United honour Sir Bobby Robson

Gone but not forgotten.
Newcastle United have announced plans to unveil a statue of the late great Sir Bobby Robson outside of St James’ Park ahead of the final home league game of the season against Manchester City.

The nine-and-a-half foot bronze statue will be situated at the Sout-West corner of the ground and will be unveiled officially by Alan Pardew and some of Sir Bobby’s former players.

Of course Sir Bobby already has a statue at Portman Road where he led Ipswich Town to success in the FA Cup and UEFA Cup during his 13 year spell in charge of them, which is a grand gesture by them, but it’s nice to have such a memorial outside of the ground which started off Robson’s love affair with football and Newcastle United.

Derek Llambias approves of the move, and I dare say that this is one thing that he will get widespread backing on!

“We’re delighted to be able to honour Sir Bobby Robson with this lasting tribute,” he told the official club website.

“He was a great man and ambassador for this football club and for the city. He achieved great success during his time as manager of Newcastle United and this statue is a fitting way for the club to remember him,” he added.

Sir Bobby’s widow, Lady Elsie, also gave her backing to the decision to honour her husband. She said: “It’s very fitting that there will be a tribute to Bob outside Newcastle United’s ground. This is where his love of football began.”

“As a boy he’d come here with his dad and he likely queued to get into the ground where the statue will be sited. My husband’s career took him all over the world but he was always a Newcastle fan at heart. He loved this club and was very proud to be its manager.”

“I think the statue design is wonderful and I’m very grateful to Newcastle United for funding it,” she concluded.

For me what Lady Elsie says is the most important thing in all of this. As long as she is happy with everything then it’s all fine by me. At the end of the day we are just fans whereas they are family so their feelings and considerations should, rightly, be placed above ours.

On a personal level though it’s a great gesture which will give people like me and you somewhere to go and pay lasting and continued respect to a man who gave us some of our best times of the modern era. I doff my cap to the club for coming up with an idea that considers the fans, so credit to Mike Ashley, Derek Llambias and whoever else is responsible for organising it all, sanctioning it and paying for it.

I struggled for a way to end this article in truth. All I can say really is that it’s a great move for everyone concerned. However perhaps the best way to finish this article is by leaving you with this from the great man himself.

What is a club in any case?

Not the buildings or the directors or the people who are paid to represent it.

It’s not the television contracts, get-out clauses, marketing departments or executive boxes.

It’s the noise, the passion, the feeling of belonging, the pride in your city.

It’s a small boy clambering up stadium steps for the very first time, gripping his father’s hand, gawping at that hallowed stretch of turf beneath him and, without being able to do a thing about it, falling in love

– Sir Bobby Robson

Yeah, I think that does the trick!

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61 thoughts on “United honour Sir Bobby Robson

  1. Its been said before, but is Mike Ashley just trying to win over the fans with a publicity stunt like this ? No disrespect to the great man but there is after all a far more deserving NUFC legend who actually WON something for the club.
    Joe Harvey.
    Player 1945-53 won FA cup twice.
    Manager 1962 1975 won Inter Cities Fairs Cup.
    A genuine fans favourite at the time, and well deserving of recognition in this manner also.
    Forgotten by the new generation tho.
    Ashley should do his homework and study the History of the club that he owns.
    Just a thought.


  2. BB – I see your point, but I also think it’s a bit plastic looking at trophies.

    Shearer never won nowt yet nobody objected to him being honoured with a huge banner and I dare say nobody would reject to having a statue of him.

    What Bobby did was love this club. He picked it up when it was on it’s arse and turned it around again. He managed his own country and took them to two World Cups and a European Championship. He won countless trophies all over Europe. He was just a normal boy in the street who made it but never forgot he was just a boy in the street.

    Well deserved IMO, not just for his exploits at NUFC, but also for what he did for football in general and for what he did outside of football.


  3. Got to agree with Beardsley’s Boots – Joe Harvey was a Newcastle United man through and through – a true United legend, as both a player and a manager. So hope the club will consider erecting a statue to “Mr Newcastle” too.

    Having said that – great tribute to Sir Bobby. I’d like to think of it as a thoughtful gesture rather than a ploy by the club to curry favour with the current generation of United fans. Either way though – good move.


  4. aye joe was a top guy my dad got two tickets from him for that 69 final when i was a kid,my memories of joe always had a fag in his gob.
    but as toonsy says bob was worldwide hero and one of ours 😉


  5. So I’m definitely too young to remember Harvey, I grew up with Keegan and unfortunately Ruudboi and Dogleash, but Sir Bobby brought the love back, in fact it was my favourite era even if we didn’t come as close to winning anything, I just loved the players and loved the football.

