Team GB – Something to get excited about?

Team GB
Hey there! This is my first article, so feel free to give (constructive) criticism!

I thought I would touch upon team Great Britain team for the Olympics. For those of you who remember you’ll know I couldn’t care less what’s going on with the England national team (until a Newcastle player plays for them), but the idea of a Team GB seems very interesting to me.

Led by former Newcastle United defender Stuart Pearce the team can now consist of players from all across Britain however it is inevitable that the majority will be English. The team can have a maximum of three players over twenty-three in the squad. Plus of course we will be able to watch Olympic football at St James’ Park although Team GB won’t be one of those showcasing their skills at the cathedral on the hill.

There has been no official squad announcement as yet although it would appear that David Beckham has missed out on selection – a bitter pill to swallow after the part he played in winning the Olympic bid – with the media speculating the the three permitted overage players are Micah Richards, Craig Bellamy and Ryan Giggs. Fair enough I guess, but here is who I would take instead and why.

GK – Jack Butland – He was recently called up by Roy Hodgson as a replacement for John Ruddy for the Euros but was third choice so never got a game. He is a promising youngster who will get deserved attention from being in the squad.

RB – Micah Richards – This young Manchester City full-back has been a constant performer in the Premier League for the title winners. He was, for reasons unknown to many, left out of Roy’s Euro squad so will be available for team GB.

CB 1 – Gary Caldwell – This Scotland international has been an ever present in a strong Wigan defence, his leadership and experience earns him the place in my squad.

CB 2 – Chris Gunter – Relatively unknown, this 22-year-old Nottingham Forest defender has made thirty-six appearances for Wales and is looking for some more recognition to play at a higher level. He will be eager to impress to a world audience where he will prove he’s good enough. However I would replace him with Steven Taylor if he was deemed to be fit enough.

LB – Neil Taylor – Another Welsh international, he has been instrumental in Swansea’s incredible run in their first season of the Premier League.

RM – David Beckham – Now I know a few eyebrows will be raised but I have chosen Becks as another ‘veteran’ for a number of reasons, firstly he is the face of the London Olympics and was a huge part of the Olympic bid (he even lit the torch), secondly he provides a well known factor to the team as he is known globally adding more attraction (not physical attraction) to team GB, and lastly this will probably be his last time he represents his country whether it be England or Great Britain and the great man deserves an international send off on a stage like this.

CM 1 – Joe Allen – It’s seeming as though there are more Welshman than Englishmen in the team, but as a key part in Swansea’s highly praised midfield (yes I know he’ll probably just pass it back to the keeper like Swansea usually do!) he’ll be a good addition to team GB’s midfield.

CM 2 – Barry Bannan – the Aston Villa/Scottish international player has appeared a very promising player and it has been suggested that he may move to a bigger club as he is quick, good at passing and crossing and has a wicked free-kick on him.

LM – Gareth Bale – It is probably one of the most obvious choices in the team. Bale is one of the best wingers in the Premier League and many England fans are annoyed by his nationality as it would solve that left wing problem (I’m talking about you Downing).

ST 1 – Jordan Rhodes – Another eyebrow-raiser I know but Rhodes is one of the best strikers outside of the Premier League and many feel that it’s only a matter of time before the striker gets his chance at the top level.

ST 2 – Daniel Sturridge – Even though he didn’t exactly set the league alight this season with goals he was often played on the wing much to his irritation. His speed and vision will cause problems for the defences that he faces, especially the Senegal defence.

Now I know this may not be to the taste of everyone, but with little else going on at least we have some football to talk about. Yes it would be great to talk about a new signing or a new transfer link but it’s a case of same old on that particular front so Team GB it is!

Who would you pick?

Thanks to Andymag for sending this one in!

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131 thoughts on “Team GB – Something to get excited about?

  1. I have a feeling we’ll wake up tomorrow to the big news of De Jong and Debuschy signing for the toon…. I can feel it in me watter……


  2. MM I sometimes think that that is maybe the clubs plan to get a big name in asap to keep the natives quiet and to boost the sales of the new shirts when they come out.
    Then I think FFS Dave give yerself a good shake we’ll have to wait till we sell a big player 1st 😀


  3. MM
    That company ‘Bayer’ are they a pesticide company? Cus I saw at work(garden centre) a lot of pest/herbicides made by a brand called Bayer.


