Are our fans now realistically optimistic instead of ridiculously optimistic?

Realism returned?
Personally I have changed how I think, feel and act when watching Newcastle games.

I used to be someone who was so knee-jerk.

For example, I used to be the type of person who wanted a player off the field when he lost the ball.

You know the type. We’ve all sat next to one at the match or in a pub watching the match. I’m glad I’ve changed though because I now feel like I can now watch games and general developments at the club without too much cause for concern/rise in blood pressure.

The Man City game is a good example of this. I was on the Metro travelling to the Haymarket and I was stood next to two young lads who were discussing how they thought the game would go. Within the space of ten minutes the conversation went from, “Ah if Tevez plays, we’re f*cked”, to, “I think we can sneak it 3-2”. Both comments reminded me of myself only a few years ago, when I thought we could win every game but worried about getting thumped all at the same time.

In the pub (Crow’s Nest) before the game the crazy comments/predictions were less obvious but were replaced by wild and wonderful bets placed in hope rather than expectation, and were accompanied by some realistic chat about where the club are at right now and where we can expect to finish. I find this so nice to hear and actually feel like, as a club and as fans, we may have just turned a corner. No more stupid Sky Sports News idiot interviews outside Shearers Bar.

Antics of these “fans” have meant that for years now other fans have called us deluded, and seen any idiotic interview as us being typical Geordies. Granted there will always be people who have their head in the clouds, but now it seems that they are outnumbered.

At Wigan I noticed a real change in a lot of people’s attitudes. It was the first away game I had been to since we beat Bolton away earlier in the season. Last season Me, Myself and I would have done a runner at 4-0, the thrashing at Bolton being a game when I did get back on the bus and say, “That’s it, I’m done, no more away games for me”, because I was upset. This season, however, I was more interested in seeing how the team would react to getting thumped after such a good run of six wins in six. It seemed that the people around me were in the same boat.

Overall I think the Mike Ashley model has caused this change in the way we see our team, which then influences how we react to results and performances. Ashley, and his is merry men, have turned a disastrous situation, which they originally caused, into a massive transformation of a club heavily in debt to one with a solid financial footing. With this massive change I think our fans have been able to see a real change in the way we now conduct business and understand that the current regime is protecting the club by making sure it lives within its means. Most of our fans, therefore, appreciate having to tighten their own purse strings so why should their club be any different?!

All in all this article is just my way of highlighting a change in what our fans think is important at our club and how that reflects where our fans expect to see our club in the future. People are definitely more realistic, which can only be good news for the management and owners alike, and I hope the positive, yet not over the top b*llocks, continues for the weekend game at Everton and into next season.

Onwards, Upwards, Progress.

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70 thoughts on “Are our fans now realistically optimistic instead of ridiculously optimistic?

  1. i suppose we’ll know what we are really like next season. With Stoke we’ve seen that Europe can really screw up your leauge form and should the same happen to us, it’ll be interesting to see how we react should we be mid table for most of next season


  2. well said hwtl, I must say I’m praying we sneak back in2 top 4, but whichever way things go on sunday, wot a season its been. pride restored


  3. A good read Billy 😉 I think the “deluded” fans were always in the minority but I suspect they’ll be back, possibly even next season.

    You could argue Stoke’s league form hasn’t really been affected by Euro football, a win this weekend at home to Bolton will put them on a final points tally better than last season. I suppose you could also argue that if it wasn’t for our huge improvement they would have been much better off this season than last, last year they took 6 points off us, this year none. 😉


  4. Got to admit it – many are now thinking what I have thought for years (why isn’t there a smiley for a smug grin) 😆

    Nice to see the term realist being used correctly – the neggars have used it for the same period to cry over spilt milk, to criticise every decision whilst we climbed the leagues and screamed to spend money we couldn’t afford. Step forward Big Dave and Potty!


  5. Thought not Rich 🙂 I haven’t got there either (much to my wife’s dismay) 🙂
    Stardy, well done on being right mate.. great effort


  6. A canny read Stuart, although this line “My information is that Newcastle have already got a couple of players ‘in the bag’ ” is a bit annoying, trying to make it look like he’s in the know when in fact Pardew came out and more or less said as much a couple of weeks back, typical journo.

    Stardy…. Don’t worry, you manage to get your smugness across really well without the use of a smiley 😉 😆


  7. Toon now go about their transfer business in a quiet dignified way,I have no doubt they contact the club or agent of the players they are interested in are available then if they are they do the business & only after it is concluded do they make any statement.After all why do all the ground work only for some other club to come along & try to get the players you are after.I have no doubt that owners & directors of other Premier Ship clubs are watching the Toon very closely.


  8. Aussie / Richie

    Actually I have just been to Barker and Stonehouse where they had imported a “smuglounger” especially for me – seems great though I can’t fit my head on it!

