Debuchy action hots up

Lille have rejected a bid from Newcastle for right-back Mathieu Debuchy according to the French press.

Both French regional La Voix and French national L’Equipe are reporting that a bid of €5 million has been knocked back by Lille chairman Michel Seydoux.

Debuchy is under contract until 2015 at Lille although there has been increasing speculation over the future of the former team-mate of Yohan Cabaye for some time now, especially as the player continues to impress on the international stage with France over the summer. It is believed that Lille are looking at closer to €8 million before agreeing to any deal.

Crudely translated by Google and refined a tiny bit by me, this is what the Lille chairman had to say on the matter.

“Newcastle proposed a fee this week of five million euros for Mathieu Debuchy who is under contract until June 2015,” said Seydoux.

He added: “We are not sellers. We did not sign a new contract with Mathieu last year to get one further season. He is part of our plans. He is a man of Lille!”

He may well be a man of Lille for now, but everyone has their price and Newcastle can pay that price up front, in one hit, using cold hard cash which gives us the edge in the transfer market in my opinion, and is part of the reason why we seem to have such a strong bargaining hand in the transfer market these days.

I’m assuming that Newcastle will be going back in with another bid considering the one they just offered was in the region of £4 million. A fee of £5 million would give Lille just over €6 million which, as mentioned before, is likely to be paid in one hit. Would that be enough to tempt them to do a deal? or would they be happy to wait another few years or depending on strings attached to a deal to get the full amount they are said to be looking for?

I don’t think we’ll see any real movement until after France get knocked out of the European Championships to be honest. It’s unlikely any player is going to be allowed to leave his international camp to travel for the necessary formalities like medicals and such whilst the competition is ongoing.

Mind you it does seem that after all this time Newcastle are indeed interested and are willing to bid for the player. Hopefully Yohan Cabaye and Hatem Ben Arfa can have a word in Debuchy’s ear and get him to favour a move to us over anything else.

Get to work boys!


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  1. 1
    JerseyGeordie says:

    I think £5 mil is about right but Lille have the upper hand in this with him having 3 years left on his contract so it may take more then we’re willing to pay to get a deal done.
    Just like we’re doing to other teams with our players we want to keep.

  2. 2
    Andymag says:

    Really hope we can get a deal done. Throw in one of our players(Obertan, Vuckic loan) as part of the deal?
    If we can sell Simpson for just over £4m then we would just need generate £2m to give Liile in order to get him, not too much me thinks.

  3. 3
    kimtoon says:

    Toonsy, This is yet another cheapskate offer by us ,£4m is a bit mean ,he’s defo worth £5 to 6m imo ,if what i’ve witnessed is anything to go by. Hopefully they are just testing the water and will go back with a sensible offer and try not to piss Lille off too much as at the moment we got a good reputation in France and don’t wanna go and ruin it. Don’t think it makes any difference him being mates with Cabs and Benny as if Lille wont sell they wont sell simple as that .I would hate to see theDippers or someone get him for £6m that would be a defo loss on our part unless Carr knows an absolout gem we aint heard about. ;-)

    Hope this France game resumes soon ,else it’s gonna cause major problems with fixtures. :roll:

  4. 4
    JerseyGeordie says:

    If we get 4 mil for Simpson then I see no problem paying 6 for debuchy especially if the back staff consider him the absolute best option, but I doubt we get 4 for Danny. Wouldn’t be shocked mind.

  5. 5
    Andymag says:

    If we can start a bidding war between WH, Fulham and QPR then we could even get 5m :mrgreen: , if only Woy had picked him for England, we could’ve gotten 8m on the back of that :lol:

  6. 6
    Big Dave says:

    Im sure Lille c/man was having a reet good laugh when he got that offer :grin:

  7. 7
    M says:

    another low-ball offer. If we want this dude, we’re going to have to pay what he’s worth. What that might be…. is up to Lille

  8. 8
    icedog says:

    DAVE and we know jabba its a take it or leave it offer normaly :sad:

  9. 9
    Big Dave says:

    Ice it wouldn’t surprise me if while we fuk about putting in stupid bids someone else will jump in and offer what he’s worth, we always try to get players for nowt but they say if anyone wants our players they will have to pay over the odds :roll:

  10. 10
    scottie says:

    Please, please just pay the €8m!! Even throw in obertan if you want, but get your arses in to gear before somebody gets him first

