Everton v Newcastle – Stat Attack

And so, the curtain looks to come down on an unbelievable Premier League season on Tyneside! Doubters proved wrong, owners in the good books (for some), talent brought in and the dizzy heights of the top 5 the ultimate ending place.

But…it’s not over yet!

A win at Everton and some misfortune for either Spurs or Arsenal and Newcastle United can see themselves perched in a Champion’s League spot for the first time since the 2002/03 season. And, as we know, a 4th place finish, as harsh as that would be on NUFC especially, still may not be enough and depends on Chelsea’s performance v Bayern Munich.

However, Everton are the ones Newcastle need to focus on first and foremost. In the last 6 between these two, they have shard the points – 2 wins apiece and 2 draws, 8 goals for Everton and 7 for the Toon.

Newcastle were the victors the last time out; a Ryan Taylor special from outside the box the difference in a 2-1 win at SJP back in November 2011. NUFC also won the last time these two met in the Premier League at Goodison Park – another special goal, this time from the enigmatic Hatem Ben Arfa, winning the game 0-1 in September 2010.

Everton are no pushovers though – they’ve won 6 of their last 7 home matches in Premier League, keeping a clean sheet in all 6 and they’ve scored at least 2 goals in their last 3 home games.

Everton in the Premier League:

Only Wolves (16.2) are successful in less tackles per game than the Toffee – 16.3 won per game on average.

At home, only WBA & Liverpool are caught offside more times per game than Everton – 2.9.

Only QPR & Bolton (both 0) have scored less goals in the league this season from a ‘fast break’ than the Merseyside Blues – 1, and that came away from home.

Everton have the lowest percentage for initiated attacks from central areas in the entire division – 26%.

However, they do happen to produce the highest percentage in the top flight for shots from central areas – 72%.

They also have the lowest percentage in the division for shots originating from the left hand side – 13%.

Only Liverpool spend a higher percentage of their possession in the opposition’s half than Everton in the Premier League games this season – 31%. NUFC have the 2nd lowest (26%).

Players to watch:

Leighton Baines – The full back is an absolute starlet for Everton! He has more touches than any other Blues player, producing most crosses, most total & clear cut chances, most passes in the final third and scored most clear cut chances. He has also made most final third entries for the blues, had most direct shots from free-kicks and hit the woodwork more than any of his team mates. A real danger man from left back!

Leighton Baines is a major dangerman!

Nikica Jelavic – The former Rangers man has 8 goals from his 9 Premier League starts for Everton, thus being their top goalscorer this season. He has a 57% shot accuracy rating and a very healthy 29% chance conversion.

Marouane Fellaini – The Belgain midfielder is an important player for the Toffees, somewhat underrated by some and a good, all-round player. No player at Everton produces or wins more tackles than Fellaini and he wins more 50-50 ground duels and aerial duels than any team mate. He also makes more total and successful passes at the club, most in the attacking half and had produced most shots straight after a set piece.

How to win this one:

NUFC will certainly not have this one their own way and must ensure they perform better than their performance away at Wigan, a team of similar playing ability. They must keep a close eye on Jelavic. He has proved he knows where the goal and even with the ‘driest’ of service, he seems to get his goals.

The biggest threat will more than likely come from Everton’s left hand side though, with Leighton Baines a constant menace. The right back spot has not been Newcastle’s toughest area at times this season and a double act of Baines & Pienaar could cause NUFC a lot of problems.

Everton - Average player positions in 3 of the last 6
Everton - Average player positions in 3 of the last 6 (2)

As a consequence though, Everton do leave a lot space in their right back position and Tony Hibbert is often isolated. The above average player positions for Everton’s last 6 Premier League games show the space often left between Hibbert and his centre halves and NUFC, particularly through Ba & Jonas, have got to exploit that area when the gaps open up.

A lot rests on this game, but at the same time, even if NUFC whitewash the Toffees, they could still be let down by results elsewhere. The best possible approach is to ensure they do everything they can to get a result and not be feared by anything – this has been a magnificent season either way and if results go the right way, then what a bonus that would be!!

NUFC_Stats prediction: 1-1

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114 thoughts on “Everton v Newcastle – Stat Attack

  1. Solano -Yes was a very honest interview ,sad if Ba goes and Guthrie too. He said he’s told Saylor that Willo is in front of him at the moment because of his good play 😯 Yes he’s come good but I’d still rather Saylor with Colo tbh.


  2. Cites Shola’s goal against Sunderland as our most important goal and his favourite game of the season. Reasons being that the mood of the whole toon would be crushed and there would be zero momentum.
    Hadn’t ever thought of a draw being my favourite result but he makes a great point.


  3. @Kim I reckon some of his talk, even in this interview, is to spur players on.
    Would be a massive shame, at least we know beforehand. So much better than the days of being kept in the dark completely!


  4. I love Everton Newcastle games. That said, I love all Newcastle games before they start; finishing has been an issue in the past.

