Luuk de Jong set to leave FC Twente

Luuk to turn his back on FC Twente
Despite protestations from his manager, Steve McClaren, it would appear that FC Twente striker Luuk de Jong is looking to leave FC Twente according to his agent.

Borussia Mönchengladbach and Newcastle are said to be the two clubs who are most interested in the Netherlands international as speculation continues to mount over the future of the 21-year-old.

However his current boss has been trying to keep his prize asset at the club and believes that de Jong should play a least another season in the Eredivisie before moving on. That is something that de Jong’s agent, Louis Larios disagrees with as he feels his client has already done enough to earn a move to a bigger league. He said:

“Luuk scored 25 goals in the Dutch league last season, how many more does he need to score? 35?”

“Luuk has taken the decision to move on,” Laros told TC Tubantia. “He wants to develop as a player in a bigger league. The important thing for us is the development of Luuk. Not the money, but the way of playing and the amount of playing time he will get will be decisive.”

Larios added: “Luuk is still a Twente player at the moment, but if the right club comes along then he will happily make the move.”

“The club doesn’t need to be a top club, but a good club in a big league where Luuk can play regularly and develop as a player.”

Interesting to see that the career path of the player is taking a prominent role in the thought process of his agent although obviously I’m sure there will be a payday in there for him also.

Would he get regular playing time here though? I would say that he would as we, hopefully, have a lot of games to contend with next season plus another African Cup of Nations to contend with so there will be plenty of opportunity for the lad, even if we keep hold of Demba Ba.

Now we just need to agree a fee…

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64 thoughts on “Luuk de Jong set to leave FC Twente

  1. It pains me to say it but his regular playing time may well come from Ba leaving unfortunately. 😐


  2. Exciting times! Nice to see those where we appear to making a concerted effort with, seem to be highly thought of. Sad to see Guthrie and Best go though – two decent blokes as well as capable players. But tough decisions have to be made to raise the squads overall quality and there will be some unfortunate casualties in areas of the team where we have more cover. Example: Raylor hasn’t been linked with a move as we are weak in the FB areas – and in reality he is the type of player we would be looking to sell.


  3. Its not conditional on Ba… i would say it conditional on Best leaving which is as good as done, the ACN is in Jan again and all 3 strikers could take part Ba an Cisse for Senegal and Shola for Nigeria if they qualify and he gets a call up….

    Another reason i think Ba is staying is that it has been reported the release clause in his contract expires on 1st of July which means we can now demand a fee and nobody will splash out on a player who is a potential injury risk. so i hope the report i read on his clause are true


  4. John G….I hope Ba doesn’t leave, I just can’t see us paying that for a bit part player, nor De Jong wanting to be a bit part player…really hope I’m wrong though. I believe the release clause expires 31st July 😉


  5. oh crap i thought it was the 1st July !!! another whole month on speculation haha…. i dont think any will be a bit part player the 4 strikers will be rotated if u think about it we will have 2 games pretty much every weeks from the get go we will have plenty of games to go round. if we sign the 5 players i heard an only lose some fringe players we will look good… the 5 i hear are Anita, De Jong, Douglas, Debuchy and Good … never no might pick up few good development players


  6. Ba was the most inexpensive in terms of transfer fees maybe he will become the bit part player, when u think about his knee problems it might not be a bad idea i felt his game went a bit flat near the end of the season, we just have to wait an see….


  7. If De Jong demands to play every week rain or shine then i doubt he will come. If he accepts that he is testing themselves in a more competitive league with more matches to fulfil, Plenty of european matches, Two domestic cup competitions, Players leaving for the african nations, The olympics knacking players (Cisse will be fucked come april imho) and general injuries and suspensions that every club gets then he should be getting enough game time id say hell get at least 30 appearances next season.