  11. 11
    3hourswasted says:

    Not sure if anyone has posted this up but the new Premier League Rights deal is incredible. No doubt Ashley will stay now with even the bottom club able to earn as much as Man City did in winning the league this year :shock:

  12. 12
    toonsoldier9 says:

    not really surprised with that , are we??? after the way he played against england last week, i would of put his value at around the 12 – 16 million mark!!
    if we were interested, why didnt we put in a bigger bid before the euro’s started?????
    just incase anyone has forgot, sunderland are still shite :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  13. 13
    NUFCgt says:

    He has been looking great for France, I’d say pay up to £8 mill for him.

  14. 14
    NorCal Toonfan says:

    Dang…there goes my chance to get Cabaye’s shirt…did not pick Menez as a scorer.

  15. 15
    Big Dave says:

    Cabaye took that as cool as a cucumber

  16. 16
    JerseyGeordie says:

    Everyone needs to take a breath.
    Some of you are acting like we’re trying to sign messi :lol:
    Arshavin is looking good…. Again…. Fancy another 20 mil transfer for him?
    And surely real Madrid got ripped off 100+ mil for Ronaldo? He looks terrible. Surely he’s worth about 5

  17. 17
    M says:

    Vive le France – get in there Yohan

  18. 18
    Toon@Jer says:

    Cabaye very unlucky there :x

  19. 19
    icedog says:

    cabaye is good going forward,didnt like the way he was holding his hip before he went off :shock:

  20. 20
    Simon says:

    Know what you mean Ice, but if this was his last game for them, gives him plenty time to be back and 100% for us.

  21. 21
    GeordieTwo says:

    Had a look at the that link 3hrswasted. Ashley will be laughing all the way to the bank. Amazing amount of money coming into the Prem now. Perhaps we will spend a bit more but not likely a lot. The Debuchy offer is fairly ridiculous, a waste of time. A full international for 5M? France has an up an coming club and their players (including Cabaye) are going to be worth a lot. The French league is no longer going to be a cheap source of players. Ashley will have to find somewhere else to do business I’m afraid. Get ready to do a lot of travelling Carr!

  22. 22
    Big Dave says:

    Aye Ice I noticed that, just hope its only a twinge for his sake I would hope he’s ok to play more.

  23. 23
    GeordieTwo says:

    Cabaye looked fantastic today. That shot off the post was a great effort as well. I think he will be fine, just being taken off and rested for the next game by Blanc as with Menez. Fantastic effort by the French against a home side today. ;-)

  24. 24
    Sydney Toon says:

    Hi All, does anyone know any reliable streaming sites that will be showing the England match…up here at 5am to watch it, not on tele :(

  25. 25
    Sharpy17 says:

    I think Debuchy would jump at the chance to join Cabaye in England, but it won’t be at Newcastle with bids like that like.
    I don’t want us to pay stupid money for players anymore but to offer half the clubs asking price is stupid and is just going to piss the selling club off and make the player question just how much the buying club want them.
    This is a player who, if his tournament goes as well as the first game, is going to draw alot of attention. If we want him we must act quick and smart, like Andy says, offer them Obertan on loan with them loosing Cole it may appeal to them, but offer decent money first, 1or 2 mill off the valuation may work … half price will get you a fuck off!!

  26. 26
    Big Dave says:

    Sydney Toon sorry mate no, did you get one

  27. 27
    Big Dave says:

    Sharpy17 ;-) spot on mate

  28. 28
    MDS says:

    5M is really a derisive offer. He’s playing himself into 10-15M territory and his club knows it.

  29. 29
    Big Dave says:

    Good on Carroll

  30. 30
    Big Dave says:

    what a cracking header he deserves it cause he works like a horse

  31. 31
    Sharpy17 says:

    What a power head by AC!!
    Thought he could have done that against France as well had they unleashed him.

