Match Stats: Swansea 0-2 Newcastle

Swansea 0-2 Newcastle

Friday 6th April, 2012






835/914 PASSES 181/271



58.5% TERRITORY 41.5%

168/215 ATT 3RD 20/48


4/26 CROSSES 0/3

14/20 TAKE-ONS 5/7

3/7 CORNERS 0/0


10/13 TACKLES 15/16



6/7 CLEARANCES 10/17


3/10 AERIAL DUELS 7/10

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43 thoughts on “Match Stats: Swansea 0-2 Newcastle

  1. A perfect game plan, a one that took into account the fact we had a game on Monday. We weren’t flat, we did what was needed to be dud.

    Pards knew with out front three they can break like wind, blowing the opposition away and trumping their system as it followed through their plans pushing one out up field. Stinking system for Swansea – easy for a team with pace to deficate.


  2. @Stardust

    You say;
    A perfect game plan, a one that took into account the fact we had a game on Monday. We weren’t flat, we did what was needed to be dud.

    What does dud mean? πŸ˜›

    Cisse was awesome like! Absolute class!


  3. Aussie exactly. I was getting embarrassed or people yesterday picking up on the amount of possession Swansea had whilst we were ahead in the match and they hadn’t threatened our goal at all. 😳


  4. Toonsy, I posted on the last thread that I found them dull in possession. I once counted 6 passes from them and they hadn’t progressed the ball forward. Cabaye could show them a thing or two about a first time pass to advantage!


  5. I said when the 2nd goal went in….it meant nowt as we weren’t dominating possession πŸ™„ πŸ˜‰


  6. Did they really have 19 attempts ❗ 😯 I must of blinked and missed that as all I saw was a team passing itself into the ground. As I said yesterday possession means nowt if you don’t score


  7. Toonsy – I mentioned yesterday the stats for Swanseas possession and number of passes – but the point I was trying to make was the same as Aussie I suppose. Never seen a team have so much of the ball and do so little with it!!. Yes we defended well but even when we scored Swansea never seemed to play with any urgency. It’s true, the only stat that matters at the end of any game is the scoreline, but if I was Brendan Rogers looking at the rest of those stats I’d be well pissed off with my players.

    Cabaye showed real quality yesterday and Cisses second would have made Messi shit himself.
    Also pleased Ba has been on twitter to tell the world he’s happy :mrgreen:


  8. Swansea spent all night talking to the pretty girl at the club and ended up feeling good about themselves but achieved no end product. We went out, spotted the ugly bird pulled her knickers down and closed the deal πŸ™‚


  9. Cabaye has clearly been reading my advice lately and is now playing a slightly more advanced role and it’s working.

    For all those who scoffed that a simple tactic could be effective, step forward into the hall of shame.
    Cue Aussie! πŸ˜›


  10. Toonsy…I can’t make head nor tail of that as someone appears to have scribbled all over it in biro πŸ˜• πŸ˜†


  11. Pardew for manager of the season anyone ?

    Won’t happen though, it’ll probably bizzarely go to the Swansea bloke, Matteo or some other southern press friendly manager… πŸ‘Ώ πŸ‘Ώ πŸ‘Ώ

    p.s. I wonder what workyticket and his merry bunch of Pardew bashers make of all this…pity I’m banned on tumbleweed……. πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜†


  12. Rich that Biro would have made a right mess of the computer monitor as well πŸ™‚


  13. i was saying at 1-0 to me dad that we were going to catch them on the break and that we did! swansea are great passing side but thats it , they were weak at the back and upfront! its pointless doing all that passing when there is no end product , its like making a massive sunday dinner then when its ready throwing it in the bin πŸ˜† !! i will be glued to the tv at 1 to watch the scum beat spurs ( cant believe im saying that). if arsenal and spurs lost there next 2 games and we beat bolton on monday then we would be 3rd 😎 ! im not just saying this but i think cisse is the best finisher in the prem, what a player


  14. Stats arn’t surprising but how toothless the swans were was surprising, I cant understand their attemps because I cant remember them having that many decent chances.
    But without a doubt they can pass


  15. munich mag – i will be disgusted if pardew doesnt get manager of the year , he has turned us back in to the entertainers ! we were 1 of the favs to go down at the start of the season and now we are talking about champions league football?? the bloke has done brilliant! not only has he got us playing well he has also got a great spirit in the team which is a massive factor


  16. [email protected] I agree Cisse is class absoloutly clinical like a cross between Big Al and Cole . He doesn’t even look like he’s in top gear yet either ,he’s come in and it’s like he’s always played for us.Really worried about the bigger clubs poaching him now as he is makeing a lot of people sit up and take notice .