    He only has to look at last season during the unbeaten start and having the best back four in the division not many expected Williamson to start 25 games and have the best clean sheet ratio of all our centre halves, Same with Guthrie, Perch, Raylor and Best who all played 20+ games, The opportunities will come but he might have to be patient… 😉


  8. i think with the exit of best and loven and only 1 comin in it might be a big season for sammy hope the young lads who get their chances prove their worth , the likes of Abeid, Sammy, Fergie and Vuckic


  9. CC I don’t think its Willo skills that are the main reason, maybe the fact that our MF were having to baby sit the defence and Colo had to cover for him most of the time, because IMO he was very average as a defender, maybe we could give him a run as striker because he’s not bad at scoring we just have to teach him to score at the other end.


  10. I hope Ba doesn’t leave either, but that isn’t my main concern. I’m a bit worried that he may no longer be able to reproduce the kind of form that he showed in the first half of last season.

    We’ve been told that it’s a degenerative condition that’s affecting his knee, and to me that suggests that it’s going to get steadily worse and will eventually reach a point where it begins to affect his performance. But what if it’s reached that point already? Could that be the real reason for his apparent dip in form in the second half of last season? I suppose it’s only the medical staff and Demba himself who know whether the problem is becoming serious, but I fear that it might be. Maybe that’s the reason he began receiving cryogenic treatment towards the end of the season? I don’t remember reading about any other members of the squad who were receiving that sort of treatment to help them recover from injuries or help improve fitness levels.

    I wouldn’t expect him to start the new season firing on all cylinders because the first game against the spuds is right at the end of Ramadan, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if he looked a bit sluggish. But if he still looked a bit out of sorts after a few more weeks then I’d probably start to get seriously worried.


  11. Dave

    Im not williamsons biggest fan either, Just saying that not many would have expected him to play that many games when Saylor and Colo were outstanding at the start of the season. He was patient and played a decent number of matches when his chance came.

    De Jong may have to do the same, Sit tight and wait his turn if he joins because as it stands i doubt Pardew wouldnt drop any of the current front three…


  12. Well seems so far we have got rid of:

    Smith free (60k/wk), Guthrie free (15k/wk), Foster 2mil, Lovenkrans free 10k/wk, Best 3mil (15k/wk).

    Thats 5mil in and around 100k/wk in wages saved…

    And before anyone starts, yes its guess work… but still…

    Considering the only players that really contributed last year from that lot were Best and Guthrie, and we are looking to replace them with Amalfitano (free) and De Jong (11mil) that would mean a net layout of around 6Mil with a saving of around 2mil a year on wages (can’t see us paying even close 100mil on wages for these two). We really arn’t forking out too much increase the quality of the squad.

    I would imagine Amalfitano is on more or less the same level as Guthrie and De Jong is an improvement on Best.

    If we get Good, which see happening, and Debuchy which I do see happening… and sell Simpson. That would be an improvement in the depth and quality of defence. Don’t see Douglas happening…

    Add to that the return of Marveaux and Steven Taylor. And the purchase of Santon and Cisse, we would be starting this season with a much strong squad that we started last season…

    If Ba had to leave, hopefully we would replace him with a winger/forward type like Hoillett or Kalou (probably too expensive though).

    i’d say that’d be more than enough investment for now… Rome wasn’t built in a day. Perhaps in January we could follow up our interest in that Anita (DM) player.


  13. If we did get De Jong, I really wouldn’t be too concerned if Ba left. I think he’s a good player, but I don’t like him playing on the left. Don’t think he likes it either, and I don’t think he or Cisse would be happy playing second fiddle.

    I’d prefer someone who can play up front but liked to work the channels.

    Cisse and De Jong could play as a number 9, with Shola as third choice. While (new target), Ben Arfa, Marvauex, Jonas, Obertan and Sameobi, could play on the channels.

    Cabaye and Amalfintano and Vuckic could play the advanced midfield role.