    Still a bit cagey at the mo this one though

  32. 32
    kimtoon says:

    Evening all ,What a fantastic header by Carroll ,sheer brute force behind that. Also pleased to see yohan on the score sheet as well . ;-)

  33. 33
    kimtoon says:

    Selfish play by young there. :roll:

  34. 34
    Big Dave says:

    Carroll has a fantastic work ethic, the Lad never gives up, I would say most players hate playing against him.
    Sharpy yeah it is a bit of a cagey one, sweden still look dangerous

  35. 35
    Sharpy17 says:

    Dave – would you have him back? (not for £35m of course)

  36. 36
    premandup says:

    Sweden don’t look dangerous. Ibrahimovitch does

  37. 37
    icedog says:

    still say milner isnt worth his place imo if fact hes crap

  38. 38
    Big Dave says:

    Sharpy thats a hard one :???: I like the lad and think he is a cracking player that has had a hard time at the bin dippers, but I don’t reall want to go back to that style that Carroll thrives on.
    But I still think the like of Carroll with Benny and Cisse would be a nightmare, because Carroll provide loads of knock downs that Cisse would love.

    Prem I thought Ibrahimovitch played for sweden :grin:

  39. 39
    toonsy says:

    Agree with Ice. Never really rated Milner and still say the £12m we got for him was a good deal. Yes he was sold for more from Villa, but to Manchester City who paid just about anything for anyone and still do. If we’d have sold him direct to City I’d have expected usto get more.

  40. 40
    toonsy says:

    1-1 now. That is what you get for sitting back when the game is there for the taking :roll:

  41. 41
    Big Dave says:

    I said sweden were still dangerous :roll:

  42. 42
    kimtoon says:

    1.1 :oops: :roll: Oh well ,normal service resumed then.

  43. 43
    Big Dave says:

    milner that was stupid :???:

  44. 44
    kimtoon says:

    England have lost their way here now. :sad:

  45. 45
    Big Dave says:

    the defence are sh1te

  46. 46
    kimtoon says:

    2.1 :evil: like I said lost totally lost. :oops:

  47. 47
    Sharpy17 says:

    Difference at the minute is that they have far more creativity in midfield.

    Walcott RW and Oxlade LW for me.

    That was fucking shite defending by England that like!!
    Zoltan wanted a fucking slap for his reaction to Hart after the goal … Prick

  48. 48
    kimtoon says:

    Milner off ffft.

  49. 49
    icedog says:

    said i had no time for england,they are a very poor team

  50. 50
    MDS says:

    Sweden had 3 players unmarked on that free kick. How does that happen?

  51. 51
    toonsy says:

    See now we see the problem with playing someone like Andy Carroll. A bit of desperation and it’s HOOF right up to the big man…

  52. 52
    icedog says:

    sweden are no great shakes,shows how bad we are :sad:

  53. 53
    toonsy says:

    Get in Walcott you fucker! Great strike!

  54. 54
    Big Dave says:

    How did that ball thread through there

  55. 55
    kimtoon says:

    Walcott ,what a strike :shock: Now please can we build on it .

  56. 56
    MDS says:

    Wtf???? Game on.

    This is getting too entertaining. Its keeping me from the US Open

  57. 57
    Big Dave says:

    MDS @ 50 the defenders are shit :grin:

  58. 58
    toonsy says:

    What was the Sweden goalkeeper doing there though? I mean no way should he have not got that :???:

  59. 59
    MDS says:

    Aye dave. But hodgsen will get the blam

  60. 60
    toonsy says:

    Our defenders look really slow. Johnson looked like he was running in treacle just then. I thought he was quite fast usually :???:

  61. 61
    kimtoon says:

    Is it me or do Sweden have the more attacking threat ,we look a mess ,all over the place.

  62. 62
    Big Dave says:

    go ahead Wellbeck :grin:

  63. 63
    kimtoon says:

    I’ll get me coat :oops: :roll:

  64. 64
    Sharpy17 says:

    What a good finish that was Welbeck!!
    Walcott made a huge difference

  65. 65
    toonsy says:

    Great play by Walcott and classy finish by Wellbeck :)

  66. 66
    Big Dave says:

    Toonsy I can never work out how Johnson gets in the side ? or maybe it’s just me but I never rated him

  67. 67
    toonsy says:

    Dave – I don;t rate him as a defender, but going forward he is a good little player.

    Don’t blow it this time England!