  17. I think the game was a mirror of the game at our end, except they posed slightly more threat with long range efforts through Sigurdsson and that this time we had that extra fire power in HBA and Cisse to soak up the pressure and strike.

    Can’t believe we are on course to hit 60 points, absolutely mental.


  18. @Kimtoon
    I’m hoping that the players take notice of just how close we are to having a top notch first team and choose to stay. We really aren’t that far behind a couple of the top 4 sides in terms of first 11.


  19. Munich @16- It must be Pards ,the guy has done wonders .As much as Brendans lot play pretty they ain’t sitting in 5th or pulling up major trees like ,and as he only seems to be the main competition it has to be Pards.


  20. [email protected] we get Europe or CL (I can dream ) they would have no reason to leave. My fear is a big club offers stupid money and pressure is put on said player to request a transfer or worse still they just tell him they are selling him end of. I don’t think any player would hang around if they felt unwanted by the club no matter how long the contract he has. Hopefully M.A enjoys his taste of european football and decides he won’t cash in on the family jewels but enhance them instead.


  21. @Big Dave
    I’d like to see Lambert to get it, really enjoy watching them play, it’s the way Stoke should, rather than hoofing it forward they play quick, neat football, getting the ball to the byline and whipping it in.
    Also successive promotions and still able to hack it in the premier league is remarkable.


  22. @Kimtoon
    Ahhh right. No I don’t believe that particular train of thought. It seems our club is the only one in history where a player was forced to make a transfer request. The fact that he was a drunken lout that happened to triple his wages in the move makes me some what sceptical. If the ambition was enough for Cabaye, it should’ve been enough for Barton/Enrique/Nolan.

    That said, I think offers of Β£25 mill for any of our players would see them accepted. Arguably the one i’m most keen to stay is Tim Krul, we could have a top notch keeper for over a decade no problem, he’s also a genuine lover of our club and city and i think great to have around for team spirit.


  23. What about Lambert at Norwich?they could go above Swansea today…Dave most pundits had us to get relegated, pundits were waxing lyrical about the way Swansea were passing the ball around yesterday πŸ˜‰ ….still 7 games to go for most teams, I think I’ll leave my verdict until then πŸ˜€


  24. Army69, the Swansea manager has them playing nice but tappy lappy and ultimately ineffective football, Norwich are also doing well as a newly promoted team. However, as far as the final position in the league go, and where results are concerned (we shouldn’t forget we are also only 1 year back in the Prem), as long as we don’t go on complete meltdown for the last weeks of the season Pardew has got to be in there with a great chance. Unless they choose SAF again, or unless De Matteo wins the Champions League…..of course…

    One thing is for sure, it aint gonna be MON or King Kenny 😳 😳 πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

    Howay the lads….


  25. SolanosTrumpet…I reckon we could live without Tiote, cos we’d get a cheaper replacement for the shed load of money we would be getting for him. But I would hate to see Timmy leave. If he stays around he will become THE all time Geordie goalkeeping legend.


  26. MM…on Pardew, nope

    On the manager award, if Everton were to win the FA cup and finish top 8, I think he’d have to be in with a shout too.


  27. Richietoon, you could be onto something there mate regarding the Toffee’s….. cannot see them winning it though.

    How’s things down your way, everything ticketyboo ?


  28. MM….aye starting to warm up a bit now over here, I hope Liverpool beat Everton in the semi…..unfortunately πŸ™


  29. people were pointing out their ridiculously dominant possession…. because they were dominating possession to a ridiculous degree. In all my years watching football, I’ve never seen an 80-20 split in possession.

    Anyone who mentioned this yesterday has no need to defend themselves today nor should they feel embarrassed about it


  30. here is my england team for euros



  31. M – But my point is what were they doing with it?

    Some people just don;t get the fact that we played it perfectly yesterday.

    Smart, lets run round like arseholes trying to get the ball back off a team who are passing the ball along their back four and back again, a team who are creating nothing while they have the ball.

    Let them have it, and rely on our quality to do the damage.

    It’s not rocket science, and it worked πŸ˜•

    Super Sunderland (as some of our own fans paint them to be!) did exactly the same thing against Swansea, at home. They had 30% possession to Swansea’s 70%. The result? Sunderland 2-0 Swansea.


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