    Can’t blame me – there were about 5 of us in the trenches fighting 50 000 – feels great being a winner 😆 “smug grin”+”cheesey grin”

    On a serious note – the last 5 years have been a great learning experience for everyone – owners – directors – players and most importantly fans. (Apart from me because I know everything like) 😆

    It gives us a great education to move forward. In 8 years time when season ticket prices are the same I worry a little as I think the clubs been over-generous – we will need to make extra revenue elsewhere.


  9. Stardy 😆
    I said at the time, the prize freeze was great as a fan but from a revenue point of view a terrible idea…..Euro footy will make up for it though :mrgreen:


  10. Stuart @ 5 , great link and think it ties in greatly with the article , does this season success now raise expectation for another assualt on champions league spot? Would as the article suggest top 8 and a good cup run be enough? Has the clubs recent transfer success give them enough credibilty with the fans to sell and bring in who they want? Be an intresting summer


  11. I have been talking about Philippe Albert this morning at work. We both started talking about his header from near the half way line against Chelsea that put Les Ferdinand through on goal. I can’t find any footage of this anywhere online and was hoping somebody on here might be able to help me find a link.

    Thanks in advance.


  12. At least the club will know that its stands will be full for the next 8 years tho.. literally money in the bank..


  13. There’s no doubt in my mind that the neggers are still around. And we may not have long to wait to hear from them if results this weekend don’t go our way.
    As for me, I don’t remember a time for years when the outlook has appeared so rosy. We do have a very skilful team who, because of the strategy of Ashley and Pardew of buying young, ambitious and talented players will get even better, I have no doubt. And that is with our existing players. I believe we won’t lose any of our stars during the close season but will bring in more of the same quality to further strengthen the squad. Onwards and Upwards (and the right results on Sunday please).


  14. You can’t keep a good negger down.

    They’ll soon find summit else to pish and moan about!


  15. @stardust

    You get zero credit for supporting The Regime thru the relegation season, the years they lied to the fans, the tribunal, Lambias ran naked over the pitch whilst fans outside were in despair, ridiculed the now owners of Man City by not turning up for a meeting as a show of arrogance, changed the name of the ground and as yet have not received a penny, the disgraceful treatment of football legends, shearer, KK and Hughton, plus the ridiculous appointment of 6 managers within 2 seasons and the removal of the singing corner.

    The Regime certainly called the right shots with the transfer policy but not even the regime could have predicted the success it’s had. The big difference that they did was listen to the realists.
    It was only at the end of last year that they announced that trophy signings of £10m were days of the past.
    We demanded that to progress then certain trophy buys must be bought.
    Fortunately, the regime appear to have listened to us eventually. Step forward Papiss Cisse.

    It is the realists that the club seem to be listening to now and I’m even contemplating letting them join the reality train and temporary refraining from calling them the regime.

    They must gain my trust over a period of course but it looks like they want to be part of the realist crew.


  16. TC – Troys dying on his arse, he said to me the other day he will never admit on here he was wrong as he couldn’t take the flack!

    Troys a classic neggar , bubbling away under the surface till he gets an opportunity to hate. He is an odious little twerp.


  17. Not at all . Never have I said anything anywhere near those lines.

    I maintain my stance that the regime are now starting to realise that the realists were right.

    I have fought many battles on all different levels and subjects but this goes down as one of the greatest victories.

    I call this the brushing up period. It’s when you win the battle you return unexpectedly to the battle scene to find a few dying bodies lying round who weren’t killed off the first time.

    It’s time to face Troys sword Stardy and Chicken! 😛

    Cheeses ! It’s sounds like a McDonald’s meal ! A chicken sandwich and a Stardy fizzy drink please!
    Devoured and shit out . 😛


  18. Good thoughts Billy Keys, I agree fans’ attitudes have ‘progressed’ this season. I too was mightily pissed off with the Wigan result, and being honest, I was watching it on Game of the Day on Sky until the 4th went in when I turned the channel over in disgust – shameful, yes I know. BUT, I knew it was a blip, a very minor dip in form. Our progress throughout the season proved this, so it didn’t really bother me.

    I think when you see players consistently performing shite week-in week-out that’s when the bad blood sets in. Currently I accept the odd bad performance, because I know overall we have a full commitment from our squad. Thankfully Shola doesn’t play 90mins any more, which was always a major moan motivator for me.

    As for the Sky Sports News idiots interviewed outside Shearer’s bar though, they are here to stay unfortunately. The media will always pick freaks for the camera, purely because they’re more ‘entertaining’. It’s not just NUFC, they do it for every club. I know what you mean though, the Geordie stereotyping in the media does my head in too.