  68. 68
    MDS says:

    Class finish

  69. 69
    Big Dave says:

    Toonsy as soon as I hit the comment thats what I thought ;-) he is good going forward and is always forward, but the problem is he’s a defender :grin:

  70. 70
    toonsy says:

    Can still see Sweden grabbing an equaliser. Our defence has been toss tonight and can’t seem to defend a set piece :???:

  71. 71
    toonsy says:

    Game of the tournament that for me. One point and we’re through :)

  72. 72
    MDS says:

    Congrats lads. Massive win for england

  73. 73
    Sharpy17 says:

    Dave/Toonsy – that’s the point I made on the earlier article when it was said we don’t have a good national team.
    For me Richards and Walker are better than Johnson. I think Johnson and Sturtidge are better than Milner, but a squad is only as good as the players selected.

    Anyway, that’s a good win there like but we made hard work of that. Decider against Ukraine now … I’m sure the fans will be fair to both teams :roll:

  74. 74
    kimtoon says:

    F.F that’s over ,so so uncomfortable watching England ,always is .One things for sure we got to dramaticly improve if we are going to progress much further in this tournament. Oh yeh and Milner is crap imo.

  75. 75
    Stuart79 says:

    Fck watching England is hard!

    Get in and good win!

  76. 76
    icedog says:

    i still say england are a poor side,theres nee guile in the team,milner is crap dont rate johnson much (says a lot for simpson) for international players unable to hold the ball against teams like,even we scored first goal we sat back and were unable to hold the ball,nice to see them get through like but just dont impress me ime afraid,the class and skill in the PL doesnt come from many english players imo :sad:

  77. 77
    icedog says:


  78. 78
    Andymag says:

    Does the Daily Mail actually hate us? They’re talking about how Chelsea will ‘snatch’ Debuchy from under our noses, no actual evidence, they just claim it. If its true and he leaves for Chelsea I’ll be really annoyed with the club for being such cheapskates instead of just paying the team what the players worth.

  79. 79
    MDS says:

    That’s the problem with the euros…easy scouting. If the euros were played last year, we might have been priced out of cabaye. Just goes to show once again that Carr knows what he’s doing.

  80. 80
    Rodzilla says:

    ASSHOLE BAMBOO :shock:

  81. 81
    Rodzilla says:

    d vkvkjb f bfbljxf

    (if you please)

  82. 82
    Rodzilla says:

    next person to comment is a cunt.

  83. 83
    Rodzilla says:

    …well no alarms there then :smile: :shock:

  84. 84
    Rodzilla says:

    GEORDIE BUMMERSNUFC GAYS :shock: :shock:

    AND WE ARE MENTIL :shock:
    AND WE ARE MAD :shock:


  85. 85
    Rodzilla says:



  86. 86
    Rodzilla says:

    Love cock me like :razz:

  87. 87
    brisvegas says:

    Only the first bid though but like man

  88. 88
    brisvegas says:

    As I understand it you put in a bid so that your interest is expressed and you are then kept informed of other interest.

  89. 89
    richietoon says:

    Doubt it would matter what the first bid was, Lille would still wait until after the Euros to start an auction to get as much as they can.

    Well done England :mrgreen:

  90. 90
    premandup says:

    have we signed anybody yet?

  91. 91
    toonsy says:

    Yeah I dunno why people are getting so uppity by saying that it’s a low bid. We do know what we’re doing in the transfer market these days and remember all of our bids are cash up front these days…. Nowt to say we won’t return with a better one…..

    Jeses christ I’d like to sell you guys some bits and bobs. I’d get top dollar at first time of asking with no negotiation :lol:

  92. 92
    premandup says:

    Must admit I’m not bothered by the negotiations, just want to see players announced.

  93. 93
    Danishtoon says:

    Laudrup appointed as manager for Swans:-O
    I Think they played some awesome type of football last season.

    I watched The two french games and i really followed Debuchy closely.
    I Think he is massive going forward and his timing is excellent!
    Defensive he is actually pretty weak. The ukraine left wing left him stranded 5 times during The match! Really poor!