    Tiote, Perch and Abied the defensive midfield role. etc…

    OR we could just do a Spain and play with 8 midfielders and two defenders… It seems to work for them 😉


  14. By the way, has anyone else seen the filthy racist abuse directed at Danny Simpson on twitter last night?

    It was from a Newcastle fan called Andrew Beckers, and it said this:

    @andrewbeckers_x: @dannysimpson you
    need to to break a leg or 3 you inbred
    caramel cunt

    This lad has got a bit of previous. Last Sunday night, after the England game against Italy he tweeted:

    What a load of fucking shit
    ashley young is a dirty black shit
    10.25PM 24 Jun 12 via Twitter for Blackberry

    and after our 2-0 defeat by Man City at the end of the season, when Yaya Toure scored both their goals, he tweeted:

    Awwww fuck off city horrible
    cunts yaya toure is a dirty wog
    3.20PM 06 May 12 via Twitter for Blackberry

    His twitter account is now closed, but fortunately all the evidence remains, so he will probably be getting a visit from the Northumbria police some time soon.

    He is (or was) also on facebook, but I’m not on it myself, so I’m not sure if it still exists or whether it has also been deleted.


  15. Im actually starting to believe that Ba might be staying its all gone very quiet even the press seem bored with making shite up about him, Im sure his “entourage” will be in touch with dozens of clubs this month but it must be hard to get a club to splash £7m transfer fee and loads more in agents fee for an uninsurable player.

    One of the north east journos the other day said it cost us £7m to sign him despite him being on a free from a relegated club, Now his rep is at an all time high i’ll bet his agents are wanting silly money for their part in any deal…


  16. Chris

    I don’t get the anger fans have towards Simpson. He seems a decent lad and a decent player.
    I think he’s better defensively than Debuchy from the little I’ve seen. But he lacks any skill on the ball.

    That abuse probably comes from a kid who is just bitter to life in general. From my experience the law in the UK protects kids too much. There are some teenagers that need a good smack in the face.
    I actually couldn’t believe it when I was there, the way they treat adults. Despite our bad crime etc, that kind of thing doesn’t happen here… The kid would get his arse smacked or if old enough, his lights knocked out.


  17. [email protected] : For me, Ba’s form didn’t really dip at the end of last season though. He was still playing well and working hard, but just wasn’t scoring. If his knee was really playing up I’d expect a dip in his work-rate.


  18. To clarify I mean the disrespect youngsters have… Unfortunately racism happens everywhere. It’ll never be stopped. As long as people, cultures and opinions differ, there will be abuse.


  19. I think if anyone signs Ba, it’ll be on the last day of July, and it’ll be Liverpool, Aston Villa, Tottenham or PSG. Don’t see anyone else being interested… Man U… no, Arsenal… no, Chelsea… no, Man City… no, Everton… no.


  20. there are two senario’s – Ba leaves and we get DeJong or Ba stays and we pull out of the race for DeJong….. Based purely on Ahsleys spending habits the past few years, there is no way he will pay 10+ million for a young untried striker… Hope Ba stays and I would like to get DeJong but I can’t see it happening..


  21. I hope we get Debuchy and I would like to see Hoilett come in too.As for De Jong ,I’m sure there are other strikers they are looking at should we miss out .I think £10m is more than fair for a player who is lets face it untested in the PL . Hope also that Ba will stay ,but feel he’ll be off if De Jong comes. Still not sure how I feel about Douglas coming in ,if he does.I don’t like the fact we seem to be concentrating on hard to get guys again ,we had this befor ,we faff about for yonks ,miss out then end up with nowt 🙁 .If it’s not resolved by end of the week they should walk away and look elsewhere imo.