  4. You guys here about Platinnis plans for Euro2020? Wants matches to be held right round Europe, lots of different cities, no host country. 😮


  5. well not that i trust jabba but if keep our main players and get those players in that is talked about we could just have a canny season think keeping taylor fit for a full season will be a big plus imo


  6. Andymag…aye you are dead right mate, it’s the same Bayer, a huge pharmecutical company who produce everything from asprins, materials ….err…absolutely everything, they are HUGE…. check out the web page..

    Leverkusen is a pretty naff place though, the place is ruled by a huge refinery like area which runs through the city… would have loved to have nicked Barnetta from them, but he’ll probably move the 80 or so km’s to Schalke 04….


  7. Oh according to SSN Richards is one of the overage players, thought he was underage 😕 , looks like Giggs will play and Bellamy 😡


  8. Big [email protected]… 😆 😆 😆 keep the faith big man…. 😉 😉

    I have a good feeling that summat big will happen, though I think someone will be heading out too….. perhaps Ba… When does his “clause” run out, end of July ??


  9. Phillips, that’s the company 🙄 , is the background to everyone’s page shock ‘smilies’ or is it just mine?


  10. Ice…I read it too just noo….. couldn’t they wangle summat with Best gannin the other way ? Though if Hoilett is on a free there is nowt the club can do….

    I also like that Martin Olsson bloke at Blackburn, the Swedish left back, he would be a canny signing for the toon too….maybe he want’s to move on after the relegation ?


  11. Dave…aye, eat alot of rice, mainly ‘cos it’s easy to make so divn’t have to stand in a hot kitchen in this weather :mrgreen:


  12. Richie I think if I lived there I would turn into a Prawn I love the things and they’re really tasty in paella with that sausage I can’t think of the name at the mo


  13. Dave..Chorizo? divn’t like shellfish which is a pity as there’s boat loads of the stuff out here


  14. MM hes a good player mate but where would he fit in if this jong signing comes off as marv is back too and oberton says he will be mint this season cough cough,got to be somebody going out if it all comes off,but nice to see there not putting all there eggs in one basket this time


  15. Dave…top tip for chorizo, cut it into 1″ pieces, chuck it in a sauce pan, cover it wi red wine and let it boil almost all the way down….fekn lush.


  16. DAVE dont think prawns would go well with your pot noddle mate 😀
    noo shimps from the north sea mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


  17. I don’t understand this great send off for a deserving Becks shite. Pearce is the coach and needs to pick his team based on footballing merit. We might not be too bothered about the whole thing, but surely if we had the choice, we’d choose to win it. Its a different matter if you think the lad should be picked solely on footballing merit.

    Lol @ Kim and Dave. I’ve been online to get a SIM from talktalk for my son, but the internet dropped out at the crucial moment so I wasn’t sure if I’d been succesful. (We’ve had problems with speed and disconnection ever since we bought a Devolo system (a plug to extend your range around the house and to give you Sky Anytime). Anyway, I’m talking to this Indian guy, and I am talking louder and louder as he repeatedly fails to understand. After ten minutes of this, I say,

    “Look. Stop. There appears to be a cultural difference. I am talking English but you are not understanding me and I am not understanding you. Can I speak to somebody else please. Someone English. Are you Indian? I think there is a cultural difference and you just cannot understand me.”

    “I am sorry sir, but I DO understand you. As I expalined to you, you have five sim cards, so you have to pay for five.”

    “No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Listen to me. I am not paying for five sim cards. As I explained, I ordered two, but cancelled them straightaway, and then re-ordered two with PAC codes so that I could keep my old numbers.”

    “That is why you will be charged for five sim cards, sir. You have five sim cards”

    “No, no, no, no, no. You speak English, but you do not understand.”

    “Do you want to know when you will be billed?”

    “What is the relevance of your questions? Are you reading from a card?”

    “No sir, no sir”

    “You are. You’re reading from a card. How can I get anything resolved when you are reading from a card?”

    “I am sorry sir, but I am not reading from a card. I get prompts.” “be resolved”

    “Well what’s the good of prompts to me when they are not relevant? Anyway, what do you mean…”be resolved”? That’s not English. Your problem will be resolved or your problem can be resolved. But “be resolved” on its own is not English.”

    “Do you want to cancel the cards sir?”

