Debuchy saga comes to grinding halt

Debuchy must stay with Lille
It would appear that months of brinksmanship between Newcastle and Lille have come to an abrupt end, with the French club pulling the plug on Mathieu Debuchy’s proposed move to Tyneside.

Michel Seydoux, president of Les Dogues, has been talking to familiar French football outlet L’Equipe about the negotiations.

“I have decided that Mathieu Debuchy will remain at LOSC,” said Seydoux.

“The offer from Newcastle is definitely not at the value of the player. As the conditions are not met, it is my duty to make a decision.”

That decision does not bode well for those of us desperate to see Debuchy in black and white. This latest twist is just the latest of many in a good old fashioned transfer saga, the like of which many of us thought we’d seen the back of for good.

Alas, here we are again. The question is, are we right to walk away?

Playing hardball is one thing, but the line between clever and stubborn is a thin one. I am happy that we are refusing to be taken to the cleaners over transfers, after all our policy speaks for itself. But it has proven less than foolproof, with clubs now overly wary the second we start sniffing. Who wants to sell a player for £5m and see him sold for three or four times that amount a year or two down the line?

We are going to have to live with that. Of course, we can’t just cave in every time a club digs their heels in, but in this case we really, really should.

Unlike Mr. Douglas, who appears uncertain over a move to the North East, Debuchy actually wants to come to the Toon. Cabaye has said so, Lille have said so, even Mathieu himself has come out and stated that St James’ Park as his preferred destination. An international player in his prime, on the back of a great Euros, and he is choosing Newcastle.

It has been reported that add-ons and such are the sticking point, but those could surely be wiped with another million euros in cold cash. It has also been suggested that Lille still feel stung over the Cabaye transfer and are trying to recoup some of Le Dreamboat’s actual worth. At the end of the day, Lille will sell for the right price, and the longer we linger a few million below that, the longer the door is open for other teams.

My main worry is that Cabaye will be disheartened if we fail to bring in Debuchy – having his best friend here may well have kept Yohan at Newcastle for the next few years at least.

To me, this deal (or the collapse of it) feels like a potential turning point in our preparations for an assault on Europe and the top four.

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59 thoughts on “Debuchy saga comes to grinding halt

  1. I don;t think this one is as dead as it seems. The player wants to leave Lille and he wants to come here, he’s already missed a training session and I wouldn’t be surprised if he missed a few more now and maybe even handed in a transfer request. Player power is still strong.

    This is simply Lille trying to profit in the back of a decent European Championships. We’ve been tracking him for ages, prior to the Euros, and will offer money reflective of that, not inflated because of two or three decent games at international level.

    I reckon it will go all the way though.


  2. I personally don’t think €8 mill is to much for Debuchy….its a bargain…. but if the powers that be think its to much…. then for goodness sake move on and get some other right back…… van der Weil .


  3. For every Gervinho there is a Cisse…

    Come on board. Step it up and get some defensive cover in.
    Will be very interested to see where Santon plays on Saturday. He’s been a RB so far in the friendlies, suggesting it would make more sense to buy a LB.


  4. Not to repeat myself from yesterday but as much as i think this lad would be a good signing im not bothered either way. In my opinion Santon would be better on the right and we have plenty of cover there as well. For me we could do with 2 Left backs one 1st team and one as back up. One for the first team would do me for now though… not greedy 😆


  5. I agree with Toonsy @ 1.

    An interesting idea that ‘Lille still feel stung over the Cabaye transfer and are trying to recoup some of Le Dreamboat’s actual worth’. It wouldn’t surprise me if it were a contributing factor in their recalcitrance.


  6. I worry more about Cabaye’s reaction – he’s one of our best players that we need to keep and to be happy


  7. Their gaffer has joined the party now, this is what he’s had to say:

    “A coach always prefers to have the best players and Mathieu [Debuchy] is one of the best full-backs in France, if not Europe.

    He is disappointed. He was hoping to leave and it is a normal reaction. Now he has to work hard for Lille and the new season.”

    Still, as Toonsy said, it’s not over til it’s over. There’s still every chance we could go back with another bid, but i’m starting to get the feeling Mike will cut his nose off to spite his face.


  8. let’s not forget that Lille has purchased a replacement player for Debuchy…. So they will be wanting to get some coin to offset that cost… Debuchy will some to us, nothing to see here :mrgreen:

    BIGPAPA – Cabaye is a professional footballer mate 😕 He will not let it affect his game… also he left “his good mate” at Lille last year to come to us… they’re not joined at the hip….


  9. [email protected], I agree that it won’t affect his game but it may make him question our owners ambition a little . I do think Lille are pissed about Cabaye going so cheap and the fact he’s worth so much more now ,they obviously see the same thing happening with Debuchy and want their fair share. It was said on here a while back that we can’t mug clubs as they know their players worth and will set the price ,well that’s certainly true now. Our days of bagging a bargain are falling away as everyone is putting stupid price tags on their players when we come calling now. 🙄 Curtis Good aside I can’t see us getting too many cheap deals anymore.