    On a side-note, NUFC were a lot of football fans’ 2nd favourites in the first Keegan and Robson era. Most fans had a soft spot for us, until the utter FIASCO caused by Mike Ashley’s horrific decisions in the earkly days of his reign. He got a lot wrong, our club and team was shit and on a downward spiral. NUFC turned into a laughing stock and the ‘2nd favourite team became almost hated.

    However, given Ashley’s early errors of judgement, the man seems to have finally got into the swing of things, and bad decisions aside has made some very good ones. We’re now flaunting with the big boys at the top of the league and our reputation has been re-instated. I live outside Newcastle, and have had comments from strangers (seeing my Toon top), and at an interview yesterday, which suggest we’re now back where we belong as a club respected and admired from outside the North East by other fans.

    Long may it continue!!!

    (shit, another long one, I bet there’s another article up by the time I hit ‘ADD COMMENT’)


  19. Troy, I honestly don’t understand what’s wrong with ‘moaning’ as some people refer to it, to be honest. In my opinion it’s just stating a disapproval of something that is evidently wrong. If everyone just clamped up and said “yes please, another dog shit taco, yum!” the world would be a lot more fkd up than it already is. Moaning is quite often a necessary component needed to instigate change.


  20. Rod – I see where you’re coming from but this season we’ve been mostly eating filet mignon and people still fcuking moan. 😐


  21. TC, yeah I agree with that mate. But I myself, as well as most other Newcastle fans saw Fatty as our immediate saviuor; a big glowing Mr Staypuft, emerging from the darkness surrounded by angels and light. Then we continued spiralling in the wrong direction. I wasn’t saying he caused our plight, but he certainly contributed to it. Anyway, that’s all in the past now. We’re doing great. I just hope el Fattio doesn’t fuck it all up in the summer transfer window. I don’t think he’s that stupid.


  22. TC, rest assured I’ll be moaning my arse off if we lose too many key players in the summer. Like I said though, I don’t think Fatty is that stupid. Now we’re in Europe the squad needs sustaining. It makes financial sense to keep us up there, and that requires investment.


  23. cheers again for the comments chaps…

    i think Billy Keys is my favourite new name on here 😛


  24. Haha – Troy is claiming victory, he was right all along

    The ‘regime’ basically dug there own grave then jumped in by doing what the fans wanted appointing KK and then Shearer but tying KK’s hands behind his back with the Dennis Wise debacle (although I thought at the time appointing AS and KK were terrible decisions – one being past it and the other clueless with regards to management (appointing Ian Dowie ffs)

    The regime have turned it round eventually as they realised they had poured money out of the club in payoffs and piss poor decisions

    However whats done is done and at the moment I’m over the moon at 3rd – 5th and the club being well run both on and off the pitch
    Hopefully top 6 next season with a bit of a run in the Europa (after we get knocked out of CL) 🙂


  25. Troy said….I maintain my stance that the regime are now starting to realise that the realists were right.

    Or put another way ‘I didn’t have the foresight or capability to recognise the regimes strategy at first but given its worked I’m going to say it was my & realists idea all along’ 🙄


  26. I take this opportunity to give you one last chance that the realists who boarded the reality train were correct all along. Ashley jumped on board when he bought Cisse, so come along, I won’t turn you’s away.
    You have to remain in the cattle trucks with Ashley until you gain the full trust of the loyal crew of Big Dave, Batty and Rodz. There were a few more but they are eating caviar at the moment and don’t want to speak with their mouths full.
    Witters and Steve P get in with the cows at the back. 😛


  27. The subject and content of the thread is good.
    Rodz is correct as well.
    It was certainly the case that if The Regime were ever questioned then it was classed as moaning.
    No matter what crap was thrown our way, some took it full in the face and told us it smelled of roses.
    My nostrils were full of Ashley’s crap as he splattered us.
    One thing will never change. He deserved the flak he got and even he admitted he got things terribly wrong.
    So come on, jump on board the reality train. Ashley saw the light.


  28. Troy Stavers says:
    May 11, 2012 at 13:49
    I take this opportunity to give you one last chance that the realists who boarded the reality train were correct all along. Ashley jumped on board when he bought Cisse, so come along, I won’t turn you’s away.

    The major flaw in that argument is the ‘ realists ‘ have always claimed that the money would be available for the right quality at the right price. We wouldnt match Cisse valuation last summer of £13mil+ but were happy to complete the deal at £9million.


  29. I think the big difference going into the offseason is that we are all a bit more trusting of the club. Last year we still had a very good number of folks claiming outandish things such as ashley was just pocketing transfer proceeds and pulling money out of the club. There was also a large element judging transfer success on the amount of money spent and then slagging off players such as cabaye who they had never seen play.

    I think now people see that the club has a reasonable transfer policy that i paying dividends. I fact, when was the last poor significant purchase they made? Has there been any? When compared to other clubs their record is remarkable.