    We as a club still owe a debt to Bobby in the way that he was shafted by the ownership but ALSO as many forget by the fans, many of whom had started to dream of more than European qualification and attacks on the league and the cups. Fair enough we never won anything under him, but does it make him any less deserving of the title “legend”?. I don’t think so. In fact, after his sacking I’ll be one to admit that I started to lose interest in NUFC and football as a whole….

    I’m not really sure what it was, you could say maybe I wasn’t supporting us through the bad times? But I began to dislike most of our players and almost all of our managers from then on…The only time I started enjoying watching us again was back in the Championship, and this season for me obviously has been the best in about 10 years 😕


  6. Yeah I didn’t mean that sir Bobby was undeserving of a tribute like he is getting. 😳
    But He was more of an Ipswich legend than NUFC legend and has a statue at portman rd already.
    Joe Harvey gave over 30 yrs of his time as player, coach and manager to this club, not just 5 yrs and should ALSO be remembered.


  7. TOONSY 😆 😆 ,ive been to wembley as its happens,not telling you which year like 😉 and i hated it never liked the place,owr many drunks knocking about just ask richie,kna better not he wouldnt remember anyway 😆 😆


  8. typical Ashley just waiting for the price of bronze to go up then he will sell it. 😀 Am i to late for Archies top ten 😉


  9. BB – I agree that Harvey should be honoured in the same way and could think of no better trio of legends. Milburn, Robson and Harvey greeting fans to ST JAMES PARK who be right.
    I disagree that it is a ‘publicity stunt’ as Sir Bobby was and is loved in Newcastle and throughout the football world. Fulham having Wacko Jacko outside Craven Cottage is a publicity stunt!, but as Lady Robson said, Sir Bobby grew up at SJP, it was his home and right til the very end he could be found in the stands showing his support.

    Well done NUFC.

    I hope this is done before the end of the season so the Olympic visitors can know of Sir Bobby and I hope it takes pride of place.


  10. Yeah, obviously all club legends should be honoured in this manner, and really the better the sooner. I know little enough of Harvey as it is, people like him shouldn’t be forgotten!


  11. Sharpy -It’s being unveiled befor Citeh match.
    I agree Harvey and Milburn alongside is a great idea ,we could nickname it the three wise men .
    It’s a nice gesture by Ash & co to fund this tribute to the great man and I’m sure if he’s looking down he’ll be proud and embarrassed in equal measure such was his modesty. I will never forget the good times he bought the club and also to England as manager too .His last appearence at st james he looked so frail it was heartbreaking to see him like that after seeing him so animated on the touchline in the past.. But despite all telling him to cancel that day he insisted on coming along , a trooper to the end RIP Sir Bobby.


  12. BB – I totally agree, and I don’t think anyone on this site would think you were disrespecting Sir Bobby in any way. Funnily enough, I was looking at Ed’s blog a bit earlier and there was a guy on there who put forward exactly the same argument as you, but he didn’t get a very good reception from the resident youngsters, unfortunately. One of them even suggested that hardly anybody over the age of 50 knows how to use a computer anyway, so it’s a bit unreasonable to expect any of them to know who Joe Harvey was 😯

    That’s why I think this blog is so much better.


  13. “One of them even suggested that hardly anybody over the age of 50 knows how to use a computer anyway”

    😆 😉

    Ed’s blog does tend to give a bad impression of us “youngsters” Luckily though most of them seem to be pre-teen wasters who spend all day playing Football Manager and somehow failed to pick up any form of mastery over the English language.

    I on the other hand am a post-teen waster, who spends only half the day playing Football Manager and like to think that I’m on par with some of the literary greats 😉


  14. Thanks Kim/BB – I think that’s a great sign off of home fixtures for this season isn’t it.

    Chris G – never been to that site but it clearly has at least one numpty posting on it. We should celebrate our history and stand out characters who have featured in it. I’m sure the same kid backs the stadium name change as long as it generates enough money to buy a new player who’s name he can print on the back of his replica shirt … the tit!!


  15. Sharpy -I don’t go to that site either as me Mum always said ” don’t go to strange places where there might be even stranger men ” 😉


  16. Ice – that vid basically sums up our whole season so far.
    Even when we have played poorly and not at our best, someone has stepped up and grabbed the points.
    I hope Marveaux comes back fit and strong too.


  17. Ha ha that was the game when STaylor had the tampons hanging out of his nose to stem the never ending flow of blood 😯


  18. Statue for Jabba please 😯 hold on he allready has one next to the all you can eat at the entrance to china town 😆 😆 😆


  19. What about Bobby Moncur. Surely we can forgive his dalliance with the SMB’s. He might have been a secret agent like Steve Bruce was. If Bruce hadn’t of been rumbled he would have completed his mission of getting 5under1and relegated


  20. Reports claim Pep Guardiola will leave his role at Barcelona at the end of the season. He will hold a press conference tomorrow.