  10. Im not going to disagree Debuchy is a good player , but if he is that good why havent Chelsea(especially with their spending so far ) or Inter just offered £8-10 mil not like an extra couple quid bothers those 2 clubs.

    At the start we bid 4m euros they wanted 6 , we bid 6 they want 8 and now addons etc

    We have put a max value on MD’s head and have to stick to that regardless of Cabayes friendship or any other factor . Otherwise theres no point having a transfer policy in place. Break it for one then every target we have we will get held to ransom.

    Lille dont need to sell as they have banked Hazard money and dont want to sell to us as still pissed we got Cabaye on the cheap.

    Ive said previous i dont think theres any need for panic and yeah Debuchy would have been a good signing at the right price , not the end of the world if he doesnt , just move on to next target and again stick to good player / right price

    If we can avoid serious injury problems i got full faith in what we have matching what we achieved last year if not surpassing it


  11. Kim, I agree to a point… But, I think Lille are in the wrong on this one. Going by what you are saying, they are the ones trying to recoup money that they feel they missed out on with Cabaye. We can’t be to blame for them accepting a bid and that player now going onto better things and as a result becoming more valuable. If that is the case, then f*ck Lille, lets move on and they will end up with no money at all..
    It seems that everything is our fault in the transfer market?? We buy a player cheap and we ripped the club that sold him off, we pay too much and we were stupid to spend that much on a flop… 😕

    Maybe Lille are just being a bunch of wankers and that is the truth of the matter.. 😉


  12. It looks like we offered£6 million (circa €8million) which is what Lille wanted and then they decided to move the goal posts. Debuchy is not very happy – here is a translation of what he has said – still legs in this I think:

    As revealed on Tuesday night , Newcastle made ​​a second offer for Mathieu Debuchy. $ 6 million rejected by Michel Seydoux, the president of Lille, who blocks his defender. Mathieu Debuchy a decision that does not understand.

    When Mathieu Debuchy do not agree with his superiors, he did not apply self-censorship. This morning, he expressed his incomprehension in the columns of the team faced with the choice of its president, Michel Seydoux, who announced yesterday that the defender would not leave Lille. ” I called the president and I left her a message. I expect it reminds me to clarify the situation , “said the French international.

    10 million or nothing
    As you révélions on , the English club Newcastle is uniquely positioned to engage the French international. A second offer was made ​​of 6 million, matching a percentage of the resale of the player. But Michel Seydoux is not a man to his players to negotiate discounts. For him it is 10 million or nothing. He therefore vetoed.

    Mathieu Debuchy does not seem to understand this choice as his departure was no longer any doubt in his mind: ” I do not understand. One day they told me they let me go because the club did not find my successor, another because the supply is insufficient Newcastle […] One day the coach who is blocking me, a day it is the president. “And the man stuck to his guns because he already made ​​his choice: the Premier League . He did not come to mind to play again in the French league. ” I am still determined to find something else, another experience, and I would like to speak with the president to make it clear between us. “.

    By Arnaud Boisteau

    [email protected]


  13. @davidmcrossan: #debuchy #nufc #losc: “i still want to move and have a new experience. I want to speak with the president to make things clear.”

    Definitely not the end of this


  14. Aussie ,I wouldn’t argue against any of that ,I do think Lille are moving the goal post as it were with regards to fee asked for. Just hope Cabaye doesn’t feel we should of upped the offer. Lille are acting like spoilt brats imo ,and I feel it’s now less about the money and more because it’s Newcastle bidding and the sour grapes over the Cabaye deal. We may encounter this issue with any club we have bagged a bargain from in future and clubs might start to insist on sell on clauses to stop us reaping all the profits .If that should become a common factor in any potential transfer it’s going to make any transfer quite protracted affairs.


  15. I really hope that this is the end of this saga. I never wanted Debuchy as a full back because he simply can not defend.

    Santon and Jonas will be our first choice full backs next season IF Simpson is moved on.


  16. The club are doing what they should, not getting emotionality involved and having a firm stance. If it doesn’t suit them, move one. Maybe doesn’t meet the immediate needs on the pitch, or of the fans, but it’s the right stance to have financially, we have constraints people.
    However, I don’t believe this is the end of this deal by a long shot, this seems more like positioning/postulating to me.


  17. oh dear all that had work and time wasted on 1 player that we did not concentrate on other targets !.
    we should just tell debuchy we will not be signing him this transfer window as his club has done blablabla and that if he finds himself out of favour or his attitiude does not fit in with lille in the half a season leading to the next transfer window then there may be a chance to get his dream move and get his own back on the club that did the dirty on him by losing them money and going for cheaper.


  18. Sidekick – I agree – as Santon hasn’t played left back all pre-season 🙄

    my team for the first game :

    Santon Colo Taylor Guti

    Benny Cabaye Tiote Obertan

    Ba Cisse.

    Good team, I hope Obertan consistently ups his game, and is better on the left anyway – I remember his best Man u performances came from that side.