    But we Can help him to become stronger in that area of his game. Remember Santon and Barfa.
    Alot of work was done there and it payed off

  94. 94
    kimtoon says:

    Andy@78 -It’s in the Mirror as well. I say we leave it now until after Euros befor making anymore bids ,see if Chelsea make a move as we can’t compete with them anyway . If they or any other big boys don’t make a move then try offering say £6m and barter up to £7m max .I don’t think we should pay more than that as he’s 26 and say we got 3yrs out of him, we would be selling a 29 year old on and need some return on the investment. I certainly wouldn’t be held to ransom over him or any player for that matter. However I feel it’s important we don’t start disrespecting other clubs with derisory offers, after all M.A wouldn’t be impressed if some club offered £4m for one of our top players. ;-)

  95. 95
    hitman says:

    this lad looks class if they want 8 mill euros ,give them it

  96. 96
    CC says:

    £6.5m is a snip, Get it done we will recoup that money and more when Forster, Best and Simpson leave…

  97. 97
    MDS says:

    I doubt debuchy goes for anything less than 10m when all is said and done. I think France will go far which will keep upping his value. Unless of course he insists on newcastle

  98. 98
    sidekick says:

    As a full back , Debuchy is hopeless – or do we need another right sided midfield player?

  99. 99
    Sharpy17 says:

    Come on man! If it was a bid of interest why £4m – exactly half of what the value him at?
    Why not go in with £1-2m if it’s just to lodge an interest for the player?!
    People are seriously deluded if they think this isn’t Newcastle trying to get a player for peanuts again. Granted Toonsy, it may be a cash up front bid but no club (unless they face liquidation) is going to accept a half price bid just coz they get the cash now!! Maybe if he said £6m cash up front they may well consider a closer offer but going in low and playing hard ball doesn’t win friends and may put clubs off wanting to do business with you.

    The reality is that we need to strengthen our defence and forwards – especially if Simpson and Ba leave next month, so we shouldn’t be pissing about, we should have players for those positions already in place to sign on the dotted line, they have managed it with Amalfitano (yet another midfielder) so get it done for the positions we are most lacking.

  100. 100
    Danishtoon says:

    In my mind he isnt worth 8 mill!

    He is a good player but no way better in his defensive skills compared to Simpson and if we want to give Benny some freedom on The right side, Then we must have a good defensive fullback

  101. 101
    CC says:

    “Galatasaray have ended their pursuit of #NUFC striker Demba Ba – according to club president. Will get more from a Turkish journalist soon.”

    Aysal: “The deal for Ba has not been completed. We’re still looking for a senior striker and Demba Ba is not that player” #NUFC

  102. 102
    kimtoon says:

    So it looks like Ba and his many representitives have priced him out of a big money move then, good that’s our gain then. ;-)

  103. 103
    Big Dave says:

    Sharpy don’t forget as lambastard said our 1st bid is close to our best bid, so maybe they go in low so that lille say fuk you and sell him to someone else that put in a decent offer.
    Then we can say we tried to get him but we won’t pay over the odds and be held to ransom ;-)

  104. 104
    sidekick says:

    Kim , I think the move breakdown will be due more to his knees than his many representatives .

    I will be quite surprised if Ba moves from Newcastle this year.

  105. 105
    icedog says:

    aye he also said he had concern over his medical in turkey,i think the lad has to think hard,very few clubs will sign him because of his knee they just cannot get insurance and wont lay out large cash on the chance of something going wrong,think hard old lad :???:

  106. 106
    MDS says:

    @100. I’m not saying I disagree on his worth, but if all the club wants is a defensive RB to support Benny then why not just pay Simpson what he wants?

    Sidekick/Ice. Agree with you. A big club may take a chance on 8M fee but would be far more reluctant to give him a big contract because they will never get the insurance

  107. 107
    CC says:

    All the clubs he has been linked with the only one to have actually shown genuine interest have backed out becuase of his uninsurable gammy knee which will stop 99.9% of clubs from looking twice.

    He has a month and a bit to get his entourage a big pay day or do the sensible thing and commit to a club on the up, back in europe where he is appreciated and a certain starter…

  108. 108
    Munich Mag says:

    Demba Ba is entitled to earn as much money as he can. That’s what it is all about at the end of the day. If he is being touted around, then we’ll just have to wait and see, time will show if he is still at the club at the start of the season.

    It’s a bit of a pisser though, cos the fans have to spend the summer worrying about losing a top striker, who to all intents and purposes the fans have taken to their hearts. Secondly the club cannot completely move forward with the search for a replacement striker on the supposition that Ba will move on.

    I suppose that is a draw back when you are a top five club with a host of top players interesting other clubs. This time two seasons we were asking Cabaye who, Tiote who…Tim Krul too young etc etc. Now these players have really made the breakthrough.

    Great stuff having all these top players at the toon, hope we can hang onto them all !!!!

    Howay the lads, keep the faith !!!

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