    “Just two cards, but not the ones I want to keep.”

    “You will have to pay for five cards sir because you have not cancelled them”

    “NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO. I am not paying when I cancelled straightaway. I HAVE ALREADY CANCELLED.”

    And so on…

    30 minutes of my life I will never get back … a call that should have taken 5 minutes tops.


  18. Andy – nice work mate, it’s an interesting selection for Pearce I think, but I actually think he was right not to select Beckham. I would probably have a starting 11 of:


    I know there are 4 players from last seasons Swansea team but I think it’s quite a well balanced 11 from the players available and there would be goals from that midfield and front line.

    Whatever he goes with though, as a huge Stu Pearce fan growing him and a player and man I have loads of respect for – I really hope he gets some success.


  19. Ice…no mate, but usually I only check the Toon websites, probably look at Skysports once every couple of days…i.e just now 😉

    B&B…Agree about Becks, I said the same earlier though you put it more eloquently 😉


  20. Ice
    Aye was contemplating which way it went, always mix that kind of stuff, one of several reasons I’m not a gambling man.


  21. B+B thats funny as fuk but I bet you didn’t think it was, it really pisses me off that they can never understand what your on about 👿
    My Bros BT infinity internet got disconnected for failure to pay his bill even though he had the paid bill infront of him so he phoned from the phone that is part of the package to see what the problem was, he was on for over an hour with no luck the foreign girl couldn’t put him on to her supervisor or give him her name or nowt, she said that she couldn’t confirm who he was even though he was phoning from that number and could tell her all his other business numbers and account details. because they had him down as a Mr Phillips even though the bills are sent out in his Mr Kerr of Kerr’s Tyre’s name. 🙄

    Richie I bet its cheap over there when I get it it gets cut up small to go further 😆

    Ice I love shrimps too and crab yum yum 😀


  22. B&[email protected] You have my sympathy mate ,total bloody wind up it is. Only consolation is at least yours was the real company and not bogus like my bloke, not that I did much better with the real ones mind. 😉


  23. DAVE my brother was part owner/manager of a fish port in qeensland i used to eat kilo upon kilo of every kind of prawns,scallops ect everyday sickened mesel,best thing i ever tasted was the mud-crap,aussie will know all about them bloody lush


  24. Kim thats one of the good things about Facebook, when there is scams going about its all over it, some of the scams are real clever too that if people didn’t about them they could easily fall for them 👿


  25. Ice funny enough I can’t stand fish but love shellfish 😛 and yeah ye can sicken yersel with foods my youngest daughter started in subway a couple of months ago and im starting to get a bit sick of them :mrgreen: but only starting 😆


  26. Dave…Don’t think there’s much difference in the price, most stuff is dearer over here 😐


  27. Dave ,re Fish ,me too ,not keen at all but love shellfish ,only cold though ,hate any of it hot that’s the work of the devil. 👿


  28. DAVE we are a-like i think i dont like fish maybe a plaice now and again,pup loves sub-way eats them foot long things stuffed with all sorts.
    what made it worse for me brother lived on island so every morning threw net into sea filled with shrimps for breakfast,down to port and stuffed prawns ect all day


  29. DAVE thats a diet richie is on sea-food,everything hes sees he eats so batty told me 😆 😆 😆


  30. Kim yeah cold is lovely 😉
    Ice well you don’t get to Richies size by being picky 😆 As for subway yeah I had a foot long earlier 😳 it was lush, me and Dede would fight over who was getting a sub but Hollie has it worked out now that he gets a half sub and his mum gets a salad bowl one night and I get a foot long the next night 😆


  31. kna ice is not bloody thrilled,ive seen him play 5 times (on tv like) and he was crap,but if carr rates him well i will wait to judge him in PL,hope ime bloody wrong 😡


  32. Ice..never seen him, just the bit with his temper 🙄 . I’ll trust Pards and Carr though as they haven’t done too bad so far…..for beginners like 😆


  33. Ice hopefully they’ve seen him more than 5 times, if we’d only watched Cisse during the ACON we wouldn’t have wanted him…he may only be back up for Saylor and Colo anyway 😉


  34. Team GB chef de mission Andy Hunt said: “Football fans from the across the UK are regarded worldwide as among the most passionate and knowledgeable supporters in the world …” Ha ha ha ha ha ha But no doubt he believes it. 😯


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