Match Stats: Wigan 4-0 Newcastle

Wigan 4-0 Newcastle

Saturday 28th April, 2012






444/510 PASSES 322/387


57.1% POSSESSION 42.9%

50.2% TERRITORY 49.8%

64/99 ATT 3RD 54/84


5/15 CROSSES 7/14

4/11 TAKE-ONS 5/5

2/4 CORNERS 1/1


13/15 TACKLES 10/16



8/17 CLEARANCES 6/11


6/13 AERIAL DUELS 7/13

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88 thoughts on “Match Stats: Wigan 4-0 Newcastle

  1. Angel-Yes the manner of our defeat was shocking, but you look at the relegation teams out there and Wigan are by far the best. Would anyone really not choose blackburn at home to Wigan away?

    Bolton might be starting to look more dangerous-but then they shipped two goals against the scum who haven’t threatened in weeks, still much worse than Wigan. Villa away? One of the easiest fixtures out there really and they’re getting worse match by match as the fans turn on them….finally Fulham at home? Fulhams away record is one of the worst in the League,t they’ve just shipped 4 against Everton.

    And speaking of Everton we have to play them away, as well as Chelsea, and an invigorated City side at home…No I would have swapped fixtures all day….

    -Andy I’m not saying we can’t do it, I said yesterday if we play at our best against any of the remaining teams at their best I think we could beat them all bar city. Yes, I think we’re out and out the better team than Chelsea. But will we perform? Perhaps against Chelsea, but I’m not sure we’ll give 100% in all our remaining games and it would be easy to lose any of them. Spurs still only have to pick it up to about 70% for their remaining fixtures, after they’ve been so bad for so long.


  2. Newkie…maybe true but if we had the easier fixtures left then it would mean we’d have played the harder games so we possibly wouldn’t have as many points, we all play the same teams over the season. The run in doesn’t decide whether you play CL, Europa league or finish as an also ran, 38 games decide that 😉


  3. Richie-Yeah I know mate…that’s kind of the point I was making, that Champions League really was very far fetched-people look at it as -same games, same potential for points, but really we were always in a much harder position. I said weeks back we’d need Arsenal to implode and Chelsea to become heavy legged because Spurs would get enough to scrape over the line imo. Well Arsenal have done decently and are now kind of uncatchable, Chelsea have gained massive confidence, Spurs are clicking a bit and we have the toughest of the fixtures.

    Unfortunately people bought into the hype, as exciting as it was, and our team bought into the hype, and as a result we got taught a lesson at Wigan 🙄


  4. Happy with 6th to be honest. Think we will play better at Chelsea but can’t see us getting any kind of resullt with Torres back in form not to mention Sturridge who caused us a lot of problems at SJP. Having said all that this is Newcastle so anything is possible 😆


  5. Def think we need 2 bring in Pieters in the summer along with a good center half, play santon at right back and put williamson on a free transfer, if tiote goes we should sign diame and try 2 get james mc carthy from wigan


  6. Newkie….aye, whatever happens now it’s been a hell of a ride…..although hard to judge Spurs and Chelski off today because I thought QPR’s and Rovers performances were 2 of the worst I’ve seen this season, Blackburn didn’t even attempt to get a draw from their game never mind a win, absolute disgrace. 👿


  7. Aye Richie, total disgrace from Blackbum. Zero shots on or off target in 93 mins. wtf 😯
    According to there soon to be sacked manager, there game plan was to frustrate spuds and then have a go at them. Unfortunately they did neither.
    Contemptable football of the highest order. No fans deserve to see that, especially with the exhorbitant tkt prices/travel cost etc.
    Bang out of order from a clueless ‘manager/coach’.
    And qpr weren’t much better.


  8. BB…aye I’m no lover of Blackburn but the least their fans deserve for supporting a shit club is to see them try and at least try and get something from the game, if you need a win to survive you don’t take off your best striker(unless he was injured) mind that’s not the first time I’ve seen Rovers make no attempt to take owt from a game this season. The players and manager should refund the fans who went down there.


  9. “the least their fans deserve for supporting a shit club is to see them try and at least try and get something from the game,”

    😆 😆

    Yeah I fecking hate blackburn. They can rot in the CC along with West Spam and Nobby and Fat Sam, hate the bunch o them!


  10. Newkie…it’s a canny away day though, as is Bolton and Wigan so it would be a shame to lose any from that point of view especially to be replaced by Southampton and Reading!


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