    …who can forget the glorious 6-2 😯 I was watching that game in a neutral pub with my Evertonian chum. Almost uncanny that one of the more flamboyantly named Everton players of that era, Sixto Peralta, had such an easily maneuverable name to fit the scoreline.

    I still reference 6-2 Peralta to this day.

    (the internets currently haves no knowledge of this chap ever playing for Everton, but I’m sure I never dreamt it 😕 )


  5. Getting painfully honest at times.

    Says if Man Utd came in for Cabaye, he’d say fair enough, good luck.
    He states that until we get into the CL we don’t have a leg to stand on in preventing the big dogs from turning heads. However he makes it clear that transfer fees would have to be extortionate fees would be charged and it would always be used wisely.


  6. My favourite bit was when he compared Ba to Madonna and Cisse to Lady Gaga. 😆

    There’s gotta be a song in there somwehere… “Like a Muslim”? Wait, best not go there 😛


  7. …he’s mi next door neighbour like, banging on the waahls noo. Doesn’t like is playing Spice Gorls full blast like. Guess a heftil keep it doon. 😐


  8. Yup I agree. I don’t have a problem with the transfer policy at all providing we sell on OUR terms, and are pre-emptive in terms of scouting replacements. it’s great to hear Carver speak about our scouting system, saying it’s by far the most organised he’s seen of any team. People keep saying “we can’t keep selling because sooner or later the well will run dry”, but if you thoroughly scout replacements BEFORE selling, and only sell when you have a replacement lined up, then this is not a problem. The organisation Carver speaks of suggests that this is being done.

    I suppose he’s going to have riled a few of the “why are we a selling club? we shouldnt be a selling club! rah rah rah” crew, but that’s too bad. 🙄


  9. am a simple man me like; a love NUFC and like football. It’s always been an ID thing for me first though. Aspose living ootside Noocarsil meks yemor prood.

    …whatever anyway, all this scouting bollocks is futile.

    Playing with fire.



    😛 😯 🙄 😎 ➡
    😯 😯 😛 😀 !!!!


  11. ….. 🙄 cudnt give a fawik boot futbarl like.

    totally off-topic, but Giant Tortoise shells make ace guinea pig swimming pools like. 😯

    …a gora few awathem massiv tortissiz of mi mate a while back like.
    …nee botha.

    …Pruning shears, easy; birra petril ana few chip paypaz.


    …make the world a brighter place.

    For You And For Me
    And The Entire Human Race
    There Are People Dying
    If You Care Enough
    For The Living
    Make A Better Place
    For You And For Me 😉


  12. fuck tortils like
    and amphibians
    got newt against them like


    …….WAAHYYYYY 😛

    (canny good that one like, off the cuff like)


  13. Didn’t even make sense.




  14. at least 27 people just read this comment.

    I reckon lets explode the internet by everyone hitting ‘escape’ at the same time. Turtle anarchy. 😯


  15. Fuck me, I’m gona change me Avatar to the Fonz. I’m obviously the King on here.

    The bitches love me, and bummers wank over me.

    easy 😎


    May 11, 2012 at 17:40
    Fully deserved Pardew …this won’t go down well on .org

    Comments like this sadden me. If you check “NUFC.org” there are actually 2 articles posted yesterday celebrating this award for our manager. Why do you insist on being so divisive?


  17. @Trumpet

    You mention the criticism that Simpson has had and I quote;
    Also goes to show that fan criticism does filter through to the players. Mindless criticism, never productive, never helps in my eyes.

    He had a bloody twitter account that he closed down cos of the criticism . 😯
    Filtered down? He brought into his own living room. 🙄


  18. @Troy
    Yeah very true, if you make a twitter account you leave yourself open to getting slated by people that might not even be fans. But I’d wager that even actual fans moaned to him that “he’s shit”, worst right back, weak link, etc etc. He opened the avenue but it doesn’t mean fans need to act like prats.


  19. Trouble with twitter and celebs / players is that you are obviously open to attack from anybody including opposing fans, mentally ill etc – in Simpsons case he loved the praise ( England’s next right back) but hated the slatings – cant have it both ways


  20. Twitter is for attention seekers. So attention seekers, don’t complain when the attention is not the kissing your arse type


  21. UTD111…cos a number of posters, thankfully a minority, on .org continually berate & criticise Pardew, they clearly hate him.


  22. UTD111…as certain comments on your article prove! Good luck turning them but the words head, brick wall & banging come to mind!! 😆


  23. I think the main danger they pose is the movement of Cahill and Jelavic from crosses, but NUFC have good at dealing with balls in the box this season so could do quite well. A key point to add is that their passing success rate is very poor, only 3 players have higher than 80% in their team. We should look to intercept and counter through the space the full backs leave.

    Full tactical preview available at http://one-touch-passing.blogspot.co.uk/ .


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