Europa certainty, but surely a consolation?

Spanish sun? Or Hungarian goulash?
Newcastle United fans let off a collective sigh of relief on Sunday afternoon, as a place in the Europa League was made mathematically certain.

Everton picking up just a single point at Old Trafford meant that the Toon Army will march on Europe once more. Get in!

The result however has restarted a title race that City boss Roberto Mancini conceded was over only last week. The blue side of Manchester made the most of their rivals dropping points when they relegated sorry Wolves, and now go into the Manchester derby just three points behind the league leaders and boasting a superior goal difference.

What’s all this got to do with us? Well, I for one had hoped that by the time Man City made the trip North to St. James’ Park they would have nothing left to play for. As it stands, they most certainly do, and a positive result of any kind against Man United will see them arrive here all guns blazing.

We’ve all said on countless occasions that, regardless of how the run in pans out, we’ve had an unbelievable season. That said, wouldn’t we all feel just a little bit gutted if we fell at the final hurdle?

A place in the second tier of European competition is a fantastic consolation prize, without a doubt, though I can’t help but wonder how big a sense of disappointment there would be on Tyneside if we failed to qualify for the Champions League after taking the inside track against Spurs and Chelsea.

Big Al made the same point on Match of the Day last night. We’re so close we can almost taste the Spanish tapas, the Italian bruschetta, the German bratwurst, though there is still a good chance our travelling support could end up dining on… whatever it is they eat in the Ukraine.

Not that the Europa League isn’t littered with top teams – Schalke 04 and Athletic Bilbao contested two of the best games I’ve seen all season – but you get my point. The real glamour games are within reaching distance, we just need to stand up tall for another four games and grab them. It’s no less than we deserve.

What do you reckon? Would you be disappointed with Europa League given our current position, or cast your mind back two seasons and simply enjoy how far we’ve come?

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105 thoughts on “Europa certainty, but surely a consolation?

  1. yes he taken us from being worst run to (under his own stewardship)- to now best run club in country at the moment

    an amazing turnaround wherever your loyalties lie

    As soon as the results turn downward though there will be same smarmy told you so comments just the other way.

    I laughed when we appointed Pardew- im so happy i was wrong
    If we do sell a top player in same way Carrol was sold – but kick on again then so be it.
    Lots were bleating when Nolan\Barton were sold also – who cares now??


  2. Jon R

    On the money.


    I think a lot of fans would like the more affordable season tickets myself included and just continue to call it SJP like most people are allready doing.

    These are the tough decisions that the owner has to call and either way he can’t win.


  3. Gs
    April 23, 2012 at 15:44

    “As soon as the results turn downward though there will be same smarmy told you so comments just the other way.”

    100% correct ^^^


  4. Carter – But if people feel so strongly about it then surely they would be willing to pay for it?

    500,000 NUFC fans at £20 a year each gives Ashley the money he is looking for and the fans the name they want surely?


  5. Jon R – I think we can agree that there has been times (many) and mainly in the past now where Ashley has made hard ball decisions and stood by them.

    I think Ashley does deserve credit. Not for where we are but for having ideas and implementing them ruthlessly. Even when he was getting death threats and couldn’t go to the stadium he own for fear of his own safety he has not flickered and gone about his job. I think I remember quotes admiting he and lambias had made mistakes.

    Some may say he doesn’t have the best interests of Newcastle at heart – thats an impossible statement as the ‘best interests’ are those of the fans and they vary from fan to fan!

    Ashley wants a succesfull business as that is what he does. A succesful business is one that suceeds long term and its impossible to do that if he doesn’t have the best interests at heart. Finishing higher up the league brings more money from prizes, more likely to be picked for TV and bigger sponsorship deals. Plus any money for Europe.

    What are the chances hes offered a fairly hefty incentive to the players if they get top 4?


  6. Toonsy why who is paying for it now ? ?.
    But to answer your question eventhough I shouldn’t have to I would pay to keep the name.
    If we moved grounds or rebuilt the ground I wouldn’t have a problem with a new name.
    But then I suppose thats the way the game has went like lots of other prem teams are renaming their old grounds like ???? 😕 Come to think of it are we the only original ground to be renamed 😉


  7. I have been on here from the blog started, and I have never seen as many self righteous told you’s so on here when the bad shit was going on. But when we are flying high there seems to be a hell of a lot more.
    But sure


  8. CL football would be great but it’s main attraction is the better financal gain compared to Europa , that and the prestige of playing in it . I would be happy with Europa spot , with a few good additions to the defence i could see us even winning it . lets face it our forward line is frightening and would pose a threat to any defence. Ofcourse we’d need them to stay fit and not sell our top players. 😉


  9. toonsy

    Fair point.

    MA maybe should put it to a democratic vote at the last home game of the season by means of registing your vote at the turnstyle. That would be fair and stop all this bollocks.

    Rossco you could be right however I don’t care what his motavation is as long as it takes the clun forward.