  22. SELL ALL our strikers!!! 😯 What?? I can you say, Sell Cisse, Ba, Shola, best and the rest of them, then buy a few really good midfielders and let’s play the Spain way!! 😛 🙄 🙄


  23. Sort of agree that if de jong comes, ba goes. But if not, Marv/Ba/Cisse/deJong/Benny makes five player for the 3 spots across a front three- good cover and alot of options for Pards plus protection during ACoN


  24. MDS…It would be canny if we go into the season with those 5 intact, not many teams could compare with those.


  25. I agree that Ba is likely to go if de Jong comes in, but we should be aiming to keep all of those attacking players that MDS listed @35. If we want to improve and consistently compete with the upper echelon teams, we need to be able to trot out a “first-team” quality lineup for every EPL and Europa League game, and the later-round Cup games. Neither de Jong or Ba would be happy on the bench, but it’s Pardew’s job to keep them happy. He’s not going to tell them they’re second choice, he’ll tell them the spot is theirs if they earn it. Between Europe League, ACoN and injuries, we’re not going to have the same starting lineup all season. Personally, I’d like to not have to resort to Shola for five games in January/February.


  26. Hello All,

    I agree with JohnG. I think De Jong is in to replace the striking options of Best/Lovern/Ranger, in a way of getting rid of players on our books who just aren’t the quality and ability we need to progress as a club. The signing of De Jong would then give us a frontline line of Cisse/Ba/De Jong/Ben Arfa and the Ameobi bros. Think there would certainly be goals in the first 4. I do think that a replacement has already been lined up should Ba decide to leave.
    De Jongs ‘play time’ is not dependent on Ba staying or going though. It should be based on how well he is playing! .. as it should be with all the players if we strengthen in the way we appear to be trying to.
    Sod this ‘I don’t want a £12m player sat on the bench’ … Why not? So do we want a bag of shite sat on the bench? Players not good enough to come on and affect the game or win it?!
    I want a squad of players who can equal or better what we achieved last season, which – because of our Europa qualification – means we need a stronger depth to our squad.
    Pardew showed last season that he’s prepared to change things to get the inform players in the team, so De Jong will play if he’s performing, not just coz he signs for us.


  27. If the De Jong move doesnt come off I really think we should be pushing hard to get Guidetti, he’ll be cheaper than De Jong, is young and extremely promising and doesnt think he’ll get much game time for City.


  28. Sharpy
    I know what you mean, I remember the Chelsea (away) game last season when towards the end of the game it showed who was in the subs, they had: Hilario, Cole, Lampard, Essien, Kalou ect… we had: Eliot, R.Taylor, Guthrie, Best, Shola ect…., we may have won that game but it just shows that beyond our first team we are lacking the back-up quality that the top sides have.


  29. SHARPY you started of real well with your comment,then quickley went down hill Ameobi got to be jokeing,put the lad back on 😆 😆 😆


  30. Agree Charlie. Plenty of games to around next year. We’ll have our share of midweek Europa matches and will still need a fresh squad for the league.

    As Richie says, few teams could match that attack force. With Taylor returning plus another CB we could really be onto something


  31. I don’t agree with the post that suggested Ba had a major drop in form. He stopped scoring, yes – but he was as much a part of the front 3 as the other two and worked very effectively. His accuracy failed him, but his contribution was there and he created a lot of chances.

    I hope he stays. For a start I’d miss the ‘Demba one, Demba 2’ song!


  32. MDS
    Just imagine if we could rekindle that ‘best defence in the league’ we had a the start of the season and combine it with that formidable attack towards the end of the season, however I fear one must be sacrificed in favour of the other 🙁


  33. Andy – I think he may well be identified as Bas replacement, if he decides to leave. I think the De Jong deal is still likely to happen to be honest. I get the feeling if it wasn’t going to happen DL would probably have came out an said by now.
    I reckon he’s met with the Twente folk, tabled the final offer and gave them afew days to mull it over. He’ll have afew days sight seeing – maybe a trip to Ajax to discuss Anita – then head back to Twente to see what they say. But I think cash upfront for a player who wants away will be too much to turn down.


  34. Nice to be reminded of who’s coming back in, though. Saylor and Sameobi I’ll find particularly exciting to see on the team sheet again. We missed Saylor’s kick-ass attitude (not his acting, mind) and the sheer unpredictable impact of Sammy’s runs.

