Carroll for England?

Should this Geordie go to the Euros?
Since leaving Newcastle, Andy Carroll seems to have suffered badly from the over hyping of his £35 million move to Anfield.

He’s had a poor season and a half with Liverpool compared to the excellent standards he achieved with relative ease at Newcastle, but with the European Championships coming up I’m wondering if he is offering enough to be called up?

Carroll made a handful of appearances the season we were relegated but bounced back with the club and scored 19 goals in the Championship, and then took the iconic number nine shirt on our return to the Premiership which he wore in 20 games scoring 11 times. Rightly or wrongly he was forced or asked to leave, depending on who you ask, and made the journey down to Liverpool for a massive £35 million.

As we all know his time on Merseyside has been anything but fruitful for the big number nine. He played well against us in their victory at Anfield in December but was an embarrassment in the return fixture at SJP when he took one of the most blatant dives the Premier League has ever seen. Recently, however, Carroll looks to have turned the corner and started to get back to his best form, just in time for the summer eh?!

So that’s where he stands with his club career, but the question is, could he make the flight to Poland and Ukraine? I have listed below who I think are definite, probable and those who are possibilities


Wayne Rooney (Manchester United)


Jermaine Defoe (Tottenham)

Peter Crouch (Stoke City)

Daniel Sturridge (Chelsea)

Danny Welbeck (Manchester United)


Bobby Zamora (Queens Park Rangers)

Frazier Campbell (Sunderland)

Andy Carroll (Liverpool)

Gabriel Agbonlahor (Aston Villa)

Danny Graham (Swansea)

Grant Holt (Norwich)

Darren Bent (Aston Villa)

For me Rooney picks himself, not that I like him at all but there isn’t any doubt that he will be going. The other striking places are up for grabs. Defoe would usually be selected BUT he hasn’t been playing and will lack match practice. Welbeck and Sturridge have been playing so maybe they both will be strongly fancied to get a place in the squad.

I can’t see places for any of the players I have struck out on the grounds of lack of fitness AND lack of experience at tournaments and I would think the greatest challenge for Crouch’s place is Carroll and vice versa. Crouch has had a solid enough season at the Britannia, but, like Stoke, has fizzled out after a long season including a tiring European campaign.

Andy Carroll on the other hand has had an on-off season with his club, which threatened to get started several times, and has recently started to find his form with a last gasp goal against Blackburn in the league, an FA Cup semi-final winner against Everton and a game changing performance in the final. When I say game changing it did change the game but sadly for Carroll not the result.

All in all I would take Carroll over Crouch because of his recent form. Like many things form is key to everything and can mean the difference between a player sniffing a goal or missing a sitter. In the Football League playoffs every year we see a surprise performance from a team who have just hit form going into the playoffs and this pushes them on to get results. I can see the same happening at the Euros for Carroll. Granted Crouch’s goal record for England is fantastic on paper but his goals have been against lesser sides, with poor, and at times, gungho defences. The only doubts I would have would be with European officials penalising Carroll’s style but in reality I think Crouch would also suffer from whistle happy refs.

I still don’t like him but I hope he packs his bags.

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136 thoughts on “Carroll for England?

  1. BATTY ime good mate hows you?family good,ime always aboot,watching for those back-stabbers,but richie been nee bother lately 😀 😀


  2. BATTY sorry i didnt clean your horse oot while you were in the slammer but dave said he would dee it 😆


  3. Dave…In the good old English way, he’d probably be crucified 😆 don’t think he should get rid of all of them but by the same token don’t take them because of who they are, but take players on how they’ve performed recently.
    What Capello should have done after the World Cup debacle is introduce younger players and said look I’m taking a chance on youth with the aim of challenging for the next WC, it’ll take a while hopefully we’ll qualify for the Euros and do well but the long term aim is the next WC……problem is, no patience in the English press or with the fans, therefore any long term plan is unlikely to be introduced 😕


  4. Dave…I find it puzzling people don’t support their own country, I know they’ve been shit and the last WC was a shambles but you could say that about the Toon over the years too….each to their own I suppose, freedom of choice and all that.