    Still prefer Jonas CM above any other position


  19. Archie good read mate 😉
    I still don’t think its over I expect it to carry on for another week or so.
    But I hope our search for the CB we need is going better and hopefully still be unveiled by sunday 😀


  20. Didn’t we have a similar thing with Benny two years ago where Marseille said they simply weren’t going to sell or loan him? And then they did anyway…not that Debuchy is likely to be as much of a sulker as Benny but it is by no means the end of this transfer…

    We’re taking the piss now anyway, just give them the extra mil or two they want and sort it out


  21. If we miss out on Debuchy, is VD wiel that bad as a second choice? Not for me. Any additional RB to improve on Simmo will do me. Additionally a better CB than Willo too


  22. Seems like Van der Wiel, though younger, has far more international experience than Debuchy (if wikipedia have got it right and if I’m not misreading).

    I don’t remember VDW being very good at the Euros, but I also thought Debuchy was good going forward but mediocre defensively.

    VDW is younger, too. Dunno.


  23. I’m not going to blame the club for this one. As others said it seems like Lille moved the goal posts no this one. But just give them 7m and be done with it.


  24. hahaha, it’s quite funny watching this one unfold actually. You have to laugh. The only other option is to get all hot, bothered and annoyed.

    It’s like two school kids trying to swap Pokemon cards at playtime.
    Lille’s president has just stormed off in a huff cos we’ve tried to swap him a couple of Magikarps for his prized Wailord. 😆

    I expect this deal to be wrapped up within a week.


  25. FSOTC 😛
    …I had to do about 10mins internet research into Pokemon cards before posting.

    Honest. 😆


  26. HI Ed.

    Went shopping in town this morning and was told Carroll return was imminent.
    Said I would only believe it when i’m told Carroll is signing in a minute.


  27. Sidekick, they might have actually said “in a minute”, but with a slight speech impediment.

    Must admit, it’s all gone a bit quiet with regards to Carroll. I know he’s been in Newcastle recently cos a mate of mine saw him in Gosforth (or Morpeth, one of the two). Don’t suppose that’s owt unusual though with his family and friends still being in the North East.

    …would be mental as fark like if we got him back though. Really can’t see it.


  28. Rodz; It was my son’s fiance who told me.
    She works in a coffee shop in town and her source was a customer.

    I would say her other sauces, Tom Ketchup and H P Brown , are more reliable.


  29. @archie

    Which players have we bought and sold for 2 or 3 times their worth?

    I can’t think of one? 😯


  30. Rod ,You don’t partake in cosplay too do you ? .My daughter went out on her 24th birthday with a load of mates all dressed as pokemon characters and their respective trainers 😉 . It’s a huge cosplay thing especially in Japan . 😛 She also went on a mass zombie march last halloween through Bristol city centre and main shopping area. Thousands of zombies banging on shop windows and scaring the **** out of little kids 😆


  31. @archie

    Actually you stated sold for 3 or 4 times their value .

    We haven’t made a big profit on any player we’ve bought in the last 2 or 3 years have we?


  32. lets get this right – lille are financially healthy are not desperate for the money. 32 million for hazard and 14 million for gervinho in two seasons helps that.

    lille dont need the coin; now its just a principle thing for them.

    if our chairman took this stance over our player; id be buzzing

    its not lilles fault at all like aussie said; if we want a player under their contract, we will have to put money in front of them that will allow us to talk to the player

    its not rocket science


  33. 😆 …indeed Sidekick. H.P. Brown is very reliable. Usually up to his neck with inside sauces, and always leaks. 🙄 😮 😆


  34. Kim 😯 😆
    …nah mate, Cosplay ain’t my scene. 😎

    …the mass zombie march sounds fkn great though! 😆


  35. Do it… why entertain any bids if you have no intention of selling a player??? We sold Carol for 35m, are we flushed with cash?? No we are still in debt….who’s to say Lille are not in the same finacial shape, or are you privy to their finacial accounts. … glad your not a rocket scientist..


  36. Rod ,it was brilliant ,loads of shops pulled down their shutters or locked their doors to stop the zombies getting in 🙄 😆 😆


  37. Troy, we made about a million on Enrique, but I can’t think of anyone off the top of my head who we’ve bought in a sold off for a huge profit.


  38. @F&&£! A Man Sausage Pie!

    What’s finacial accounts? 😯

    Glad you’re not a rocket scientist. 😛

    If you were I wouldn’t let you near my back pack rockets! 😆


  39. @Rodzster

    Have you noticed the anagram of Aussie magpie fan.

    He loves his man sausage pie 😛


  40. Bassong was centuries a gan and we made about 1.5m on Best.

    The point is, we have bought these players and put our own value on them but other clubs don’t seem interested at all in any of our players.


  41. yeah I did spot that yesterday Troy, I’ll give you credit, it’s a good one. 😛 …although you only left two letters out so it’s not quite 10 out of 10 I’m afraid. 😎


  42. Rodzster, did ya see my joke, did ya? I mixed up the letters in Aussies name.. woo hoo. Aren’t I clever Rodz, what do you reckon, woo hoo.

    Keep on beeping, roadrunner 🙂 🙂


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