 TACKLES 12/19



13/28 CLEARANCES 8/14


10/24 AERIAL DUELS 14/24

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61 thoughts on “Match Stats: Newcastle 2-0 Liverpool

  1. Out of curiosity… where do you get you stats? I’ve seen possession ranging from 48 for us to 52 for us.


  2. Dont understand the ATT 3rd stat 😳
    Please explain someone πŸ˜•
    44/91 ?


  3. Shock horror. Mid table beaten 2-0 at top six side. All the media with one exception focussed on how poor the mid-table side were. The exception being Keys & Gray on talksport who chose to interview Alan Pardew.


  4. I had the same question about that stat, BB. Seems an odd one.
    I suppose it’d be nice if it was something like we spent 44 of 91 minutes in their attacking third, but since they are 73/131, pretty sure that’s not what it means… πŸ™‚


  5. Hey BB & Norcal,
    not sure but I think it is the number of successful passes/passes overall made in the attacking 3rd.


  6. 5&6 Yeh ,that’s how I have always taken its meaning ,will feel well daft if its not 😳 πŸ˜†


  7. Stats are from Opta

    ATT 3rd refers to the successful passes out of total passes produced in that area



  8. Ahh…curious then that there’s not a stat showing time of possession in each 3rd as well then…or maybe there is but it’s just not included.

    Thanks all for that.


  9. Was sure we had the majority of possesion, looked like it in the game and pretty sure sky said we had 50 odd % . πŸ™„


  10. Been trawling a few liverpool forums and blogs to read some of their opinions etc and came across some twitter quotes from Carrolls former agent here:

    now not sure if this is true or a real account, definitely some sour grapes there but interesting comments.

    PS i agree about west ham, been saying for a while that if stoke had the money/no crouch, he’d be perfect for them, or west ham if they get up assuming they have sams usual style of play


  11. Bloody hell, how tall is Mike Williamson?! 😯

    Very even stat was there like, difference on the day was centre forwards playing with confidence and ability to convert chances.
    Not gonna lie, I was very nervous before the start of the game, particularly after you brought to our attention our record against the bindippers. The first 15mins done nothing to settle my nervous either and to be honest, I saw Carroll really doing us over with the way he started. Have to give great credit to Perchino and Williamson who I thought were pretty solid. Another goal line clearance for Simmo as well 😳
    Benny was brilliant again and turned Jose inside outside so much he needed a break between the sticks πŸ˜†
    Cisse looks like the most natural goal scorer I have seen in such a long time. I think he will be challenging for the golden boot season after season. Unbelievable buy for only £9m 😯
    But also think Ba needs a mention but although his goals have dried up a bit, his work for the team is selfless and he’s always one of the first over to celebrate with Cisse.

    Liverpool looked clueless after we scored and I think they will all but throw the towel in for the league now like, their main focus will be the FA Cup. We need one last favour from them, sack Everton off to guarantee our Europe spot then they can get hammered by Spurs or Chelsea in the final.
    God I bloody hate Liverpool!!!!


  12. Just to confirm…to get to Europa:
    1. Finish 5th.
    2. Finish 6th with Liverpool playing Chelsea/Tottenham in the final (Assuming Top 5 are Man U, Man City, Arsenal, Tottenham, Chelsea).
    3. Finish 7th with Liverpool playing Chelsea/Tottenham in the final. (Assuming Top 6 are Man U, Man City, Arsenal, Tottenham, Chelsea, Liverpool (or Everton)).

    The one outcome we defo don’t want is Everton making it to the FA Cup Final.

    Is that correct?


  13. Oops…for 2 and 3 above, that was supposed to be FA Cup Final. Probably knew that though.


  14. Close Norcal

    Champions league 1st 3 places + 4th unless Chelsea win Champs League in which case they get 4th spot assuming the don’t qualify in top 4

    Europa Cup
    Liverpool via Carling cup
    Winners or runners-up of FA cup if not already qualified. If both qualified next available league position
    3rd place goes on league position which could be 4th if Chelsea win champs league and everton in FA cup final, or could be 4th, 6th or even 7th in other equally unlikely combinations


  15. Thank you, premandup? Glad the process is as clear as mud. πŸ™‚

    I did not realize that winner of Champions League automatically gets back in regardless of where they finish, but I do now seem to remember something about that no too long ago when I think Liverpool won it under Rafa.