  5. RICHIE i dont think england will ever win anything big imo it seems to me we tend to coach the skill out young players to a certain way to play in the EPL


  6. Richie @71 yeah ,Cahill and Lescott why not ,cant be any worse. Got me flags for the car last week and one to fix to Lews wheelchair 😀


  7. Ice..agree about the coaching, that’s why we need a long term plan and someone to have the balls to possibly have to write off a tournament or maybe even 2. The whole set up needs changing, that’s what the French did prior to winning the Euros and the WC.


  8. Later Dave…..Batty, I hope all our players have a shite tournament to keep the vultures at bay 😉


  9. Could be right Richie, no patience.. Dave if England were actually challenging for things after telling the press fir weeks on end about ‘this being our year’ bla bla blA then maybe fans would have more excitement about the next tournament. However all we get is the same old same old and manager after manager being afraid to try new formations and squads. Boring. If Hodgeson were to pick a handful or surprise new faces on the International scene then I for one will feel like our Country is finally trying to move forward again 😀


  10. I can’t see carr going anywhere, they might think they know how good they are, but if they have a shit Euro they might think twice…hopefully.
    Whey that’s me away, later lads n lasses…..nighty night Troy 😉


  11. Good Evening lads.. Sorry I haven’t been on lately but night shifts really take a toll 😯 .. Anyway I would take Carroll solely because I really don’t rate Crouch and I doubt Hodgson will pick Grant Holt because he’s impressed me and would be my choice for a “big man”. That being said, I hope we do well at the Euros but I just can’t see it our forward line is crap and against good defenses I don’t think England will produce. I hope I’m wrong though. After all there’s no expectation so no pressure 😈 . Hodgson will be feeling it though


  12. BREAKING NEWS:FA Chief: Don’t forget we don’t have Wayne for the first two matches. Roy: Don’t fucking bother me with weather forecasts now. 😆


  13. Jermaine Defoe?? Seriously, I thought he was injured/ past it. Sturridge has been on poor form recently.

    I would take Carroll definately on recent form. Rooney obviously, Crouch because of his record as a back-up but him and Defoe are past it to be honest. I actually think Fraser Campbell is decent so I would take him and whoever is currently best from Sturridge/Welbeck.


  14. Will be interesting to see how Carroll performs under the guidance of a manager who isn’t Kenny


  15. I reckon Defoe is a must DJG personally. Always comes up with the goods and gets goals for Spurs when melted candle face gives him a game


  16. Frazier Campbell is decent? 😯

    Since when?

    His five goals in four Premier League seasons must have been extra special 😕

    Wellbeck >>>> Campbell, easily.


  17. And why the big thing about Rio being left out? Surely it’s because he has been utter shit for ages rather than the fact Terry is a filthy little racist 😀


  18. I see there is an article on how perfect Ba would be for Chelsea 🙄 I read it and then scrolled down to the comments, each one was a Chelsea ‘fan’ and none of them liked the idea of signing Ba with one saying “he’d just be a bench-warmer” and another suggesting “he isn’t good enough”:x I find that ridiculous considering he scored more goals than any of their million pound players.


  19. I’ve watched Terry a few times this season and he’s been absolute dog dirt. Can’t understand what all the fuss is about, he shouldn’t be getting picked full-stop. That Glen Johnson as well, god only knows how he is getting picked for England. Surely it’s time that Walker at Spurs was called up ahead of him but it says he’s out with a toe injury. 😕


  20. Toonsy he’s been out a lot with injuries though surely?? and the one that was a goal of the season contender was pretty tasty.


  21. DJG – But as a striker surely the minimum requirement for at least being considered for international football is that you score goals?

    Campbell may have scored one screamer, but in 48 Premier League games he has scored 6 goals. Yes he’s had injuries, but his most prolific season he scored 4 goals in 31 appearances.

    Sorry mate, not good enough for me. Nowhere near it in fact.


  22. Gary Hooper. Interesting one. Scored a boat load in the Championship and a second rate SPL, but it’s hardly international level and he is untried and untested.