    We went from an older, bloated (in more wanys then one) squad that was hemmorraging money and on the road to administration to a sustainable, young and hungry club, that has gone from relegation to 5th in 3 seasons. Of course there was some luck involved but i ain’t complaining.


  30. Troy, the light that Ashley is seeing is a cash till saying ‘full’. He’s a realist alright!


  31. @Johno Toon

    I do recall Lambias stating the days of players of arriving for £10m are gone.
    No flaw there fella.

    It might have been prudent to secure Cisse for £13m last summer and we would likely have secured a CL place already.

    Get in the cattle truck and I might consider moving you in with the prize bull if you improve your argument., 😛


  32. There is one rather useless stat,but we are the only team yet to score an Own goal this season. 😆 😆


  33. Jonas is the player with the most free kick won from opposition this season.

    79. 😯


  34. And what did your selfrighteous anger get you Troy?
    And what did the more neutral fans achieve by not buying into the anger?

    The answer is the same for both camps.. It achieved nothing. Neither group had an effect on Ashley’s decision making process.
    I really can’t see why you are hanging onto this anger, you seem to wear it like badge. To criticise someone for chosing not to get angry because it will ultimately achieve nothing is a mute argument.
    I have never really liked Ashley but I have accepted that he is a major part of the club and there is little I can do about it. Mate, I think it time to move on…


  35. Troy that is only a partial quote from Llambias , think it was along the lines ‘ the days of trophy signings who have their best days behind them are over ‘ or soemthing like that.


  36. @Aussie

    Anger? 🙂

    Not at all. 😉

    I’m laughing all the way to the CL.

    You may feel angry but I’m just keeping the likes of you, Chicken, Witters, Stardy et al in check.

    I won the battle and you’s were left dying at the scene still drowning in Ashley crap. I’m here to save you. Ashley took the olive branch and I handed him some Kangol nappies. He happily wears them now and we don’t seem to be getting splattered.
    Who knows though, the Kangols could burst at any time. 🙂


  37. I’ve never been angry Troy, your clutching at straws mate 🙂 I’ve noticed over the years that when you have been caught out to be wrong, you go for the wind up type of posts and use lots of terms like whoo hoo.
    So this tells me that deep down you know how wrong you have been all this time and you are trying to cover it up.. 🙂 Your secret is safe with me mate, I won’t tell anyone 🙂 🙂


  38. Good to see troy has finally managed to catch up with some of us & very amusing to see him wriggle out of it….as usual.

    Never has one blogger been more wrong yet always right 😀


  39. Witters -My favorite was “tiote and krul will be sold in january, my source tells me it is a done deal” 🙂 🙂


  40. Just thinking about that Aussie…naturally troy reserves the right to change history such that as & when it happens he’s always right!

    I’m just surprised he hasn’t asked Toonsy for administrator access so he can amend past comments…a la 1984!!

    All good crack tho 😛


  41. Agree mate, I enjoy the banter. Look Troy tries hard to be the bad guy but deep down he is a sweet little mummies boy.. 🙂 🙂


  42. Wriggle? Wrong? Catch up? 😯

    Never has there been more attempts to save yourselves from Troys sword! 😛

    It’s like cutting a worm in half and watch you’s wriggle. 😛

    I think Aussie is still suffering from the after effects of his cans of Fozzies. 😛

    Form an orderly queue boys and buy your tickets for the reality train. It’s never too late and I never hold grudges.

    Toot! Toot! Toon ! Toon! 😛


  43. A lot of people took crap on here who felt the club shouldn’t panic buy, that net spend wasn’t the end all be all, that cabaye was a class player, that ashley wasn’t pocketing cash, etc. Tough to re-write all of those threads now…


  44. I agree with stevep above…after making decisions to gain favour with ‘fans’ like troy is say fuck it, we’re making our own decisions & here we are….now troys taking credit 🙄


  45. We might need to get Troy fitted with some reversing beepers.. 🙂 he will need them for all the back pedaling he has been doing. 🙂


  46. No back pedalling boys. It just so happens that Ashley listened to the realists. 😆

    I’m a bit lost what MDS is getting at as I don’t know who he’s referring to unless its himself. 😯


  47. To be honest, every club has a section of fans who believe their a bigger team than than they are and should be challenging for whatever they deem “their” level.

    Not really sure how we got stuck with it, probably all those years of being *almosts* which everyone seems to forget. Fair enough, we haven’t won anything, but how many clubs can claim they’ve actually made a serious challenge for the title in the last 20 years, or to a lesser extent champions league football..? There’s not really that many.

    But if Sky want to find idiots among our fans and interview them-they will-because there’s still plenty of idiots out there 😉


  48. 3 -class signings and we are realistically optimistic, unless of course we sell 3 of our best, but even then we have a bucket load of faith in Graham Carrs ability to refill with Continental cut price class 😮
    Btw how long has GC been with the club?


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