    Goodbye Fancy football. 😯

    And take 1yr rest Pep,and please have a plan B. 😆


  21. [email protected] – good read. I think Pard’s played the King Arthur card spot on to be honest. The team ethos comes before any individualism. Now we have a hard grafting genius. Uncanny really and Toppo Pard’s.


  22. First I’m 73 and guess what using a computer I also saw Joe Harvey play throughout the fifties.I also cooked for most of the team and visiting teams till National service got me.Just a thought why don’t we the supporters put the money up for a Joe Harvey statue rather than hope someone else does it? There is quite a few of us!!


  23. Nutmag – that’s the spirit and while were on can we have a whip round for the naming rights of the stadium. Seriously though good idea and I’m sure all supporters would want to contribute.


  24. Ice speak of the devil 😆 I had a cancellation tonight so the lass had me down looking at tiles for the hall floor 😯 can’t believe the price of tiles now, so I don’t know if I will have any money left to put towards a Joe Harvey statue 😀


  25. DAVE sure batty can help you oot on cheap tiles he got me “borrow” some out the local village hall,get into the parka its safer and cheaper mate 🙂


  26. The Regime are now getting to grips with running the club.
    Great gesture by the club.

    I’ve just spoke to grandma Baba Vanga and she foresees the East Stand being named The Pardew Stand after we’ve won the Champions League! 😯

    A simple gesture but a great one! RIP SBR.


  27. Ice I might ask Batts can he get me 14 sq ms :lol:. I hate going shopping for house stuff cause I think things are still roughly the same price as 10 yr ago 😯 .
    But it keeps her happy and I have arranged to get them fitted from a tiler I tattoo so happy days 😀 less work for me


  28. Troy I agree it looks like they’re starting to learn, but maybe its the same old shit give them something to keep them happy, then drop another bombshell ❓


  29. DAVE i know where your comeing from on prices 🙁 what happened to those 2p tubes of petrol gone 😯 ive still got the pin i used to use,its £1.99 noo world gone crazy 😀 😀
    aye you got oot the work again you dorty dog


  30. Ice I normally do all the stuff round the house but as I said a guy I tattoo offered to do it and I just do a 2 hr sitting for him in return 😆 so he’s happy and im well chuffed as he is a good tiler and will do a good job, she’s talking about getting the Bathroom tiled now aswell 🙄 .


  31. Fantastic gesture and serious bridge building going on. Have they finally got a clue?

    Till the summer…


  32. Good stuff from the club. Always like to see Robson being appreciated for the work he did at NUFC and elsewhere.

    There’s a real feel good atmosphere surrounding the club and a victory against Wigan will ensure it stays that way regardless of the results of our remaining fixtures. I hope we look to hit Wigan on the break as I don’t see them breaking us down if we play like we did against West Brom and Swansea.

    Would set us up nicely for Chelsea too; with them having to try and break us down to get the win they will most certainly need.


  33. Also, glad to see the club maintaining strong relationships with the local press. They are given exclusives on a weekly basis now. In fact, the more I look at things the more I’m impressed with how the club are taking care of the area of Newcastle in general. Its encouraging stuff.


  34. Lawro’s prediction for the weekend :
    This is an interesting game because, with six wins on the bounce, Newcastle are undoubtedly the Premier League’s form team.

    They look like a Champions League side at the moment, and although their run has to end at some point, they have hit their stride at exactly the right time and they are playing like they think they can beat whoever they are up against
    The Magpies have benefited from being able to play their front three of Papiss Cisse, Demba Ba and Hatem Ben Arfa in all six of those games, and you can see why Alan Pardew’s men are playing with a swagger right now because they are creating stacks of chances.

    They get goals from everywhere and, even if they are under a bit of pressure at the DW Stadium, they can break so quickly because those front three players are like lightning.

    Wigan were on a really good run themselves until their defeat by Fulham last weekend but, because they have struggled for so much of the season, the suspicion with them is that that slip-up might be the start of another poor run.

    Prediction: 1-2
    Blimey 😯 😆


  35. Kenny Dalglish and Sourness are managers I’d love to beat with the afore mentioned yardstick 👿


  36. This comment is a bit cheesy – I’m not really a religous type but i like to think Sir Bobby is looking over NUFC still!


  37. stevep

    April 27, 2012 at 08:44

    Fucking hell , BB and co even whinging at a statue of SBR – I give up

    What the feck are you on about you dipshit ❓
    Perhaps you should READ what’s written before you open your gob.
    Clown 😈


  38. Blimey 😯 you really did give up after 1 measley pathetic comment.
    Try the posters on Ed’s blog, they are probably more your standard.
    Cretin 👿


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