  23. Stotty
    The SPL players are unfairly ignored for international duty, hooper should get a shot, he’s scored a shit load of goals, same with Forster can’t be worse than Carson and Green.


  24. Danny Welbeck 40 apps 12 goals
    Daniel Sturridge 41 apps 13 goals
    for Man U and Chelsea

    Fraiser Campbell 7 apps 2 goals
    for Sunderland

    Non of them are international quality to be honest but outside of the starting 11 (ie joe Hart ect) not many of them are.


  25. DJG – To keep it balanced I used only the PL appearances for Campbell, so I’ll do the same for Wellbeck and Sturridge.

    Wellbeck – 9 in 30
    Sturridge – 11 in 28

    I agree none of them are exactly prolific, which is why I said earlier if it goes on form then Grant Holt has to go ahead of pretty much anyone bar Rooney.


  26. I think thats where Woy will get found out personally, no fault of his own. Look at our second 11 once we get a few injuries or need to make substitutions. We don’t even have a good first choice RB. Then look at the players that teams like Spain, France and Germany have in reserve. Thats why I think we either won’t get to the knockouts or we won’t get far after that.


  27. You also have to consider giving the future an exposure to big tournaments…whether they get a game or not. Get them used to the environment around the more senior lads as most of em won’t be around for the World cup


  28. Grant Holt and Carroll with Rooney in the hole? 😯

    Seen they have brought Gary Neville into backroom staff. Great idea. He is a winner and a great link between the senior players and the management to make sure of no divides


  29. DJG
    Micah Richards is pretty good, Kyle walker is ‘promising’, then we have Nathan Clyne coming through. All in all I think RB is pretty covered, LB on the other hand, we’ve got cole and baines, that’s pretty much it. If Enrique would stop bitch’n about not getting into the Spain squad he could apply for British citizenship and play as a LB for England.


  30. All good it’s back.
    True but as 3rd choice he isn’t bad, though 3rd choice English LB is a lot more embarrassing than 4th choice Spanish LB.


  31. It’d be funny if there were more injuries and Woy calls up Simpson. 😛 I hope he does we might get more money for him. 🙂


  32. DJG
    Aye, his price would go from 5/6m to 16/17m with his first few apps, that is if Liverpool come along with Downing-esque money on their mind, bet simpson’ll score more goals as well 😆


  33. Well if it’s money he wants then he needs to pull his finger out. Can’t see it mesel, Johnson / Richards will probably get the call ups with Walker being out. Never know with a new manager though, I expect there to be some out of the blue call ups from Woy.


  34. DJG
    Simpson is more worthy of a call-up than Johnson, it all depends on whether Roy chooses on form or hype/bias. By the way if Barry gets picked for the England squad again they deserve to be knocked out in the early rounds, why do managers not see how shit he is?


  35. Looks like it will be John Terry on board to euro,when somehow Rio and walker,smalling all out injured. 😯

    So Centre-back from what i presume would be Gary Cahill,Phil Jones,John Terry,Joleon Lescott?

    Not sure is Michael Dawson injured or fit.hmmm. If not it would be Phil Jagielka. 😐

    Then RB and LB pretty much settled itself.

    Ashely Cole,Baines.

    Micah Richards,Johnson.

    I am interested to see who will roy hodgson call up for his forward line.


  36. I’d drop defoe.. he’s always been poo in tournaments… he’s a better league player. Carroll on the other hand is a definate cup player so I think would suit England.. I wouldn’t take crouch either – his days are numbered. and his legs freak me out a bit.

    Hate to say it but the logical decision is to take the pikey.


  37. what a depressing forward selection. Out of all of those forwards (12) I only rate Rooney. Defoe is a canny little player but doesnt show it enough for me.

    We have some potential in Sturridge and Wellbeck but is it enough?

    I’d take Rooney, Carroll, Sturridge, Defoe, Wellbeck (coz we have ne one else) and perhaps Holt (as another target man) instead of Crouch


  38. Just to wish Andy Carrol congratulations on making the Euros,Have a great one Andy. From fellow Gordie.


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