  16. Just shows how important a cup win is ,There is a real possibility Everton will take the slot from us the way the Dippers are playing too. πŸ˜₯ πŸ‘Ώ


  17. Norcal – yeah mate,

    5th = automatic qualification for Europa.

    FA Cup winners qualify for Europa, however if the winer finishes in the top 5 places in the league (top 4 = champions league + 5th = Europa) then that place goes to the FA Cup runners up. However, if the runners up also finish within the top 5, then that place goes to the team finishing 6th.
    I think the only way 7th place get into Europa would be if it was a Liverpool v Spurs/Chelsea final and Liverpool won but also finished in the top 5. That would effectively mean they held 3 qualifying spots having already won the Carling Cup. Spurs and Chelsea would have already qualified by finishing in the top 5 so Liverpool would get one Europa spot and the other 2 would go to 6th and 7th place.

    Hope that makes sense πŸ˜• πŸ˜• πŸ˜•


  18. @Premandup & Norcal Toon

    If I’m not mistaken, doesn’t the FA Cup runners up only qualify for Europe if the winner makes the Champs league? They don’t give two Euro spots for the same game. Thus, we can still make the Europa with an Everton defeat of Liverpool if Moyes’ Boys then lose to Chelsea in the final (assuming that Chelsea doesn’t finish top 4 or win the champs league).


  19. FSS – if the winner has already qualified for either CL or Europa. They’re deemed to take the Europa place from the league and the runner up gets the fa cup one


  20. Kim – I am alittle bit of a broken record but it’s all true and the open forum of the blog has transformed my life. I was once a crazed bearded hermit who would spend my days rocking in my chair, repeatedly muttering “god I hate Liverpool, god I hate Liverpool” all day long. Only taking the occasional break to throw afew darts at a Steven Gerrard poster that is now as holey as my grandads string vest!!! 😈 😈 πŸ˜†


  21. as i said above…glad the process is as clear as mud. πŸ˜†
    But i do appreciate all the information everyone.


  22. pardiola. Now we know just how much they actually paid for CissΓ© too from someone inside the club. Β£8m


  23. The last 24 hours I have read at least 3 comments on twitter from 3 diffirent people calling Perch for N – word. All 3 seems to be Liverpool fans based in the uk. As I’m from Sweden I can’t so really much about but I’m hoping you here as uk based Newcastle fans are highlighting it for the police. I can’t understand how people can be so thick that they think that they can get away with and especially after that guy that did the same when muamba got Ill and got like 50 days in prison. I hope them all gets what’s coming for them.

    There’s something terribly wrong with people these days…


  24. Big Dave – Oh, im mostly using Twitter on my iphone and have only found a “report for spam” option (which I have used to try an highlight it for the admins atleast).


  25. Yeah, dead right Freddie.

    Northumbria Police have said via The Evening Chronicle (our local newspaper) that it is being investigated. After all the racisim issues surrounding Liverpool aswell this season?! Crazy!!

    I don’t know if anyone else watched Question Time this week but the politicians were saying that the Welsh kids sentence for racially abusing Muamba was too servere and hoped he won his appeal as it was an injustice to free speech?! can you believe that?


  26. Sharpy17 – As much as I absolutely loathe people like that I feel that getting sentenced to jail is a bit much, especially for spur of the moment comments as it actually is. I do however think it’s utterly wrong and they should be getting atleast a hefty fine if it’s a first offence, but if repeated put them in jail for a month and let them feel it big time.

    But what scares me the most is the stupidity of those people seeing how much these twitter abuses have been highlighted in the media in the last couple of months are actually that stupid and arrogant to post something like that as it is right now. They must have been dropped as kids or not getting enough hugs. πŸ˜‰


  27. Dubtoon –

    I looked at the UEFA regs ( and the FA Cup runners up can only qualify if they lose to a Champions League Team. It’s on page 7 of that documents.

    That means the Toon can be back in Europe even if Everton make the final, as long as Everton lose to a team that aren’t in the Champions League – which could be either Chelsea or Tottenham.