  10. Hmm Dave as the blog has been going since last Jan when is this “bad shit” you speak of?
    I don’t particularly care for people gloating, it’s unnecessary. But it does annoy me when people like DIFSB refuse to give credit when it’s due. Also perhaps if the neggers weren’t so dismissive of posters when they were trying to remain upbeat at the start of the season then you wouldn’t have people gloating on the blog.
    The “dreamers” like TC etc where a lot more on the money than the people claiming Ashley was happy for us to scrape survival each year that’s for sure.


  11. Does anybody know how to find out how many games we’ve had on the TV this season compared to last?

    Be interesting to see how much more money that brings in?


  12. DIFSB…. Bollox! Obviously Fat Mike deserves some credit! A) he and he alone saved us from finacial meltdown B) He and his “cockney mafia” have put us among the best run clubs in the country! I dont really like a few of his desisions, eg renaming SJP, but thoreticly if a company buys the naming rights that could buy us another pappis… its always gunna be SJP to us no matter what! I wasnt his biggest fan to start with like many of us but iv gotta give credit where its due! HTL


  13. Ash does seem to be running the club better these days ,that’s not really in question and credit where it’s due.But the fact is he wanted to buy Newcastle as a means to advertise his business to the global market . Along the way he’s made many mistakes but does seem to be getting things right now .His main problem was getting into a business he had no real understanding of and made matters worse by surrounding himself with incompetant people to oversee the running of it. By in large the deadwood has been shifted now and though we owe him a cool £100m still ,we do seem much more stable on the financal front and less likely to do a Portsmouth ,Rangers or leeds. Truth is I can’t forget a lot of things he’s done but at the same time I understand the need to move on. Having said that I wait with baited breath to see what the summer brings . He does seem to have the knack of pissing us off just when things are going well and that is always in the back of my mind , sad but true .


  14. We’ve have got some hellish games to keep that top 4 position. It’s gonna be soo tight. I won’t be disappointed however because the pride running through my veins this season has got me buzzing whatever


  15. I’d be a tad dissapointed if we didn’t get UCL but only because we’re so close, but would I be unhappy?….no way, cracking season what ever happens from here on in, fantastic effort right through the club from top top to bottom and from the fans also. :mrgreen:


  16. Bad yes, (though i dont think it’s the end of the world, it annoys me but it’s inevitable). But your words make it sound like some people deserted the blog when the going got tough only to reappear once we’d hit form.


  17. I think there are some fans that would like the club to go on a bad run so they can start their hate for MA bloggs again and I am sure at some stage they will get an opportunity.
    In the grand scheme of things we are heading in the right direction but I do accept there will be some difficult times to go with the good however we are starting to be the envy of a lot of other fans across the country because they can see a lot more clearly looking in from the outside.


  18. [email protected] you suggest that some Ash haters wish the Toon to go on a bad run so they can start having a pop at M A again ,Really ! .Look I don’t fall in either camp as I nither hate nor like him that much ,but for those that do dislike /hate him you are being very petty to suggest they place their hatred of Mike over their love of the club. In all the time I have been coming on this blogg one thing rings true EVERY fan on here loves the club with a passion to suggest otherwise is a weak attempt to win an argument .


  19. Carter if there is fans like that then I would say they are not real fans anyway, but I do think your talking rubbish because I don’t know of any so maybe you can name a few 😕


  20. Like or wish NUFC to lose is a bit tounge in cheek to be honest as I realise that anyone who takes the time to engage in debate about their team have its best interest at heart.
    My point is that we all should be happy with the direction the club is heading on and off the pitch and it is time for the fans, players and owner to all pull in the same direction and see where we end up.


  21. Carter it is possible to get behind the team without turning a blind eye or questioning what is or has been going on at the club.
    See to me thats like saying that aslong as the team and club is going well and rideing high in the top 4 and getting European footie that we should be happy with whatever Jabba and Co do because they are providing us with a good team. But hypothetically speaking would you be prepared to go along with them deciding to change the name of the team to sports direct united ? just aslong as we are doing well ?


  22. Dave in an ideal world the fans would own the club and decisions like the renaming of SJP would be decided by a vote. We don’t and by the way I don’t agree with all of MA decisions. All fans have the right to question decisions and however I feel we have a much greater chance of real success if we show a united front.


  23. Dave I think you represent a large section of Toon fans who will never forgive MA. Would that change if we win the EPL next year.


  24. Carter NO 😉 unless he actually came out and talked with the fans, which I have always said would imo be the best thing he could do. if he did and admitted to his mistakes and said what his plans were and apologised for the shit he has caused I would get behind him and give him my support.


  25. From where I’m at, the fans here couldn’t be bothered with hating MA. We’re just glad the club is run well now, as compared to Shepherd & Hall’s time. The debts were crazy & insurmountable. We did look like having some success but it was not SUSTAINABLE.

    Now it is. If MA did it, then I’ll give him a pat on the back and buy him a beer if he ever came down here. If not, I’ll do the same for whoever it is.

    Why are some fans arguing about MA now? Especially about old issues which we can’t go back on? Its looks pretty good for us from here onwards so lets just enjoy it for now. When it gets sticky again, we’ll start the armchair crusading again, shall we?

    HWTL!! 🙂


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