    Looking forward to next season so much! :mrgreen:


  35. [email protected]

    Another CB is a must. We don’t really know how Taylor will play, coming off an injury, and Williamson should not be first choice. He’s great to bring in when we’re in a pinch, but that’s about it. Douglas isn’t ideal, but if we have to take him to avoid paying over the top for de Jong, it might be worth it. If he blows his lid and get suspended, we would theoretically still have Colo and Taylor to start in the back.


  36. So much depends on how the younguns are judged to have come through. The club can’t expect to have triple-cover on every position; it has to have a home-grown player in the wings where possible.


  37. Charlie….tbh if we signed de jong and a cb like Douglas I’d be thrilled if we closed up shop for the window.

    Andy…I think we can have it both ways…..or am I just being greedy?


  38. Aye whumpie. We missed Taylor taking no prisoners on set pieces. None of our other CBs are anywhere near as strong or physical


  39. [email protected]

    The young players definitely need to be given a chance, whether that’s in Europa League, Cup games or the occasional league game. But most of our promising young players (Vuckic, Abeid, Ferguson, Sammy) don’t fill our biggest needs – CB and cover for ST. Ferguson could fill the LB slot, but it seems to be unclear whether he’s best as a LB or a LM/LW.


  40. Ice – I know mate, but they are still strikers on our books at the mo so had to list them. But ya right, that bit was me – trust the lad to need a potty break mid post 🙄 😆

    Chris G – I know your intention was to highlight the appalling views of a mindless fuckwit, but by posting the comments on here just gives him a new platform and new audience. I do hope that the individual has been brought to the attention of the authorities, though I doubt the level of punishment would not befit the offence IMO.


  41. MDS and Whumpie-

    Agree about Taylor’s physicality, it will be nice to have it back. One thing about Douglas, though, is that his strengths seem to be largely the same as Taylor’s. It would worry me a bit to have Douglas playing with Taylor (or either of them with Williamson). Where will the organization come from? As good as Krul was last year, he’s still young – can he command the back line yet without someone like Colo in there?


  42. latest on de Jong –

    Kristan Heneage ‏@KHeneage (1/2) Looks like #NUFC’s De Jong chase is over. FC Twente having rejected a €14m offer for the striker.

    Kristan Heneage ‏@KHeneage
    (2/2) I should also add that the news source reporting this is very reliable- especially for Twente related news

    Kristan Heneage ‏@KHeneage
    No, I think as the article states- Newcastle will have to look elsewhere now. I believe this was the final offer.


  43. M @57 ,Thanks for the update. Well that’s that then by the look of it .Right ,onward and upwards ,who’s second choice or let’s just concentrate on getting a defender in .


  44. £11 million is a lot of money but I would feel uncomfortable if we offered more for this lad – he’s obviously a talent but the days of us paying stupid money are over – time to look elsewhere


  45. M i can see why that @KHeneage has loads of followers ,he must be spot on every time 😆 😆 😆


  46. Off topic a mo but….

    50 shades of Sunderland…. 😀

    “Even though he only had one tattoo I yearned for him to fill those lonely hours between Jeremy Kyle and Loose Women”. “As he approached with those pasty white arms hanging out of his Gola vest, his smile told me it was benefit day and I knew my velour tracksuit would be hanging off the lamp shade tonight.””As I stood in line at the Job Centre thinking of reasons I couldn’t work, a sweet smell drifted past my pig like nostrils. It was a mixture of weed, B.O and Lynx Africa. I turned around and there was Dwayne. Our eyes met and he was soon lifting me onto the wheelie bins behind Iceland. He had tied up his Staffy to block the alley way so we wouldn’t be disturbed. There was a tramp watching but it just added to the mystery. I knew it was love and my life would never be the same”

    😆 😆


  47. See the scum have signed Carlos Cuellar on a free, just Heskey to pin down and summer signings done for them! 😉 😛


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