  28. Freddie – I was surprised by the jail sentence to be honest and think he only got it because of Muambas condition, the judge could never overturn the sentence with the level of global support for the lad.
    I’m not even sure a fine is the answer as if these morons are fined their mentality does not change and their hatred probably grows, blaming their fine on those the comments were made toward.
    I think there should be a re education system in place, deal with the individual rather than the offence, find out where the comments stem from and send them to meet the people they are racially abusing. I don’t think it would be easy or straight forward but re educating these people is the only true way to stop predudisim … In my opinion πŸ˜•


  29. Back now ,been away to watch last episode of Sparticus Vengance πŸ™ Monday nights will be forever shit until a new series returns.

    Whats all this about Perch getting racist abuse ? is it Liverpool fans or what , christ after Suarez you wouldn’t think they could sink any lower.

    [email protected] Was only having fun with you ,I think its funny and Ihate them too.Never used too until they decided to chuck their stinking wealth at all our best players(at the time)and turn into vile racist as well . We can add sh*t football team to that list now in all. πŸ˜‰ :mrgreen: πŸ˜†


  30. Kim – and they say men can’t multi task?! I’ve been watching it as well, see I wouldn’t have admitted that in my hermit days πŸ˜† Mind I never turned my back on my blog brothers and sisters though … shame on you!! 😐

    Keep meaning to ask how your boys getting on as well?


  31. [email protected] He’s not too bad ,had to go off and see to him last night ,hence my late reply to you ,a restless night .He’s still has daily seizures but that’s nothing new as that’s part and parcel of his condition.Thanks for asking .
    Did you watch the previous series of Sparticus ,they were brilliant too, I love all that stuff .Been watching True blood on sundays as well , I’m a sucker for blood & guts Movies and tv shows πŸ˜† Loved how Asher met his end at the hand of Sparticus lover last night ,Three hacks to get his head off πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

    Don’t get me wrong i’m actually a gentle soul in reality 😯 πŸ˜‰


  32. Poor old Andy his world is falling apart, he went from being idolised by all to being hated by most, and now to round it of he’s losing face.


  33. Someone made a shout that Carroll could end up at west ham.

    I thin that could be pretty likely saying as Nolan is there… maybe they’ll buy Joey as well.


  34. On the Perch and Twatter thing: I’m not sure I actually agree with what I’m going to type, but it’s definitely a point:

    Given that the police have been unable to commit the resources to pursue the 3 remaining yobs who murdered Stephen Lawrence, are they really going to put all that time and money into pursuing people (no matter how ignorant and foul they are) for what amounts to name calling?

    I am starting to wonder if we’ll look back at this as the period of time when we lost perspective and basically handed ammunition to the racists who justify their position because it’s “one rule for them, another for us”. Aren’t we just proving them right? Would the police send someone down for tweeting that someone’s a white bastard?

    I don’t know, but I’ve a feeling we’ll look back on the way we’re handling all this and cringe.


  35. Whumpie – Times change mate, and with things like Twitter it has given people an outlet to say whatever they are saying. However you can’t escape the net and everything is trackable. If it’s just a regular Joe having a rant he won;t be hiding stuff, so it will be easy to track them and won;t take long at all.

    Either way, on this kind of thing I think doing something is better than doing nothing.


  36. Oh dear! Ive just had a snoop on the Red and White Kop forum and it appears a lot of the scousers now hate our guts and couldn’t understand how we could all boo their team for 90 mins. The most laughable thing was some of them even had the nerve to call US classless cnuts. In the wake of the whole Suarez debacle, I can but shake my head in disbelief.

    If only there was a regular on this blog who loved going on other fans blogs dishing out abuse!

    But who?????


  37. Shame on you Toonsy. Shame on you. Only a classless cnut would do such a thing. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


  38. That Peter Harrison account is legit. He was the guy who was in the Panorama documentary that featured Sam Allerdyce’s son and put Allerdyce and Redknapp in a negative light. From what I hear and have read, after that documentary Allerdyce and Redknapp did all they could to ruin Peter Harrison. This of course included poaching his best clients such as Carroll. He was owed something from the 35 million deal but was duped in court. It sounds like they have left him with nowt which of course is a dangerous thing to do to a man.


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